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Sovereign Court

Hi all! I'm GM Red and I'm looking to start delving into some of the newer modules, perhaps even the newest. Most of the stuff I've played (and GMed) so far has been PFS scenarios, and I think it's time to try something a little less restrictive.

I'll be looking for four player characters to participate as we run through Down the Blighted Path, a level 5 module beginning in Davarn, a town in the Five Kings Mountains. If you're interested in dwarven lore, revenge plots, and exploring ancient haunted fortresses, this one is for you!

  • Races: All core, featured, and uncommon. I'd like at least one dwarf in the party, as it opens up the potential for dwarven background relationships
  • Classes: No 3pp or occult classes, everything else is good
  • Traits: You may select three traits and one drawback
  • Skills: Try to include at least one knowledge skill. You aren't automatically out if you don't, but I find it adds a lot of opportunities for discovery that the party otherwise would not have
  • 20 point buy, and you may start your character at Level 5. You can expect to gain two levels throughout the module.
  • Max HP first level, average HP thereafter. If you are feeling daring, you may roll for HP after first level, but post your rolls spoilered with your submission here, please!
  • Let's go with 10,500 gp starting wealth as per the Core Rulebook. Try not to spend more than 50% of your wealth on any one item.
  • If you use Hero Lab to create your character, sending me your portfolio file will help me out a lot during the game. If not, an ordinary character sheet with a stat bar above your posts will suffice.
  • I'm not against people reusing already made characters that are level 5. You just need to have a reason for being in Davarn during this time of year.

Campaign Hook:

More than a hundred years ago, Delbera Axebringer—a mighty warrior and dwarven leader—slew the necromancer Audalot Karexin, but spared his young apprentice Zohir. In the ensuing decades, the bitter survivor brooded and plotted her revenge. Now, descendants of the Axebringer clan are vanishing, dragged screaming into the darkness by the animated bodies of their fallen kin. The Axebringers and their hometown of Davarn need heroes to break this family curse. What mysteries lie sealed within Delbera Axebringer's ancient abandoned fortress? And what challenges lurk along the Blighted Path winding through the Darklands beneath Golarion's surface?

Backstory ideas:

The players will start out in the dwarven trading town of Davarn. The town hosts its Spring Festival every year to celebrate the spring thaw that opens the mountain passes into Druma and Andoran. Your character may have arrived at Davarn to attend the festival, which features all matters of strange wares from across the dwarven nation. Alternatively, perhaps you're a merchant who arrived with the first outside trade caravan, or you spent the past 4 months stuck in Davarn while snow in the passes rendered travel impossible. If you're dwarven, it's also possible you are a descendant of the Axebringer line. This is all ultimately up to you and you don't necessarily have to follow one of these ideas.

My expectations as a GM:

  • I really enjoy fast-paced PbPs, but that's pretty hard to do given timezone differences, real life, etc. So post at least once per day. Even when not in combat, if you can roleplay with the current events or provide a hook for an NPC or other player, it will greatly enhance everyone's experience. If you miss your daily post, I may bot your actions to keep the game flowing.
  • That said, we all have lives. If you need to be away for a day or two, or for longer, just let the group know. I'm pretty lenient with this as long as we know beforehand. I, myself, will be away the last week of April/first week of May and won't have internet access, so we'll pause for a week at that point.
  • My timezone is GMT-4, and I usually post in the evening. If my day isn't particularly busy, I will sometimes post from work.
  • A good backstory includes a few lines about how your character grew up, how they spent their adolescence, and what brings them to Davarn. Optionally include some kind of personality flaw (perhaps your character has some kind of nervous tick, or perhaps they believe in a sentient tribe of insects)

  • I'll take submissions for a week. That is, until April 9, 2016, or until I've got about ten-fifteen complete characters to choose from, whichever happens first.

    Silver Crusade

    I'll drop a dot
    Oracle of nature maybe Sorcerer, just need to readjust things for the campaign rules and actually write up his backstory finally, i've been meaning to do that anyway.

    Either way he's a highly charismatic Traveling merchant, who grew up among the fey as a slave


    Dot - probably a dwarf fighter. Because tradition, that's why!

