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Game Master Nightskies

The Free City of Salzbach is under siege.

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Game play thread now going, pardon the length of it. Good luck!

Nice opening!

Let it be known that every other Sunday is a busy day for me, including this Sunday. I will try to get a post on these days, but no guarantee! As of this week, my Fridays are booked as well, and I'm not likely to get a post in during the day, but possibly that night.

This might end up a violation of my own standard of 6 times a week, but I will try very hard like a web comic designer to keep that up regardless.

By the way, perception DC 32 to notice his sleight-of-hand, in case you were wondering.

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Not to worry, my own schedule can be erratic as well. Thankfully my phone always me to post during the days I work so I should be able to post daily, normally more than once a day. By the way, love the opening and am looking forward to seeing where this is going.

Silver Crusade

Looks like weekends are busy for us!

Unfortunately not me...ive checked this thread way too many times hoping for an update...kinda sad really heh.

Fridays and Saturdays are my busy days. I will try to post, but I won't always get a chance.

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Saturday is my busy day, have my kingmaker game on saturday nights! and then got really busy yesterday which is not the norm for me..

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Note: One thing I will not do is force you in a direction unless you're lost. You may want to discuss in and out of game who should be a party leader so that you can, as a group, act quickly without going speaking as a council to choose your course of action when necessary. Remember: no lone wolves.

I agree that a party leader is generally a good thing, but I know that at this early stage I'm enjoying the chance to bring my character to life through discussing options. For myself, I'd probably say that the druids plot thread seems like it might potentially be the most interesting, but I'm happy to do whatever. Ariso, on the other hand, by virtue of his personality and goals, is championing the League of Adventurers, as it makes sense for him.

Even though it's early days, I'm enjoying this a lot GM :)

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I agree with Ariso, until wr get to know each other more its hard to pick a leader. I also like the druid or refugee option...of course I didnt plan on being this idealistic until I typed it heh.

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Indeed, no rush on picking, but its something to have in mind. From my point of view, it could be anyone except Ellismus (nothing against him).

Khita has military experience, is intelligent, and is impulsive enough to make quick decisions. She might be trigger-happy, but may be the best suited to lead if not.

Kelvanthus is a paladin extraordinaire reborn. He might be horribly scarred in many ways, but his heart remains strong. You could do worse than to have him calling the shots in a tight spot.

Ariso has ambition and good force of personality. As a support role in combat, he should have a good position to assess the situation as leader. But, he is a follower of Loki...

Tessara, as an elf spellcaster, is by default going to be the one people look to first. She could probably instate herself as leader easily, but her lack of good combat experience may lead to poor choices in a fight.

Hadrain, as an actual paladin, is also a natural choice. He is tough, so can endure being singled out for being the apparent commander. He might be the best choice, but does he want to?

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Of course with that being said, if we do pick a leader they need to be open to everyones ideas. No fun having someone tell you what to do if its against your character.

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Boo! Ellismus should be the leader simply because he's not on the list and has the highest force of personality in the group! So what if he's a little creepy? lol.

I figure it's a bit soon for a leader anyhow. We were just thrown together fairly randomly (although I guess that is typical for games, lol) so, as mentioned by the others, we might need to take a bit of time to figure each other out.

Of course there is nothing saying that someone couldn't step forward and take charge (or try). It would depend on if the others fall into line (with or without grumbling about it) to determine if a leader is born.

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But grumbling about it is the best part! I vote pie eating ooze chugging contests to the death for leadership!

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Forgive my tendency to analyze things early. You're right of course, Dark Netwerk. The player is part of the numberless equation, and we'll see. You guys might just have such a great synergy that there will be no need for player directing!

Things don't need to be pushed along right now, but if you feel ready to move on from the current scene at any point, and if that urge is echoed by another, say so here and I'll do something about it. As this is my first PbP that I'm GMing, I might sometimes wait for someone to get their part in, only for them to not want to contribute to the scene.

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And I may post slowly at times because I dont want to steal the spotlight and make sure everyone has a chance to do something. This is my first pbp so I dont wanna overdo it.

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+1 potential vote for Kelvanthus or Hadrian. Kelvy only if... Too early to say ;o

Tessara is more of a advisor type. Whispering and ruling from the shadows.

