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Acro+6(+11tumble),Cult +15, Eng +14 (+18vs traps), Life Sci +11, Medicine +8, Myst +18 (+22 vs traps), Perception +21,Pilot+22,SenseMot +14,Stealth +21,Survival +12
Ysoki Mystic 10

Vetch has bought an expensive and shiny toy and is ready to continue. He’s also penniless, as he’s donated the rest of his money to a charity that promises to end all the goblins. He realizes he’s probably not going to make it back from this suicide run, but that’s okay as long as he takes out a few cultists and goblins.

”Hire a gunner? Yes? I dunno. Will they be any good, do you think?” Vetch asks, not having any money to pay for a gunner, let alone just some gum.

Vetch No-Toes wrote:
”Hire a gunner? Yes? I dunno. Will they be any good, do you think?” Vetch asks, not having any money to pay for a gunner, let alone just some gum.

"Well certainly not as flash as The Zane, but they might provide some covering fire..." Abe trails off uncertainly.

Android | EAC 27 KAC 28 | STA 86 HP 57 RES 11/11 | F +5 R +10 W +7 | Initiative +12 | Perc. +10 | Sense Motive +1

Ditching his new armored spacesuit for ripped shorts, a flowered Castrovellian shirt, is and flip-flops, Dash arrives on Absalom Station dressed for one last vacation.

It felt like years had passed since he had stepped foot in the place, but some places are unforgettable. Especially if the place smells like someone poured rocket fuel on sweaty goblin socks and lit them on fire in a sh!t-clogged toilet.

”For the love of Triune, someone needs to fix the air purifiers in this place and f@#%ing outlaw Akitonion curry!”

Endeavoring to hold his breath whenever speaking isn’t necessary, Dash mounts his classic hoverbike, cranks both his music and the throttle to 11, and speeds off into the sprawling space station metropolis.


At one point in his life Dash was an experienced and skilled shopper. He knew what he wanted, and knew when he found it. But this time was different.

Absalom had everything a droid would want, but he soon found that he wanted very little. He had a bad@ss gun, a great spacesuit, and his holoskin could imitate any fashion he wanted. None of those things would matter when he took the helm of the Stellar Degenerator and rode it into the supernova sunset.

After hours of wandering he found himself in a shop of magical items, standing in front of a case holding a gem pulsating with the some of the most powerful technomagic known in the pact worlds. If he sold the hoverbike, and his old blaster, he would have enough credits to buy it. But it felt like cheating, and he’d done just about enough of that in his long life...


Minor Disruption Pistol 7500
Static Arc pistol 75
Shirren eye-rifle 75
Advanced Lashunta tempweave armor 950 (Upgrades: jump jets)

Systemwide comm unit 4000
Planar runeplates Mk 1 2,000
Nanite patch Mk2 (x4) 1700
Teleportation puck (x2) 3000
Shattercoat 8000
Subtotal - 18700

A big club for a party 5000
Open bar tab 10,000
*if the cost is higher Dash has another 7000 credits or so to throw at it


Later that Dash made a rare post to Blood and Fury’s vid channel inviting subscribers to a party at one of the station’s bigger clubs. Music, dance, and an open bar with a 10,000 credit budget.

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Will continue on as it looks like everyone made their purchases except for Zane. he can do his on his next post.

The next couple of days are a whirlwind of activity as you hock all of the gear filling your ship. While dash sets up for a party of a lifetime Abe spends a few hours trying to coax a new crew member to be a gunner, though it seems each person that passes by shakes their head no when they hear a tale outside of the known safe zone and dealing with crazed cultists and undead. They don't seem to want any part in it. Vetch tries to help him but he literally just donated the rest of his credits into a 501c3 charity to eliminate and exterminate the entire goblin species.

Finally towards the end of the evening Dash's party kicks off. Zane and Draka both film Blood and Fury, hundreds show up to the club and have it packed wall to wall as a line outside goes blocks down the road. The music bumps to a deafening tone as sweat and other bodily fluids soon line the dance floor. The night is definitely not uneventful as at one point a pair of goblins are paid to fight to the death by a couple locals in glee to Vetch's post. "We seen you'se guys on the tube. Let us give you a present." Handed a couple knives and a pistol, the goblins dive at each other. Their heads smack together as one loses a tooth. Rolling to his side the other goblin grabs the pistol and fires a laser through the others hand ass the lead goblin slices the others ear off. Screaming he throws the pistol at the others face, breaking it's nose. Grabbing it by the neck the one eared goblin throttles the wounded goblin and slams his head repeatedly against the safety bars until it doesn't move anymore. Raising it's hands it victory the goblin spins around, slips from the stage and lands on one of the knives, impaling it's side.

That is about when the blackout portion of the evening happens. When you all awaken, Draka and the crazed Ysoki are left behind on Absalom Station and your crew of four are well into the Drift. Make that a crew of five as a still drunk looking one-eared goblin sits in the second gunners chair, a bandage wrapped tightly around it's side.

At the party, Abe has a blast. He drinks heartily and with the joy that immanent doom can bring.

When the goblin fight begins, he's entirely too drunk to oppose it. We shouldn't be doing this. he thinks to himself, but he can't quite manage to voice it without quite a bit of slurring and general vocal mayhem.

He watches the pair in their battle, and nods uncomfortably when the remaining goblin falls from the stage - Ouch!


He slurps up the drool hanging from his lip unconsciously as he starts awake. He immediately regrets wakefulness as his head throbs, not least from resting it on the console at his station. A switch embedded its imprint on Abe's face, and one eye is more bloodshot than the other - if that's even possible.

Groaning, he looks up... slowly lest his head fall off. He sees the bandaged goblin and shakes his head, trying to clear the vision before his eyes.


When the wave of nausea clears, he blinks again at the strange crewman. He checks his readouts and reports, "We're deep in the drift, somehow headed to our destination Captain. We should arrive in a few days."

He blinks and hopes the captain has something sensible to add. Surely someone remembers what happened! He hopes...

