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Acro+6(+11tumble),Cult +15, Eng +14 (+18vs traps), Life Sci +11, Medicine +8, Myst +18 (+22 vs traps), Perception +21,Pilot+22,SenseMot +14,Stealth +21,Survival +12
Ysoki Mystic 10

Vetch has bought an expensive and shiny toy and is ready to continue. He’s also penniless, as he’s donated the rest of his money to a charity that promises to end all the goblins. He realizes he’s probably not going to make it back from this suicide run, but that’s okay as long as he takes out a few cultists and goblins.

”Hire a gunner? Yes? I dunno. Will they be any good, do you think?” Vetch asks, not having any money to pay for a gunner, let alone just some gum.

Vetch No-Toes wrote:
”Hire a gunner? Yes? I dunno. Will they be any good, do you think?” Vetch asks, not having any money to pay for a gunner, let alone just some gum.

"Well certainly not as flash as The Zane, but they might provide some covering fire..." Abe trails off uncertainly.

Android | EAC 25 KAC 26 | STA 77 HP 57 RES 11/11 | F +4 R +10 W +7 | Initiative +11 | Perc. +10 | Sense Motive +1

Ditching his new armored spacesuit for ripped shorts, a flowered Castrovellian shirt, is and flip-flops, Dash arrives on Absalom Station dressed for one last vacation.

It felt like years had passed since he had stepped foot in the place, but some places are unforgettable. Especially if the place smells like someone poured rocket fuel on sweaty goblin socks and lit them on fire in a sh!t-clogged toilet.

”For the love of Triune, someone needs to fix the air purifiers in this place and f@#%ing outlaw Akitonion curry!”

Endeavoring to hold his breath whenever speaking isn’t necessary, Dash mounts his classic hoverbike, cranks both his music and the throttle to 11, and speeds off into the sprawling space station metropolis.


At one point in his life Dash was an experienced and skilled shopper. He knew what he wanted, and knew when he found it. But this time was different.

Absalom had everything a droid would want, but he soon found that he wanted very little. He had a bad@ss gun, a great spacesuit, and his holoskin could imitate any fashion he wanted. None of those things would matter when he took the helm of the Stellar Degenerator and rode it into the supernova sunset.

After hours of wandering he found himself in a shop of magical items, standing in front of a case holding a gem pulsating with the some of the most powerful technomagic known in the pact worlds. If he sold the hoverbike, and his old blaster, he would have enough credits to buy it. But it felt like cheating, and he’d done just about enough of that in his long life...


Minor Disruption Pistol 7500
Static Arc pistol 75
Shirren eye-rifle 75
Advanced Lashunta tempweave armor 950 (Upgrades: jump jets)

Systemwide comm unit 4000
Planar runeplates Mk 1 2,000
Nanite patch Mk2 (x4) 1700
Teleportation puck (x2) 3000
Shattercoat 8000
Subtotal - 18700

A big club for a party 5000
Open bar tab 10,000
*if the cost is higher Dash has another 7000 credits or so to throw at it


Later that Dash made a rare post to Blood and Fury’s vid channel inviting subscribers to a party at one of the station’s bigger clubs. Music, dance, and an open bar with a 10,000 credit budget.

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Will continue on as it looks like everyone made their purchases except for Zane. he can do his on his next post.

The next couple of days are a whirlwind of activity as you hock all of the gear filling your ship. While dash sets up for a party of a lifetime Abe spends a few hours trying to coax a new crew member to be a gunner, though it seems each person that passes by shakes their head no when they hear a tale outside of the known safe zone and dealing with crazed cultists and undead. They don't seem to want any part in it. Vetch tries to help him but he literally just donated the rest of his credits into a 501c3 charity to eliminate and exterminate the entire goblin species.

Finally towards the end of the evening Dash's party kicks off. Zane and Draka both film Blood and Fury, hundreds show up to the club and have it packed wall to wall as a line outside goes blocks down the road. The music bumps to a deafening tone as sweat and other bodily fluids soon line the dance floor. The night is definitely not uneventful as at one point a pair of goblins are paid to fight to the death by a couple locals in glee to Vetch's post. "We seen you'se guys on the tube. Let us give you a present." Handed a couple knives and a pistol, the goblins dive at each other. Their heads smack together as one loses a tooth. Rolling to his side the other goblin grabs the pistol and fires a laser through the others hand ass the lead goblin slices the others ear off. Screaming he throws the pistol at the others face, breaking it's nose. Grabbing it by the neck the one eared goblin throttles the wounded goblin and slams his head repeatedly against the safety bars until it doesn't move anymore. Raising it's hands it victory the goblin spins around, slips from the stage and lands on one of the knives, impaling it's side.

That is about when the blackout portion of the evening happens. When you all awaken, Draka and the crazed Ysoki are left behind on Absalom Station and your crew of four are well into the Drift. Make that a crew of five as a still drunk looking one-eared goblin sits in the second gunners chair, a bandage wrapped tightly around it's side.

At the party, Abe has a blast. He drinks heartily and with the joy that immanent doom can bring.

When the goblin fight begins, he's entirely too drunk to oppose it. We shouldn't be doing this. he thinks to himself, but he can't quite manage to voice it without quite a bit of slurring and general vocal mayhem.

He watches the pair in their battle, and nods uncomfortably when the remaining goblin falls from the stage - Ouch!


He slurps up the drool hanging from his lip unconsciously as he starts awake. He immediately regrets wakefulness as his head throbs, not least from resting it on the console at his station. A switch embedded its imprint on Abe's face, and one eye is more bloodshot than the other - if that's even possible.

Groaning, he looks up... slowly lest his head fall off. He sees the bandaged goblin and shakes his head, trying to clear the vision before his eyes.


When the wave of nausea clears, he blinks again at the strange crewman. He checks his readouts and reports, "We're deep in the drift, somehow headed to our destination Captain. We should arrive in a few days."

He blinks and hopes the captain has something sensible to add. Surely someone remembers what happened! He hopes...

Android | EAC 25 KAC 26 | STA 77 HP 57 RES 11/11 | F +4 R +10 W +7 | Initiative +11 | Perc. +10 | Sense Motive +1

Sprawled in the Captain's chair, Dash makes a noise that indicates he's still alive. And regretting it.

"Wake me when the ship is ready to depart..." He groans. "Had a weird dream that I hired a goblin to man the guns. Totally f*#$king crazy."

Acro+6(+11tumble),Cult +15, Eng +14 (+18vs traps), Life Sci +11, Medicine +8, Myst +18 (+22 vs traps), Perception +21,Pilot+22,SenseMot +14,Stealth +21,Survival +12
Ysoki Mystic 10

Vetch considers ditching the crew for the goblin on board, knowing this cannot end well, but satisfies himself with different plans to blow the goblin out the air lock. He decides that that is a good plan, and it’s just a matter of deciding what bait to use to make the plan go.

In this, he is content to get moving and he pilots half-mindedly as he goes through different plans to terminate the goblin. After all, it’s not murder. Murder involves intelligence and sentience...neither of which goblins truly have.

”Don’t worry, Capt,” Vetch radios back. ”I’m sure the goblin won’t be with us long.”

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It takes several days to get back to the coordinates you had set in the computer. Returning to Gate 1’s controller moon gets a little rocky as the gravitational forces seem to be in flux. Somehow the bandaged goblin continues to sleep for the next 2 days. He might in fact be dead, who really knows.

The kishalee AI looks to be quite impatient at being kept waiting but in the end had little choice in the matter. She seems quite relieved that you have returned. "Are you ready? When you are please insert the board and I will do my part."

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