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Full Name

Grimnir Hammerhand




Paladin 7 | HP 74/74 | AC 25; Tch 12; FF 25 | F +9; R +4; W +7 | CMB+10; CMD 21 | Speed 20 ft | Init +1 | +1 Dorn Dergar: +11 (1d10+5) | Perc +10

About Grimnir Hammerhand

Grimnir Hammerhand
Male Dwarf Paladin (Stonelord) 7
LG Medium Humanoid (Dwarf)
Init +1; Senses Darkvision; Perception +10
Languages Common, Dwarven, Terran
AC 25, touch 12, flat-footed 25 (Defensive Strategist)
    (+10 armor, +1 Dex, +3 natural, +1 deflection)
hp 74 (7d10, +18 Con, +7 favored)
Fort +8 (+11 vs. poison), Ref +3, Will +6 (+9 vs. spells and spell-like abilities)
Defensive Abilities DR 3/adamantine, Aura of Courage, Defensive Training, Stoneblood (25% ignore critical, +lvl stabilize check), Defensive Stance (17 Rounds, +2 AC, +4 Str, +4 Con, +2 Will) Immune Fear, Disease
Speed 20 ft. (4 squares; Rock Stepper)
Melee 'Kaglemros' +1 Dorn Dergar (two-handed) +11 (1d10+5)
Ranged Javelin +7 (1d6+3/x2)
Base Atk +7/+2; CMB +10; CMD 21 (25 vs. bull rush or trip)
Special Attacks Stonestrike (+2 atk/dmg, ignore hardness, 7 rounds/day), Giant Hunter
Deity Torag
Class Spell-like Abilities detect evil (at will)
Abilities STR 17, DEX 12, CON 16, INT 10, WIS 12, CHA 6
Feats Combat Reflexes, Power Attack, Earth Channel*, Stand Still, Lunge
Traits Defensive Strategist, Glory of Old
Skills Acrobatics -4 (Jump -8), Appraise (precious metals and gemstones) +2, Bluff -2, Climb -3, Diplomacy +2, Disguise -2, Escape Artist -4, Fly -4, Heal +1, Intimidate -2, Knowledge (Religion) +4, Linguistics +1, Perception +10, Profession (Soldier) +7, Ride -4, Sense Motive +5, Stealth -4, Survival +1 (+3 vs. giants), Swim -3 Armor Check Penalty -5
SQ Heartstone, Lay on Hands (3d6, 1/day), Stone Servant, Mercy (Fatigued)
Combat Gear potion of touch of the sea, acid flask (x3) Other Gear 'Kaglemros' +1 dorn dergar, 'The Bulwark' +1 stoneplate, +1 ring of protection, +1 amulet of natural armor, MW dwarven waraxe (cold iron), MW dwarven boulder helmet (silver), MW heavy steel shield, greatclub, gauntlet (spiked/cold iron), dagger (cold iron), javelin (x5), sling, bullets (10), outfit (cold-weather), backpack, bandolier, bedroll, holy symbol (iron), rations (trail/per day)(x3), pewter tankard, rope (hemp/50 ft.), torch (x2), waterskin, bell, candle, chalk, charcoal, fishhook, string, flint and steel, parchment, sewing needle, signal whistle, oil (flask)(x3), smokestick, tindertwig (x2), sunrod, MW perception tool, 1,420 gp

This hulking, roughly humanoid creature of dirt and stone explodes up from the earth, faceless save for two glowing gemstone eyes.

Small Earth Elemental
LG Small outsider (earth, elemental, extraplanar)
Init –1; Senses darkvision 60 ft., tremorsense 60 ft.; Perception +4

AC 17, touch 10, flat-footed 17 (–1 Dex, +7 natural, +1 size)
hp 49 (7d8+7+7 toughness)
Fort +6, Ref +5, Will +2 (+4 vs. enchantment)
Immune elemental traits
Resist Cold, Acid, and Electricity 10
DR 5/evil
SR 7 (CR +5)

Speed 20 ft., burrow 20 ft., earth glide
Melee slam +9 (1d6+4)
Special Attacks earth mastery

Str 19, Dex 10, Con 13, Int 4, Wis 11, Cha 11
Base Atk +4; CMB +8; CMD 18
Feats Improved Bull RushB, Power Attack, Toughness
Skills Appraise +1, Climb +7, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +1, Knowledge (planes) +1, Perception +4, Stealth +7
Languages Terran

Earth Glide (Ex): A burrowing earth elemental can pass through stone, dirt, or almost any other sort of earth except metal as easily as a fish swims through water. If protected against fire damage, it can even glide through lava. Its burrowing leaves behind no tunnel or hole, nor does it create any ripple or other sign of its presence. A move earth spell cast on an area containing a burrowing earth elemental flings the elemental back 30 feet, stunning the creature for 1 round unless it succeeds on a DC 15 Fortitude save.