Android | EAC 27 KAC 28 | STA 86 HP 57 RES 11/11 | F +5 R +10 W +7 | Initiative +12 | Perc. +10 | Sense Motive +1

Sprawled in the Captain's chair, Dash makes a noise that indicates he's still alive. And regretting it.

"Wake me when the ship is ready to depart..." He groans. "Had a weird dream that I hired a goblin to man the guns. Totally f*#$king crazy."

Acro+6(+11tumble),Cult +15, Eng +14 (+18vs traps), Life Sci +11, Medicine +8, Myst +18 (+22 vs traps), Perception +21,Pilot+22,SenseMot +14,Stealth +21,Survival +12
Ysoki Mystic 10

Vetch considers ditching the crew for the goblin on board, knowing this cannot end well, but satisfies himself with different plans to blow the goblin out the air lock. He decides that that is a good plan, and it’s just a matter of deciding what bait to use to make the plan go.

In this, he is content to get moving and he pilots half-mindedly as he goes through different plans to terminate the goblin. After all, it’s not murder. Murder involves intelligence and sentience...neither of which goblins truly have.

”Don’t worry, Capt,” Vetch radios back. ”I’m sure the goblin won’t be with us long.”

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It takes several days to get back to the coordinates you had set in the computer. Returning to Gate 1’s controller moon gets a little rocky as the gravitational forces seem to be in flux. Somehow the bandaged goblin continues to sleep for the next 2 days. He might in fact be dead, who really knows.

The kishalee AI looks to be quite impatient at being kept waiting but in the end had little choice in the matter. She seems quite relieved that you have returned. "Are you ready? When you are please insert the board and I will do my part."

Abe shakes his head when it's clear their memory is as muddled as his own. He eyes Vetch and wonders how long the goblin will be with them. Still, he's a crew member until he dies, or flees.

Abe will check on the goblin as it sleeps. He wants to make sure the wound is healing well enough.

Medicine: 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (18) + 19 = 37

Later, as they rejoin the kishalee, he nods somberly. "Yes, I think we're ready." Out of habit, or paranoia, he checks his weapons. He also activates Messalina's camera.

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The wound looks to be healing slowly. Though it does look odd in nature. Not sure who bandaged the goblin up but normally goblins don't generally live from such grievous wounds. Maybe this one will get lucky.

With the board inserted Osteth’s begins working through the process once everything is aligned. Numerous hours go by as the alignment only happens once a day. Though once it does the Kishalee A.I. is ready to go.

Part way through a look of concern crosses Osteth's face. “My friends, something is terribly wrong. Thanks to the gate’s advanced age, several microprocessors across the controller moons’ core facilities are failing. Unfortunately, I have already initiated the subroutine to open the demiplane. My calculations predict that unless something is done in the next few minutes, a catastrophic chain reaction will destabilize the system’s twelve cosmic strings and cause each and every one of the suns to be pulled into the center of the system. Such a collision would result in a massive supernova... and the Stellar Degenerator would remain safe within its demiplane!” The consoles around the room begin running a series of simulations at rapid speed, all of which end with flashing red screens—except for one. “Yes. I think I have it. If I split my consciousness across the twelve controller moons, my own programming could provide the necessary corrections for our plan to proceed. But I will not be able to pull myself back together. It will be the end of me. Permanently.” Osteth nods. “This is the only choice. The rest will be up to you. You must promise to destroy the Stellar Degenerator, no matter what happens!”

After her speech, Osteth doesn’t leave much time for goodbyes. Her holographic form dissolves into lines of code and the consoles surrounding you begin to glow blue. Several monitors begin showing views of the interior bores of the other controller moons. Traces of the same blue light limn the circuitry along the walls and the army of maintenance bots. A moment later, the building shakes and all the monitors switch to perspectives from the planetoid’s surfaces pointing toward the skies. In each, different angles of a colossal tear in space forming can be spotted in the distance. The fiery red of the planar gate contrasts with the inky blackness of space in a display that is both beautiful and awe-inspiring. This all happens within the span of 20 minutes.

Looking at the consoles, you can see readings about the phenomena. The circular opening to the Stellar Degenerator’s demiplane has a diameter of half a million miles and is currently stable. The massive vessel within has a conical shape and is mostly built from a material you have never encountered or heard of (though parts of it are encased in rock, as if it were built into an asteroid). The superweapon is over 100,000 feet long and has a mass of over 50,000 tons. It gives off a faint energy signature, not much more than a docked starship, and it has a small amount of its own gravity. This is the Stellar Degenerator.


Suddenly warning lights begin blinking frantically across the central operations room. The automated defense systems have detected a fleet of starships entering the area! A glance at the readouts confirms the worst: an armada of Eoxian-style vessels ranging from speedy fighters to lumbering capital ships are only a few hours away. The Corpse Fleet has tracked you to this location and are ready to claim the Stellar Degenerator for themselves!

Abe watches as things go bad... and there's nothing he can do to prevent it. When Osteth sacrifices herself, he's humbled. Folks are dying to make this happen. We can't let them fail.

He watches, with a sense of rapture, the incredible technology at play. "It's beautiful." he mumbles recording everything for later unpacking.

When the alarms are raised, he glances up at them and shrugs, frowning. "Damn bastards just couldn't leave us alone."

He checks the console to see if they'll have a chance to destroy the weapon before the fleet arrives.

Computers/Engineering: 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (14) + 22 = 36

As he works he points out, "The Sunrise Maiden can't take on that fleet. Those capital ships will rip us apart while we scratch at their paint with the most powerful weapons we have. Let's see if we can speed up the process on our end."

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A deserted ship named the Acreon arrives at Absalom Station from hyperspace, towing behind it a mysterious asteroid dubbed the Drift Rock. You came to Absalom Station to join the Starfinder Society but soon found yourselves caught up in a gang war instigated by two factions—the Hardscrabble Collective, the scrappy mining clan that owns the Acreon; and Astral Extractions, the large corporation that hired the ship. With both factions vying to claim the ship and the asteroid, the Starfinder Society hires you to investigate the death of one of its members caught in the gangs’ crossfire. After exploring some of Absalom Station and dealing with the gangs, you are hired by Gevalarsk Nor, Eox’s ambassador to Absalom Station, who is serving as a mediator between the factions. Your job: to explore the Acreon and the Drift Rock and learn what happened to the crew.

