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The Sword Marches Kingdom Spreadsheet, Turn 57
Maps of the Sword Marches
Guide to GM Tarondor's Kingmaker Campaign
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Maps for Realm of the Fellnight Queen

GM Tarondor's Kingmaker campaign was established on a different message board back on Jun 21 2013. Because of the continued instability of that platform, the game has moved here.


Guide to Advanced Play-by-Post Play

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Your Character's Stat Line:
Most players have a stat line just below his name, that looks something like

Cavalier 10 (Honor Guard, Strategist) - HP 85/85 ,- AC 25/T: 12/FF: 24 - F: +10 R: +6/ W: +4* - CMB: +14 - CMD: 27, Speed: 20, Init. +2, - Perception +13

Make sure you character has one as well. You can do this by going to your character profile (right-click on your character name in the forum thread), click "Edit My Profile", and enter the code into the ‘Class/Levels’ line of your character.

House Rules:

”Flanked” is a condition. That is, if a character is flanked by at least two other characters, he is considered to be flanked by any characters who threaten him.

Block Initiative. I use block initiative. That is, if two or more PC’s are next up in the initiative order, any of them can go regardless of the actual order. That’s to keep delays to a minimum. However, if someone uses a group buff later in the block (but before any NPCs go), I’ll consider the buff to have occurred before the actions of the other characters in the block.

Skymetals are rare. Adamantine and other skymetals are not commercially available. You can never purchase items made of these materials. If they are found, they will be impossibly rare.

No Experience Points. Characters will not receive Experience Points. They will instead level up when narratively appropriate as determined by the GM.

Hero Points. This campaign uses Hero Points from the Advanced Player's Guide.

Not a House Rule, but Often Forgotten:
Ineffective Weapons: Certain weapons just can’t effectively deal damage to certain objects. For example, a bludgeoning weapon cannot be used to damage a rope. Likewise, most melee weapons have little effect on stone walls and doors, unless they are designed for breaking up stone, such as a pick or hammer.

- p. 174 of the Core Rulebook



Zudigger's Picnic
The Map from Zudigger's Picnic

For almost four years, this game was maintained on an invitation-only message board. Many files, maps, images and links are still stored there and will be there for the foreseeable future. Here are some of the most important.

The Yuku Kingmaker Site
Book One: The Stolen Land
Book Two: Rivers Run Red
The Edited Kingdom-Building Rules
Images From the Campaign
Unique Magic Items





The Court

Sir Alister Medvyed, Lord of the Sword Marches (PC Bard)
Aristu Medvyed, the Magister - Half-brother to Alister (PC Sorcerer)
Galen, the Marshall- (PC Fighter)
Mikhail Templeson, the High Priest- (PC Fighter/Cleric/Holy Vindicator)
Piotr, the Treasurer - (PC Wizard)
Grimnir Hammerhand - (PC Paladin)

Carres Isten, Warden - A former hunter who has aided the Court on many occasions.
Kesten Garres, Commander of the Stagfell garrison. Hero of the Battle of Stagfell.
Oleg Leveton, Diplomat - Owner of Oleg's Trading Post and Mayor of Leveton.
Róslín Varn, Priestess of Erastil (former PC) - daughter of Maegar Varn
Svetlana Levetova, Councilor - His wife. A wise councilor and excellet baker.

People of the Sword Marches
Anya Mitchell, a 6-year old. Daughter of Vali the Tailor. Raises rabbits
Arven - A fisherman
Carlus - A miller
Dagormir - A cobbler
Jocelyne - Anya's cousin from Silverhall. Sixteen years old, with raven hair. Owns a cat.
Karla Anatov - Farmer's wife. Two sons.
Kundal - A Kellid tribesman from Numeria. He was cured from lycanthrope by the Old Beldame. Missing.
Tig Tannerson - Exuberant four-year old son of Mistress Tannerson. Loves to hunt for frogs.
Vali the Tailor - widower.