Earth Mastery (Ex): An earth elemental gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls if both it and its foe are touching the ground. If an opponent is airborne or waterborne, the elemental takes a –4 penalty on attack and damage rolls. These modifiers apply to bull rush and overrun maneuvers, whether the elemental is initiating or resisting these kinds of attacks. (These modifiers are not included in the statistics block.)


Aura of Courage (Su): At 3rd level, a paladin is immune to fear (magical or otherwise). Each ally within 10 feet of her gains a +4 morale bonus on saving throws against fear effects. This ability functions only while the paladin is conscious, not if she is unconscious or dead.
Aura of Good (Ex): You project a faint good aura.
Darkvision (Ex): Range 60 ft.; Darkvision is the extraordinary ability to see with no light source at all, out to a range specified for the creature. Darkvision is black and white only (colors cannot be discerned). It does not allow characters to see anything that they could not see otherwise-invisible objects are still invisible, and illusions are still visible as what they seem to be. Likewise, darkvision subjects a creature to gaze attacks normally. The presence of light does not spoil darkvision.
Defensive Training (Ex): Dwarves get a +4 dodge bonus to AC against humanoid creatures of the giant subtype.
Defensive Stance (Ex): At 4th level, a stonelord gains the defensive stance ability, as a stalwart defender, and may select one defensive power at 8th level and every four levels thereafter. Levels of stalwart defender stack with her paladin levels when determining the total number of rounds that she can maintain her defensive stance per day. A stonelord does not gain any spells or spellcasting abilities, does not have a caster level, and cannot use spell trigger or spell completion magic items.
Defensive Strategist: Benefit(s) You aren't flat-footed during a surprise round that you don't get to act in or before you get to act at the start of a battle.
Detect Evil (Sp): At will, you can use Detect Evil, as the Spell. You can, as a move action, concentrate on a single individual or item within 60 feet and determine if it is evil, learning the strength of its aura as if having studied it for 3 rounds. While focusing on one individual or object, you do not detect evil in any other object or individual within.
Earth Channel (Su): At 4th level, a stonelord gains Elemental Channel (earth) as a bonus feat, which she may activate by spending two uses of her lay on hands ability, using her paladin level as her effective cleric level. This ability replaces channel positive energy.
Giant Hunter: Dwarves with this racial trait gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls against humanoids with the giant subtype. Furthermore, they gain a +2 bonus on Survival checks to find and follow tracks made by humanoids with the giant subtype. This racial trait replaces the hatred racial trait.
Glory of Old: Benefit: You receive a +1 trait bonus on saving throws against spells, spell-like abilities, and poison.
Hardy (Ex): Dwarves receive a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against poison, spells, and spell-like abilities.
Heartstone (Ex): At 2nd level, a stonelord's flesh becomes progressively rockier. She gains a +1 natural armor bonus to AC and DR/adamantine equal to 1/2 her paladin level. The natural armor bonus increases by +1 at 6th level, and every four levels thereafter, to a maximum of +5 at 18th level. These benefits are halved when not touching the ground or a stone structure.
This ability replaces divine grace.
Language: Dwarves begin play speaking Common and Dwarven. Dwarves with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Giant, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, Terran, and Undercommon.
Lay On Hands (Su): Beginning at 2nd level, a paladin can heal wounds (her own or those of others) by touch. Each day she can use this ability a number of times equal to 1/2 her paladin level plus her Charisma modifier. With one use of this ability, a paladin can heal 1d6 hit points of damage for every two paladin levels she possesses. Using this ability is a standard action, unless the paladin targets herself, in which case it is a swift action. Despite the name of this ability, a paladin only needs one free hand to use this ability.
