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Here are the Questions Background is in the Profile.

1. Who are you and where are you from? Hello, I am Dante Graustark it is hard to say where I am from my people move around all the time. Where was I born is another thing entirely I was born out side of the great city of Caliphas. The Caravan stayed near the city putting on a show while waiting for me to be born. When I was born they had a party like they did whenever a new child was brought into the family.

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor? The first time I saw the Professor was when i was younger he came to our Caravan looking for hired hands to guide him and help with protection. As I got older I was allowed to go and help, starting off just as a glorified pack mule then I worked my way up something a bit more important.

3. How would you describe your personality? My personality hmmm, that is a bit hard to put into words. Let me see if I can do that for you, I am going to tell you what others have said about me which might help you. I have been called easy going, a bit lazy (depends on the type work, he whispers with a wink.). I have been told I don’t think before I act, sometime not a bad thing. Does that help?

4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav? Hell Yes, Momma Sophia alway made sure we knew how to ward ourselves against those that went bump in the night.

OOh OOH Mister Kotter pick me. I am the brain and the arcane in one package.

Todd - My plea is for you to pick more chars and plan for attrition. Some %&^%&% good campaigns are suffering from desertion. If you can scale the campaing for larger CRs than the traditional 4 characters, please do so. Make them prove their worth to make it to level two by posting fairly regularly. I ran some tough campaigns for groups of 10+ sitting at the end of a long table in high school because my campaigns delivered the goods (the 3 Rs: Realism, Roleplaying and Rewards [appropriate for the effort and level of effort]). I killed off more than half my players, and they kept coming back for more!

If you pick only four, in two months you have two characters, and you spend two months rerecruiting in frustration.

By the way, my alias Jobo is having fun on another campaign. Feel free to check out my "writing style" by checking out Jobo (I call it roleplaying in character). Yes, I can play a 200 IQ wixard and a 80 IQ barbarian.

I'm currently playing in a CC game with this character, but I'm up for using her in another (if that's not a problem). It might be fun and I'm certain I can separate character knowledge from player knowledge. We haven't gotten very far in and it might be fun seeing how two different groups advance through the AP. I had a lot of fun doing her back story and fleshing out her character so I'll jump at the chance to do more with her.

The only difference between the games creation guidelines is 1 extra trait and a drop of a regional-feat. If accepted I'll copy paste a new profile with the feat dropped and a new trait.

Basic Character concept:

Kayela is 38 year old Shoanti Duel-Curse Oracle formally of the Skoan-Quah (Skull Clan). She suffered a deeply personal tragedy at the hands of a vampire spawn in her youth and was exiled from her Quah. She behaves like a odd mystic healer who has a vendetta against undead abominations and seeks to test herself in battle against them wherever she can find them. Her role in the party is secondary/primary melee support along secondary/primary healing and divine buffing/debuffing.

Kayela is 5'9'', 136lbs.

Her hair is dark black and forms dreadlocks with bits of bone intertwined, but along the left side her hair is braided into close cornrows and died white. Below her white braids white Shoanti tribal face paint covers 1/3 of her face in the shape of a cracked skull covering the left side of her forehead and extending around her nose and arching at an angle along her left cheek towards the back of her jaw and left ear.

Her eyes are dark brown. Her left eye is dressed heavily with black eye shadow forming what looks like socket of the skull with her face paint. A jagged scar running diagonally across her eye is also shaded black forming a crack in the tribal skull painted on her face. Silver eye-liner is coated applied her right eye.

She has 3 silver piercings in her right eyebrow and a silver earring with small onyx jewels hangs on her right ear, a token of her mothers, her bottom lip is pierced at the center with a small silver bar. Around her neck hangs a necklace with various tribal totems and a symbol of Gorum all of which carved of bone, a token from her father. Various white and black tribal tattoos adorn most of the rest of her body covered up usually by clothes they tell tales of her family history, accomplishments, and tribal identity.

