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Our Kingmaker game has just finished Book Two. We're going to run "Queen of the Fellnight Realm" and then move into Book Three. This is a great place to jump into the story. After "Fellnight Realm", one of our regular players is leaving us so we'd like to get new player onboard now. That'll move us up to six players and then back down to five when he leaves.

We're looking for ONE player for a long-term PBP game. The character who will eventually be killed in hideous ways retire is a fighter, but your character need not be.


All I want at this point is your statement of interest and maybe a character idea. Some idea of your experience is nice, but new players are also welcome if they can commit to a long-term game. If you've never played a PBP game, you may want to try a shorter module or PFS scenario first. It's definitely not for everyone.

I DO NOT want full characters. As a player, there's nothing worse than developing a full character that doesn't get picked. As a GM there's nothing worse than choosing characters when it's the player who will make or break the game.

There is no deadline yet, but recruitment will be open for a few days at least.


I've been GMing since 1977. I've been running PBP games since 1995 and run many games here on the Paizo boards. Check out my games to get an idea of my style and longevity.

Our players are all very experienced, but more importantly they like to role-play. We hope you do, too.

We hope to hear from you!

Intrigued, definitely. I am not sure what I'll make yet, but I'm thinking of an Arrowsong Minstrel Elf Bard, but I'm not sure.

I'm not new to either PbP or Roleplaying in general, though I am not nearly as experienced as yourself, and am relatively new to the Paizo forums.

Hi Tarondor, I’m definitely interested in this. I’ve been here about five years and have Howard of 18,000 posts. I played the first book of Kingmaker and the DM left.

Could you give an idea of the existing group and what it needs most?

-PatheticWretch (i.e. best half-ling friend)

Hey, PW!

The king's a human bard. His half-brother is a human sorcerer. There is a human wizard, a human warpriest and a human fighter. The fighter will be leaving. I'd say they have arcane magic covered, but could use almost anything else.

I'm a bit down on ranged combat and heavily min-maxed characters lately.

Okay,I have a couple ideas I’m chewing on. What level is everyone?

They're leveling up to 7 just now.

Okay, here are some thoughts. I could run with any of these:

Dwarf Paladin, front-line indestructible holy warrior, this drunken dwarf seeks to redeem himself after a wasted youth.
Human Druid, front-line melee animal form brawler, he is looking for an untamed place to call his own, and believes the end of current civilization is at hand.
Halfling Ranger, mounted roc-rider and daredevil, this adrenaline junky needs to find the most extreme challenges the wilderness can offer.
Elf Occultist, finesse combatant with a slew of tricks, this elf, once left for dead, seeds redemption while trying to keep some dangerous artifacts from controlling him.
Half-orc Barbarian, religious heretic who tortures himself as much as his enemies, he seeks inner peace through suffering and to bring harsh salvation to the Stolen Lands.

Let me know if any of these ideas sound better than others.

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I have a couple of ideas. Human Swashbuckler She's a young Talden who thinks her family would be high on the nobility food chain if they were still in Taldor. How dare her great, great grandfather disgrace the family and be forced to move to Brevoy. She's heard there's a way to become noble a new kingdom to the south.

Half Elf OccultistShe's a non acknowledged child of one of the noble houses of Brevoy. She's interested in gaining knowledge from places that have been closed to her. She's also heard there are old weapons in the ruins in the Stolen Lands, and wants to explore them for occult items. She's heard there's a chance to become part of the ruling party of the new kingdoms that are appearing to the south. Having power like that would make it easier to get into the libraries she wants to use.

Silver Crusade

I'm interested.

I think a paladin of Shelyn would be fun and different.. would be my first choice.

That or a cleric, or just maybe a magus.

Liberty's Edge

I'd like to throw my hat in the ring with an Ex-Cleric, using the Channeler of the Unknown archetype. I'm thinking of a Chelish-raised ex-Asmodean priest whose morality shifted gradually towards neutrality as he was assigned away from Cheliax.

I am thinking a gathlain shifter from the sunken lands

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I’ve always been a sucker for Druids, DM.

I’d probably submit a human Druid that could do a little bit of everything as a jack of all trades. Help with some melee, a little spellcasting, and provide some healing. With six party members, I’d probably go for a domain instead of an animal companion.