You found no trace of the deserted mining ship’s crew, but you did find the ship infested with alien monsters and opportunistic scavengers. You eventually learn that the asteroid is incredibly ancient and that it is a fragment of some larger alien structure or artifact, perhaps a weapon, though its exact nature remains an enigma. You also discovered the Sunrise Maiden, a ship lost in hyperspace 75 years ago, which you claimed for yourselves. But as soon as you left the Drift Rock in your new starship, you came under attack from a mysterious ship!

Battling your way off the Drift Rock, you eventually find out that the exiled Corpse Fleet of Eox was behind the attack. Eager for more information about the Drift Rock’s origins, you travel to Castrovel, home of some of the best universities in the Pact Worlds. In Qabarat, one of Castrovel’s most powerful lashunta city-states and the planet’s primary spaceport, You must navigate the politics of academia at the esteemed University of Xenoarchaeology and Xenoanthropology. This is where you met The Zane! Eventually, you uncover an obscure pre-Gap reference to an ancient, forgotten, elven temple-city on Castrovel called the Temple of the Twelve, which had supposedly found evidence of an advanced extraterrestrial civilization long ago.

Hoofing it through the thick jungles you fought all manner of wildlife including entertaining Clapper. You found that the Cult of the Devourer was also interested in the Drift Rocks secrets and have followed you to Castrovel. After exploring the ruins, you learn that the elves had discovered an almost unimaginably immense megastructure called the Gate of Twelve Suns, which relates in some way to the Drift Rock and, potentially, to an ancient alien superweapon. After defeating the Cult of the Devourer you found that they had been receiving orders from a secret asteroid base in the Diaspora. Before heading out you decided to recruit more assistance as this was far bigger than you ever imagined. The Starfinder Society sent Draka, not only for her brute strength but so the Starfinders could bring in more funds through her vids.

Upon locating the base, however, you discovered that the cult has abandoned it. You quickly find evidence that the Corpse Fleet has also visited the base, along with indications that the Corpse Fleet may have stolen and deleted files from the base’s computer systems. Heading to Eox to investigate further Corpse Fleet agents oppose them at every step. Eventually, you learn that the Cult of the Devourer abandoned its Diaspora base to search for the Stellar Degenerator in a distant star system called Nejeor.

On Nejeor VI you discovered the ruins of an ancient alien civilization on the gas giant Nejeor VI. This ruined city, Istamak, once belonged to the kishalee, the alien species that defeated the sivvs and captured the Stellar Degenerator. Kishalee civilization fell into decline millions of years ago, and since that time, the kishalee have devolved into a savage, degenerate species called the kish that now inhabits the ruins of Istamak. The kish no longer have knowledge of their ancestors’ great civilization or scientific advances, which have become the foundation of kish legend and superstition. Piecing together clues in the ruins you learn that the Stellar Degenerator is real and was hidden away in its own demiplane, which can only be accessed through a kishalee megastructure called the Gate of Twelve Suns.

Millions of years ago, two advanced civilizations—the kishalee and the sivvs—clashed in an interstellar war that lasted for centuries. In a desperate bid to bring the conflict to a quick end, the sivv government funneled much of its wealth into the creation of a massive superweapon. Known as the Stellar Degenerator, the device was designed to vastly accelerate the rate of nuclear fusion in a star, quickly turning it into a cold, lightless, black dwarf star. Before the Stellar Degenerator could be tested, kishalee spies learned of its existence, providing enough intel for the kishalee military to launch a surprise attack on the sivvs and seize control of the weapon. Demoralized by the loss, and their economy in shambles with nothing to show for it, the sivvs were swiftly defeated and their territories annexed by the kishalee.

The kishalee took possession of the Stellar Degenerator, and though they fought many of other societies over the following centuries, they never felt endangered enough to use it... until they came into contact with a powerful and aggressive race that threatened to strike at the heart of kishalee civilization and destroy it utterly. After much deliberation, kishalee leaders authorized the use of the superweapon against the star of their enemy’s home system.

As the system cooled and darkened, the dead sun’s weakened gravitational pull was no longer able to hold the planets, which went flying off into space. While the resulting destruction and loss of life won the war for the kishalee, they were, as a society, horrified about what they had done. They concluded that the Stellar Degenerator should never be used again, but when many in the military raised the specter of another unwinnable war, the government decided to hide the superweapon instead of destroying it.

Having completely defeated the sect of the Cult of the Devourer known as the Desperate Hunger, placing the Stellar Degenerator out of the cult’s reach it looked as if everything was beginning to go on the up and up for you for once. But you haven’t won
yet. No sooner did you open the demiplane containing the
superweapon with the sacrifice of Osteth, than a Corpse Fleet armada appeared to lay claim to the Gate of Twelve Suns. It appears you have been tracked and watched this whole time.

Your goal now is to enter the Demiplane and destroy the Stellar Degenerator before the Corpse Fleet is able to lay claim to the superweapon.

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The many displays around them flash with multiple warnings, detailing a massive contingent of hostile ships that emit unusual energy signatures. These vessels are Eoxian in design—strange amalgamations of magic and technology that appear to be made out of bone and are open to the void of space. There are dozens of them in various shapes and sizes, but all are built for war, indicating that they are from the rogue navy known as the Corpse Fleet. In addition, they are accompanied by a flagship that is at least 6 miles long, far larger than any starship you have ever seen!

However, the nearby computers also indicate the activation of a number of automated defenses placed all around the Nejeor system, which are keeping the Corpse Fleet at bay for the time being. The arrival of the armada headed by the Empire of Bones has brought the ancient kishalee defenses of the Nejeor system back to life. While smaller ships such as the PCs’ vessel lack sufficiently powerful energy signatures for the megastructure to register them as threats, the Corpse Fleet flagship and its accompanying escorts aren’t so lucky. Previously undetected capital weapons have emerged from beneath the surface of the Gate of Twelve Suns’ controller moons, and the system is now filled with laser fire and destructive pulses of gravity from the cosmic strings at the center of each. The Corpse Fleet armada is currently occupied with trying to destroy those defenses without otherwise damaging the controller moons, so it can safely enter the demiplane to claim the Stellar Degenerator.

