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Technically speaking identify as a spell is not strictly needed, a rogue with detect magic and a high appraise can do the same. We miss a ton of knowledge checks though, like a silly amount. A lot of characters could meet our needs a magus or bard, heck a dwarf or elf with that feat that gives them a +2 in all profession and knowledge skills could do the trick.

Thanks for the quick answer.

Azcalxochipalli (Those not fluent in Nahuaña may call him Azca ;) ) will have Identify as a 1st level extract and spellcraft 11 at 4th level, so identifying magic items shouldn't be a problem. All of the knowledges between 9 and 12 as well. The investigator also gets +1d6 (inspiration) on trained knowledge and spellcraft checks, which is all of them.

The link is for his (currently unfinished) Mythweavers sheet. I'll post all the info in this thread when it's finished but I don't like making an alias until/unless I'm picked so I don't have a bunch of dead aliases clogging up my list.

I also need ideas for 3 more languages that would be useful and would make sense for someone who's lived on both sides of the US/Mexica border, if that's not too much to ask. I have Common, Nahuaña, and Spanish already. Maybe some dialects native to the Mohave or Rocky Mountain areas?

@Tiger Claw ah yes forgot about that trade.

@Lekkric18 aka Azcalxochipalli
The Good: I dig your plot hooks, a Mexi national traitor certainly gives our GM some plot hooks! I also like that you can meet our needs and mix it up in melee somewhat decently as right now our main melee continent is an unchained monk and a Buffalo. A third melee capable character helps and trapsense is actually another thing we lack.
The Bad: With a 7 CHA and a 8 WIS you're going to be the opposite of a charmer. You're excellent at your chosen role but as a GM I'd target that will save at some point.

Hey guys, another player in the game that has been lurking along. Overall you guys are coming up with some really great stuff. Nice to see so many working on submissions.

Kuruk Vetrov wrote:

@Tiger Claw ah yes forgot about that trade.

@Lekkric18 aka Azcalxochipalli
The Good: I dig your plot hooks, a Mexi national traitor certainly gives our GM some plot hooks! I also like that you can meet our needs and mix it up in melee somewhat decently as right now our main melee continent is an unchained monk and a Buffalo. A third melee capable character helps and trapsense is actually another thing we lack.
The Bad: With a 7 CHA and a 8 WIS you're going to be the opposite of a charmer. You're excellent at your chosen role but as a GM I'd target that will save at some point.

Thanks for the feedback; I appreciate you taking the time to look it over.

With regard to the low Wis and Cha, it won't be much of an issue for the most part. Due to the Empiricist archtype and Student of Philosophy trait I use Int instead of the normal attribute for Disable Device, Perception, Sense Motive, UMD, Bluff (to lie), and Diplomacy (yay for skill SADness). The hit to Will is an issue, but it's a strong save for the investigator, which will help eventually, and I'll probably have to shore it up some other way as well. If I can't, well, having a weakness might give us another RP opportunity. His insatiable curiosity can lead to him paying more attention than he should to something, making it more likely to land on him, or something like that.

I think all that's left is to equip him and choose extracts known/prepared, so here are the highlights of his crunchiness so far:


Male (Fanglord) Skinwalker (empiricist) Investigator 4
Str 11, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 8, Cha 7 (9 when shapechanged)
move 30 ft
CMB +3, CMD 16
Trapsense and Trapfinding as a rogue
Inspiration pool: 6 (1/2 class level + int mod)

all trained skills listed
Acrobatics 8, Bluff 8, Climb 3, Diplomacy 8, Disable Device 7, Knowledge (Arcana) 11, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) 9, Knowledge (Local) 11, Knowledge (Nature) 12, Knowledge (Planes) 11, Knowledge (Religion) 11, Perception 13, Sense motive 8, Spellcraft 11, Stealth 6, Survival 4, Use magic device 8

Background skills
Craft (alchemy) 8, Knowledge (Engineering) 9, Knowledge (Geography) 9, Knowledge (History) 9, Knowledge (Nobility) 8, Linguistics 8

Free +1d6 to all knowledges, linguistics, and spellcraft; spend inspiration for +1d6 to any other.

all numbers include +2 from studied combat, can spend 2 inspiration for +1d6 to attack
Standard action (quick to change back) at will to change shape, giving any 2 of the following features:
Bite: +8, 1d6+5 damage
2 claws: +8, 1d4+5 damage
+10 to base speed
See in Darkness

Studied Combat: +1/2 class level to melee attack and damage rolls (swift action, Int mod (4) rounds or until Studied Strike) (only once per 24 hours on each target, can spend 1 inspiration to re-apply on same target)
Studied Strike: +1d6 damage (free action on hit), ends Studied Combat
Both are at will, so I see no reason not to use Studied Strike on every enemy until I have a better use for the swift action needed to re-apply Studied Combat.

