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Full Name

Aerav Brack Elijea


Neutral Good




Absalom Station

Strength 14
Dexterity 22
Constitution 12
Intelligence 21
Wisdom 14
Charisma 11

About Aerav Brack Elijea

Stats & Saves:
Mechanic, Scholar (11)
Base Stats (unenhanced by gear)
Str 14, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 19, Wis 14, Cha 11

Saving Throws
Fortitude = +8 (Base +7, Con +1)
Reflex = +12 (Base +7, Dex +5)
Will = +6 (Base +3, Wis +2, Ring +1)
(ring of resistance, +1 to weakest save)

Armor Class
EAC = 28 (Armor +12, Dex +6)
KAC = 29 (Armor +13, Dex +6)
CM = 37 (KAC +8)

BAB = +8

Health and Resolve
Resolve = 9 (Class +5, Int +4)
Stamina = 77 (Class +6, Con +1)
Hit Points = 70 (Class +6, Race +4)

Initiative = +6 (Dex +6)
Movement = 30'
Vision = Darkvision 60'


Light Armor Proficiency (class)
Basic Melee Weapons (class)
Grenades (class)
Small Arms (class)
Longarm Proficiency (human)
Minor Psychic Power (first level) Psychokinetic Hand (close, 10#/1b, 15’ move, CL 1, 3xday)
Weapon Specialization (Small Arms & Basic Melee Weapons) (class)
Versatile Specialization (third level)
Technomantic Dabbler (2 0lvl at will (token spell, mending), 1first lvl 1/3lvl per day (2)(comprehend languages)) (fifth level)
Weapon Focus (longarm)(seventh)
Enhanced Resistance (kinetic 6)(ninth)
Mystic Strike (weapons gain magic quality) (eleventh)

(Class +4, Int +4, Race +1)
Acrobatics = +6* (Dex +6)
Athletics = +16* (Base 11+3, Str +2)
Bluff = +0 (Cha +0)
Computers = +22 (Base 11+3, Int +5, Insight +3)
Culture +6 (Base1, Int +5)
Diplomacy = +0 (Cha +0)
Disguise = +0 (Cha +0)
Engineering = +22 (Base 11+3, Int +5, Insight +3) (+4 kit for traps)
Intimidate = +0 (Cha +0)
Life Science = +6 (Base 1, Int +5)
Medicine = +19 (Base 11+3, Int +5)
Mysticism = +2 (untrained)(Wis +2)
Perception = +19 (Base 11+3, Wis +2, Insight +3)
Physical Science (astronomy) = +20 (Base 11+3, Int +5, Theme +1, DC -5 with astronomy)
Piloting = +20 (Base 11+3, Dex +6)
Profession (mathematician) = +9 (Base 1+3, Int +5) (+4 kit for mathematics)
Sense Motive = +13 (Base 11, Wis +2)
Slight of Hand = +6* (untrained)(Dex +6)
Stealth = +14* (Base 8, Dex +6)
Survival = +2 (Wis +2)
*Armor Check Penalty -1
Languages: Akitonian, Common, Castrovelian, Eoxian, Shirren, Vercite, Ysoki

Abilities and Tricks:

Bypass (Ex): You are skilled at getting inside computer systems and electronic devices. At 1st level, you gain a +1 insight bonus to Computers and Engineering skill checks. At 5th level, every 4 levels thereafter, and at 20th level, this bonus increases by 1.

Overload (Ex): As a standard action, you can cause a short in an electronic device, including most ranged energy weapons, melee weapons with the powered special property, or a single armor upgrade. This makes the device nonfunctional for 1 round. Overload doesn’t cause a locked door, safe, or other device to open, but it prevents anyone from opening it for 1 round. You must be adjacent to the device to use this ability. If you have a drone, you can instead use this ability on an electronic device adjacent to your drone. If you have an exocortex with the wireless hack ability, you can instead use this ability on any electronic device within range of your exocortex’s wireless hack. If you use overload on an item or armor upgrade in someone’s possession, the owner can attempt a Reflex saving throw to negate the effect (DC = 10 + half your mechanic level + your Intelligence modifier(19)). Overload doesn’t affect androids, cybernetics, drones, powered armor, robots, or creatures with the technological subtype (all of which have shielding against this sort of attack), or items larger than Medium. Once a device has been successfully overloaded, a residual static charge prevents that device from being overloaded again for 1 minute.

Remote Hack (Ex): You can use your custom rig to attempt Computers and Engineering skill checks at a range of 20 feet. A target of this ability (or a creature attending or observing your target) can attempt a Perception or Sense Motive check (30 DC) to determine that you are the origin of this activity.

Expert Rig (Ex) Whenever you use your custom rig to successfully hack into a computer, you can also disable one countermeasure installed in the system (except firewalls). In addition, your custom rig can now be used as any engineering or hacking specialty kit of item level 6th or lower, and it has the features of a computer with a tier equal to half your level with the artificial personality, hardened, or security I upgrade module. It also has an audio/video recorder. You can add extra modules or countermeasures to your custom rig at the normal prices. You can also use your custom rig to communicate over an encrypted channel with your ship, allowing you to access your ship’s downloaded data sets and transponder at a range of 5 miles. If you have a drone, you can issue commands to or directly control your drone at the same range.

