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Right now, this is a closed recruitment. After those with reserved slots have made their character, I'll open recruitment to the boards in general to fill the remaining slots.

This is a recruitment to play in Paizo's adventure path "The Mummy's Mask."

Character build rules::

20 point buy, flat buy (i.e. a 16 costs 6 points because 16-10=6)
No stats below 8 or above 16 before racial modifiers
All Paizo material allowed, you could maybe convince me to allow Dreamscarred Press stuff
2 traits, one can be a campaign trait if you wish
No evil alignment. I have a strong bias towards good alignments, but may allow a neutral character who fits in well with an otherwise good party.
I am by no means a killer GM, so you should feel free to take fun options that are a little weaker mechanically.
I will be selecting a party that is well balanced. By that, I mean that all four classic party roles will be filled.

requirements for a submission::

give me the mechanics of your character (up to you if you make an alias or not)
give me some background or other details of your character so that they come to life in my mind. I want to select people, not pieces of paper.

about me::

I have been playing Pathfinder for a little over a year. My main players in real life are small children. I do PBP to get a chance to play the game with grownups.

I will announce recruitment deadlines when I open recruitment to the public.

Dotting in.

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Dotting in. (2)

SirPeter, recruitment isn't open to the general public yet. Right now, it's only open to a few GMs who are going to play in each other's games. I'll open any remaining slots to the public later.

A few details I forgot to include:

I expect at least one post daily, except maybe over the weekends. I expect to be notified if possible if someone is going to be unable to post for several days. If you don't post, I will bot your character. I will try to do something reasonably safe and not use up limited resources, but my big goal is to prevent the rest of the party from suffering from your absence.

If a character dies, I will allow that player to make a new one instead of seeking a replacement. Then I will introduce the new character as soon as I reasonably can.

Any restrictions on races Redelia?

Nope, as I said above, all Paizo material is allowed. If a race is 'usually evil,' you'll need a good story why you're not. Also looking for a fun character, not a mechanical monster.

Hey Redelia. At present putting together a Samsaran Bard (Archeologist), filling the knowledge monkey, face, trap guy role. Will try and have something for you by tonight.

That was my first option as well Nerd, but I changed out to an Investigator which will have some overlap with your bard in the skills, knowledges and traps.

I'll check out something else instead.

I don't know if you guys have read the player's guide yet, but I just wanted to make sure you know that a rogue (or some other class that can fill that role) is quite important, because there are lots of traps, and so is a cleric or similar character (lots of undead). I checked on the Archaeologist archetype for a bard, and it doesn't get the ability to disarm magical traps until level 6, so you will probably need to take the campaign trait that gives that ability right at the beginning, unless someone else builds a pure rogue.

edit: The investigator does have this ability from the beginning without a trait. Also, if you guys both want this kind of character and don't mind the overlap, I think it's fine. There will be six players and four basic character slots. Rogue-ish is not a bad one to have two of in this adventure path.

Redelia - I skimmed it briefly looking for ideas.

Do you want to go that way Nerd or I can roll up a rogue. I'm going to guess there are more than enough traps to go around in this adventure. I've had my temporary fill for healers at the moment and will let that role fall to someone else for now.

I think when I was sketching together my character concept in hero lab I had included a trait specifically for magical traps.

But I'm equally happy to switch over and build some kind of cleric role for the campaign. I'm a fairy happy camper in that sense, so if you have your heart set on the investigator, by all means take it :)

Nah, not set at all. I've just been hopping all around in hero lab today as well. Go ahead and take your bard, that's fine. If you can fit in that magical trap trait all the better.

Maybe I'll swing over to an Inquisitor of Pharasma/Irori or a Corpse Hunter Ranger.

Ok rough draft of the Inquisitor of Pharasma. Needs fluff & stuff, but it's a starting point.

Oh! Love this AP! I have an ifrit inquisitor of Sekhmet and an aasimar paladin of Anubis.

Since I'm not sure which to submit I'll do my paladin. Ill have to do some fixing up though on him

Braydir: Looks good, except for one problem and one concern. We're not using hero points for this one, which is the problem. My concern is the alignment. Can you explain to me how this character will fit in with a party that is mostly of good alignment?