[range weapon undecided, probably shortbow]

32 HP, 18 AC (22 with shield spell)
Fort 3, Ref 7, Will 3

Traits and Feats
(trait) Explorer: +1 survival and knowledge(nature), survival is a class skill
(trait) Student of Philosophy: Int to diplomacy, bluff
(lvl 1) weapon finesse: dex to attacks
(lvl 3) Extra Feature: use 2 features instead of the normal 1 when shapechanged
(lvl 3 investigator talent) Quick Study: Studied combat is a quick action instead of move action

I'll have the backstory written up fully at some point this weekend, but for reference here's the overview from my earlier post:

Fluffier Stuff:

The broad strokes of his background and personality are that he left the Mexica years ago after losing multiple family members to ritual sacrifice and now hates the country and its government with a passion. He still worships Quetzalcoatl but is having a crisis of faith since his family died; he can't reconcile his love for and belief in the god with his utter hatred of the priesthood that murdered his loved ones. He's very intelligent and the fact that he can't reason out his problem with his faith is quite a hit to his (otherwise robust) ego. He might be a little resentful of Americans, especially those that took part in the war that bit off a chunk of his country, but he'd get over that pretty quickly once he learned to respect their abilities.

Azcalxochipalli is average height, and rather average looking in every way except for an ugly scar above his left eye and another smaller one on his chin, the results of offending a particularly brawny and belligerent drunk. He has black hair and coppery brown skin as are common in the Mexica people, and is usually seen wearing a very worn outfit of what used to be high-quality bright red fabric at some point in the distant past, but is now a dull brown due to dirt and overuse.

When in his bestial form he grows a short, square snout and elongated teeth and his fingernails extend into sharp claws. He also develops faint black spots all over his body, reminiscent of a jaguar.

Lekkric18: Navajo, Cahuilla, or Yavapai could be useful.

Alright, this is Ouachitonian's submission. Liam is a century-old dwarf who's served as a redcoat, studied at Oxford, and spent a few decades traveling the world. I tried not to be super-specific about where he is now, since I'm not quite sure where the party is. Between the Phantom Thief archetype and Breadth of Experience feat, he's got everything but Fly as a class skill, and +10s in every Knowledge (and +12 in Spellcraft, to boot). I also took Detect Magic with the Rogue's Minor Magic talent, so he should be able to provide lots of help in the Knowledg and Identification realm. If that isn't enough, I can take Identify, Read Magic, etc with my next Rogue talent. Offensively he takes advantage of the unRogue's Finesse Training to TWF with daggers.
Unfortunately firearms are still martial weapons, so he makes due with a bow as a backup. No that I expect him have to do much ranged combat.

To get a picture of how he looks and sounds, think Gimli, but in western wear. With an unlit cigar stub in his mouth and a pair of these at his waist.

I took Hardened Veteran for my Campaign Trait, but he's not a veteran of the Mexica War; he fought in India and the Napoleonic Wars. Will that work? If not, I can change it.

Ouachitonian: Thank you for the submission! While I had originally intended for it to be about the Mexica-American war, fighting in two other wars would certainly qualify you as a hardened veteran.

Ouachitonian a.k.a Liam the Wanderer
The Good: Hits on our skill gaps nicely and having a Scottish style Dwarf would likely create some good RP moments since I'm playing a Dwarf that was raised by parents that "went native" in Roanoke. I can see out Irish brawler and this character throwing back brews in a saloon. WE can use the trapfinding, and it seems like you have personality for your character in mind.
The Bad We'll remain somewhat vulnerable if our primary caster is a Hunter. You're covering several of our needs but not all. If the GM takes 2 this becomes a stronger entry in my opinion because trapfinding is clutch. UMD can make a rogue competent at the task and I'd encourage you to level into that if you're selected.