Alternatively, a paladin can use this healing power to deal damage to undead creatures, dealing 1d6 points of damage for every two levels the paladin possesses. Using lay on hands in this way requires a successful melee touch attack and doesn't provoke an attack of opportunity. Undead do not receive a saving throw against this damage.
Mercy (Su): At 3rd level, and every three levels thereafter, a paladin can select one mercy. Each mercy adds an effect to the paladin's lay on hands ability. Whenever the paladin uses lay on hands to heal damage to one target, the target also receives the additional effects from all of the mercies possessed by the paladin. A mercy can remove a condition caused by a curse, disease, or poison without curing the affliction. Such conditions return after 1 hour unless the mercy actually removes the affliction that causes the condition.
At 3rd level, the paladin can select from the following initial mercies.
Fatigued: The target is no longer fatigued.
Shaken: The target is no longer shaken.
Sickened: The target is no longer sickened.
At 6th level, a paladin adds the following mercies to the list of those that can be selected.
Dazed: The target is no longer dazed.
Diseased: The paladin's lay on hands ability also acts as remove disease, using the paladin's level as the caster level.
Staggered: The target is no longer staggered, unless the target is at exactly 0 hit points.
Rock Stepper: Dwarves with this racial trait can skillfully negotiate rocky terrain. They can ignore difficult terrain created by rubble, broken ground, or steep stairs when they take a 5-foot step. This racial trait replaces stonecunning.
Stability (Ex): Dwarves receive a +4 bonus to their Combat Maneuver Defense when resisting a bull rush or trip attempt while standing on the ground.
Steady (Ex): Dwarves never have their speed reduced by armor or encumbrance.
Stonestrike (Su): Once per day per paladin level, a stonelord can draw upon the power of the living rock. As a swift action, she treats her melee attacks until the beginning of her next turn (whether armed or unarmed) as magical and adamantine, including ignoring hardness up to twice her paladin level, with a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls, as well as on combat maneuver checks. This bonus also applies to her CMD if she or her target is touching the ground or a stone structure. This bonus increases by +1 at 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter. This ability replaces smite evil.
Stoneblood (Ex): At 3rd level, a stonelord's vitals begin to calcify and her blood transforms into liquid stone. She adds her paladin level on checks to stabilize at negative hit points and gains a 25% chance to ignore a critical hit or precision damage. This does not stack with fortification armor or similar effects.
At 9th level, this chance increases to 50% and she becomes immune to petrification.
At 15th level, this chance increases to 75% and she becomes immune to bleed and blood drain effects.
This ability replaces divine health and her mercies gained at 3rd, 9th, and 15th level.
Stone Servant (Su): At 5th level, a stonelord may call a Small earth elemental to her side, as a paladin calls her mount. This earth elemental is Lawful Good in alignment and possesses the celestial template, and it increases in size as the stonelord gains levels, becoming Medium at 8th level, Large at 11th level, Huge at 14th level, Greater at 17th level, and Elder at 20th level. This ability replaces divine bond.
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Paladins are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, with all types of armor (heavy, medium, and light), and with shields (except tower shields).
Weapon Familiarity (Ex): Dwarves are proficient with battleaxes, heavy picks, and warhammers, and treat any weapon with the word "dwarven" in its name as a martial weapon.