Using the displays Abe determines that there are several options here to be able to make it in time. While it is possible to stealthily escape into the Drift he knows that this would more than likely leave the Stellar Degenerator in the Corpse Fleets hands, which while a step above the Cultists it would still give them immense militaristic power above all. With Osteth's promise this is likely off the table as an option.

Abe's mind swirls through all scenarios and with his computer's aid he figures out one scenario that he might kill two birds with one stone. It is a deadly and daring move but if pulled of would be one of legends. By infiltrating and seizing control of the 6 mile long flagship, the Empire of Bones, it could essentially be steered into the portal to collide with the Stellar Degenerator and destroy both.

"You know... ah." Abe hesitates, his own mind a frenzy of crazy ideas, "That ship there has the mass to destroy the 'Degenerator."

He rubs the stubble on his head where he hasn't shaved in a while. Sadly, there's less stubble there then he'd like. "If we could command that, we'd be all set. I don't suppose any of you can teleport us onto the bridge? With my comprehend languages, I should be able to fly it."

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Android | EAC 27 KAC 28 | STA 86 HP 57 RES 11/11 | F +5 R +10 W +7 | Initiative +12 | Perc. +10 | Sense Motive +1

”Teleportation? Yeah, that’d be f@#%ing nice right now.” Dash gives himself a mental kick. ”I think we’ll have to do this the hard way and fly the gauntlet. On the bright side they have their boney hands full trying not to get blasted by all those moonguns, so they probably won’t consider us a threat.”

To Vetch, ”Think you can get us to that big ship? Or should we wake the goblin?”

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Acro+6(+11tumble),Cult +15, Eng +14 (+18vs traps), Life Sci +11, Medicine +8, Myst +18 (+22 vs traps), Perception +21,Pilot+22,SenseMot +14,Stealth +21,Survival +12
Ysoki Mystic 10

+1 to the recap GM Tyranius!

Aerav Brack Elijea wrote:
"That ship there has the mass to destroy the 'Degenerator."

Vetch looks twice at Abe. ”Yeah, and...?”

Dash Arcbright wrote:
”Think you can get us to that big ship? Or should we wake the goblin?”

Vetch seems taken aback at Dash. That Dash is here. On the ship...and seems to be alive.

”What? Where have you been? Did you know there is a f$@%ing goblin on board?!” Vetch queries the Captain as he tries to avoid laser fire from both sides of the armada and planetary defenses. ”What the f%&! were you thinking? And what kind of synth drug were you on?” Vetch asks, more disappointed by the goblin than by Osteth’s sacrifice. Sure, saving the solar system is important...but f@&!ing keeping goblins off your ship is pretty important too.

Vetch returns to the situation at hand.

”...yeah, I can fly us to that ship. No problem,” Vetch says checking the controls. ”There is only one problem...the ship seems to be slightly overweight. We’re listing. We need to lose about 45lbs in goblinweight, according to my instruments. Once we jettison that, we’ll be fine.”

Android | EAC 27 KAC 28 | STA 86 HP 57 RES 11/11 | F +5 R +10 W +7 | Initiative +12 | Perc. +10 | Sense Motive +1
Vetch No-Toes wrote:

”What? Where have you been? Did you know there is a f+&$ing goblin on board?!”

Dash smiles. Hiring a goblin, or stashing a goblin corpse in the gunners seat, is pure genius, so it must have been him.

Vetch No-Toes wrote:

”What the f%!& were you thinking? And what kind of synth drug were you on?” Vetch asks.

Dash laughs. ”F@#%, I’m pretty sure all of them. Great party, right?!”

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As you exit the complex set to return back to the Sunrise Maiden, which is sitting a half mile away on a landing pad, you witness a single Blackwind Sepulcher class ship streak across the sky and land nearby in the forest. Moments later the sound of heavy laser fire and smoke signals the clearance of a second pad nearby for the undead vessel. Continue towards the Maiden or investigate the ship?

Abe laughs, a little, at Vetch's discomfort. In truth he's surprised by his restraint and he's glad his friend is at least following societal norms. Still, he expects the goblin to be 'late' any day now...

When faced with the Sepulcher class ship, he hesitates, "Do we investigate that landing, or rush ahead? I worry that they'll enter the complex and reverse what we've done so far, but maybe there's not time for that sort of check."

He trails off, unsure how to best proceed. He looks to the others for suggestions.

(Man, I really miss The Zane!)

Acro+6(+11tumble),Cult +15, Eng +14 (+18vs traps), Life Sci +11, Medicine +8, Myst +18 (+22 vs traps), Perception +21,Pilot+22,SenseMot +14,Stealth +21,Survival +12
Ysoki Mystic 10

Vetch seems to be waiting for Dash to chime in with a heading, and given the situation and little time left, makes a potentially rash decision.

1=Maiden. 2=ship explore.

1d2 ⇒ 1

”You know what, it’s clear we should forget that ship and go to the Maiden, we can do a flyover if we want, but that’s what we should do.”

Android | EAC 27 KAC 28 | STA 86 HP 57 RES 11/11 | F +5 R +10 W +7 | Initiative +12 | Perc. +10 | Sense Motive +1

As Vetch begins to head to the Maiden, Dash pops his sniper rifle from his magic glove, chambers a round, and heads the other way.

”I say we kill some dead f@#%ers.”

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Vetch makes a uniformed decision to leave the sepulcher behind as it was obviously sent down to deploy an elite squad of corpse folk marines to kill them off.

Rushing to the Sunrise Maiden Vetch employs the emergency ignition systems and shakily lifts off the ground just as all manner of acid darts and grenades emerge from the woodline, most bounce harmlessly off of the shields but this gives an opportunity as Vetch turns allowing Zane to completely scorch the ground with an amazing firepower thanks to Abe's upgrades.