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Ohhh sneaky haha

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I'm happy with the pace so far. The maneuvering among ourselves is rich and necessary to place each other's personalities. Once we have a leader, perhaps decisions can be made fait accompli*. Until then, let us explore Salzbach's politics and situation and our position within that milieu.


Bugger this jawing, let's get clobbering abominations!!! ;p

*The glory and burden of leadership, for those who have ever been blessed/cursed by the mantle is that you reap what you sow, you may not have full support of those you lead but at least you feel like you are in control. And if you have earned the respect of a good team, they respect your decisions even if they disagree with them.

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I'm excited to see what plays out as we struggle with our Good-aligned party members, and bring you down to our level. Buahaha.

And as always, who needs to fight when we have Charm Person on our side!?

But yes - this kind of initial RP (especially in a homebrew campaign where nobody knows what is happening except GM!) is important as we figure out party structure and aren't rushed from point A to B.

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Or bring you up to our level ;)

Ha! Ariso's CG, but I wouldn't make pretensions to any kind of level!

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Thats cause Ariso is his own level :)

Hadrian would have no problem in a leadership role. As a player, I'm comfortable with it as well. My only concern is that I don't really have a good grasp of what's going on yet. It's hard to take the lead when you don't know where you're supposed to be going.

(any GM prompting would be appreciated. I don't mind being a little railroaded at the beginning. Our characters know a lot more about the setting than we do, so we're going to feel a little lost until we manage to find a plot thread to yank on)

As far as leadership goes, Ariso would probably prefer to be more of a beta, an advisory figure. A bit of a lurker. And yeah, a follower of Loki would probably struggle to keep his electorate onside...

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I think all we really need to do is settle on a group to pursue to be our champion for now. After that our goal will be to.. go convince them to do this for us. Then make them fight for us. Then ????, and lastly, profit.

Even if we choose Hadrian as our Champion (which I'm not sure we should - I think a higher level NPC might be the go), we need magic items to deck him out with. As a player, I'm gonna vote for the druids, but Ariso will continue to favour the League of Adventurers.

The whole system seems very bureaucratic. It may be that even after a champion is named, it might be quite a while before the fight even happens. The longer we extend that the more time for adventuring (and leveling up) we have.

GM, can you give us any details about how these fights tend to work and how we might go about stacking the deck in our favor?

And also GM, would we have any idea of how powerful our opposing champ is likely to be? Say in a rough range, eg averagr (1-5), strong (6-10) or kickass (11+)?

If not, no worries, just wondering if there was any precedent our characters would be aware of.

I suppose knowledge or gather info could sort that out too...

Sure, I was just about to hit the sack, but you can expect a strong champion. There are not many such champions, but the Red Tower Protectorate is sure to have a few, as are the other three martial-minded guilds. The Loremasters, Adventurers, and Treasure Hunters.

Some clarification about the Mustering itself-- it is literally like a holiday, celebrated by many all across Midgard at similar times in the year. In some places, it is a rite of initiation for the youth, but in Dornig, it is typically a season for bravado to gain status, and sometimes rank. The mighty god of war, similarly a dominant god throughout Midgard, expects his followers to participate at least once in the Mustering. These challenges are all about status and the favor of Perun, the god of war as he is known in Dornig. He does not condone underhanded tactics, such as poison. Such challenges are typically one-on-one combats to the pain, but vary from archery contests to squad size battles between mercenary companies. To die in combat at the Mustering is an honorable death, though such is generally avoided under the watch of priests of Perun. But Salzbach does not have a temple to Perun, and Lada's followers oppose the Mustering, preaching that more peaceful methods should be used to gain honor rather than violence. Thus, Salzbach typically does not celebrate the Mustering. Lada is no pacifist, however, and this challenge has significance.

This fight in particular could be a contest of ability, but more likely will be a one-on-one deadly fight to the knockout, with a cleric standing by to restore health to the fallen to prevent death. Such fights are usually spontaneously declared, accepted and respected. Declaring such a challenge before the Mustering actually begins only occurs for situations like these, where the stakes are high.

To help stack the odds, your best bet is to deck out your combatant in as much magic as you can get your hands on, and possibly convince the opponent to accept a challenge with some kind of environmental handicap. You could use poisons and drugs, and try to undermine the opponent by getting them sick. There are other ways, too, at which point you're probably treading on outright evil acts. If you choose a PC as your champion, you'll probably need all the help you can get.