    I'll throw my hat into this and dot. I'm gonna go tanky frontline fighter

    I am also dropping a dot.
    I will be building a human investigator, who is town investigating the local disappearances.


    I am thinking female Dwarven Cleric.

    Interested with this artifice/rune(wards) cleric. Equipment and backstory soon.

    Random 2-5 hp:
    Rolling hp...: 4d8 + 2 ⇒ (2, 7, 5, 6) + 2 = 22

    GM Red, I'll make my character soon, just want to ask if you are allowing Uncommon races would Lizardfolk fit in to that catagory? (If not probably gonna go human, just looking for a better excuse to worship Apsu lol)

    Minidot. I would suggest if a player wants to roll for HP, you should roll for them. Otherwise, it will be easy to game. :(

    Do you accept paired submissions? (I.e. a pair of friends opting to join together, and only joining if both are picked.)

    Sovereign Court

    Wow, this blew up fast. Thanks for your interest!

    @baja1000: I would just be a little concerned that a Lizardfolk character wouldn't mesh well with the rest of the party, but hey, if you can make the background work, I'd take it. In general, however, I'd say I prefer Core and Featured races.

    @Hotaru: Well, that's why I'm having them roll right here on the forums. I think the dice bot here has come a long way in cheat protection. :) I will accept paired submissions.

    ALSO, I forgot to mention that any alignment that isn't Evil is acceptable!

    Hmmm...I will write up the backstory and give it a shot! Not to be difficult, I just love being monsterous folk and Lizardfolk are just close enough to being Dragonkin for me xD If I don't get selected I'll understand, but a man has to try xP

    HP rolls:
    4d10 + 20 ⇒ (8, 7, 5, 9) + 20 = 49

    I'm all set so feel free to take a look. When we level to 6 in game just know I'm going to let his faith kick in more and start Multiclassing in Paladin since it'll fit his character. If I missed anything do let me know.

    Hmm, just wondering... why no Occult classes for an Occult themed module?

    Sovereign Court

    @Xelaaredn I thought someone might say that.

    Okay, I'll allow Occult classes, but please be patient with me if someone who is using an occult class gets chosen, as I have never played with nor GMed a game in which they were used.

    GM Red wrote:

    @Xelaaredn I thought someone might say that.

    Okay, I'll allow Occult classes, but please be patient with me if someone who is using an occult class gets chosen, as I have never played with nor GMed a game in which they were used.


    Well, if you're cool with trying it out. How would you feel about a dwarven geokineticist (earth kineticist) thrown in the mix? I'll toss together a sheet.

    Sovereign Court

    Yeah, go for it. I'll get on the SRD and get reading. :)

    Dotting for interest. Thinking of playing a Dwarven Wizard, or Unchained Monk, the intellectual scholarly Dwarf that I have in mind could work with either class.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    I think in honor of my favorite avatar, I will be submitting a dwarven bard.

    Because screw optimization!

    He will be originally from Davarn, his family having strong roots there, but not he travels the world. However he always comes back for the spring festival to tell the stories of his world travels and to perform for the town that raised him.

    I'll start working on the details now, I'll let you know when I have something for you!

    Honestly, Kineticist is probably the easiest of the new classes to wrap your head around (tied with Mesmer?). It comes down to: 'Pick element. Pick ways to modify attack. Pick cool things to modify self.' :) The hardest part is how burn interacts and is managed and it's pretty simple!.

    I'm leaning strongly towards a dwarven hunter, skald, or druid, in that order. :)

    So many Dwarves XD I'm glad Dwarves don't hate lizards like they do Giants or Orcs

    GM, what terrains, environmental conditions, enemies, and languages would be good to keep in mind while making a character?

    Glorgrim Farlond, still have to write up a backstory and such. I'll try and send you the actual character sheet once I finish everything (buying gear, traits, feats and the like) but that should give at least a bit of an idea as to what he's about.

    I have returned with Vingold Spiritheart (aka Vingold Spiritheartslag, although he would never admit it), dwarven bard extraordinaire.

