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Game Master Nightskies

The Free City of Salzbach is under siege.

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@Kyall yea we need to work on our story, how we met, common goals, are we friends or just associates, all that detail. We can do it here or pm. If your one of his earliest friends here, Kelvanthus would have a very loyal and welcoming attitude towards you, and probably be pretty open, especially if we drink together often. You would be one of the he isnt always so dark and somber around. We could have met in the field, or hired for the same job. Maybe you remind him of his fallen dwarven ally from before.

With the exception of animal companion and gear, my character sheet is now up on my alias. Check it out and let me know if I made any mistakes.

Kelvanthus - After reading Ellismus' background (which is great, Dark Netwerk!) I think a Loremasters-opposing connection is the way to go for Kyall and Kelvanthus, since that Guild is looming larger as a possible major plot mover. I would say that we've spent enough time together to become friends and talk about our problems, and one of those, it has become clear for both of us, is the Loremasters guild.

Though the Loremasters initially treated Kyall with some politeness, to the point of allowing her to accompany a few local patrols, she overheard some of the opinions being voiced about her behind her back ("Bloody little rock golem won't shut up!" - "Eh, it's stupid enough to give us an extra blade for free, I won't complain if it takes some cuts for us" - and similar sentiments). That, plus learning that they are essentially a glorified Thieves' guild that preys upon citizens as much as others, has put a very bad taste in her mouth. She'd be more than willing to be part of any initiative to take them or any of their members down a peg, especially if Kelvanthus were doing the asking.

Oh he would be asking. Both the paladin and they ranger in me oppose their ways, and while I believe there is good members amongst them, they have become to bloated with power and corrupt, and need to.be purged. I likely have already started in minor ways, ambushing patrols I know to have nefarious motivations and such. Rumours of another.Elfmarked from the waste being seen among them has put him even more on edge than normal, though he doesnt say why unless pushed. Finding others who would oppose them would be a priority. Kelvanthus has a working arrangement with Draygor, providing security in exchange.for room and.board, and he would be willing to ask Draygor fir a similiar deal.for you, if you need it.

Started getting some minor linked-background together with Kelvanthus... How will the campaign begin? Are you hoping that some/most of us will know each other?

Tessara would definitely have a few contacts in the Loremasters Guild, to try and keep an eye on the comings and goings of powerful items.

Kyall's room and board is covered through her and her master's membership in the Metal Arts guild. As she's not primarily a craftswoman herself, she earns her place by protection work for occasional deliveries, or other jobs that the mastersmiths aren't able to do. She's touched by Kelvanthus' offer though. :)

Except for those jobs, she's quite free to make her own schedule; she would be up for some nefarious Loremaster ambushing as long as she doesn't have to do much sneaking herself (she's going to at least wear medium armor, possibly heavy, clang thunk, clink scrape.)

By the way dunebugg, I loved your character sheet formatting on Myth-Weavers and am finishing my character build on it. Very handy site!

I saw that sight, how I you access and use it? Would make Nightskies job, and my own, easier by far to have an actual virtual sheet, rather than my awful formatting. And dont worry Kyall, Kelvanthus covers the sneaking, you provide the muscle.

Site I mean, and ignore that question.

Silver Crusade

I would like to keep how the campaign starts as unknown for now, save that it'll be in Salzbach. You don't have to know each other before hand, but it certainly helps to. I'd rather not have a popularity contest in terms of who joins back-stories, however. Save most of the role playing for when we actually start, right?

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Joining backstories is cool, but usually best done in the discussion thread after the selections have been made.

(just my two cents)

True, but he did mention that could influence us getting picked...and im sure we can adjust if need be.

Hmm...this brings me to a thought about my Tactician build. Tacticians are good for teamwork feats, which are most useful if someone else is picking the same ones as I am. However, designing two characters under the assumption that both will be picked is an imposition on the GM. So would it be possible to do some build optimization in concert with another character after the selection is made? Or is it expected that we have a complete, ready-to-run character sheet at the time of selection? A bit of a chicken-egg problem.

