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Lolol it's fine... juuuust fine.

Also - please excuse my recent distance. One helluva week.

Krevek and Surana

Each of you get the distinct feeling that you're being followed as you walk the sparse, darkened streets toward the Wise Quarter of the city. During your conversation you notice a man has begun following you. Just as you notice, however, two other men walk out of an alley ahead of you.

They are both quite large and carrying vicious-looking clubs.

"Looks like we have some tourists, Kareb." one man says to the other.

Kareb: "They probably don't know 'bout the toll. HEY TOURISTS, pay the toll or you can't use our street!"

Looking back briefly, you notice the third man is carrying a crossbow.

Kyan and Ryko

Breakfast is actually quite good, considering your surroundings. Some bacon-like fish skin coupled with bread and cheese. A lone serving girl is sweeping up and no one else is in the room, save for Roog, who doesn't seem a morning person.

Kyan: "Forgive my friend, he's always held a tight grip on his purse."

Roog chuckles and shakes his head "Eight silver is more than fair for two beds and a solid roof. You'll have dinner now or breakfast in the morning, but the girls aren't on the payroll as bedwarmers."

It is approximately 9 pm. The library is most certainly closed. You do know of two people in the city who may have some documents that may prove useful. One is a member of the Arcanamirium, the other is a private, more eccentric historian.

Roog nods at Ryko "I got a room for ya. Eight silver for the night, unless yous wanted to arrange longer."

Surana doesn't recognize the shard.

Jim makes his way outside and the streets are pretty quiet.

Roog starts to pour Surana a drink.

The girl stifles a giggle as she walks past Krevek. She is pretty, but has her hands full of dirty dishes. She disappears into the kitchen.

Roog watches the conversation between Surana and the two men from afar. It seems he's not completely aware of what's being said.

Surana doesn't notice the whispered conversation

Surana: 'Ah, but perhaps such young, innocent expressions ought not be cut off prematurely.'

The barman opens his mouth to start a response, but is cut short as someone drunkenly taps him on the shoulder to order a drink. He winks at Surana and goes to attend his patron.

Krevek: 'Also, my memory is a little clouded over the happenings of last night, did you happen to be here and maybe able to fill in any of that?'

Roog smiles knowingly 'Well boy, I'd have hoped you'd remember a night with Lysha.' He nods at one of the serving girls busily waiting tables. 'But then, you had had more than a few last night.'

hrmmm not really. I'll wrack my brain and try to remember if I need to use anything else.

The Quiet Lobster

Just after dusk at the Quiet Lobster inn and tavern. It's on a quiet street near the Absalom Docks. The smell of sear air fades and that of cheap but tasty ale and cooking food wafts in as you enter. A couple of serving girls tend to various patrons as the dinner rush sets in. There are a good many people here and clear tables are scarce.

Roog, the barman is laughing as he pours a couple of mugs for a pair of lightly armoured men.

There is a group of performers playing a soft song and a group of half a dozen men, all dressed in foreign clothes, seem to love the song. Surana sees Ryko and Kyan as they enter.

Now. I use massive damage yes. 0fGQ/mobilebasic?pli=1

Basically its how I always do HP now in my real games

Oh yeah - I neglected to ask - anyone wanna use Evil Lincoln's Strain/Injury rules for HP?

Ah yeah sorry - krevek, Jimmy, Ryko, Kyan and surana have made the cut

ooc thread is up - couldn't get Paizo site to load yesterday..

Eat, drink, be merry!

We shall await a full submission but I'll make the OOC thread tonight when I get home - can't wait to get into destroying the par-.... I mean running the game *evil grin*

Best name ever

Also 'various goons and scumbags'. Love it!

Perfect! Preliminary info goes out tonight - then we can nail down some basic details and start playing. If people respond quickly, maybe tomorrow!

Eh no worries - I was going over what I was gonna send to those who are mostly ready and decided to wait til we have all five.

I will await a new treasure hunter then begin sending out character-specific info and get us started.

No wordcasting. It seems Joy has dropped out - I will give her til the end of today to say she's in if not yeah Neo you can shift, then we only need to find an inheritor..

Helps if I click and read.. I suppose that is one skill I'll focus on... *cough*

Well then, from the looks of it so far here are the possibilities:

Joy - Rogue Treasure Hunter
Justin Sluder - Sorcerer Afflicted
Ptolmeus Arvenus - Gunslinger Treasure Hunter
- Magus Inheritor
- Monk Dreamer
Arazni - Sorcerer Scholar
Daynen - Cleric Scholar
Loup Blanc - Oracle Dreamer
Neo Seraphi - Bard Scholar
- Fighter ? Inheritor
Surana Vilyana Hukni - Wizard Scholar

Based upon what I've seen and how it fits into the ideas I have, I'm going to choose the following for my game:

Joy - Rogue Treasure Hunter
Justin Sluder - Sorcerer Afflicted
Ptolmeus Arvenus - Monk Dreamer
Neo Seraphi - Fighter ? Inheritor
Surana Vilyana Hukni - Wizard Scholar

To those other (scholar) applicants, I am glad you were interested and if it's not too insulting I may call on you should anyone drop out.