    Vingold will be a face, skillmonkey, and supporting caster/fighter. Naturally he has social skills out the wazoo, but also has a few other skills like stealth, disable device, knowledges, and UMD (for wand usage, see equipment). In combat he will be support, using dazzling display, inspiring allies, maybe tripping/disarming with a whip, and dropping save-or-suck spells. He also has some healing wands to take care of booboos out of combat.

    Vingold's background will go into his family history and how they were shamed, earning the slag ending to their surname (alternate dwarf trait), and how his ties to them vex him even to this day (family ties drawback). It was this shame and burden of responsibility and redemption that forced him away from his family for so long, traveling the world abroad. He has become a storyteller and overall light-hearted fellow, spreading joy and laughter to where he goes, sometimes even being known to get in the occasional barfight. But his family will likely find him, sooner or later...

    That's just a sneak peak at what I've been brainstorming up. I am going to get some sleep and continue working on Vingold's backstory and personality tomorrow. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback!

    Sovereign Court

    @Hotaru From what I've read so far, it doesn't look like it'll be too bad. :)

    @baja1000 Sheet looks good so far! The image of three dwarves happily riding on a large violin-playing lizard comes to mind... One thing to add is what brings Yizzik to Davarn.

    @Xelaaredn Looks good, I'll have another look after the fluff is up.

    @CampinCarl9127 Great questions. Davarn is a subterranean city, and there's also a part of the module which takes the adventure into the Darklands - also subterranean. There will be dungeon crawling. There will be skills-based competitions. There will be undead! As long as someone knows Dwarven, I think we'll be in good shape. I hope I haven't given too much away. :)

    Sovereign Court

    Rumor has it the Undercommon language may also be relevant...

    Backstory updated. :) Think its all complete now.

    Hello, everyone!

    I thought I would submit this character, if submissions are still being accepted.

    Did someone say, "Necromancy!?" Sounds like a job for a wizard, and who does wizardry better than airy-fairy, tree-hugging elves? ;)

    Aithaloessa's backstory takes her fairly naturally through the Five Kings Mountains - she's on her way from Alkenstar to Kyonin - and I'd like to hope she might be fun in a "fish out of water" sort of way while still having some background that would let her get along well with dwarves. (Militia training and all that.)

    She's aiming for Eldritch Knight eventually, but mainly a support character, contributing at close range rather than getting quite stuck in, with spells chosen to support those doing the close-in work - a bit of battlefield control, I guess? And as a primalist, she's just mad enough for a bit of unpredictable fun once in a while.

    Sovereign Court

    @Gathazig Yup, you're good to go!

    @Aithaloessa I'm still accepting submissions, and yours looks great. You can expect there to be mixed attitudes towards an Elf being in Davarn, although, as you say, your military background will help. I'm wondering if it will become a point of contention within the actual party once it forms. That could get interesting.

    You guys are making this decision a difficult one... Lots of great characters here!

    If we get a party that mostly has darkvision, I may pick up darkness as one of my 2nd level spells.

    Hello GM, I'd like to submit a character I made for another campaign but can be easily adjusted for this adventure (will do if the character gets GM's approval - also, I have Herolab):

    Penelope "Penny" Hallways
    Penny is a lovely girl, comely, graceful, kind and well behaved. She's chatty and warm to anyone and everyone. Charming, right? Right... until she starts talking about Aunt Liza, who died of a heart attack 50 years ago and whom Penny talks to every other day; or great uncle Tommy, who drowned in a stream when he was seven years old and who likes to play pranks on Penny on a daily basis; or great-great-great-grandfather Hector, who sternly rebukes Penny any time she fails to honor the memories of her ancestors. Yes, Penny is lovely, warm, and also kind of... sort of... just a bit... creepy.

    Penny travels with her grandmother and earns her living by performing “psychic readings”. Her Grannie is a sweet, spirited old lady with a penchant for alchemy and herbal medicine, and a soft spot for cats.