It would be easy to say that the first time Tessara and Kelvanthus meet is after the campaign starts. Nothing actually puts them in the same room (that Kelvanthus knows of!) until then.

Not that I know of...dun dun dun! Intrigue...love it. Tessara, shall we consider our bit of roleplay after the selections, or continue on? I pmed you back regarding.it.

Hey... Ellismus is still part of the Loremasters... He may not like the little experiment they had with him, but he does enjoy the results. Nothing saying he wouldn't have a beef with another member. Not sure how exactly he may have met others. But then the backstory posted is of a specific period in his life. Many things could have happened since then.

Also. Sheet for Ellismus Rayne has been updated. Changed to human as advised. Only need to put together the Eidolon and perhaps create an alias for her.

Nightskies, is there a banking system or some other secure way of storing money in place? And I will have a full description if Draygor and The Stoney Ale later.

Silver Crusade

Banks. Don't worry about them...but if you want to know:
There are privately owned banks. The difference between them and modern banks are that only major accounts are accepted, and there are no faceless interactions with clients and bankers. Writing a check is a big deal, and usually only involves large sums. Most bankers are nobles. They are reputable enough to be trusted as accountants. Within Salzbach's walls, bank's depositories are well guarded and fortified. Bank robbing would be known as pillaging or plundering, and is punishable by death by beheading. PCs generally do not need to interact with bankers unless a quest calls for it.

Hi; it's awakeninfinity as my PC...
@ Nightskies: let me know if I made any errors or if I need to make corrections, please!

In charcter personality test:

Oh... Hi!

Nice to meet you all... you can call me Kosan.

Well met Kosan, I am Kelvanthus Darshantion.


Question: Are there any specific languages that would be appropriate to the Loremasters, or the Wasted West for that matter? (I just realized I had yet to choose them).

Eidolon is complete. Link in Ellismus' profile, or direct link here: D'endrrah

Silver Crusade

Elvish: Commonly used in Dornig.
Dwarvish: The third most common race in Salzbach.
Infernal: Good for the Wasted West.
Goblin: Many in the Treasure Hunter's Guild know this language.
Gnomish: A fusion of elvish and infernal.
Umbral: Language of the shadow realm.

Hi Nightskies, just wondering if it's worth getting something together for your consideration, or whether you have enough character options before you already - I know applications are open till the 10th, but I've found that late entrants don't often get picked... I'm a bit of a Midgard fan (I have the CS and a few other products), and I could probably have something up in about 8 hours.

Worth a shot?

Silver Crusade

The party is a bit light on healing. You can see the roles being filled in the discussion, a second dedicated caster or scout wouldn't be amiss. A support role would be a good 6th member of the party, shoring up on what the party is light on.

A ranged focus bard, for example- or an inquisitor. A cleric or oracle could do well, too, just be sure to use a reach or ranged weapon. Personally, I feel that more applications is good, but then again, I also enjoy creating characters.

Ah... *eyes go all wide* I'm... I'm... Ah; wet met as well, Kelvanthus. I'm uhh, here with my cousin, umm Kyall.

Sorry, He's incredibly shy around new people...Charisma of five and all. @nightskies, do we all know each other as part of the campaign, or are we going to introduced in the begining?

Kyall, returning from the bar with a double fistful of drinks, delivers them to the center of the small table before reaching up to thump Kosan reassuringly on the shoulder. "You don't have be shy with Kelvanthus, he's one of the good ones." She slides into a chair next to Kelvanthus and shoves another one invitingly toward Kosan with her foot. "My dear cousin, exhibit A," she grins. "Insists on finding you flatlanders intimidating, but some time in the big city should cure that, eh?"

I just saw this happening in the Stoney Ale, forgive me for inserting the environment if I'm presuming!

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Also, of course, this is entirely off-canon, since we aren't finalized as participants and the GM decides how/when we do meet.

Silver Crusade

As Psychopomp and Hadrian said. Backstory connections work, leave sheer by-chance meetings and RP for when selections are made. Salzbach is a decent sized city, it would be easy to have only seen others in passing.