Her armor is a strange mixture of chain-mail and a number of ceramic plates painted bone white. A battered white skull of cinderwolf covers her left shoulder a tribal piece-meal addition to her armor. Her clothing covers most of her armor and is made up of black and white cloth sewn together with white and black wolf pelts to keep her warm while traveling and complete with a black hood and cloak which is matted torn near the bottom from heavy use. Her Morning-star and Battle aspergillum fits the theme of her look as both are crafted into the shape of a skull while her light shield is made of dried black wood with a skull engraved on the front the outline traced in white. Her two daggers are her brothers with handles made of cinder wolf bone and etched in tribal markings.

*Note: Most Shoanti shave their heads, but as she's been cast out from her Quah she's grown her own hair out over the years. It's an act that reflects her shame and the belief that she is no longer a true Shoanti.

Back Story:
Kayela was of the Skoan-Quah (Skull Clan). Kayela's mother died in giving birth an unfortunate incident that would later be blamed on her child's cursed nature. Her father long since dead she was raised by her uncle and brother both strong brash warriors who held little regard for her. In her youth she developed a headstrong attitude and became a promising warrior in an attempt gain acceptance among her clan and family.

Her wild aptitude for divine magic coupled with her cursed nature split the tribe into those who believed her to be a great gift from the heavens and those that looked upon her as an omen of ill fortune. Given this divide among the elders her tasks where relegated to healing the sick when in dire need and keeping watch over the tribe along in a secluded watch point along a cliff face overlooking one of the few permanent Shaonti settlements.

Her life came unraveled one year when people and most strangely dead bodies that where supposed to arrive from various Shaonti tribes to undergo funeral rites began vanishing. Sometimes the bodies would mysteriously vanish as Skoan-Quah riders would show up with one or two bodies missing than they had originally picked up. Sometimes the bodies would simply vanish from yurts containing the dead a day before they where scheduled to be burned in holy ritual. Even worse people would suddenly vanish in the middle of the night with no signs of struggle or foul play. Panic swept over the Skoan Quah as their tribe was tasked with dealing with the Shoanti dead and insuring their spirits journey to the beyond. More than one member of the clan began to whisper talk of this being somehow related to Kayela. This infuriated the young woman and she set out to discover the cause of these disappearances.

Late one night she got lucky and noticed two figures leaving a sacred yurt with a body. She pursued the culprits to an ancient ruin only to discover the faces of her uncle and brother as the corpse thieves. Surprised and enraged by the proceedings she flew at them and demanded to know the meaning of what they where doing. She was even doubly surprised when they came at her and attacked their own kin. She fought them off in a battle that nearly claimed her life and produced the scar along her left eye inflicted by her brothers long spear. The battle resulted in the deaths of her remaining family, but as she stood there wounded and in disbelief a vampire spawn attacked (the same one who had been dominating others to steal bodies for him and then feeding on his dominated victims). Miraculously able to deny it's attempts at domination Kayela caught the upper hand. Unfortunately it's physical strength overwhelmed her just as easily. Lying on her back about to be defeated she heard the spirits of her ancestors calling to her they pointed her in the direction of a piece of wood from her brothers broken spear. Surprising the vampire spawn with a surge of strength she managed to trip the undead monster and wrestle it to the ground beating it into submission and driving a stake through it's heart slaying the foul creature.

Badly wounded she gathered up the 4 bodies (uncle, brother, skewered vampire spawn, and the stolen corpse) and began the journey back to camp. She was considerably slowed down by her new found burdens and her wounds. As she struggled close to camp dawn broke the sun setting afire her vile shish-kabobed quarry. Panicked she attempted to put it out only sparing a small piece of garment before the rest of the body turned to ash. She passed out around half a mile before getting back to her camp.

She awoke in chains as to the Shoanti who found her the situation appeared strange and unclear. The camp was a lit with rumors of her uncle and brother who discovered her stealing a corpse and fought her in an epic struggle. The elders not sure of what to believe decided on exile as the most appropriate measure. Soon after her exile the vanishing people and corpses ceased; all but confirming the wise decision made by her clans elders.