I obviously have not finished my submission, but I am building towards a human raised half orc, middle aged, who is an engineer and mathematician in addition to having a proclivity for map making and desires to be the cartographer of the newly acquired territory. Will be going spellslinger wizard, and then prestige into arcane savant (at 6th) to add other useful spells to his list, along with being able to identify, UMD, and analyze dweomer later on. He will use a gun, but mostly to fire spells through when needed. He won't be very minmaxed but I like the flavor a lot.

Just noting I am still interested in this, but I won't be able to get a proper character build together until 1/3 at the earliest - if I miss the deadline, that's too bad but I understand :)

This is evandariel's submission!

It's complete except for spending all starting gold. If selected I'll finish that off, but that shouldn't take 30 minutes. I might also tweak spell selection prior to start.

Let me know if there are any questions. I don't mind shifting around spells or skills if someone in the party requests it (such as having xyz skill already).

Thanks for the opportunity!

Evandariel: Thank you for your submission! I'll give anyone else who might be interested until the end of the day before closing recruitment.

No problem. Also I mentioned it earlier but the plan is to go arcane savant at 6th level. Magical knack trait is due to the lost caster level at first for that prestige class, but it should help with flexibility since he will be able to reliably UMD and identify, and use scrolls better (as well as grab spells from other lists). Any questions let me know or shoot me a PM! Sadly I didn't find any half orcs wearing glasses and dress suits so pretend my avatar has those :)

evandariel a.k.a. Mr Grim

The Good: Another solid build with regards to our needs in Arcane spells and Knowledge skills. I like the backstory well enough and I can see an odd couple forming between the orc and elf in our party.
The Bad Lots of overlap with both the party's ranged focus and a competing submission. If you make something mechanically similar to 2 competitors. If you're going to do that, you're better off if you have a more solid plot hook. Your competition made a mexi-national where a rogue faction of mexi-national's is our primary enemy. Another competitor made a very similar background to yours with a more human dandy vibe. The Mexi national has built in plot and it makes him stand out over you and Fredrick IMHO. This is not to criticize your submission as it is to point out that no matter how good a submission is, one should look at the competition.

I'm not in charge of the game, I'm just a dwarf on a buffalo but if I had to hazard a guess based on the submissions so far...

Opinion take it with a grain of salt.:

All the submissions were good but I'd be between

Jessie and Guujaaw if I was only taking one.

I personally would consider taking a second submission making an even part of 6 and I'd be between Liam and Azcalxochipalli for that second slot.

Main reason- we have a gunner and 2 archers meaning a spellslinger is just another ranged threat in a party already filled with ranged threats. I'd take 6 because the people bow out and both the other characters have possible roles to fill outside the advertised needs.

Again everyone did a great job though and I do not envy GM Coyote in making this particular decision. Good luck to all.

You all have certainly done a good job in giving me a tough decision. I think I will be bringing in two players, as it'll even out the party and make my decision a little easier. I should have my selections up by tomorrow.

Kuruk, you might not understand the build if you think it competes with ranged or overlaps. Grim casts spells through the gun, he doesn't shoot like a magus. At higher levels he would be able to (11th), but the primary focus is the spellcasting. Using the gun just increases saving throw DCs and gives a bonus on the attack rolls for the spells (if it requires one). Like most non-gish wizards Mr. Grim is not a melee character. Or even really a ranged character, even though he can shoot when needed, such as running out of spells.

Secondly, an investigator and wizard are completely different. There's nothing mechanically similar between them except for skill selection. I have an investigator, and they are definitely distinct in how they contribute and what they do. For plot hooks, I don't see any issues but that would be up to the DM.

Thanks for your feedback! And consideration, Coyote!

Just noting cause I'm hoping I don't run out of time, I am just finalizing equipment and will be posting shortly.

Ok, my last minute submission is Ruth Gedyhaul, a Dhampir Conjurer. Playstyle she is strong in all of the knowledges and arcane elements, is a curious and slightly distracted scholar, and is interested in ancient ruins that might point to greater arcane secrets about the world. In combat she is a summoner and debuffer, with a little bit of distraction and close blasting as backup.