His motivation would be as a possible guide for the explorers, trying to protect the current animal inhabitants, and to punish any baddies in the area.

I’ve been on this board about a decade. I’m a regular poster with somewhere near 38,000 posts and I’ve had several long running game where. Even competed an abridged CotCT game here! I am active, and I hope have a decent rep with anyone I’ve gamed with on the Paizo boards. I’d be willing to take any suggestions and run with them. Thanks for the consideration.

Silver Crusade

I'd offer a human paladin of Iomedae.

His character concept is that he's a bit of a goofball; while he's supposed to go out and find and destroy evil over all else, he is so excited about ancient ruins, lost civilisations and the like (basically anything involving adventuring and going off the beaten path) that he gets constantly side-tracked. Luckily, these interests tend a align a lot of the time. When it doesn't, it at times tends to get him in trouble with the order. Nothing will stop him from writing his exciting memoirs!

Actual build idea: a group buffer/frontline combatant who extensively uses shield other, good hope and other means to actively protect the party, often at the cost of his own saftey.

Silver Crusade

I would be interested in this. I haven't gotten a chance to be involved in anything related to kingmaker and I really regret that!

Some concepts that I have been wanting to try...
Vivisectionist Alchemist (race to be determined). I think I could squeeze and interesting reach build out of this, which has the potential to be pretty fun.

Bloodrager (race to be determined). Something I have never played. I haven't looked closely at individual options but I would consider going dragon disciple because... why not kill two "never played" birds with one stone?

I have been around Paizo for a little more than a year now, and have a fair bit of pbp experience going back to 3.0 days. The more I have played here, the more I find myself being drawn to longer campaigns with consistent players/characters. I currently am GMing a module, and have two different characters in 1-7 level tracks with steady groups. I am loving it enough to seriously consider stepping way from all PFS for the time being.

Silver Crusade

yeah, I'd like to submit a paladin of Shelyn concept, or some type of frontliner if the idea of a paladin is too "grating" I know paladins have a bad rep for being no fun in many groups (even though that is ridiculous)

I actually have a rough draft already for the paladin, but I won't post it unless you would like to see it.

Silver Crusade

So I am revisiting my two suggestions above and starting to put together some of the personality/character/story associated with each. Before I do that though, I am curious as to if this is PFS races only- or if things are a little more open.


I’m more into classic than wacky.

Liberty's Edge

If you are still looking for a player, I would like to throw my hat into the ring, so to speak.

I have a dwarven paladin named Jarkralzak who I could level up to take part in these adventures. He is a taciturn but affable middle age dwarf who wields the Dorn-Dergar.

He has a great interest in any dwarven ruins and has a background as a stone mason and siege specialist.

Silver Crusade

I think I would like to develop the following two characters:

Half-orc bloodrager/dragon disciple (dependent on a GM ruling about Blood of Dragons functioning with blood rager). Personality is very short short sighted, generalized by over-indulgence and lack of longterm vision. He would rather enjoy the now than worry about the future. He naturally gravitates to people who do the opposite- allowing him the most freedom without immediate consequence.

Catfolk (hopefully not too wacky?) Alchemist. She has always been an outcast, and has learned that she has to depend on herself only. Her independent streak could easily be construed as "bull headed". She generally looks out for her own interest first, but is smart enough to see where relationship with others can be beneficial to her own goals.

I'm certainly interested.

About Me
I was introduced to Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e via Forgotten Realms novels in 2007. I've been playing since then, though I've had pretty rotten luck getting into a long term game. To demonstrate, I have participated in 36 campaigns that had at least one session or otherwise properly started, of which 5 ran to completion, and only 2 of which were long term campaigns, the earliest of which I joined in 2014. The first, a VOIP D&D 4e (bleh) campaign, had been running for 13 months when I joined, and continued to run for 21 more months thereafter, on weekly sessions typically lasting about 4 hours. The second, a F2F PF 1e campaign, had been running for only 2 months before I joined, and thereafter ran for 27 months, on bi-weekly sessions typically lasting 6 to 10 hours. I can provide links as necessary to the former, but obviously not for the latter.