After her exile Kayela set up shop as a mystical healer in Sandpoint an oddity she stood out among it's residents. In her time in Sandpoint she soon fell pray to shady dealings and became addicted to shiver. It was here that she met Professor Lorrimor as along his travels the Shoanti mystic and her strange cursed nature intrigued his intellectual mind. Upon this fateful meeting Professor Lorrimor instantly recognized a piece of cloth that was nailed to the wall of her shack with the tip of a broken spear. The cloth was aged and old, but it had the symbol of a necromantic cult known as the Wispering Way. Interested to hear the story Kayela told him of the tragedy of how she lost her last remaining family and was since exiled from her tribe. Lorrimor took an interest in her fascinating tale and shared with her the knowledge that the possessor of the fabric was somehow connected to the necromantic cult. He kept in contact with her regularly and presented information about her story, her clan, and her unique gifts as part of a study.

After the meeting Kayela had strange vision-dreams of undead rising from the dead and marching on Varisia from the east as they mumbled only in whispers. Shaken by the visions she quit her addiction to shiver cold turkey and left Sandpoint and wondering east taking the vision as a omen and has since dedicated her life to slaying the undead and hunting for any clues to the vile mythical cult. Little did she know that Professor Lorrimor, the first to point out the vampire spawns strange connection with the cult, would serve her once more as the event of his death will draw her to the hamlet of Ravengro where she would pick up a lead on the whispering way, whose trail had long since gone quiet.

Often quite Kayela exhumes an air of calm mixed with a righteous ferocity and determination that bubbles just under the surface. She is a very sweet lady who is extremely fond of young children and absolutely delights in seeing their smiles. A good cook and practiced healer she is often welcomed into town once the locals get beyond her strange appearance. She warms quickly to new companions and is always interested in listening to others stories. She sets out to challenge herself by pitting her strength against the undead and views them as fearsome foes that need to be laid to rest. Often she will collect a small piece of bone from those she lays to rest and add it to her collection which hangs in her hair believing that the spirits of those fallen will guide her. She often works with the church of Pharasma when seeking out undead to smite. She enjoys strong coffee and dark ales and finds moonlight to be comforting. Good-natured to a fault she often leaves a community after healing those in need for free and leaving a good impression of her to all those who encounter her.

On a side note I when I can write her speech in a manner that reflects the dialect of growing up among a tribal culture. I model it loosely off creole.

Your questions; answered from the perspective of the character:


1. Who are you and where are you from?

Kayela pauses for a moment with a look quite sadness on her face at the latter part end of the question, "Ah, I am Kayela dah Rest Bringer foe tah dark abominations dat should 'ave feld dis mortal coil wid grace. I hail from dah west, Varisia, and was brought up en dah harsh storval plateau in deh cindar lands near the mind-spin mountains"

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor?

Kayela cringes for a moment at the context of 'were' before replying, "Deh man was drawn tah me by tah fates on evening in my time as a healer in Sandpoint. He found me interesting an I found em quite charming" She says with a toothy grin. "He 'ad herd dah tale of my survival against the spawn of a wicked vampire in my youth and wished tah inquire about the tale. He was fascinated by mah life an we kept regular correspondences over dah years which he used to publish a study on mah peoples culture and our respect fa deh dead. His visit profoundly changed mah path dat evening"

3. How would you describe your personality?

She beams warmly, I am bot a humble healer kind hearted and respectful to all those I meet. I do mah part bringing dose close to death back tah the warm comfort ah life. I will always help dose in need and pay no heed to that which stands in mah way. I come off as intimidating to some, but they quickly learn dat I'm sweetar den sugar'd plums. Only abomination need fear me.

4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav?

She looks confused for a moment, "Superstitions? Dah plague of evil that surrounds dis land an torments dese people is nah idle tale. Yah best believe in such stories for life in Ustalav is besieged such wicked things"

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Mondays are busy days for me, so I won't have time to flesh out my background before the deadline. I've re-posted the condensed background below. I am also making the time to answer the in-character questions:

Condensed Background:
A week before his birth Kolgrym's mother was possessed by a ghost. The undead killed Kolgrym's father and weakened his mother to the point that she died in childbirth. Additionally, the exposure to necromantic energies while still in the womb rendered Kolgrym unable to channel positive energy.