As soon as you lift off from the controller moon, the conflict between the Corpse Fleet armada and the automated defenses of the Gate of Twelve Suns becomes obvious. The surrounding space is constantly illuminated by flaring beams of energy that lash out from the system’s controller moons, and gouts of incandescent flame pulled from the suns by gravitational pulses. The ancient weapons are wildly inaccurate and fire haphazardly, often fading out before reaching their targets or detonating in apparently empty space, but even so, the Corpse Fleet armada is beginning to show signs of extensive damage. The largest of the Corpse Fleet vessels is enormous—bigger than many space stations. It is surrounded by explosions and debris, both from its own hull and from the escort ships that were destroyed protecting it, forming a cloud that blocks most efforts to get a clear image of its exact shape. However, blasts from the massive ship’s powerful weapons clearly mark it as the most effective member of the armada.

Computers 20+:
This massive vessel is the Empire of Bones, and it is bigger than even a Colossal starship. It is practically bristling with capital weapons. Like most Corpse Fleet starships, it doesn’t contain any atmosphere.

Computers 25+:
The many explosions of the ongoing battle are partially clouding the Empire of Bones’s sensors, and many of its weapons are trained on the ancient kishalee defenses. It might be possible to slip in closer to the vessel and board it without those on board noticing. A Medium or smaller starship that landed on the Empire of Bones’s hull could remain undetected for an extended period of time.

Computers 30+:
The Empire of Bones has several hangar bays along its length, one of which is currently launching a small squadron of fighters. This leaves a wide-open entryway protected by a minor force field that keeps out small space debris. A Small or smaller starship can be landed in that bay. Alternatively, a person could slip into the bay via a space walk along the flagship’s exterior.

Acro+6(+11tumble),Cult +15, Eng +14 (+18vs traps), Life Sci +11, Medicine +8, Myst +18 (+22 vs traps), Perception +21,Pilot+22,SenseMot +14,Stealth +21,Survival +12
Ysoki Mystic 10

That entire post is hilarious. +1 Tyr.

Vetch pilots, zigging when he should zag, zagging when he should zig...especially when Dash orders zigging, Vetch will double zag. He ain't taking orders from no goblin-lover.

If he wants to dance with goblins, I'll litter the stars with his circuits.

Computers: 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (9) + 22 = 31

Abe studies the battle unfolding before him and zeros the cameras on the ginormous ship. "See there? That's called the Empire of Bones - bigger even than a Colossal starship. Oh, and check your suits, there's no atmosphere."

"Look, a ship that big, with this many explosions and debris fields, there's no way they could detect our ship. We could land on their hull and remain undetected for an extended period of time. Oh, and do you see that? Where those fighters just left. We land near that bay, and I bet we can just walk right in. Easy!"

"But we'll need to go now."

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Don't forget to update your character sheets to level 11.

Getting a little closer you notice that four of the debris pieces seem to be moving. Four Crypt Warden class ships circle the Empire of Bones scanning for enemies and attempting to fight off the assault as much as possible. Luckily having fought off the Corpse Fleet numerous times now you have come up witha few new tricks that may help get closer to the Empire of Bones undetected.

We are in Starship Combat right now but not in actual combat yet as of right now you are undetected. The Red token is the Empire of Bones that you are attempting to reach.

Vetch Piloting: 1d20 + 23 ⇒ (11) + 23 = 34
Crypt Warden (Orange): 1d20 ⇒ 19
Crypt Warden (Purple): 1d20 ⇒ 13
Crypt Warden (Blue): 1d20 ⇒ 7
Crypt Warden (Yellow): 1d20 ⇒ 3


Here are the new Starship combat actions

Captain Action:

Garbled Communication

You can transmit an intentionally garbled communication that appears to be a legitimate Corpse Fleet identification. With a Bluff check, you convincingly answer the Crypt Warden who has just issued a challenge to you. If you fail this check, the Crypt Warden moves within 10 hexes of your ship and attempts to scan it during the next helm phase; if the Crypt Warden succeeds, your science officer must successfully dampen the life signs aboard your ship during this helm phase (see below) or the Crypt Warden attacks. If you fail this Bluff check by 5 or more, the Crypt Warden attacks.

Engineer Action:

Fake Glitch

You can fake a glitch in one of your systems, such as communications or sensors, to prevent the nearby Corpse Fleet ships from insisting on direct communication. If you succeed at an Engineering check, you grant a +2 circumstance bonus to the Bluff check attempted for the garbled communication action until the next engineering phase.

Gunner Action:

Cover Fire

You can use the weapons to provide cover fire for other Corpse Fleet ships, appearing to attempt to protect them from the Gate of Twelve Suns’ defenses. If you succeed at a gunnery check, your captain can roll the Bluff check of her next garbled communication action twice and use the better result. Alternatively, if a Crypt Warden is attacking you, with a successful check you convince that ship to cease hostilities and issue a new challenge. In this case, the captain must succeed at a garbled communication action with a –5 penalty to the Bluff check before the next gunnery phase or the Crypt Warden renews its hostilities. The Crypt Wardens can be tricked into ceasing their hostilities only once. The benefits of multiple gunners taking this action don’t stack, but one gunner can grant the captain a reroll while another gunner can trick the Crypt Wardens into ceasing hostilities.

Pilot Action:

Fly Casual

You emulate the flight pattern of the armada’s ships, neither exposing your ship to too much scrutiny nor showing any sign of attempting to avoid it. If you succeed at a Piloting check, you grant a +4 circumstance bonus to the Bluff check for the garbled communication action until the start of the next helm phase. Alternatively, you can attempt a Piloting check in place of the garbled communication captain’s action, with the same possible results.

Science Officer Action:

Dampen Life Signs

If you succeed at a Computers check, you can dampen the life signs of yourself and any other living creatures aboard your ship. This prevents successful scans from Corpse Fleet ships from detecting life signs on a ship that should either have an all-undead crew or should have called in with a prisoner count. If a Corpse Fleet ship successfully scans your ship and detects life signs, it immediately attacks.


