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Full Name

Evindyl Skywatcher


Sylph Monk | HP - 138/138 | AC - 29 | F+17, R+21, W+16 | Perc +16 (DARKvision) | Hero Points = 3 |


MONK-10 | MV-50 | DC-29 | No Conditions | Exp = DETECT MAGIC

Strength 14
Dexterity 20
Constitution 16
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 16

About Evindyl

Monk 10

NG - Medium Sylph Humanoid

Perception +16; Low-Light Vision, Darkvision

Languages Auran, Common, Vudran

Skills Acrobatics +21, Arcana +13, Athletics +2, Diplomacy +15, Intimidation +17, Lore: Genie +13, Lore: Warfare +13, Nature +14, Occultism +13, Stealth +17, Thievery +19

Str +2, Dex +5, Con +3, Int +1, Wis +2, Cha +3

Items Unarmored, Ring of Minor Arcana

AC 29; Fort +17, Ref +21, Will +16

HP 138

Cognitive Crossover Trigger You gain no information from a Recall Knowledge check (usually because you failed the secret check) using one of the two skills you chose for this feat. You immediately reattempt the triggering check using the other chosen skill.

Speed 50 feet

Melee Fist +19 (Agile, Finesse, Nonlethal, Unarmed), Damage 1d6+4 (B)
Wings of Air (Morph, Primal, Sylph, Transmutation) Frequency once per day You can strain to call forth feathered or cloudy wings from your back. Once manifested, these wings remain for 10 minutes. You gain a fly Speed equal to your land Speed while you've manifested your wings.
Heaven's Thunder (Electricity, Evocation, Sonic) Prerequisites Heavenseeker Dedication Until the end of your next turn, your unarmed attacks and any monk weapons you wield deal additional electricity and sonic damage; the amount of each damage type is equal to the number of damage dice for the weapon or unarmed attack. Any creature who successfully Grapples you or is successfully Grappled by you takes this damage immediately after the Grapple check is resolved (using the number of damage dice of your unarmed attack to determine the damage dealt). If you also know the ki blast ki spell, you can choose to deal either electricity or sonic damage with the spell instead of force while this effect is active (ki blast loses the force trait and gains the electricity or sonic trait instead).
Wish for Luck (Arcane, Auditory, Divination, Fortune) Frequency once per day; Trigger You are about to roll an attack roll, saving throw, or skill check; Effect You wish aloud for success. Roll the check twice and take the higher result.
Flurry of Blows (Flourish, Monk) Make two unarmed Strikes. If both hit the same creature, combine their damage for the purpose of resistances and weaknesses. Apply your multiple attack penalty to the Strikes normally. As it has the flourish trait, you can use Flurry of Blows only once per turn.
Focus Spells (3 points) Ki Rush Accelerated by your ki, you move with such speed you become a blur. Move two times: two Strides, two Steps, or one Stride and one Step (in either order). You gain the concealed condition during this movement and until the start of your next turn.
Ki Strike You focus your ki into magical attacks. Make an unarmed Strike or Flurry of Blows (this doesn't change the limit on using only one flourish per turn). You gain a +1 status bonus to your attack rolls with the Strikes, and the Strikes deal 1d6 extra damage. This damage can be any of the following types of your choice, chosen each time you Strike: force, lawful (only if you're lawful), negative, or positive. Heightened (+4) The extra damage increases by 1d6.
Wholeness of Body You heal yourself in one of the following ways, chosen by you when you cast the spell. You regain 8 Hit Points. ; You attempt to cure one poison or disease afflicting you; attempt to counteract the affliction.; Heightened (+1) If you choose to regain Hit Points, the Hit Points regained increase by 8.
Ki Blast Area 15-foot cone or more Saving Throw Fortitude You unleash your ki as a powerful blast of force that deals 2d6 force damage. If you use 2 actions to cast ki blast, increase the size of the cone to 30 feet and the damage to 3d6. If you use 3 actions to cast ki blast, increase the size of the cone to 60 feet and the damage to 4d6. Each creature in the area must attempt a Fortitude saving throw. Critical Success The creature is unaffected. Success The creature takes half damage. Failure The creature takes full damage and is pushed 5 feet. Critical Failure The creature takes double damage and is pushed 10 feet. Heightened (+1) The damage increases by 1d6, or by 2d6 if you use 2 or 3 actions.
Wind Jump Duration 1 minute You gain a fly Speed equal to your Speed. You must end your turn on solid ground, or you fall. Heightened (6th) At the end of your turn, you can attempt a DC 30 Acrobatics check to find purchase in midair. If you succeed, you don't fall.
Additional Feats Aerobatics Mastery, Cat Fall, Cloud Gazer, Elemental Eyes, Fleet, Ki Blast, Ki Rush, Ki Strike, Nimble Crawl, Student of Perfection Dedication, Swift, Sylph, Wary Disarmament, Wholeness of Body, Wind Jump
Additional Specials Expert Strikes, Heavenseeker Skill (Occultism), Incredible Movement, Metal Strikes, Monk Ki Spells Choice (Occult), Mystic Strikes, Path to Perfection (Reflex), Powerful Fist, Student of Perfection Skill (Acrobatics)