GM Tyranius Dead Suns AP (Starfinder)

Game Master Tyranius

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Starship Combat Cheatsheet
Sunrise Maiden
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Captain (Dash)-May act on any Phase
Engineering Phase (Abe)
Helm Phase (Vetch- pilot)
Helm Phase (- Science Officer)
Gunnery Phase (Zane)

Sunrise Maiden-( 65/65 | F:20 P:20 S:20 A:20 | Life Support: Normal| Sensors: Normal| Weapons: Normal | Engine: Normal | Power: Normal | Status: Nil )

Player Status:

Draka (SP 51/51; HP 46/46; RP 7/7)
Zane (SP 60/60; HP 46/46; RP 7/7; DR/5-Cold/Fire; DR/6 Kinetic; Ghoul Fever 2- weakened)
Dash (SP 36/36; HP 30/30; RP 6/6)
Vetch (SP 42/42; HP 38/38; RP 8/8; Elec/Fire/Cold Res 5)
Abe (SP 42/42; HP 40/40; RP 7/7)(Messalina 50/60)

Ship Stealth Rules:

A ship must have its transponder turned off to attempt stealth (otherwise, the ship automatically broadcasts its identity, thus defeating the purpose). A ship must also have its shields down and not be using active sensors in order to attempt to hide.

The DC for using active scanning to detect a (hidden) passive scanning, transponderless ship is calculated using its Target Lock AC. A ship attempting to detect a hidden vessel using only passive scans is assumed to roll a 10 on this check. (So passive scanning to find hidden ship is 10 + Computer mod and active scan would require an actual roll.)

A ship rigged for "Silent running," that is with all nonessential systems powered down (as if the power core were disabled, and running on batteries), receives a +5 to its TL for the purpose of detection. (So turn everything off including the thrusters and basically just float in space)

Jason Keeley Change to End boss of Book 4