"Grimnir Hammerhand, at yer service!" a dwarf says a little too loudly.

He is muscular and broad, even by dwarf standards. He wears battered armor, and carries an exotic-looking weapon, a 10-foot-long, heavy metal chain weighted at one end by a round ball of solid iron about the size of a large fist.

"Ah will tak' th' front line an' battle wi' th' best of them. If we can fin' a drink along th' way, it will make thes aw th' more pleasant."

As a young dwarf, Grimnir Hammerhand rejected the honor and faith of his family living in Highhelm. More interested in his own welfare than that of his clan, he wasted his youth drinking, gambling, and brawling. After hitting a series of new lows, he eventually joined the military bound for Varisia and is a veteran of long military campaigns.

Sometime early in his career, he became an officer. Only following orders of his mercenary leaders and intoxicated, Grimnir himself routed, leaving his men behind to die. He often talks about "his brothers" and how much he wants their spirits to forgive him for what he has done.

The dwarf turned to religion and gained a new-found faith in Torag. Haunted by his past and still in Varisia after his military campaign, Grimnir was caught up with a small band to stop a sinister spider cult in Old Korvosa, and developed a phobia of insects (especially spiders) and loathing for Shiver. He seems to suffer from some kind of post-traumatic stress from the bad things that have happened to him.

After leaving Varisia for good, the dwarf returned to his clan in Highhelm, hoping to repair broken relationships with his family and clan members. In the past decade, the dwarf has spent time in Highhelm and visiting his relatives in the Hammerhand clan living in the small mining village of Brunderton in eastern Rostland, which has an overwhelming dwarven citizenry of gem and ore traders.
Grimnir seeks to escape his past, and turns to the only things that help him look past the pain: Torag, and a fine dwarves ale, usually to excess. Torag has sent an earth elemental guardian named Arkon (dwarven for “remember”) to ensure that Grimnir does not return to his past ways. Perhaps what Grimnir needs most is to get far, far away from his past, and from civilization for that matter.

1) There is someone in Brevoy with whom you’ve had substantial conflict. Who is it? Why is there conflict between you? How does the conflict usually play out? The idea is to create a connection to someone back home that can be a source of friction.

While traveling to Brunderton, Grimnir had relapsed to his addiction to alcohol, and in a drunken slur insulted one Baron Drelev, the man appointed by the Swordlords to settle the area west of the Hooktongue Slough. Though the Baron initially appeared ready to shrug it off, Grimnir repeated the feat the next evening, causing the tavern to break into a roar of laughter and Baron Drelev to leave flush-faced and simmering.
2) Someone back home has been a substantial ally of yours; you get along very well. Who is it? Describe an occasion when the alliance came into play. The idea is to create a connection to someone back home that has been a positive influence for you. They need not belong to a PC class. Perhaps they will communicate news and rumors to you, or send new settlers or quests your way. They might even come to your assistance (or expect you to come to their assistance) in time of great need. OPTION: Briefly define up to three separate allies, each with a different relationship to you (parent/ sibling/ mentor/ friend/ colleague).

On another occasion, Grimnir shared drinks over a long weekend with Jubilost Narthopple and his team of gnomes. Grimnir, flush with coin at the time after returning from Varisia, bought round after round of drinks while the gnomes told tales of the ancient dwarven ruin of Grommor’s Maw (full of long-lost riches and glory) and their plans to search for it. Grimnir vowed he would one day follow in their footsteps and search for the same ruin.

3) You carry a possession that has great meaning to you. What is it, and why is it so important? Preferably something other than a weapon, implement, armor, or standard gear. It is most interesting when it has a bit of story connected to it.

Grimnir carries a fine pewter tankard once owned by a corporal that served under him in his mercenary days (Terros Battleborn). When his men were killed, the thought of his right-hand-man Terros haunts him the most. Whether it helps or hurts to drink from the pewter tankard, Grimnir doesn’t know.

4) You have a secret that you hide from others (including the other PCs). What is this secret? e.g. A shameful failure or misdeed in your past that continues to haunt you; a bastard child; a broken betrothal; a fear or desire that affects your decisions. NOTE: This secret should affect the way you play your character, and/or reasonably be brought into play by the DM (eventually).
A veteran of a long campaigns and few wars, Grimnir is haunted by his past as a mercenary leader. When he was a unit sergeant, the unit he was leading were all killed. Because he knew only to follow orders and he himself routed, Grimnir left his men behind when they needed him most. He often talks about "his brothers" and how much he wants their spirits to forgive him for what he has done. When things look grim in battle, he begins to remember it, hoping the line will not be lost this time. Even when things go well, his guilt is lifted only for a moment, and he worries he should end up in a grave with his sins of war.

5) There is a troubling mystery for which you don’t know the answer. What is this mystery? e.g. A sibling (or your betrothed/ lover/ best friend/longtime rival/mentor) vanished while traveling abroad (or from home or their workplace); you lost something precious to you; an unusual object keeps reappearing in your possessions no matter how often you lose or destroy it; an animal or person keeps watching from a distance, though you never get close (or learn nothing useful when you do); you were once found wandering in the woods with no recollection of how you got there or what happened for a missing period of 10 days/2 weeks/2 months. NOTE: This should be mystery your character wants to solve, that can reasonably be brought into play by the DM at some point in the campaign; the DM has creative control of this mystery’s final answers.