Female Vetala-born Dhampir Wizard (Cruoromancer) 4
TN Medium Humanoid (Dhampir)
Init +2; Senses Perception -1
AC 12, touch 12, flat-footed 10 (0armor + 2dex + 0shield) (+1 v Firearms)
hp 21 (4d6 + 1conx4)
Fort +3 (1base + 1con + 1resist) Ref +4 (1base + 2dex + 1resist) Will +4 (4base - 1wis + 1resist)
Speed 30 ft.

Melee +2 (2bab + 0str)
Touch Spells +2

Ranged +4 (2bab + 2dex)
Ranged Touch Spell +4

Str 10 (+0) Dex 14 (+2) Con 12 (+1) Int 22 (+6) Wis 9 (-1) Cha 12 (+1)
Base Atk +2; CMB +2 (2bab + 0str) CMD 12 (10 + 0str + 2dex)
1) Half-Forgotten Secrets: +1trait to two Knowledge skills, one of which becomes a class skill (Arcana, History)
2) Scholastic: Choose one knowledge skill, in which you gain a +1 and they become class skills. Your spellcasting stat is also considered one higher for the purposes of calculating extra spells. (Geography)
1) Dimensional Agility: May take actions after casting Dimension Door (applies to Shift arcane scool ability). Gain +4 to COncentration when cast Teleportation spells.
BF) Scribe Scroll: Craft (Scrolls)
3) Craft Wondrous Items
Skills 9 ranks/level (2class + 5int + 2bckgrd)
ACP -0

*ACP applies to these skills
Skill Bonuses
*Acrobatics: +2 (2dex)
Appraise: +12 (6int + 3ranks + 3cs)
Bluff: +2 (1cha + 1ranks)
*Climb: +0 (0str)
Craft: +6 (6int + UCS)
Diplomacy: +2 (1cha + 1ranks)
*Disable Device: +7 (2dex + 2ranks + 3cs)
Disguise: +1 (1cha)
*Escape Artist: +2 (2dex)
*Fly: +2 (2dex + UCS)
Handle Animal: Untrained (1cha)
Heal: -1 (-1wis)
Intimidate: +1 (1cha)
Know(arcana): +14 (6int + 4ranks + 3cs + 1trait)
Know(dungeoneering): +10 (6int + 1rank + 3cs)
Know(engineering): +10 (6int + 1rank + 3cs)
Know(geography): +12 (6int + 2ranks + 3cs + 1trait)
Know(history): +14 (6int + 4ranks + 3cs + 1trait)
Know(local): +10 (6int + 1rank + 3cs)
Know(nature): +10 (6int + 1rank + 3cs)
Know(nobility): +10 (6int + 1rank + 3cs)
Know(planes): +11 (6int + 2ranks + 3cs)
Know(religion): +11 (6int + 2ranks + 3cs)
Linguistics: +11 (6int + 2ranks + 3cs)
Perception: -1 (-1wis)
Perform: +1 (1cha)
Profession (Archaeology): +6 (-1wis + 4ranks + 3cs) (Ranks from Headband)
*Ride: +2 (2dex)
Sense Motive: -1 (-1wis)
*Sleight of Hand: Untrained (2dex)
Spellcraft: +13 (6int + 4ranks + 3cs)
*Stealth: +2 (2dex)
Survival: +1 (-1wis + 2ranks)
*Swim: +0 (0str)
Use Magic Device: +3 (1cha + 2ranks)

Languages Common, Draconic, Sylvan, Nahuana, Arabic

Special Abilities:

R) Undead Resistance: +2racial on saves v Disease and Mind-Affecting
R) Resist Level Drain: Take no penalties from Energy Drain effect, but die if accrue more -ve levels than HD
R) Manipulative: +2racial Escape Artist and Use Magic Device
R) Darkvision: 60ft
R) Low-light Vision: 2x human standard
R) Negative Energy Affinity: React to Positive and Negative energy as if undead
R) SLA: Comprehend Languages 3/day
R) -1 to Caster Level when in an area affected by COnsecrate, Hallow or similar spells making an area Holy

C) Blood Infusion: When casting a necormancy spell may infuse as a swift action with own blood. Take 1d4+Spell Level damage to add one of the following infusions;
--- Focused Infusion: +1 to DC
--- Sickening Infusion: Any creature damaged becomes Sickened for 1 round
C) Arcane School: Conjuration (Teleportation); Gain 1 spell slot of each level to use only for Conjuration
--- Opposition Scools: Illusion, Abjuration
--- Summoner's Charm: When casting a Conjuration (Summoning) spell, increase duration of rounds by 1/2 wizard level.
--- Shift: Teleport to a nearby space as a swift action as if using Dimension Door. Does not provoke. Must be able to see space moving into. May not take other creatures with. Move up to 10ft (5 per 2levels) up to 8/day (3+Int)
C) Scribe Scroll: Bonus feat

Proficiencies: Club, Dagger, Light/Heavy Crossbow, Quarterstaff. No Armour/Shield.