As he grew Kolgrym began to have vivid dreams about strange, masked creatures. When Professor Lorrimor eventually contacted the young dwarf to inquire about the events surrounding Kolgrym's birth, the Professor was able to identify the creatures as psychopomps, servants of Pharasma. Believing the dreams may be more than the product of a dwarf's imagination, Lorrimor helped Kolgrym learn Celestial so that he might understand the creatures.

The psychopomps guided Kolgrym, training him in the mysteries of Pharasma's church and revealing to him weaknesses of the undead, creatures worthy of only total destruction. Kolgrym supplemented this instruction with research of his own, consulting the Blue Warders of the Five Kings Mountains and eventually journeying to their library in order to continue his studies. It is here that he received notice of the Professor's death.

In-character Questions:
Who are you and where are you from?
"My name is Kolgrym Barringald, a seeker of destiny and a servant of the Lady of Graves. I hail from the Five Kings Mountains; I have spent several decades researching the secrets of Pharasma's faith at Tar-Kazmukh, guided by the advice of both the Blue Warders and my mistress' divine agents."

How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor?
"The Professor contacted me by messenger. He had heard of certain peculiarities surrounding my birth, and expressed a desire to verify them. After corresponding for several months Lorrimor made the journey to Tar-Kazmukh. I do not know if he was able to gather the information he came for, but he helped me make peace with my origins and ultimately set me on the path that would lead me to my mistress."

How would you describe your personality?
"My spirit is old, even for a dwarf. I am cloaked in death itself, and it is a burden I can never be free of. Life is defined by birth and death, and as a servant of Pharasma it is my responsibility to bear witness to both. I hold neither pity nor sorrow for the dead; the order of nature must be maintained, and though I rejoice when someone achieves his destiny, I have no mercy for any who would cheat death in order to do so."

"The Lady of Graves is merciful to those who abide by the natural order. When wronged, her wrath is capable of shattering worlds. I am an instrument of my mistress, and I serve as she wills."

Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav?
"Those who cower from the challenges of life can never achieve their destiny. The people of Ustalav are wise to harbor fear of the unknown, but the paralysis that results from that fear, the people's misplaced hatred toward outsider, only serves to sever them from their potential. I have little patience for their foolishness."

I jumped the gun on things, this character was made with a higher point-buy.

For reference her adjusted stats would be:
STR: 18 DEX: 12 CON:12 INT:9 WIS:8 CHA:16

Still working up the stats, but my background's done. Answers to the questions:

1. Who are you and where are you from? My name is Aerik Sult, scholar of history and servant of knowledge. I hail from Odranto, in the north of Ustalav.

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor? I was a student of the professor's. Quite a few years ago, as I think on it. Nonetheless, I remember him fondly, and his loss diminishes us all.

3. How would you describe your personality? I think of myself as a driven man, devoted to my chosen fields of study. Otherwise, friendly enough, I suppose.

4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav? Well, no. Unfortunately, superstition is all a great many people have left. We were so much more once, and could be again.

Grand Lodge

Here is my app. Hope you like it.

Name: Razida Duivel(RAH-zee-da doo-VELL) aka Raz(Rahz)
Race: Human
Class: Gunslinger
Ability Scores: Str 10 Dex 17 Con 12 Int 14 Wis 14 Cha 10

Raz was born in Taldor to a virtually unknown but wealthy family. His father was a baronet based in Cassomir. Raz led a rather unassuming life until he came across his first gun in a market stall. Fascinated by the exotic weapon he immediately bought it and a supply of powder and took it home. His parents were less than pleased but he managed to calm them down and let him keep it.

He practiced with the awkward weapon, hiring an alchemist to study the powder than allowed it to function and teach him how to create it himself. He studied the gun inside and out, taking it apart several times to study it. His parents found it quite funny when he first took it apart and it took him a week to put it back together properly again.

After several years he had actually become skilled with it, though he never had occasion to use it until he was shopping one day and saw a shop owner, sporting many bruises and a broken nose, shouting that someone had beaten and robbed him. Raz saw the man running and gave chase. When he caught up with the thief he tried his sword though was no match for the veteran swordsman. In a moment of desperation he drew his gun and, with a resounding boom, brought justice to injustice.