    Char Sheet:

    Penelope "Penny" Hallways
    Ancestor Oracle 5 - Psychic Searcher Archetype - Curse: Haunted - NG human
    Roles: buff, skills, debuff, healing.
    Init +6 Perception + 7
    AC18 , touch 13 , flat footed 16
    HP 8+2+(5+2)*4=38
    Fort +5, Reflex +5, Will +6
    Speed 30 ft
    BAB +3
    Ranged + 5 (6 w/masterwork)
    Melee + 3 (4 w/masterwork)
    Str 11, Dex 14 (+2), Con 14 (+2), Int 12 (+1), Wis 14 (+2), Cha 18 (15+2+1) (+4)
    Languages Common, TBD
    Extra Revelation, Great Fortitude, Lightning Reflexes, Improved Initiative
    Fast-Talker: You had a knack at getting yourself into trouble as a child, and as a result developed a silver tongue at an early age. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff checks, and Bluff is always a class skill for you.

    Focused Mind: Your childhood was either dominated by lessons of some sort (whether musical, academic, or other) or by a horrible home life that encouraged your ability to block out distractions and focus on the immediate task at hand. You gain a +2 trait bonus on concentration checks.
    Special abilities
    Curse: Haunted. Malevolent spirits follow you wherever you go, causing minor mishaps and strange occurrences (such as unexpected breezes, small objects moving on their own, and faint noises). Retrieving any stored item from your gear requires a standard action, unless it would normally take longer. Any item you drop lands 10 feet away from you in a random direction.
    Extra spells: 1st :mage hand and ghost sound; 5th level: levitate and minor image; 10th level: telekinesis; 15th level: reverse gravity.

    Ancestor Mistery - Extra spells: see Archetype - Revelations:

    1st lev: Sacred Council (Su): As a move action, you can call upon your ancestors to provide council. This advice grants you a +2 bonus on any one d20 roll. This effect lasts for 1 round. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Charisma bonus (4)

    Extra Revelation: Voice of the Grave (Su): You can speak with the dead, as per the spell, for a number of rounds per day equal to your oracle level. These rounds do not need to be consecutive. At 5th level, and every five levels thereafter, the dead creature you question takes a cumulative –2 penalty on its Will save to resist this effect.

    Archetype: Psychic Searcher.
    Bonus Spells: Augury (4th), locate object (6th), divination (8th), find the path (12th), discern location (16th), foresight (18th). These bonus spells replace the oracle's normal mystery bonus spells at these levels.

    Inspiration (Ex) (4/day): At 2nd level, a psychic searcher gains an inspiration pool, as the investigator class ability (“An Investigator has the ability to augment skill checks and ability checks through his brilliant inspiration As a free action, he can expend one use of inspiration from his pool to add 1d6 to the result of that check, including any on which he takes 10 or 20. This choice is made after the check is rolled and before the results are revealed. An investigator can only use inspiration once per check or roll”). A psychic searcher uses her oracle level as her investigator level to determine the effects of this ability. She gains free uses of inspiration on Diplomacy, Knowledge (arcana, history, local, nobility, planes, religion), and Sense Motive skill checks without spending a use of inspiration, provided she's trained in that skill. A psychic searcher's inspiration pool refreshes each day, usually when she refreshes her spells. A psychic searcher's inspiration pool is based on her Wisdom modifier, not Intelligence. This ability replaces the mystery spell gained at 2nd level.

    Psychic Talent (Su): At 3rd level, a psychic searcher's mastery of her supernatural insight grows, granting her a new investigator talent from the following list: amazing inspiration, eidetic recollection, empathy, inspired alertness, item lore, perceptive tracking (except using Sense Motive instead of Perception or Survival), rogue talent (only for hard to fool), and tenacious inspiration. Whenever a psychic searcher can select a new revelation, she can instead select an investigator or rogue talent from the above list. This ability replaces the revelation gained at 3rd level.