Ship Status

  • Sunrise Maiden-( 75/75 | F:135 P:135 S:135 A:135 | Life Support: Normal| Sensors: Normal| Weapons: Normal | Engine: Normal | Power: Normal | Status: Nil)
  • Crypt Warden 1 (Orange)-( -/- | F:- P:- S:- A:- | Life Support: Normal| Sensors: Normal| Weapons: Normal | Engine: Normal | Power: Normal | Status: Nil)
  • Crypt Warden 2 (Purple)-( -/- | F:- P:- S:- A:- | Life Support: Normal| Sensors: Normal| Weapons: Normal | Engine: Normal | Power: Normal | Status: Nil)
  • Crypt Warden 3 (Blue)-( -/- | F:- P:- S:- A:- | Life Support: Normal| Sensors: Normal| Weapons: Normal | Engine: Normal | Power: Normal | Status: Nil)
  • Crypt Warden 4 (Yellow)-( -/- | F:- P:- S:- A:- | Life Support: Normal| Sensors: Normal| Weapons: Normal | Engine: Normal | Power: Normal | Status: Nil)

    Round 1
    Captain (Dash)-May act on any Phase
    Engineering Phase (Abe)
    Helm Phase (Vetch- pilot)
    Helm Phase (- Science Officer)
    Gunnery Phase (Zane)

  • Abe, enamored with the new abilities, immediately sets out to garble communications and fake a glitch in the system.

    Engineering: 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (15) + 22 = 37

    He turns to Dash, "Just pretend the comms aren't working if they call. I've jiggered the system to reflect that to their sensors. I think."

    (Oh. Er, I didn't see the Science Officer options. Sorry! Abe would rather do that by far if he can change his action for the round. Same bonus so same roll.)

    Android | EAC 27 KAC 28 | STA 86 HP 57 RES 11/11 | F +5 R +10 W +7 | Initiative +12 | Perc. +10 | Sense Motive +1

    Dash taps the ship’s com and rubs his finger over the mic

    ”This is...”
    <rub scratch rub>
    ”...damage to navigation and...”
    <scratch scratch rub>
    ”...permission to dock..”
    <loud whistle>
    ”...confirmation code 46...”

    Bluff: 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (2) + 18 = 20

    Turning to Abe with a smug grin. ”That should get us through. These guys are f@#%ing braindead a$$holes.”

    He looks back at his monitor for a reply and wonders if he just accidentally left the channel open.

    He slowly taps the com button to end the transmission.

    Acro+6(+11tumble),Cult +15, Eng +14 (+18vs traps), Life Sci +11, Medicine +8, Myst +18 (+22 vs traps), Perception +21,Pilot+22,SenseMot +14,Stealth +21,Survival +12
    Ysoki Mystic 10

    Taking a cue from Captain Spacepants, Vetch tries to emulate the flight pattern of the armada’s ships, neither exposing your ship to too much scrutiny nor showing any sign of attempting to avoid it.

    "So you want us to be braindead, eh, Dash? Well, figures you'd want that..." Vetch pilots like a zombie, but zagging when Dash expects a zig. He's doing his own thing...because goblins...are on board the f~!&ing ship.

    1d20 + 23 ⇒ (13) + 23 = 36 Piloting

    Dark Archive

    Still a little rusty, Dash is nearly late in the game as Vetch brings the Maiden lazily around. One of the Crypt Wardens flits nearby, scanning the ship for any signs of life. Abe already has the computers set to send out a signal of no living forms on the ship just as Dash sends out what he believes to be a semi-authentic Corpse Fleet Identification.

    The Crypt Warden seems to take the bait and passes on by, completely distracted by trying to protect the Empire of Bones.

    All seems to be going well until the wounded goblin gunner screams, waking up from his near drunken comatose-like slumber. He clutches the bandages at his side. "What happen. Longshanks. Why on Longshanks ship?" He scampers through the ship and leaps up onto some of the controls, flashing interior lights of the ship on.

    Round 2
    Captain (Dash)-May act on any Phase
    Engineering Phase (Abe)
    Helm Phase (Vetch- pilot)
    Helm Phase (- Science Officer)
    Gunnery Phase (Zane)

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    Abe laughs at the situation and gives Vetch a gift of his own to unwrap, ”Damnit Vetch, can’t you control that goblin? Keep it from causing any mischief!”

    He continues to focus, from the science chair, on keeping them looking undead (dampen life signs).

    Computers: 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (18) + 22 = 40

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    Android | EAC 27 KAC 28 | STA 86 HP 57 RES 11/11 | F +5 R +10 W +7 | Initiative +12 | Perc. +10 | Sense Motive +1

    Dash holds tight to the captain’s chair as the Maiden unexpectedly veers left. ”Vetch, for Triune’s f@#%ing sake, choose a course.”

    To Abe, he offers some encouragement.
    ”Good work, Abe. Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

    Captain Encourage - Diplomacy vs DC 15: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (1) + 12 = 13

    Acro+6(+11tumble),Cult +15, Eng +14 (+18vs traps), Life Sci +11, Medicine +8, Myst +18 (+22 vs traps), Perception +21,Pilot+22,SenseMot +14,Stealth +21,Survival +12
    Ysoki Mystic 10

    Ignoring the goblin, Vetch continues to IGNORE THE F!%!ING GOBLIN ON THE F@*&ING SHIP.

    Without any orders, he continues to loop about, wondering where they should go..

    Dark Archive

    Vetch Piloting: 1d20 + 23 ⇒ (20) + 23 = 43

    With Vetch's superior flying skills, it helps Dash just enough to send a makeshift signal. All of this is just enough for Vetch to weave through all of the assault incoming from the controller moons.

    The Maiden slips into an open fighter bay. The ship skids to a halt, sending sparks across the hangar floor as Vetch brings it in hot and fast near the end. Hangar country is mostly devoid of crew, as all the fighters normally kept in the hangar bay are out on long-range patrol to protect the Corpse Fleet armada.