While traveling between Highhelm and Brunderton, Grimnir leared from a team of gnomes of the fabled cave known as Grommor's Maw. Grommor was a famous dwarven hero who claimed to have escaped endless caves filled with murderous statues and tree-ladies somewhere in the Stolen Lands. He also saw a fabulous hoard of treasure there. Grimnir would like to reclaim these treasures. He doesn’t want to do this just for riches or his own glory, but seeks to establish a dwarven settlement in the area.

6) You have a particular patron who suggested you for the exploration of the Greenbelt. Who is it? What is their interest in this project? What is it about your relationship that makes them think you’ll be a particularly good agent for their interests? The intent is to give you a connection to someone with a political axe to grind. Possible “interests” might include: stabilize the southern border as a future ally for Rostland against the north (Issia); report to someone whose loyalty is to the north (Issia); find means to help prevent civil war between Rostland and Issia; find valuable resources that can be exploited for profit by wealthy investors from Brevoy; represent a specific noble house or other person or group’s interests; OR, your patron might be someone who is politically connected and to whom you owe a debt, and you may not know their actual agenda at this time.

When Grimnir presented the idea of exploring Grommor’s Maw to his clan leader, Dusk Hammerhand, the old clan leader thought exploring this area and establishing a place dwarves could thrive might be a way for Grimnir to atone for past misdeeds.
7) Describe your ideal spouse. This campaign will span years of game time – and many if not all PCs will eventually have families of their own. Assume this, and give some thought to how you want this to develop for your PC. You may already be betrothed or have a beloved. You may already be married. More likely, you will find your true love during the campaign – but it is up to you as the player to help make this happen, both by being open to it, and by providing the DM with enough information to ensure that good candidates can be introduced. You are quite welcome to help create your NPC future spouse, within reason.

Though Grimnir would like to someday settle down with a shapely dwarven lass with a beautiful face, he sees that day in the not-so-near future. Still, if the right dwarf came along sooner, strong, headstrong, and willing to put up with a cantankerous dwarf, so much the better. Though Grimnir does long for a dwarf companion, a beautiful face stops him in his tracks (be it human, fey, or otherwise) and causes him to become slightly irrational.

8) What do you like to do when you have down-time? What sorts of hobbies and interests does your PC have? The idea is to make your PC more rounded and interesting by thinking about things other than adventuring that he likes to do – and what sorts of businesses he’ll eventually be interested in promoting. Does he collect something? Make something? Play a musical instrument? Would he rather carouse in a tavern or read a book? Does he enjoy the theater? Dancing? Gambling? Fine food?
Grimnir typically spends his free time training with his weapons, reading Torag’s religious texts, or drinking. Like other dwarves, he has an interest in gems and gold, and has not overcome a greedy streak and an interest in gambling.

9) Define your family. You have some options here. Choose ONE, and provide the answer.
• Briefly define three to five members of your family who are (or may become) important to you. These may be immediate family or distant kin; provide appropriate names. You needn’t have a strong relationship with them (e.g. the titled cousin you’ve never met), but then you leave them to the DM to develop…
• Dusk Hammerhand – Grimnir’s elderly clan leader, he holds a grudge against Grimnir for the younger dwarf’s mis-spent youth that he has not forgotten. He has urged the dwarf to explore Grommor’s Maw, either to send the dwarf away or to find glory for the dwarves, Grimnir isn’t sure.
• Io Hammerhand – Unusual for dwarves, Grimnir has a twin brother, Io Hammerhand. Io is a ranger, and the brothers have not seen each other in some time.
• Uncle Fester – Grimnir’s uncle living in Brunderton, the dwarf is decidedly a bad influence (and likely led to much of Grimnir’s mis-spent youth).