For now, I'll begin sending out some character-specific special info to those I've selected and get the ball rolling. For those of you who have yet to complete your character due to the nature of the game, We shall give it say..Til Wednesday before the game starts.

EDIT: IF Joy is indeed out, this list will be shuffled.

starting first level
15 pt buy
one trait
max starting gold
any sourcebooks from Paizo are fair game

Starting date: 22 Desnus, 4711 AR

If two or more people choose the same theme, Whoever can get me a complete concept first will be more likely to get in. I don't need a huge backstory, and I will likely send you some cues once you post the basics.

Everyone will at least have had SOME contact with the Scholar (at the start of the adventure) character for various reasons.

Justin - that sounds pretty good based on the research I just did!

, - yeah the themes I've presented allow me to plan certain parts of the adventure/campaign - If you want to work together we can look into adapting or creating one for you, or you can submit one and I'll let you know if I can work it in.

Let's go to Azlant - Each of the players will follow some guidelines and be somewhat affiliated with each other before game starts.

I'm gonna try to get my real-life themes into the game - they're like traits but a bit more detailed and restrictive. I would like one of each for a (somewhat) balanced party.

Each theme will have some guidelines which I'll expand on. Mostly it's just for character creation and to form a good starting group and make sure you're motivated to stick together and to the story. After that you can do what you want (I won't say "Your character wouldn't do that") but here's the basic rundown for this game -

Each theme has a couple of class options

The Inheritor
Taldan or Chelaxian Human Fighter, Magus or Paladin
Your family claims to be directly linked to a pure bloodline tracing all the way back to Azlant. Wield at least one sword, as it's part of the inheritance!

The Scholar
Any race Wizard, Cleric, Monk or Bard
Will need a strong focus on knowledge skills and possibly act as the centre of the group. You've been researching ancient history and made a few amazing discoveries..

The Dreamer
Taldan or Chelaxian Human Oracle, Monk or Fighter
You have amnesia and woke up in a capsule just large enough to hold you..Floating in the docks area of Absalom about three months ago. You can only speak common, and the markings on the capsule are apparently Azlanti writings, but seem to be only names.

The Afflicted
Any race Sorcerer or Barbarian
This character's class abilities (rage or magic) would come from some kind of magical disease or curse that came as a result of being in the wrong place/time - has been more than a bit inconvenient at times.

The Treasure Hunter
Any race Rogue/Bard/Gunslinger
Will get something shiny, and want more!

You have all found each other with a common goal in mind - to explore some Azlanti ruins that have recently been discovered by either The Treasure Hunter or The Afflicted (or both if they're already friends/partners)

This is a basic guideline - each character will also have a couple of other points I'll send to you once I get some interest.. This is a new campaign I'm hoping to run in real life group too.

Character creation rules will be posted if anyone is interested in playing.

If I wanted to run a game, would I have to play in ALL of them?

I want to run a pbp but am always looking for a good, dedicated group and it sounds like this could be it.

Haven't run Skull N Shackles yet...

Mister Raklav almost looses a bolt into Viktor's back but the shot misses and finds the nearby rocks.

The beast-like man snorts and tries to smack Viktor with a large, flat piece of iron it's holding.
1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 191d6 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8

The remaining goblin stands, stunned in the same spot, not knowing what to do.

It is now Nathan's turn.

Nathan's shot misses the goblin, but as a fluke, hits the metal bar that the creature was in the process of sliding through the spokes of the wheel. The goblin is so shocked that the bar is bent and blasted out of his hands that he lets out a yelp.

Mr. Raklav simply looks stunned after the weapon discharges, having likely never seen such a display.

It is Viktor's turn now.

Viktor's quick slash catches the goblin unaware and the creature falls down gurgling as it drowns in its own blood.

[Nathan is next]

You're right - I re-made the map that I'd been editing in paint cause it was ugly, and did so before sleep. Wasn't paying attention. Take your swing sir!

As Viktor plunges his sword into the guts of the goblin, it lets out a gurgle, then falls down dead as the paladin swipes his weapon out to the side. The other two creatures share a knowing, frightened look for a brief moment.

Raklav lets out a triumphant shout after loosing a bolt, then a curse when he realizes he hit only the rock that the beast-man was hiding behind. As Nathan lands beside him, he shifts in the seat and holds up his crossbow defensively. "Who are YOU?!"

The beast man tosses a rock at Raklav but the whipman ducks and the rock SMASHES into the front of his carriage. The beast man hobbles out closer to the road. The two goblins yap at each other briefly and Viktor can tell they're afraid, but one goes around to the front of the carriage and the other tosses a small axe at Viktor and moves toward the rocks on the side of the road.

Roll(1d20)+4 VS AC:

That is a success!

