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Hello everyone.

I'm going to run the Dalsine Affair, after hearing some good things about it.

I'll take the 1st 5 PCs to sign up.
I keep a 1 a/day post rate at minimum, with weekends a welcome extra.

This game is scheduled to start in the 1st half of Gameday, August 13th.

Sovereign Court

I have plenty of characters in the range. Would love to play.

Pick whichever you like. :)

I also have a few who could join!

Dark Archive

I'll apply to this one with my 2nd level Elven Magus character.

I'm seeing double..

*rubs eyes*

Liberty's Edge

I would very much like to join!

Character: Baade Sard
PFS: 314670-12
Faction: Scarab Sages
Day job: none

What class is Baade going to be?

OG3, what did you have in mind of bringing?

Sovereign Court

probably a lvl 3 uRogue (investigator archetype)

Sovereign Court

I'll go ahead and make it official.

Player name: OG3
Char name: Giovanni Stellaluce
PFS: 175185-1

Had i specified yet the tier?

If not, tier 1-2 is what i had in mind, as i've multiple pcs in that category.

But if everyone has lvl 3 or 4 PCs, i'm fine with it.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

If there are spots available, I would like to be considered. I have many characters that will be available.

Darth Frogg - Grippli mesmerist 2
Ifran al'Sharifi - Suli bloodrager 3
Archer - Warpriest 5
Z'hor'll - Undine watersinger 4
Black Jak Sparrow - tengu pirate 6
Hamilton Trask - slayer 6

(I am sure I have others as well)

Sovereign Court

I have a lvl 1 Ectoplasmatist or lvl 2 Bloodrager that will be ready if we shoot for low tier.

Dark Archive

Indeed, low tier please. Athalis will be 2nd level, though I suppose there is an outside chance he might be 3rd.

Ok then, tier 1-2 it shall be.

Ready to mix 'n match!

Wisp - wayang Aerokineticist 3
Korum - half orc Paladin 1
Sathos - nagaji Bloodrager 2
Azora - ifrit Oracle 2
Krennel - half orc Alchemist 1
Fiata - slyph Magus 1

Brief recap.

Nowruz - Baade Sard (?)
Silbeg - TBD
Stiehle - Elf Magus 2
TriShadow - TBD

So, it looks like we have a magus and a rogue

Wisp - wayang Aerokineticist 3 (Range DPS)
Korum - half orc Paladin 1 (Frontline)
Sathos - nagaji Bloodrager 2 (Frontline)
Azora - ifrit Oracle 2 (Healing/DPS support)

You guys, discussion is open.

Liberty's Edge

Baade Sard is a Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade, Noble Fencer) 1

Thanks again for GMing!!! ;-)

To those having signed up, you can dot and remove in gameplay.

Liberty's Edge

Hello GM Chyro! Unfortunately, I have to step out of this game. :-(

I wish you guys a lot of fun!!

Silver Crusade

I have a candidate lvl 2 inquisitor? Profile has stats.

It's been a while since your confirmation, sir Stargard. ;)

Silver Crusade

A little while, I even managed to survive it... somehow.

My PDF's been delivered.... would Silbeg, Asterion, and Arthalis like to hop over to discussion, if they're still interested?

Liberty's Edge

Sorry again for dropping out. Can you throw me out of the campaign as a player and character please? Thanks a lot!

Grand Lodge

I'm in! (redirected from Flaxseed) Thanks for the invite!

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