    Dull red lights illuminate this massive chamber. A heavy crane arm dangles from tracks on the ceiling, and empty racks for small fighter ships line the fore and aft walls. A nearly invisible force field covers the gaping hole in the starboard end of the room, while two large doors exit to the port. In addition, there is a large window to the port looking into an enclosed room. The floor holds a dozen iris hatches, each fifteen feet in diameter. Most of the hatches are closed, but one toward the fore end of the bay is open.

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    "Nice flying there Vetch! Well done." Abe looks around and considers. "Let's make our way to the open port, and hope we can loop back to the bridge from there."

    He takes out his old Corona Laser Rifle and goes to find the goblin in their ship...

    When he finds it, he tries to talk sensibly. "Now look. You're here, and if you want to live, don't shoot us. Shoot the dead and kill 'em twice." He gives the little creature the weapon, and a small pile of batteries.

    (To be clear, Abe doesn't ask the goblin to follow him, and is fine if he stays on the ship hiding. He just wanted to give him a weapon to see what will happen.)

    He returns to the rest of the group, opens the rear hatch, and looks out on the platform. That's a lot of exposed ground to cover. He flips on an ill-used screen, connected by a bunch of wires to a larger black box on his back. "Let's see if this works."

    He 'casts' Holographic Image (2). He strings the holographic cubes along their escape route to hide their movements. Messalina turns invisible and flies out the door to provide cover and much needed observation.

    "OK, I've hidden our route and dampened our footsteps, let's go!"

    Stealth just in case: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (2) + 14 = 16

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    Acro+6(+11tumble),Cult +15, Eng +14 (+18vs traps), Life Sci +11, Medicine +8, Myst +18 (+22 vs traps), Perception +21,Pilot+22,SenseMot +14,Stealth +21,Survival +12
    Ysoki Mystic 10

    Vetch apparently (and brilliantly) decides to pilot his ass off and get to the mothership.

    ”Abe, maybe we should ask the goblin to ‘help’ their side. Heck, maybe we should just get a few more goblins and leave them on board this mothership, come back in a few days and everything will be ruined,” Vetch offers, not really wanting to leave the goblin on board and hoping he’ll die someplace.

    Vetch casts Resistant Armor (DR5) and is ready to go. His pistols are charged. He follows Abe, being very quiet.

    1d20 + 21 ⇒ (18) + 21 = 39 Stealth

    Android | EAC 27 KAC 28 | STA 86 HP 57 RES 11/11 | F +5 R +10 W +7 | Initiative +12 | Perc. +10 | Sense Motive +1

    Dash is impressed with Abe's new talent. "Nice f*#$#ing hologram Abe. We'll make a technomage of you yet."

    To Vetch, "We can't trust a goblin to do anything right, not even f*$% up. That's why we're bringing you and a cup of hot chocolate. Now, forget about little green men for once and get moving."

    Stealth: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (20) + 14 = 34

    Dark Archive

    @Vetch- Are you choosing Kinetic or Energy damage to reduce?

    The little goblin is piled into his seat with batteries as Vetch completely ignores his presence. Abe jams a rifle into the goblin's hands and asks him to guard the ship with his life against undead. "Undead? Where you bring me longshanks?" Abe shoves him back down into the chair.

    Leaving the ship you are each unsure if you are going to come back to it burned down or not. As Abe says, there is a lot of ground to cover and you quickly head south.

    The smaller room to the east is a ready room containing a row of narrow chairs running its length. Each chair is only 2 feet wide, and they are crammed tightly together, as the undead neither twitch nor adjust themselves while waiting, and they never tire. Cybernetic zombie pilots and corpsefolk marines typically sit here prior to being deployed in aircraft and fighters. Cables dangle from the ceiling above each chair, with a few small lights and a computer display next to each cable, intended to be hooked up to each soldier to relay messages and orders to their comm units prior to departure; this is a oneway communication only. The display above each seat shows the status of the undead creature hooked up to it, and since the room is currently unused (nearly all the pilots but marines have recently been deployed), the readouts are all blank.


    GM Rolls:

    Abe: 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (12) + 19 = 31
    Dash: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (12) + 10 = 22
    Vetch: 1d20 + 21 ⇒ (12) + 21 = 33
    Zane: 1d20 ⇒ 13

    The smaller room in the center of the Hangar is next. This long, narrow room is crowded with controls, monitors, and readouts that cover the walls and even the ceiling. Colored lights blink and flash adjacent to numerous switches and keypads. The starboard wall has a single, long window that looks out onto the hangar bay, and doors exit to the fore and aft.

    This is the flight control room associated with the nearby hangar bay. There are eight stations here, usually overseen by cybernetic zombies that are wired directly to the command center, but it is not fully staffed at the moment. Currently two cybernetic zombies are physically wired into the control panels here. They do not more, nor make any motion at all to your presence.

    DC 28 Medicine or Physical Science:
    You determine that the cybernetic zombies are wired to receive commands through the cables from the consoles in the control panels (and are incapable of any actions without receiving a properly coded command).

    The many controls in this room function as a single tier 4 computer with a security I upgrade module. This system is used to track vehicles that have been launched from this hangar bay, send them information from the Empire of Bones’s sensors or orders from its command staff, store maintenance records, and so on. A quick glance at the displays shows that the eight Barrow Boneshards that launched from this bay are currently skirmishing their way across the Gate of Twelve Suns.

    Acro+6(+11tumble),Cult +15, Eng +14 (+18vs traps), Life Sci +11, Medicine +8, Myst +18 (+22 vs traps), Perception +21,Pilot+22,SenseMot +14,Stealth +21,Survival +12
    Ysoki Mystic 10


    Are we in an airless and gravity-light environment? Are we using our spacesuits? I guess I’m asking if we’re in a vacuum.

    All you Yahoos, especially you *THE* Zane:
    Might as well use the ability because it might help, but Vetch gets free unlimited Tele-pathetic Bond so we don’t need to speak or talk aloud if we don’t want. Assume all of Vetch’s communication is mental for now on. Your character can choose to speak or not. Whatevs.