Beast-like man

Back to the top with Viktor next to act!

I tried that in my browsers and still messed up... hell.

((that shall require an acrobatics check, but should be doable since this'll technically be your second round))

Did that last photobucket link work!? I may have to change hosting sites...

Orin nods to Xabbu and a serving girl brings him some refreshments. She smiles at you before hurrying to wipe down a table.

None of the patrons or the serving girl notice anything other than Tov'Mei's abnormal height. It seems Oakhurst sees it's share of travellers.

(all of the assailants are evil...forgot to reconcile the detect evil yeah - )

Viktor sees there are three goblins, the two of them who remain unthreatened move and place a large metal bar through the spokes of the carriage wheel that could do some serious damage if it happens to roll. Upon seeing him, they look alarmed and the one who has only a small club in his hand leaps to attack!

Roll(1d20)+2 VS AC:

// g

O yeah sorry - he IS evil

The beastman snarls and hurls the bar at Viktor

Roll(1d20)+2 VS AC:

Then retreats in a straight line from C5 to C2, hiding behind a wall of higher rock just as Mister Raklav fires a bolt and misses. Viktor notices the creature seems to move in an odd, off-balance way.

Raklav: "I think ve are in even more trouble

Viktor can hear high-pitched yelling coming from behind the carriage.

(Nathan will see three small humanoids dashing toward a large dark carriage from behind.)

(the green circles are the small humanoids, Nathan is another twenty feet to the south of the map on imaginary tile P7)

Xabbu has found a good place to sleep and play his songs. For the past couple of days, he's waited for the carriage ride in relative comfort. It's late afternoon at the Quiet Moose tavern in the quiet town of Oakhurst and dinner was quite good. A tall figure wearing a large cloak enters the room, which was until now filled only with local men, farmers and miners.

Tov'Mei has been travelling for some time when he finally arrives at Oakhurst. He was instructed to await his ride to Ravengro at the Quiet Moose tavern, where the proprietor could offer a room and some potentially necessary privacy. Finding no other option, he walked into the small establishment to seek out Orin Grivens, the owner.

As Nathan walks down the rocky canyon road toward his destination, he hears raised voices past the intersection ahead:

"You should listen to the coachman here friend, for he speaks truth. Little good can come of this course of action. You should reconsider your tone and action...quickly...and be on your way."

Beast-like man

Viktor acts quickly as Raklav keeps his aim..

(Send them so they can be put on the site, unless anyone wants to keep their sheet secret... Yknow for any nefarious reason)

Yeah seems pretty quiet 'round here...

Well if you're willing to stay on a bit longer John I'm gonna do one last sweep - I have been hording three character sheets I'll send them to you this evening then we'll try to get this show on the road.

Viktor sees the terrain has become rocky and ahead of the carriage, which has now stopped, a large humanoid with pig-like features stands behind some rocks to the side of the road. The beast-man seems to be carrying a large metal bar.

Raklav is stoically holding a large crossbow aimed at the pigman.

Mister Raklav looks back briefly: "I think ve are in trouble.."

The brutish creature, having seen the door opened if not Raklav talking to Viktor, lets out a howling sound and moves to approach the carriage. The horses look ready to bolt.

Beast-like man


Viktor actually gets some good sleep. It seems the carriage is built quite well and the ride goes smoothly. Smoothly, that is, until the holy warrior wakes to the sound of raised voices and realizes the carriage is no longer in motion.

The sound of a deep, stupid voice echoes from the road.

"Wif dat big cart there gots ta be some rich stuff inside!"

Then you hear Mister Raklav: "I'm telling you no good will come of you trying to get in, I'm carrying only books and candles, nothing of vorth. Besides, I can shoot you vhere you stand.

Yeah I get off work @ 8 at the latest Sundays or I'd be in.

Good luck!

The whipman nods and climbs up into his half-covered seat. As you climb in, it's obvious this is a well-kept luxury vehicle, if not a bit dark in decoration. After about a minute waiting, you hear the wheels creek as you start to depart.

It just brings you back to neutral, that's all..heh

You can use a smite attempt on anyone, heh

Raklav bows

Mister Raklav: "I see you are more civilized than most in this backvard country. The other passengers' names are.. confidential unless you ask them yourself, vonce I have collected them. I do know that they are all part of the funeral train and that I have been compensated in advance for the delivery of you all to Lorrimor's home. Ve shall be on our vay if you are prepared."

Rufus excuses himself quietly, reciting the Act of Defiant Retreat.

The carriage driver turns and squints, his tiny eyes hidden behind odd tinted glasses.

Whipman: "My name is Mister Raklav. You are Mister Nivorski. Ve vill be making two stops for rest and restock in small village of Oakhurst and then Mistdowns after border. Ve have other passengers to pick up as well but should make Ravengro right on schedule.

Sounds good sir - should play out well, being a tiefling in Ustalav... heh - counteracts any party credibility from the paladin.

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