    Selected Talent: TBD
    Skill points (4+1 int + 1 human)*5 + 3 (fav. Class lev. 1 to 3)=33
    (*class - char - ranks - other)
    Acrobatics (Dex) 0+2+3=5
    *Bluff (Cha) 3+4+2+1=10
    Climb (Str) 0+0+1=1
    *Craft (Int)
    *Diplomacy (Cha) 3+4+5=12
    Fly (Dex)
    *Heal (Wis) 3+2+1=6
    *Knowledge Arcana (Int) 3+1+1=5
    *Knowledge Dungeoneering (Int) 3+1+1=5
    *Knowledge Engineering (Int) 3+1+1=5
    *Knowledge Geography (Int) 3+1+1=5
    *Knowledge History (Int) 3+1+1=5
    *Knowledge Local (Int) 3+1+1=5
    *Knowledge Nature (Int) 3+1+1=5
    *Knowledge Nobility (Int) 3+1+1=5
    *Knowledge Planes (Int) 3+1+1=5
    *Knowledge Religion (Int) 3+1+1=5
    *Linguistics (Int)
    Perception (Wis) 0+2+5=7
    *Profession (Wis)
    Ride (Dex) 0+2+1=3
    *Sense Motive (Wis) 3+2+1=6
    Stealth (Dex) 0+2+1=3
    Swim (Str) 0+0+1=1
    *Spellcraft (Int) 3+1+1=5
    Use Magic Device (Cha) 0+4+1=5
    Level___Spells Known___Available Slots (favored class bonus: extra spell know after 3rd level)

    Spells known:
    TBD (surely a ring of protection +1, probably a cloak of resistance +1)

    First Psychic Talent is still missing since that will require GM's review.

    Feedbacks and suggestions will be welcome and appreciated. Thank you!

    Sovereign Court

    @Carl Sure. I'm fine with people modifying their prepared spells after the party is selected, of course.

    @Penny I gave it a once over and the crunch seems fine. I do, however, need to do some reading on the psychic searcher archetype. The fluff would need some work to fit with this campaign... other than that, if you could edit your post and please cut/paste the character sheet into your profile, it would be a little bit cleaner. :) Thank you!

    Updated Yizzik to why he's here :3 and why he could work with dwarves. Promise them gold and booze ;3 easy enough for a "man" to win over a dwarf xD

    Well, it doesn't cover everything between level 1 and 5 but... I got a bit of a backstory up for him.

    I have returned with my character's background! Vingold, linked for your convenience.

    I basically have the bones of the background there, giving major turning points of his life and how it has effected him. I know that adventure paths often have little room for complicated and intricate backstories, so I tried to keep it simple and vague enough to be worked with. If you want me to detail it more I'd be happy to, and I always appreciate feedback!

    Sovereign Court

    @Yizzik Thanks, you're good to go.

    @Xelaaredn What you have is the right amount of backstory. There's no need to give me a novel detailing Glorgrim's adventures through the past five levels. ;)

    @CampnCarl9127 I like your writing style, and that your backstory is pretty much wide open, leaving a lot of room for character relationships.

    ...which brings me to my next point: I will open up discussion about preexisting relationships with other characters in the potential party before we actually start. Obviously, there's a good chance your character will have never met the others before. On the other hand, if two of you lived in Davarn or have spent enough time there, there's a pretty good chance you may have bumped into each other at some point.

    We'll cover that in Discussion once I've selected a party.

    Sounds good, thank you for the quick feedback!

    Also I have the appearance and personality spoiler filled out to help give some more feel to the character.

    My character is 100% complete and ready to go than. Best of luck everybody!

    Dotting for interest, I'll try to get a character up soon

    Alright, well, I'll sift through feats and traits and stuff and try to finish fleshing out his sheet either tonight or tomorrow.

    GM Red wrote:
    @Penny I gave it a once over and the crunch seems fine. I do, however, need to do some reading on the psychic searcher archetype. The fluff would need some work to fit with this campaign... other than that, if you could edit your post and please cut/paste the character sheet into your profile, it would be a little bit cleaner. :) Thank you!

    Hello GM Red, Penny's profile is available HERE for your review. Also, THIS is what she looks like.

    Looking forward to reading your comments and feedbacks. Thank you!