0th (at will, 4prep/day) DC16
Acid Splash
Detect Magic
Detect Poison
Read Magic
Dancing Lights
Ray of Frost
Disrupt Undead
Touch of Fatigue
Mage Hand
Scrivener's Chant
Arcane Mark

1st (5+1/day) DC17
Prepared: 1x Mage Armour, 1x Mount, 1x Summon Monster, 1x Charm Person, 2x Ray of Enfeeblement
Mage Armour
Summon Monster I
Charm Person
Cause Fear
Chill Touch
Ray of Enfeeblement

2nd (4+1/day) DC18
Prepared: 2x Summon Monster II, 2x Acid Arrow, 1x Stricken Heart
Acid Arrow
Summon Monster II
Stricken Heart


Carrying Capacity
Light 0-33 lb. Medium 34-67 lb. Heavy 68-100 lb.
Current Load Carried 0 lb.

(Worn) Headband: Headband of Vast Intellect +2 (Skills: Profession (Archaeology))
(Worn) Neck: Amulet of Bullet Protection +1 (+1luck to AC v Firearms)
(Worn) Shoulders: Cloak of Resistance +1
(Worn) Gloves: Apprentice's Cheating Gloves (Mage Hand and Prestidigitation at will)
(Worn) Wrists: Sleeves of Many Garments (Choose clothing style/type)
(Worn) Varied Jewelry (50g anklet, 35g Bracelt, 85g waistlet, 2x 25 gold rings, 2x 45g rings)
(Worn) Beltpouch
--- Pearl of Power I
--- Campfire Bead
(Worn) Spell Component Pouch
(Worn) Backpack
--- Spellbook
(Carried) Quarterstaff
(Carried) Dagger

Pony w/ Pack Saddle
--- Chronicler's Kit, Wizard's Kit, Small Tent
--- Small bag of varied gems totaling 200g
--- Animal Feed (10 days)
--- Trail Rations (15 days)

Money 50 GP 20 SP 0 CP


"We will love her all the same," the Vicar told his wife when their child was born. He would not follow through on this promise.

Born in the British countryside, Ruth Gedyhaul was a culmination of her parent's worst fears - at night, early in the pregnancy, her mother Elizabet had been attacked by a strange creature that seemed to steal memories and cackle like a deranged child. She was wracked with pain for weeks before it finally subsided, but both parents feared the worst for their child.

With skin like burnished brass, their baby had it's mother's eyes but otherwise looked nothing like her white parents.

Ruth seemed to age in fits and starts, as did her intellect and maturity, which caused even more problems for the already shamed family. At sixteen she seemed matured into a young woman, but members of the community often thought of her as a young girl still because of her wanton mischieviousness, disrespect for authority and sometimes childlike attitude. Despite these immaturities, Ruth devoured books - the only thing that seemed to keep her still was the presentation of a new publication.

With marriage off the table to any seemly family, the Vicar arranged for his daughter to attend a university in London where, he hoped, she would stay out of his life. At first, attending the University seemed the greatest moment in Ruth's young life and she blossomed away from the looming gaze of her father and the Faith of the Cross, but as the years wore on and she made her way through the libraries collections, her interests turned in circles. Her tutors saw the spark of arcane understanding in her and further lessons commenced, but so did the scrutiny of the academy. Subjected to tests, Ruth was declared a Dhampir of rare origins; an Ajibachana, born from the meddling of a Vetala vampire. The revelation opened up a special means of magic, her own blood, which several professors and local arcane practicioners were delighted to help her investigate. While all of this changed little in her view of the world, nor even the views of her tutors and professors, when word spread that there was a vampire being harboured in London legal issues began to rain down on the university.

Hoping to save her adopted home from more trouble, Ruth and a pair of her professors arranged for her to travel to the British colony in North America where she might settle and continue study by correspondance. With a chest of books, a few of the magical artifacts she had learned to make and the well wishes of her professors, she set off on the next ship out of London.