    ”Listen, just to be clear, we should set the goblin loose on their ship, not on ours. Abe, think about this. This is your baby,” Vetch tries to argue for sanity or just plan execution for the goblin rather than leaving the goblin on board alone. ”If you leave him there, it’s unlikely we’ll get our ship back. Ever.”

    * * *

    Vetch moves into the large room and moves to the right, sneaking as best he can with little cover.

    He waits for others to move up.

    Abe glances at the goblin, "To hell." He walks away grinning, wondering what smoldering heap they'll come back to. He hears Vetch's concerns, and looks levelly at him with a slight twitch in his eye saying aloud, "You really think we're coming back from this? This is the end baby!"

    Later, he looks at the zombies doing their thing and wonders why they haven't set off alarms yet.
    Physical science: 1d20 + 20 ⇒ (4) + 20 = 24

    Unsure, he suggests mentally, "Let's leave this alone. We can screw with their fighters on the way out, but if we do anything here, it'll just attract attention. Best we lay low as long as we can."

    Dark Archive

    Vetch wrote:
    Are we in an airless and gravity-light environment? Are we using our spacesuits? I guess I’m asking if we’re in a vacuum.

    The entirety of the ship is devoid of atmosphere. Members of the undead crew don’t need to breathe and therefore see no point in wasting time or resources keeping the ship filled with oxygen. The comm units used by the crew transmit broadcasts that directly vibrate their flesh or bone, and the environmental protections of their armor keep them from being damaged by the cold or lack of pressure. However, the Empire of Bones has normal gravity, maintained by technomagical devices in the ship’s engineering decks.

    Deciding not to enter the room with the pair of cybernetic zombie controllers the group moves on. Getting near the access doors, they open to reveal an equally expansive hallway leading off to several more rooms.

    Abe sends the still invisible (for a little while anyway) Messalina down the corridor to video (recording as usual for the vids) whatever can be seen. Depending on what Messalina finds, he'll proceed to the first door.

    When everyone is in place, he opens it!

    (Moved to the double doors on the map. When everyone is in position, Messalina will open the doors.)

    Dark Archive

    Abe finds the door locked with an electronic lock.

    Acro+6(+11tumble),Cult +15, Eng +14 (+18vs traps), Life Sci +11, Medicine +8, Myst +18 (+22 vs traps), Perception +21,Pilot+22,SenseMot +14,Stealth +21,Survival +12
    Ysoki Mystic 10

    Vetch stealths up and then waits to see what happens with the door. He keeps an eye out for trouble.

    1d20 + 21 ⇒ (7) + 21 = 28 Stealth

    Android | EAC 27 KAC 28 | STA 86 HP 57 RES 11/11 | F +5 R +10 W +7 | Initiative +12 | Perc. +10 | Sense Motive +1

    Physical Science: 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (9) + 19 = 28

    Dash studies the two controller zombies as Abe checks the door. As his eyes follow the cables, something occurred to him.

    ”Hold up one second. These two are entirely dependent on those cables to function. We should cut them before moving on.”

    Abe is surprised at Dash, "Good eye. But won't that attract attention?" he's willing to cut though... just uneasy.

    "It's an electronic lock." he says of the door they want to breach.

    He'll see if he can override it after they're done with the zombies.

    Computers: 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (4) + 22 = 26
    Computers: 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (2) + 22 = 24
    Computers: 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (4) + 22 = 26

    Dark Archive

    Not sure when Zane is coming back. I know he was extremely busy with work and was just finishing up, slowly working his way back into his games so should be soon.

    Dash becomes aware that the process of issuing such commands is as much magical as it is technological, and, as no commands are currently being given, there’s no way to hack or emulate the signals without either more examples of the system or several days spent tearing apart the panels and analyzing their components.

    Waving a hand to The Zane the big guy uses Boingo and slices through the cables. Sparks shoot into the air as the zombies seem to slump a bit more in their chairs.

    Abe Computers; No Nat 1: 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (13) + 22 = 35

    Turning back to the room at hand Abe fiddles with the electronic lock as he hooks his computer up to it. After a few more attempts Abe tricks the keypad into thinking that he is an authorized user.

    This room is brighter than most of the ship, with crisp white light flooding down from the entire ceiling. A series of four barred cells runs the length of the aft wall, each with a barred door with a keypad lock. A metal cabinet hangs on the fore wall, behind a small metal desk with a computer terminal and a metal chair built into it.

    This is hangar country’s brig, one of a few found throughout the Empire of Bones. They rarely see much use, as Corpse Fleet discipline runs toward execution more than imprisonment, but sometimes crew members are put in lockdown if a disagreement escalates to the level of a brawl or if a more serious offense requires investigation before a sentence is passed.

    The four cells appear to just be barred cages, but invisible, airtight force fields extend between all of the bars. A small beacon sound seems to be pinging from the cabinet behind the desk at the back of the room. This must be the distress signal that Abe picked up earlier.

    Acro+6(+11tumble),Cult +15, Eng +14 (+18vs traps), Life Sci +11, Medicine +8, Myst +18 (+22 vs traps), Perception +21,Pilot+22,SenseMot +14,Stealth +21,Survival +12
    Ysoki Mystic 10

    Vetch pads in to inspect and search the desk.

    1d20 + 21 ⇒ (19) + 21 = 40 - Perception
    1d20 + 21 ⇒ (2) + 21 = 23 - Stealth

    Android | EAC 27 KAC 28 | STA 86 HP 57 RES 11/11 | F +5 R +10 W +7 | Initiative +12 | Perc. +10 | Sense Motive +1
    Aerav Brack Elijea wrote:
    Abe is surprised at Dash, "Good eye. But won't that attract attention?" he's willing to cut though... just uneasy.

    ”Mmmm... maybe.” Dash shrugs and leaves the zombies be for the moment, but but considers his options.

    GM: any way to patch a com unit into the zombie cables somehow and get notified of orders sent to them or allow us to send commands of our own? Maybe with Dash’s command undead spell?

    Abe will keep watch at the door while Vetch searches.

    "Find anything?"

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