    Sovereign Court

    Complete or mostly complete submissions so far, in no particular order
    Glorgrim Farlond (Xelaaredn) - Kineticist 5
    Vingold Spiritheart (CampinCarl9127) - Bard 5
    Yizzik Uhari (baja1000) - Fighter 5
    Aithaloessa Cyana (Qunnessaa) - Gunslinger 1 / Wizard 4
    Gathazig (mishima) - Cleric 5

    Mostly casters and support... Any more martial candidates? ;)

    @Yizzik Are you sure you want to stick to a purely vanilla Fighter? I only ask because there are a lot of Fighter archetypes, and there's a lot of flexibility afforded when not sticking to PFS rules, so this is your chance to try some new things out. This is entirely up to you though and won't affect my party choice.

    @Penny Your crunch looks good. I was looking for just a touch more as far as backstory goes. Why is Penny going to / already in Davarn?

    Gigt is certainly of a more martial bent. :)

    She's done, crunch wise, save for her animal companion (a dire bat!) I've been transferring her information to a profile template, and will get all the fluffy bits out when I can finish them.

    The short version is: Ex-drow slave with a hatred of elves, and a particularly good skill-set for maneuvering through the tunnels below, becomes the wife of an Axebringer. While she's away hunting with her companion, her husband vanishes. And now she's come to find him.

    I'm not entirely sold on the evolution or the dire bat. Does the book have any suggestions for good 'local animal companions'?

    @Red I do want to stick with Vanilla. To do the tanky build I desire I need Weapon Training in order to take Cut from the Air (part of tanking hard for my squishy allies) and because that needs a decent dex i'd like the armor training as well. Vanilla Fighter shall fit well for this pure defender that I want to play/is in Yizzik's character. Also why I took Overprotective as his flaw.

    @All others Worry not my friends xD if I get picked I shall do my best to be your shield!

    GM Red wrote:

    @Penny Your crunch looks good. I was looking for just a touch more as far as backstory goes. Why is Penny going to / already in Davarn?

    Where there's a festival, there's money to be made with psychic readings and herbal remedies. Penny and her grandmother are there to set up shop for the duration of the big event.

    Sorry I've been having trouble with my character but i've gotten a bit more done now (Crunch at least) but have a few questions when you have the time.

    1. Would you allow Accelerated Drinker to work for extracts?

    2. Can we skip the draw back if we don't take the third trait?

    Sovereign Court

    @Zoey 1. I'm on the fence about it. I believe official ruling from Paizo was that it does not apply to extracts, but I am sure some GMs would allow it at their tables. I would allow it only if you did not have any kind of item that let you draw potions as a free action. That is, you'd still have to draw the extract as your move action before using it the following turn. You'd have to convince me that it won't make you overpowered, that's all. ;) 2. Yes.

    Side note... I'm currently entertaining the idea of choosing 5 PCs instead of 4.

    Every good party needs a kobold, and I don't see any rogues posted yet.

    Drakroo here is an Unchained Rogue, and was playing a level 1 module that didn't make it far out of the gates. He could definitely be leveled up to 5 though, and would certainly have good reason to be underground. That dang sun is so BRIGHT!

    I should point out, even though he can't wear heavier than light armor currently (might change with feats), Glorgrim will likely be wading into the fray for battle.

    Still need to choose those feats, sorry I'm taking so long with that.

    @GM Red: Does your book have any suggestions on 'good choices' for animal companions that are native to the area? If not, I'll keep digging, personally. :)

    I ended up having more free time today than I expected. Drakroo is updated to 5 (everything except item purchases) and has a basic backstory in place. Any and all feedback is welcomed -- thanks!

    Sovereign Court

    @Hotaru Apologies, I forgot about your previous post. The book doesn't explicitly have any suggestions for animal companions, however, ones that come to mind are bats, rats, snakes, spiders, or anything that may be appropriate in a subterranean environment. Davarn also has a smaller surface section, which consists of human farmlands, so animals that you might envision there could also be appropriate, although most of the adventure will take you underground or to dungeons.

    @Xelaaredn No problem, there's still a few days left.

    @Drakroo A kobold spared by a holy dwarf, eh? I like it. Outside of item purchases, your submission is complete.

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