From that day on Raz was restless, walking through the town often and unable to turn a blind eye to the myriad injustices that plagued his country. Finally, it became too much and he decided to leave. He could do no lasting good in this gods forsaken country, but perhaps elsewhere he could give some peace in a place where not everyone hid a dagger behind them and took an exposed back as an invitation to stick it in to the hilt.

He has traveled far and seen much, and although he has developed a sense of pragmatism to temper his idealistic tendencies, he still firmly believes that there is no excuse for hurting others and has never hesitated to use his gun when words are useless.

Raz stands at a little over six feet, with dark brown skin marked with ritual scarring. A line of small burn marks in the shape of vertical lines follows each of his high cheekbones and the dead center of his chin. His eyes are a dark amber color and his teeth are perfectly clean and white. However, his hair draws the attention away from his teeth given that it is also white and runs down to just below his shoulders. He keeps it in a ponytail held in place with a ring of silver bearing the crest of a white panther over an inverted crown. He is lean and wiry, but with obvious strength and purpose in his movements, and a subtle grace which goes unnoticed by most.

As for attire, he wears a pair of dark brown leather pants supported by a black leather belt with the same crest as his hair ring on the buckle. His boots are the same color of leather as his belt with scuff marks and dirt covering them. He wears a royal blue shirt beneath a studded leather chest piece which is in turn covered with a dark brown coat. A battered but obviously well crafted pistol hangs from his left hip beside an old short sword. Finishing the outfit is a pair of fingerless leather gloves and a wide-brimmed hat which is usually pulled down to shield his eyes from the sun.

IC Questions:
1. Who are you and where are you from? 

My name is Raz. I come from Taldor, and I am not fond of talking about my time there. *pause* Would you mind changing the subject?

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor?

That old fool? Ha! We traveled together for a brief time, more out of coincidence than friendship. At least at first. He paid me a decent amount to keep pace with him and protect him and a precious artifact he'd found if anything happened. We ended up together for... About six months? Good times, good times. Anyway, we parted ways eventually but some time later the old man tracked me down and asked for my services again. I thought, "what the hell? He pays well and the job's no different to what I usually do, so why not?"

I worked for him on and off for the last five years, either escorting him or one of his other paid cronies when he sends them out to fetch something. It's been good. Damn shame he's dead. Still, maybe he'll have one more payout for me, eh?

3. How would you describe your personality?

I'm a man with simple tastes and a simple mission. Suffer Not Injustice. A simple credo but it's one that helps me sleep at night. Sure, a man's gotta eat and I charge for my services, but honor and justice don't puts shoes on my horses or food in my stomach, do they? Now, some may not like that, but truthfully I could care less. I do what I do, I make what money I can. And let's face it, how many people can say they honestly enjoy their job?

4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav?

*snorts* Oh, hell no. I mean, I haven't spent much time there, but I've heard stories about the place. I mean, I love helping people but that place, by every account I've heard, is beyond help. I once got told that the people there 'make cynics look playful and cute.'

Yeah, not my ideal vacation destination.

Great additional submissions everyone. I should note that I'm in Central Standard Time in the US, so there are about two more hours left until the submission window is closed.

Current Submissions
Teagan Muspelheim - Oracle of Bones
Kolgrym Barringald - Bad Touch Dwarf Cleric
Ghorum Kraak - Dwarf Ranger
Durgrosh Blacksun - Half-Orc Paladin
Durgrosh Blacksun - Half-Orc Alchemist
Victor Hughs - Human Alchemist
Astria Einn - Half-Elf Rogue
Sheldon Variel - Elf Wizard

Wood the Wizard - Human Wizard 

Richten van der Zicht - Human Inquisitor 

Gwyndle - Gnome Bard (Arcane Duelist)
Azubah - Human Oracle
Fenkar - Human Witch
Hrolfas Wolfkin - Human Barbarian
Ulven Whitescale - Human Fighter
Eskela - Half-Elf Druid
Dante Graustark - Human Fighter
Kayela Rest Bringer - Human Oracle
Aerik Sult - Human Oracle
Razida Duivel - Human Gunslinger

Good luck, everyone!

<keeps fingers crossed>

Good luck to everyone, aye!