Miracle Worker (Ex) As a move action, you can repair damage to a starship’s systems or modify a suit of armor or weapon to function more efficiently. To use this ability, you must be able to handle the item affected without impediment. You can use this ability once per day at 7th level, plus one additional time per day for every 4 mechanic levels you have beyond 7th (2). The exact effect of this ability depends on the object or system you are modifying.
Armor: You grant a +2 enhancement bonus to a suit of armor’s EAC and KAC for 1 minute.
Weapon: You grant a +2 enhancement bonus to a weapon’s attack and damage rolls for 1 minute.
Damaged Ship: You restore a number of Hull Points equal to the starship’s base frame HP increment. If this raises the ship’s HP over a multiple of its Critical Threshold, you can repair critical damage to one system per multiple, reducing its severity by one step. For example, if your starship’s Critical Threshold is 8 and you restore 10 HP, reducing the damage to the hull from 17 HP to 7 HP, you could restore one system from wrecked to glitching. Using this ability during starship combat is your action for the turn, and you can do it only during the engineering phase.

Override (Ex): Your overload class feature now affects androids, drones, robots, and creatures with the technological subtype, which must succeed at a Will saving throw (DC = 10 + half your mechanic level + your Intelligence modifier)(19) or be dazed for 1 round. If the target fails its saving throw by 10 or more, it is not dazed and you can dictate its actions for 1 round, though these actions can’t be obviously self-destructive. Once a creature has attempted a saving throw against this attack (regardless of the result), it is immune to this attack for 24 hours.

Coordinated Assault (Ex): If you have a drone, whenever both you and your drone make attacks against the same target, you each receive a +1 circumstance bonus to your attack rolls. This bonus increases to +2 at 17th level.

Mechanic Tricks
Visual Data Processor (apply Bypass bonus to Perception)(2nd level)
Repair Drone (Heal drone 25%)(4th level)
Nightvision Processor (low light vision, 60’ darkvision)(6th level)
Holographic Projector (holograph @ second level (plus speech) up to 120’ away)(8th level)
Invisibility Bypass Processor (see invisibility)(10th level)

Theme (Scholar)
Stat Bonus (+1 intelligence)
Skill Bonus (+1 Physical Sciences, -5 DC (astronomy))
Tip of the Tongue (Sometimes, after pausing to collect your thoughts, you realize that you know the answer to a particularly challenging question. Once per day, you can reroll any skill check to recall knowledge. You must decide to use this ability after rolling but before learning the information from your first roll. You must take the second result, even if it is worse.)

Equipment & Wealth:

Custom Rig (cybernetic augmentation (brain), Computer & Engineering tool, Mk 1 comm unit, communicate with drone at 2500’)
Synaptic Accelerators (Technology), MK 2 (+4 dex), MK 1 (+2 int)

Survival Knife (1d4S, analog, operative)
Aphelion Laser Rifle (14,300) (3d6F, 1d6burn, 120'r)
Nanite Weapon Fusion
Semi automatic pistol, tactical (lvl1, 260cr, 1d6P, 30'r, 9load)
Shock Grenade Mk 1 (1d8 E, 15 ft.) (x4)
Frag Grenade Mk 2 (2d6 P, 15 ft.) (x2)
Freebooter Armor III (EAC +12, KAC +13, maxdex 6, slots 3, bulk L)
- Backup Generator (bulk 1, 1 slot)
- Haste Circuit
- Targeting Computer (2,250cr)(1 slot, bulk -)
- Thermal Capacitor, Mk 1 (3,600cr)(1 slot, bulk -)(resistance 5 cold and fire)

Respiration compounder (Hold breath double con, then +4 on checks)
Everyday clothing
X-Ray Visor (bulk L)
Ring of Resistance (mk 1) (+1 to weakest save) (bulk -)
Serum of Healing
Antitoxin (Tier 1)
Spell Ampule of Lesser Restoration

Backpack, industrial (bulk 1 when held, holds 2 bulk, +2 strength for carrying)
Spare Batteries (60cr, 20charges, bulk -) x3
Small Arm rounds (30bullets)
Fire extinguisher (20 chgs)
Hygiene Kit (bulk 1)
Medpatch x4
R2E (10 days) (bulk 1)
Restraints, Manacles
Serum of Healing x3
Starstone Compus
Tool Kit, profession (+4 to mathematician)
Tool Kit, trapsmith (+4 to arm/disarm traps)
Tool Kit, engineering
Advanced Medkit

Nullspace chamber (Mk 2) (50 bulk in a 6' cube)
- Party Loot

Custom Rig 'Mathilda' (cybernetic augmentation (brain), Computer & Engineering toolkit (specialty +4), Mk 1 comm unit + encrypted channel with ship & communicate with drone at 5 miles)(Hack DC 26)(Tier 5, Miniaturized x3, Artificial Personality, Hardened, Self Charging (1 week), Lockout, Control/Comm)