How's that for a about-to-hit-the-sack answer?

Works for me.

Want to make it one of us, or look around for an NPC?

That'll do nicely, cheers!

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As a player I'm happy to find all this out as we go. GM aid/advice as given so far seems meta-gamey to me but I don't really care either way. As I said above, I'm quite happy with the the pace, but I should add the characterizations both from GM and fellow players is of a high standard. Very happy to be playing - thanks GM Nightskies and players...

As a player, I think one of us might just get slaughtered as a Champion, even Hadrian. As a character, Khita is a foreigner and brave so she may not understand the intricacies or dangers she's involved in...

Im all for looking around first, and then possibly choosing one of us. We could spliy and check all 3 factions at once. And like Khita said, I prefer to make these decisions in gamr.

Since you ask what I want, I'll say that getting an NPC champion probably has the best potential for conflict and development. I'll try to keep the metagame down to a dull roar. I've become used to players who want to understand the world beforehand so that they can act to best effect rather than exploring it as characters.

Speaking of, it is a couple hours into night in game. I'd presume even Tessara will be getting her rest like normal humans around her at night. The bars won't be open much longer.

GM Nightskies wrote:
Speaking of, it is a couple hours into night in game. I'd presume even Tessara will be getting her rest like normal humans around her at night. The bars won't be open much longer.

What, no Latin Quarter? :)

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Sorry if my last post was kind of rambly. I was half way through it when I realized he said it was so late heh.

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Ok. So Khita has returned to the temple and will meet Kelvanthus there in the morning. I fully expect when she sees Ariso again he'll be tired, bleary eyed and have a thick tongue from carousing! ;p

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Oh and GM Nightskies - I don't by any stretch mean to seem ungracious - I found your info on the Mustering very illuminating as well as interesting - I guess I can decide what Khita does and doesn't know and have her act accordingly.

Is it possible to make posts in the Campaign Info tab/section, or is that a one post kinda thing? Beig able to provide tidbits/updates every now and thencould be useful for those in the know. Though I guess you could always just spoiler stuff here for those parties concerned/in the know.

Sure thing, I'll round up all these tidbits about Midgard and Salzbach into the info tab. I am mildly concerned that if I put up too much from the book that I'd be breaking copyright, so some of it may be reworded.

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I am correct in asking in game for an introduction, right? Ot do wr all know each other and im just not realizing it?

Lets see...

  • Kelvanthus has introduced himself twice.
  • Ariso's name has been mentioned a few times.
  • Ellismus and Hadrian have not been introduced.
  • Khita and Tessara psychically knew each other's names.

    Just kidding. We can presume you have at least said your name to each other at some point, but feel free to say otherwise. Not every interaction needs to take place on screen, so to say, we don't have to play out the mundane. Some can make interesting introductions, but we already know the characters, so its not essential to the story.

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    I guess I kinda assumed we were introduced between the first scene in the hall and the confab in the tavern. Oh well...

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    Fair enough

    At this point, I would presume as Kelvanthus said;

    Group 1 plans to look for a champion first among the refugees and then visiting the druids to ask their aid. With Khita, Kelvanthus and possibly Tessara (presuming she wants to stick with Kelvanthus).

    Group 2, looking for information about the Protectorate's champion and seeing what can be taken from Sir Rayler's estate. With Hadrian, Ariso and possibly Ellismus.

    Possible group 3, visiting the Protectorate to ask their price. Would be Tessara and Ellismus if they do this.

    Would you want to get started in the morning or now?

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    Well right now is morning for me, so im game! Was starting to worry everyone quit.

    There's always ebbs and flows in PbP games, have no fear Kelvanthus :)

    Yep GM, it looks like just Tessara and Ellsmus to choose their path

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    To be clear:

    Whenever suits in RL. In the morning ingame. ;)

    Silver Crusade

    Thanks to everyone for taking a role so far. I always get excited about my homebrews after they start. I would have liked to post yesterday, but now my busy day went from Fridays to Thursdays.

    Being Easter weekend, take it easy! I'll be around some of the day and tomorrow.

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