Grand Lodge

Good luck people. *crosses fingers*

Good luck all

One final question to answer in-character (not required if you miss this post before the deadline):

It is rumored that there are many in Ustalav who practice necromancy, ranging from minor experiments to occult ceremonies. How do you feel about such practices? Could you ever work along side such individuals?

His profile is up, but not complete, will be submitting a differnt character as well.

The Questions

1. Who are you and where are you from?
Zar'tan Vische, 2nd son of Count Omar Vische, graduate of Lepidstadt university and member of the Malkenclaw fraternity. My family hails from Caliphas where my parents and brother tend the family estate and vineyards.

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor?
Mere chance years ago, I was in a position to aid his escape from some creature of the night. Never did get a good look at what it was, but it was big, covered in fur, and it's howl sent shivers down my spine.

3. How would you describe your personality?
My professors at the university would tell you that I'm reckless, irresponsible, and think entirely too much of myself. I of course disagree; I'm only reckless when the situation calls for it, irresposible when possible, and i'm at least as amazing as I think I am.

4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav?
Not all fo them, but some things are more than superstition, they are a fact of life. One would be a complete fool to disregard all the old ways and I am not a complete fool.

edit: It is rumored that there are many in Ustalav who practice necromancy, ranging from minor experiments to occult ceremonies. How do you feel about such practices? Could you ever work along side such individuals?

Necromancy is not overtly evil, though it is easlily perverted. Minor experiments do not bother me, as i have experimented with a few female necromancers at the university *wink*. I've never seen an occult necromantic ceremony and I don't want to.

GM_Todd wrote:
It is rumored that there are many in Ustalav who practice necromancy, ranging from minor experiments to occult ceremonies. How do you feel about such practices? Could you ever work along side such individuals?

Those that wield the power of death for their spells walk a fine line between what is permitted and what is heresy. As servants of the Lady of Graves, the church does attract those who practice the necromantic arts. However, the creation of undead is strictly forbidden, and I feel the church is too lenient towards those who choose to command undead instead of destroy them. I would reluctantly work along side those who practice necromantic arts, but never with those who summon or create undead for their own nefarious purposes.

Also, who is this 'Richten' fellow that shares my surname? (Looks around suspiciously.)

GM_Todd wrote:
It is rumored that there are many in Ustalav who practice necromancy, ranging from minor experiments to occult ceremonies. How do you feel about such practices? Could you ever work along side such individuals?

Eskela's answer:
The undead have plagued Ustalav for countless centuries and left the land scared. They are a clear perversion of the natural world and the circle of life. Everything that lives has to die eventually.

I could never work with someone who creates or uses these abominations.

"Necromancy, eh? I can't be one to judge, I've been persecuted all my life for having an affinity for strange magics. But anybody who dares harm others for their own gain is bad in my books, no matter what the means."

at the mention of the word necromancy Dante spits "they are makers of abominations and be made to see the error of their ways" he pats his sword.

"Momma Sophia says that the creatures created by the necromancers are just shells of what they were holding back the soul from renewal and should be sent back to Pharasma."

Durgrosh the alchemists response: As a person of science I do not believe necromancy in itself is good or evil it is how it is used that makes it so. As for occult ceremonies and the like they make fascinating case studies. I don't foresee a problem with working with someone who practices the necromantic arts.

Durgrosh the paladins response: Some experiments in necromancy can help the common good. I suppose it is in the intent of the practicer. The creations of undead and such things though are an abomination and could not be tolerated. The summoning of negatively charged energies themselves though and working certain spells as such would not necessarily be prohibited though should be discouraged as that is a slippery slope to the darker portions of necromancy.

Grand Lodge

GM_Todd wrote:
It is rumored that there are many in Ustalav who practice necromancy, ranging from minor experiments to occult ceremonies. How do you feel about such practices? Could you ever work along side such individuals?

Well... Not rightly sure. I haven't met many necromancers meself, but so long as they aren't killing innocent people for their 'experiments' or anything like that, I suppose I can tolerate their presence.

GM_Todd wrote:
It is rumored that there are many in Ustalav who practice necromancy, ranging from minor experiments to occult ceremonies. How do you feel about such practices? Could you ever work along side such individuals?