On Ship
Kasatha microcord II (EAC +6, KAC +8, Maxdex +4, ACP -1, 1 upgrade slot: Infrared Sensors (dark vision 60'))
Lashunta Tempweave Advanced (8,500cr))(EAC +9, KAC +10, maxdex 6, slots 3, bulk L)

Weight: 6.1.5b (encumbered >7b, overburdened >14b)
Total Cash: 6,127c
UPBs: 401

Tiny, N, Construct (Technological)
Speed 30 feet, fly 30 feet (average) AC: EAC 24, KAC 24 CM 32
Fort: +3, Reflex +10, Will +3 (Base: 3/6/3)

Hit Points: 110
BAB +9
Ability Scores Str 6, Dex 19, Con —, Int 6, Wis 11, Cha 6

Limited AI (move or standard action)
Master Control (with move action, move & standard action)
Skill Unit Stealth = 14 (Base 7+3, Dex +4)
Skill Unit Perception = 12 (Base 7+3, WIs +0, Mod +2)

Small Arms (free)
Blind-Fight (first level)
Weapon Specialization (free third level)
Versatile Specialization (third level)
Weapon Focus (longarms) (sixth level)
Slippery Shooter (ninth level)
Improved Critical (eleventh level)

Flight system (×2, included in its speed, free)
Weapon Mount (free)
Weapon Mount (first level)
Camera (third level)
Weapon Proficiency (Ex) gain Longarm Proficiency (fifth level)
Enhanced Senses (Ex) gain +2 perception, low light vision, darkvision 60’ (seventh level)
Invisibility Field (DM Granted)
Manipulator Arms (ninth level)
Reductive Plating (DR 2, eleventh level)

Upgraded Power Core (Ex) - Your drone gains a pool of Resolve Points equal to 1 per 2 levels it has (5). Your drone can spend 1 Resolve Point to make a full attack without requiring your direct control and at only the normal –4 penalty for a full attack instead of the –6 penalty. Your drone regains Resolve Points after a full 8-hour rest as normal.

Ice Carbine, Gelid (3d8 C&P, range 60')
Spare Battery (40 charges) x2
Field Rations (2 weeks)

Aerav Brack Elijea, or ‘Abe’ for short, is average in many respects. Average build, brown eyes and hair, and human. He stands ramrod straight however, clearly he’s had some military background - or something like it. But his speech patterns are more relaxed with peers and those he considers his lessers.

His equipment is relatively worn and while most of it seems to consist of various pieces of tech, there is a long azimuth laser rifle at his back with a few spare batteries. Flying always nearby is a drone with its own mounted weapon system which Abe calls Messalina.

Background, Private Details:
From a very early age Aerav Brack Elijea, or ‘Abe’ for short, showed an interest in science. Some of his earliest memories are of being left at museums and science centers while his parents went off to do other things. There were classes, seminars, and even hands on displays. Often left for hours, he found his own ways to have fun, and like as not, get into trouble.

As he grew, his love of science and technology grew. He usually wanted to do the right thing, and he was a regular fixture at the Buhl Planetarium and other science centers throughout his home city on Castrovel. His parents, when they thought about it at all, figured he’d eventually run some research facility, and were content they had done well in their raising of him.

However, their hands off approach, while it meant his knowledge base was broad and varied, also meant he had little respect for any sort of authority figure. The various museum guards, teachers, and others all tried to focus the rebellious youth, but without the support of his parents, he drifted further. It started small, stealing tip money to pay for his lunch because he was too lazy or proud to ask his parents for money, setting small fires out of boredom on his way home, and more petty crime.

It was clear to some that his nefarious streak was escalating when he spray painted ‘WARNING’ on the side of one poor blokes home. His parents were easily convinced by the Minority Council that governed the Human quarter of the Lashunta city that something larger needed to be done. Not wanting to get personally involved themselves, they decided the boy just needed some structure.

The Lake Dahinda Military Academy was a shock to the youth, now nearly a man. He was there three years, and it made an impression. Some say it broke him. There too he excelled at the lab work which he was exposed to, and he could fix many things his classmates couldn’t touch but, surprisingly, he took to the discipline and longarms as well.

His favorite weapon was the azimuth laser rifle, and his favorite new words were, ”Sir! Yes Sir!” Now out of the military academy a few years and trying to find his place in the world, he feels very old for his age, and somewhat cocky though recent unemployment has tempered that some. Sure, he knows his skills have far to go before he’s good at what he does, but he has the confidence to get there.

He spent much of the last year hungrily looking for work to suit him, and tinkering with his latest invention, Messalina. He spent much of it on Verces. The hover-drone was built with military superiority in mind, and her presence (he always thought of his creations as female) makes him even more comfortable pushing the limits of any given situation. Eventually his combination of individuality and acceptance of orders lead him to the Starfinder Society and a job offer…