Sailing, Ruth discovered, was the worst. Seasick for most of the voyage, Ruth began to become obsessed with some of the more obscure studies she had taken up while at the university - about wizards able to travel hundreds of miles in the blink of an eye, and even older pathways through the world. The ancient pyramid ruins in Egypt, the rumoured stepped pyramids of the Jade Elves and the stepped pyramids in the southern americas were points of speculation that at some time in the far past peoples had travelled the world in ways no longer remembered, or perhaps hidden by the gods.

By the time Ruth reached the British colonies she had already decided on her course of studies; of course, in a new colony there weren't likely to be any sources of information about such old and hidden mysteries. Pouring much of her finances into preparring for her solo expedition, the young wizard set for the long journey south. If the ancient Aztec had secrets left undiscovered in ruins, she was going to go find them.

Story Hooks: The simplest means for Ruth to run into and join the party would be that they come across her in town/the wild as she is headed south. Beyond that, mention of any interesting discoveries or destinations would be likely to detour her long trek fairly easily - her Vetala blood makes her a bit scattered and distracted by new, shiny ideas and concepts.

@Mr Grim, yeah that was me mixing up the Investigator's backstory with another Spellslinger. I totally understand the mechanics of the Spellslinger though I think it's a poor trade. Could be interesting to play and if you're chosen I hope you have fun with the character. I personally strongly dislike the school restrictions as for me the joy of playing a wizard is that there's always a new spell to learn and more importantly a new way to use it. If I wanted to limit spell selection I'd play a sorc (I rarely play sorcs as a result.)

I apologize in my haste to try and give everyone feedback I made an error no disrespect intended.

HeftyUpTop a.k.a Ruth Geddyhaul

The Good Mechanically this is about as strong an entry as I've seen. You've managed to solve our arcane woes and help with the frontline and it's a debuffer to boot! I'm impressed and I'd rank this highly. Backstory has a daughter of Mina HArper vibe which in my opinion is a very good thing. Overall I'd recommend this as a contender.
The Bad GM might have picked before you finished submitting or in the very least have specific entries in mind already! The necromancy aspect of the archetype could also prove problematic for the party, that was a bit of a dice roll.

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

In an effort to be helpful a recap:

We have:

DBH a.k.a Jesse Calder female human arcanist build seems to be around survivability and utility casting. Background a self made woman.

pauljathome a.k.a. Guujaaw male human scrimshaw witch build seems to be around battlefield control and skill optimization. Background is a native man raised in multiple cultures including orc and apache.

Tiger Claw a.k.a Doctor Frederick Sinclair male human spellslinger wizard build seems to be around crafting, skills, and damage dealing. Background is bookish fish out of water type.

Lekkric18 aka Azcalxochipalli male skinwalker investigator build seems to be around skill optimization and melee. Background mexi-national with a vendetta against his countrymen.

Ouachitonian a.k.a Liam the Wanderer male dwarf rogue build seems to be around flanking melee and having all the skills. Background elder dwarf veteran that's been around.

evandariel a.k.a. Mr Grim male half orc spellslinger wizard build seems to be around a mix of utility spells, skills, and ranged damage. Notably uses Magus VMC which is a clever element of this build. Background underdog self made man, feels a little Hamilton on second read.

HeftyUpTop a.k.a Ruth Geddyhaul female dhampir cruoromancer wizard build seems to be around conjuration/battlefield control and later a bit of necromancy. Background half vampire scholarly wanderer in love with knowledge and hungry for more.

Kuruk, no disrespect taken, just clarifying :)

Everyone multiclasses out of the spellslinger due to restrictions but it's not a big deal. Crafter fortune negates penalty for crafting opposition schools, and you can still prepare them for two slots. Plus arcane savant will allow better than average scroll use for any scroll thanks to UMD, and opens up more spell options since it adds spells from other classes to the spell list.

It's not a min max build, but it should be fun and be able to craft, contribute in combat, run int skills like knowledge, and provide utility via spells and scrolls/wands.

Alright, It was a truly tough and slightly maddening decision, but I've made my selections. Would Guujaw and Ruth Geddyhaul please join us in the discussion thread? I thank all of you once again for showing interest and giving me such great characters to choose from.

Good luck all!

Have fun.

Best of luck.

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