Right. I'm viewing it as practice, since this is first-time PbP for me - and plain old fun. I absolutely don't want to convey any expectations about our selection. BTW, Nightskies, thanks for the PM clarification on team feats. At 2nd level, truly, it's not much of an issue, but if we were starting at 10th, then it's good to know the proper order: selection, backstory tie, THEN team feat coordination.

Starting wealth for cleric: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 2, 1) = 9

Here is my application, a human trickster cleric of Loki, Ariso Chivala. Stat block is completed, backstory is roughly outlined (I'm going to flesh it out further, and I'm happy to get GM feedback and tweak it), equipment, wealth and traits are not finalised.

Just a question, GM: Though Ariso is a devout of Loki, would it be possible to keep the gold and not get the extra hero point? It's not a problem if not - it would be nice to afford the masterwork chain shirt I had in mind, but two hero points is pretty sweet too :)

About 40 hours left for unfinished applications to get in stories.

littlehewy: Awesome background story so far! You've achieved a perfect mix of creative liberty and adherence to the lore of the campaign that I can only commend you on. Ariso is a perfect fit. Feel free to use the gold instead of the hero point- it's hard to find a deity more lax than Loki, so that makes sense to be an exception.

In case you haven't seen it, in this homebrew there will be seven major guilds in Salzbach (reiteration):
Brewers of Salzbach: They love their beer to a fault, but it also makes them the richest, much to the ire of the Loremasters.

Salters: For the modest, honest sort, salt is a major export of Salzbach.

Metal Arts Guild: The law-abiding fine metal guild and the smallest of the major guilds, they also produce fine weapons, if only in small amounts. The Metal Arts Guild is a splinter of the Goldworker's Guild.

Common Mercers Union: The largest guild deals with a variety of merchant pursuits.

League of Adventurers: More a mercenary organization, their opportunistic ways fall on both sides of the law. They most frequently make expeditions into the Wasted West.

Goldworker's Guild: The larger of the two fine metal guilds employs questionable methods of labor, rumored to engage in slave trade.

Loremaster's Association: Primarily concerned with artifacts and antiques, they operate more like a thieve's guild, though few locals do not know so.

Treasure Hunter's Guild: True to the name, the treasure hunters brook restraints in the pursuit of unclaimed wealth. They pursue more dangerous leads and rumors.

Red Tower Protectorate: The official military arm of Salzbach operates with tax money, but has developed a taste for profit.

Ah, so we get know on the eleventh, then? Good, I was wondering about that myself... I have a query, however... are players going to notified on the board, or through private messages?

Cheers GM! I only hope Ariso can be an effective and useful party member if selected - I must admit, I'm not used to 15 pt buys :) I also don't think I've ever played a cleric with a Wis of 14 before...

Well hopefully the boon for being "mortals" will help balance it out :)

You know us mortals...always driven to do great things!

Is it worth putting something together for this still? I'm curious and I like doing it, so I'll work on a character concept anyway...

Just in case:

Ability Rolls:
3d4 + 6 ⇒ (3, 4, 3) + 6 = 16 16
3d4 + 6 ⇒ (2, 1, 2) + 6 = 11 1 to 4 = 14
3d4 + 6 ⇒ (1, 4, 1) + 6 = 12 12
3d4 + 6 ⇒ (2, 4, 3) + 6 = 15 15
3d4 + 6 ⇒ (3, 4, 4) + 6 = 17 17
3d4 + 6 ⇒ (4, 4, 2) + 6 = 16 16

Silver Crusade

Today is the last day for character submissions- I was prepared to have to make the choice, so feel free.

If you're going to put in a last minute submission, at least read the character creation rules properly for ability score generation ;)

Upgrade Complete.

I think I'm all ready to go.

Selected player characters are:

Khita Viscenar - Oceanshieldwolf
Ariso Chivala - littlehewy
Hadrian Equinox - Doomed Hero
Ellismus Rayne - Dark Netwerk
Tessara Sheoloss - dunebugg
Kelvanthus Darshantion - Shadoven

And we begin on the 14th. Discussion thread open!

Okay, good luck you guys!

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