Ultimately, I'm a player with lots of practical experience at low level, but only a little at higher level. When I create a character, I generally plot out progression to the full extent, so I have an academic understanding for higher level mechanics, but only a little practical experience therein. From the Robin Laws' 7 Player Archetypes, I generally fluctuate between Tactician and Storyteller, depending on the scenario. I like internally consistent worlds, enjoy solving challenges through feats of logic, and am somewhat irked when the dice ruin a perfectly sound plan, but I'm not so far gone that I completely lose sight of characterization or otherwise make decisions (or expect others to make decisions) which are tactically beneficial but don't fit their character. I do, however, have a tendency to compromise characterization in the pursuit of moving the story forward; I think the PbP format will help me curb this by giving me more time to come up with ways that I can help move the story forward without having to compromise characterization. I'll also be up front in saying that I like having secrets from the other players, and I'm not adverse to starting internal conflict within the party, but I will disclaim that I will strive not to do anything to purposefully upset any of the other players; my goal in sometimes pushing internal conflict is to produce interesting narrative, not because I enjoy inciting strife or anything.

Character Ideas
I've made a handful of characters over my career of trying to play D&D, and I've generally noticed that I gravitate away from full casters. Don't really know why. Only one of the characters I've created has gotten to run to completion (by sheer bad luck, both campaigns I joined that went on to run to completion, which I joined relatively close together, had the same very specific needs that precluded my other character ideas), so I'd probably not want to run a Rogue again, but beyond that, I'm pretty flexible. I can be more specific upon request.

Still talking to my players. Haven't forgotten!

Sometimes, you have an embarrassment of riches. There are so many great players here that the brain-dead part of my brain says "start a new campaign and recruit 'em all!"

Then I look at my two jobs, my two kids, my wife, my home campaign and my six online campaigns and I slap myself back into reality. ....Maybe when my Dragon's Demand game ends...


No, seriously, I've spent a lot of time thinking about taking on two, but the game is just better off with one and that's what I'm going to stand on. Thank you so much to all who applied.

PATHETIC WRETCH, Check out Guide to GM Tarondor's Kingmaker Campaign, above, write me up a dwarven paladin and report to the Discussion tab.


The Exchange


Thanks for the selection! I won't let you down!

I have started to peruse the Guide, and look forward to creating a character that will fit in well.

It will take me a few days to finish my character background (at least to the standard of this campaign!). I had ankle surgery last Monday, and though I'm getting back into things, it's been rougher than I thought. I should be able to finish up by Wednesday morning at the latest, and should then be able to dive in head-first.

The character I would like to use is Grimnir Hammerhand. I actually played this character through level 7 via The House on Hook Street module. I was thinking I could incorporate that into his backstory...there are some traumatic things he might want to get away from by heeding the call to the Stolen Lands. It would also give me some background I could call on so my character will feel as developed as the others. I will need to change a few things on gear, etc., that he had previously.

So we get half average wealth by level?

I'd be happy to consider any additional ideas that fit well with the campaign or give me some background with any of the PCs or NPCs, but here's the nutshell backstory:

As a young dwarf, Grimnir rejected the faith and honor of his family and wasted his youth drinking, gambling, and brawling. After hitting a series of new lows, he eventually joined the military and is a veteran of long campaigns. Sometime early in his career, he became an officer. Only following orders of his mercenary leaders, Grimnir himself routed, leaving his men behind to die. He often talks about "his brothers" and how much he wants their spirits to forgive him for what he has done. The dwarf turned to religion and gained a new-found faith in Torag. Haunted by his past and returning from his military campaign, Grimnir was caught up with a small band to stop a sinister spider cult in Old Korvosa, and developed a fear of insects and loathing for Shiver. He seems to suffer from some kind of post-traumatic stress from the bad things that have happened to him.

Grimnir seeks to escape his past, and turns to the only things that help him look past the pain: Torag, and a fine dwarves ale, usually to excess. Perhaps what Grimnir needs most is to get far, far away from his past, and from civilization for that matter.

On another note, I did play through Chapter 1 of this campaign with a different character. I have no idea what happens the rest of the campaign, but do have some concept of what happens through the Stag King, etc.

I'm looking forward to this! Thanks for the invite!

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