By definition this would be a tricky tight rope for a paladin to balance. As per standard non-GM-fiat interpretation a paladin can lose his/her powers by keeping associations with creatures/characters of evil alignment. Mostly all undead radiate an evil aura so while able to work with neutral/non-evil characters working alongside with their undead may require an atonement spell or two. I imagine as a nice GM you can loosely bend that sort of situation in the players favor, though.

Kayela's Response (Chaotic Good):
Kayela's eyes widen at the question and she spends a period of time in deep contemplation. "While deh undead are an abomination I suppose those dat manipulate em are not all evil. I would feel veray strange standing aside one, bot ef the practitionar of such detestable arts was using his abominations to lay other abominations to rest than I suppose I could stomach it. I would not have tah like it." She then collects herself "All things naturally must be laid to rest if tah necromancer can aid meh in dah greater task of seeing those dat would resist dat nature than so be it."

#2, needs some work still, but its coming together

The Questions

1. Who are you and where are you from? 

Zadarra the Amazing, stalwart companion of the late professor, defender of The Code, Knight Protector of the weak. And this is my companion and trusty steed, graymane. We have traveled far, from the small town of sandpoint.

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor?

Ah, an excellent tale! It all started with an afternoon fishing, interupted by a fell beast chasing the professor, and myself and graymane valiantly driving the beast off!

3. How would you describe your personality?
Me? Stalwart, honorable, chivalrous, joyful and a sucker for animals!

4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav?
I heard this one tale about kissing a frog...and another about black cats, they sound liek a lot of fun but I'm sure they are just stories meant to keep kids in line.

It is rumored that there are many in Ustalav who practice necromancy, ranging from minor experiments to occult ceremonies. How do you feel about such practices? Could you ever work along side such individuals?

Oooh Necromancy, i've never had the chance to fight a necromancer before, wouldn't that be fun! I hear its a fould practice and would never align myself with those types.

Once again you use words that I don't know! What does this mean?...Raising the dead? What foul wizard has done this?! I'll slay him now!...You mean...there are many of these mages who do this?...I think I will need a sharper sword.

GM_Todd wrote:

One final question to answer in-character (not required if you miss this post before the deadline):

It is rumored that there are many in Ustalav who practice necromancy, ranging from minor experiments to occult ceremonies. How do you feel about such practices? Could you ever work along side such individuals?

"As even those who worship Pharasma would tell you, death is a natural extension of life and is thus a valid area of study and of magical practice. Personally, I feel somewhat squeamish with those kind of studies, except in a historical context. I tend to share the Pharasmian abhorrence of the undead, but I suppose I could work with a practicing necromancer if the greater good were somehow involved. By the way, did you know that the ancient Osirion text Aleh Almaktoum, or the Book of the Dead, is less about how to extend one's own life into undeath, but rather is more about controlling and manipulating those undead who already exist. This is fascinating in how it illuminates the general Osirion view that...Hey, where are you going?"

The selection has been made.

Teagan Muspelheim - Oracle of Bones
Ghorum Kraak - Dwarf Ranger
Durgrosh Blacksun - Half-Orc Alchemist
Kolgrym Barringald - Bad Touch Dwarf Cleric
Sheldon Variel - Elf Wizard

Please make your way to the OOC thread to finish up your full sheets and back story.

The decision was significantly more difficult than I desired for it to be. Great job everyone. I look forward to seeing you all around the boards!

Allia Thren:

Check your email, please. Or shoot me an email if your address has changed.

Thank you very kindly.

Received and answered

Thank you so much GMT! Definitely looking forward to the game. To everyone I did not envy GMT, there were some incredible applications on here.

Thank you; I'm looking forward to diving into the AP.

Good luck all - thankfully I was picked for another CC adventure. I agree the competition was strong - no hard feelings.
This pregen bard I was given makes for some great roleplaying.
Anyway - Wood is waiting with his Necronomicon if you need him.
Since the other group is farther along I can lurk here -- I haven't read anything of CC but the Player's Guide and don't want to spoil it.

If anyone is interested, I am trying to start up an old school two party homebrew campaign. The theme is two rival parties, one of mostly elves and one of mostly dwarves. I really could use another DM who wanted to run one of the groups.

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