People of the Greenbelt
Grigori - A rabble-rousing troublemaker hired by unknown parties to destabilize the Sword Marches.
Jubilost Narthopple - The gnome leader of an expedition mapping the Greenbelt and Narlmarches, looking for an ancient dwarven fortress.
Mandiel Trelhorn (former PC) - A ranger. Content to wander in the wilderness.
Mikmek - A kobold of the Sootscale tribe. Now chief after the death of Sootscale. Ally of the Sword Marches.
Old Bokken - A somewhat strange hermit alchemist living in a sod hut out on the Greenbelt.
The Old Beldame - A green-skinned human witch with fey blood who lives in a remote hut on the mud flats west of the Tuskwater.

People of the Narlmarches
Falchos - the satyr lover of Tiressia the druid
Jhod Khavken, Priest of Erastil - Caretaker of the Temple of the Elk
Loy and Letricia Rezbin - Human husband and wife Mayors of Tatzlford.
Melianse - A nixie sorceress
Sir Perlivash - A dashing faerie dragon - ally of the Sword Marches. Best friends with Tyg-titter-Tut.
Tiressia - A dryad druid living in the Narlmarches. Lover of Falchos the satyr.
Tyg-Titter-Tut - A female grig (faerie) - An ally of the Sword Marches. Best friends with Sir Perlivash.

Enemies of the Sword Marches
Caractacus - Half-Orc cavalier herald of King Hargulka
Spirit of Stisshak - A will-o'-wisp who was formerly the god of the lizard-folk.

Creatures of the Greenbelt
Shamblesnap - Legendary shambling mound of the Narlmarches
Old Crackjaw - Legendary snapping turtle the size of a horse.

People of the Nomen Heights
Maegar Varn - A Brevic knight. Leader of the expedition to the Dunsward. Former bannerman of Lord Rogarvia.
Caspar Morgarrion - Priest of Erastil, member of the Maegar Varn expedition to the Dunsward.
Cephal Lorentus - Wizard, member of the Maegar Varn expedition to the Dunsward.

People of the Hooktongue Slough
Baron Drelev - A dismissive nobleman sent to colonize the banks of the Little Sellen river.

People of the Glenebon Uplands
The Iron Wraiths - an experienced adventuring party sent to colonize the far west of the Stolen Land.

People of Restov
Sir Andrad - Senior Swordlord of Restov - Gave the charter to Our Heroes.
Sir Pyotr- Aged Brevic knight. Castellan and Door Warden in Castle Restov.

The Departed
Faisul Orlovsky, Former Lord of the Sword Marches (former PC) - He abdicated the throne and went to fight a crusade in the Worldwound.

The Dead
Akiros Ismort, Enforcer - A former servant of the Stag Lord, a man with a mysterious past. Died serving the realm at the Battle of Stagfell.
Alexei Khavatorov - (former PC) A noble warrior to died fighting King Vesket of the lizard folk. Patron saint of the Order of Alexius.
Chief Sootscale - Chief of the Sootscale kobold tribe and an ally of the Sword Marches. Died at the Battle of Stagfell.
Derry Lightfoot - (former PC) - A scholar and aspiring schoolmaster. Died at the Battle of Stagfell.
Happs Bydon - Bandit in the service of the Stag Lord
Howl-of-the-North Wind - a giant winter wolf who roamed the Kamelands.
Lily Teskerten, Barmaid - Beautiful, smart and has her eyes set on one of the two Medvyed brothers She hasn't decided which one. Killed when the Beast of Stagfell destroyed the Hart's Rest inn.
King Hargulka - The self-styled "Hammer of Asmodeus" and "King of the Greenbelt" - a monstrous and intelligent troll who commanded dozens of other trolls.
King Vesket - Leader of the lizardfolk living west of the Tuskwater
Kressle - Bandit in the service of the Stag Lord
Malzagorta Niska - aka "Goody Niska", leader of a cult of Gyronna
Tartuk the Shaman - Demon-worshiping kobold who had taken over the Sootscale tribe in the name of his demon lord.
The Stag Lord - Hugely strong and psychotic bandit lord who ruled the Greenbelt from what is now the town of Stagfell.
Thuggnir - troll that kidnapped Tyg-Titter-Tut
Tuskgutter - Legendary boar that killed and maimed many hunters before being killed.