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Full Name

Yizzik Uhari




Male; Lawful Good; Fighter Lv 6; HP: 21/57; AC: 29 (Tch: 12|Flat: 27); CMB: 10 CMD: 22; F:8 R:5 W:5; Init: 4; Perc: +11; Speed: 30ft; Climb: 15; Active Condition: None







Special Abilities



Lawful Good




Draconic, Common



Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 13
Charisma 11

About Yizzik Uhari

Yizzik never knew life with a large clan, and even what he knew of his kind was limited. Most of his clutch had been killed by raiders, looking to remove the reptiles from their home so they could reap the benefits of the land for themselves. These would be lives lost he would never know, having died before he was born. In his youth, he spent much of his time watching the males of his family fend off larger predators, surviving out in the deserts with their wits and brutish strength. Slowly, the few of his clutch would die, all giving their lives and bodies to keep them group alive and fed, as was the way of their people. Eventually though, only Yizzik would remain.

He wouldn't die out in the desert though, his pathetic starving form only barely managing to survive until one day he collected by a group of knights that had taken pity on him. He told them of a voice he swore he could hear at times he was sure he'd die, one calling him to hold on just a little longer, promising him salvation. It seemed easy to brush off as just hysteria from near death, but he wasn't so sure. He was so sure he had heard the fatherly voice guide him, and it would stick with him for quite a while after.

One in group of adventures in particular, a knight and paladin by the name of Alexander, saw more though for the creature. He took pity on the little creature and saw in him hope of something more. He saw past the scaled skin and stories his town had shared of savage lizardfolk and saw a lonely soul looking for answers. He would decide to train the little one to fight, taught him the common tongue, and even how the righteous heart could always find peace even in such a deadly place. It was in his time with Alexander that her learned of the gods, and of Apsu. The good dragon, father of all, must have been who had spoken to him. When the time came for them to split, Yizzik promised Alexander to do right by him and do right by Apsu. He would take his axe and shield and protect any he could.


Yizzik Uhari
Height: 5'10", Weight: 215 lbs, Scales: dark brown/charcoal, Eyes: Amber

Lv 6 Fighter(Vanilla)
HP: 57
AC: 29 = 11+4+2+2+0+0+10
Touch: 12|Flat: 24
Movement: 30ft
Climb: 15ft
Initiative: +4

Str: 16 (+2 Lizardfolk)= 18
Dex: 13 (+1 lvl 4) = 14
Con: 12 (+2 Lizardfolk)= 14
Int: 12
Wis: 13
Cha: 11

Battleaxe: +13(d8+8)

BAB: 6
CMB: 10
CMD: 22

Fort: +8
Ref: +5
Will: +5

Skills-> Climb: +13, Intimidate: +7, Knowledge(Dun): +6, Knowledge(Rel): +5, Perform(Violin): +11, Perception: +11, Stealth: +1, Survival: +5, Swim: +5

Abilities: Bravery +2, Armor Training 1, Weapon Training{Axes +1), Armed Bravery

Feats: Weapon Focus(Battleaxe), Shield Focus(Heavy), Power Attack, Skill Focus(Perform), Weapon Specialization, Cut from the Air, Advanced Weapon Training(Armed Bravery)

Items: +1 Adamantine Battleaxe, +1 Heavy Mithral Shield, +1 Fullplate, Cloak of Resistance +1, Bag of Holding: Type I: Silver Holy Symbol of Apsu, Masterwork Violin, 30 pp, 1704 gp

Languages: Draconic, Common

Traits: Defender of the Society, Reactionary, Seeker
Drawbacks: Overprotective