10) What non-Ruler leadership posting(s) will you as a player be aiming for?
Marshall, Warden, or General



1. Background
    a. Conflict
    b. Challenges
    c. Mystery
    d. Passion
    e. Birthplace
    f. Family
    g. Professions and Crafts
    h. Significant Past Events
        i. Family-related events
        ii. Personal events
        iii. Notable individuals
    i. Mysteries
    j. Existing Conflicts
    k. What triggered adventuring?
    l. Initial possessions
    m. Bound duties
    n. Quests
2. Primary Motivators - Beneficence and Vice
3. Emotion and Core Traits
    a. Emotional Disposition and Moodiness - Melancholy, Even-tempered
    b. Core Traits
        i. Outlook: Optimistic
        ii. Integrity: Conscientious
        iii. Impulsiveness: Controlled
        iv. Boldness: Cautious
        v. Agreeableness: Agreeable
        vi. Interactivity: Engaging
        vii. Conformity: Conventional
4. Secondary Personality Traits
    a. Sense of Humor: Dry
    b. Favorite Topics of Conversation: dwarven ale, dwarven weapons and armor, Torag, gold and gems
    c. Group Affiliations
    d. Religion and Spirituality
    e. Quirks, Habits, and Oddities
    f. Hobbies and Enjoyments
    g. Mental Disorders
    h. Barks

Level Progression:

Level 1:
Class Taken: Paladin
Class Feature Gained: Aura of good, detect evil, stonestrike
Hit points Gained: 1d10, + 3 (Con), + 1 favored
Skill Points (2): knowledge (religion)(1), perception (1)
Feats: combat reflexes

Level 2:
Class Taken: Paladin
Class Feature Gained: heartstone, lay on hands
Hit points Gained: 1d10, + 3 (Con), + 1 favored
Skill Points (2): diplomacy (1), perception (1)

Level 3:
Class Taken: Paladin
Class Feature Gained: aura of courage, stoneblood
Hit points Gained: 1d10, + 3 (Con), + 1 favored
Skill Points (2): perception (1), sense motive
Feats: power attack

Level 4:
Class Taken: Paladin
Class Feature Gained: aura of courage, stoneblood
Hit points Gained: 1d10, + 3 (Con), + 1 favored
Skill Points (2): perception (1), linguistics (1)
Ability Score Increase: Str

Level 5:
Class Taken: Paladin
Class Feature Gained: aura of courage, stoneblood
Hit points Gained: 1d10, + 3 (Con), + 1 favored
Skill Points (2): perception (1), profession (soldier)(1)
Feats: stand still

Level 6:
Class Taken: Paladin
Class Feature Gained: aura of courage, stoneblood
Hit points Gained: 1d10, + 3 (Con), + 1 favored
Skill Points (2): perception (1), profession (soldier)(1)

Level 7:
Class Taken: Paladin
Class Feature Gained:
Hit points Gained: 1d10, + 3 (Con), + 1 favored
Skill Points (2): perception (1), profession (soldier)(1)


PA -2/+4

[dice=+1 Dorn Dergar]1d20+11;1d10+5[/dice]
[dice=+1 Dorn Dergar]1d20+6;1d10+5[/dice]

[dice=+1 Dorn Dergar (power attack)]1d20+8;1d10+13[/dice]
[dice=+1 Dorn Dergar (power attack)]1d20+3;1d10+13[/dice]

[dice=+1 Dorn Dergar (power attack, defensive stance)]1d20+8+2;1d10+13+3[/dice]
[dice=+1 Dorn Dergar (power attack, defensive stance)]1d20+3+2;1d10+13+3[/dice]

[dice=Slam (earth mastery)]1d20+9+1;1d6+4+1[/dice]
[dice=Slam (power attack, earth mastery)]1d20+9+1-1;1d6+4+1+2[/dice]

*weapon: (Holy/Bane/Flame Burst/Icy Burst/Shocking Burst/Corrosive Burst/Wounding
*shield: mithral buckler, enhancements?
*belt: belt of giant strength/mighty constitution
*chest: Unfettered Shirt or Quick Runner's Shirt
*eyes: Eyes of the Eagle
*feet: Boots of Striding and Springing, boots of speed
*headband: Headband of Alluring Charisma
*neck: amulet of natural armor
*ring: Ring of Protection
*ring: Ring of Invisibility, Ring of Freedom of Movement
*shoulders: Cloak of Resistance, Cloak of Displacement, Minor
*wrists: Sleeves of Many Garments, longarm bracers, Bracers of The Merciful Knight
*slotless: wayfinder, Dusty Rose Prism (Ioun Stone) (+1 Init), Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone (+1 AC), Handy Haversack, Cracked Incandescent Blue Sphere (+1 Perc), Cracked Magenta Prism (+2 any skill)