Meresu: Right now recruitment is still closed while a few players with reserved slots work out their characters. I will open recruitment to others soon, and will consider your character if you resubmit it then.

dot, thinking occultist who works as an archaeologist

Ok, here's the alias for Dakash. I'm still mulling over backstory, but some cliffnotes:

- Dakash is a Samsaran bard/archaeolist. She is captivated with studying the past, because unlike all of her brethren, she doesn't feel the echoes of her past lives impacting her.
- Dakash knows that one of her past lives was some how caught up in ancient Osirion, and as such she has made it here life's work to investigate long lost ruins in the hope that something will trigger her past selves and open her up to the great cycle again.
- Dakash is almost certain that in her past life she was some kind of Osirion nobility, although she is prone to flights of fancy...
- Dakash is an ardent worshipper of Orisis, Osirion god of Rebirth. She believes that Osiris is the original maker of the Samsaran race, but again, flights of fancy...

Dakash looks good on a quick skim.

Are you both satisfied with your characters? I'm close to ready to open recruitment.

Yep, I'm happy.

Redelia - Hero Points is on my default in HeroLab, i just forgot to unselect it - I'll pull it off. I'll retool to an Inquisitor of Cayden which should alleviate your alignment concerns (and allow me to drink a lot!).

I'm good with you closing it, I think it's only going to be the three of us locked in each of our campaigns.

I'm fine with Pharasma, I would just have preferred that if you wanted to server Pharasma, you use NG alignment which is still within 1 step. If you want to stick with chaotic, yes, Cayden would aleviate the concern as well with CG alignment.

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OK, now opening recruitment to the public. The reserved slots are filled with a dwarf inquisitor of Cayden Cailean and a Samsaran bard (archaeologist). Build rules are in the first post above. Recruitment will be open for at most 1 week. That would mean closing at midnight Eastern Time on the 23rd of February. I will probably close recruitment early if I see enough quality applications. If I do, I will give some notice for those who have been working on characters to get them in.

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So, may I apply now?? :)
PCs began with how much gold to spend?

Here is the beginnings of Deza Jann, Suli barbarian. Fluff will be edited.

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I plan on making the standard sort of elven wizard, with a primary interest of overall helping the party. I'm still a noob at these things so bare with me.

For his actual character interests I'd like to make into some sort of scholarly type, with a focus on the langauges of the Osirian ancients and the world of thee inner sea. A lingiustic conisuer of sorts.

Will have something up soon.

Hi! I've been wanting to hop into a Mummy's Mask game for a while, and I've got two characters that I think would work really well.

The first one is my preference, Andrezi Revani:

He's a Vizier (Dreamscarred Press) that I built for another AP that didn't get off the ground. Andrezi is follower of Nethys and has been studying the relatively-unknown concepts of Akasha and Veilweiving in Absalom when a document is unearthed that references Ancient Osirian Veilweaving. Encouraged and optimistic, Andrezi makes for Wati, eager to join an adventuring group and explore the region.

If you're not OK with the Akasha, I've got a Forgemaster Dwarf that I've also been holding on to for a while now that I can tell you about.


DeviousDevious, I think the Vizier is a bit far from my comfort zone.

SirPeter, yep, general recruitment is open. Wealth is average for class.

Might as well toss in my hat. Malik was made for a previous Mummy's Mask that died, but I know basically nothing about the story still, we were just at the beginning. Changed him a bit since then and posting him here as my application.

Throwing my hat into this as well with this character.

Toban, check your stats. It's 20 points flat buy.

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I'd like to use shadewhite here, but I have him at a 15 point build because I applied for a different champain

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I'd also like to apply Dagori here, he is a gnoll Oracle who has left his tribe. I need to get his stats, story, and such up and done. He will be blind most likely.

I'd like to apply with Lucia, she was built for a legacy of fire campaign so she will require some minor alterations when I get the time. The general crunch and a short backstory are available on her profile, and her progression will look something like this:

Unchained Rogue 1: Toughness, Weapon Finesse
Wizard 1
Wizard 2 or Sorcerer dip i havent decided: Accomplished Sneak attacker
Arcane Trickster or last Wizard level if i decided to dip sorcerer: ?

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I'll be applying with a desert druid. It really is as simple as it sounds. I've just always loved the desert druid.

Guys, please make sure you've read the alignment part of the character requirements. I've seen several non-good aligned characters without the required explanation as to how they would fit into a good party.

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Here is the explanation as to why he isn't evil, as well as his origin

Dagori was born with a broken leg and as deaf and silent as the dead. He was abandoned by his parents, who gave him to the tribe's shawman. The shawman saw his broken leg, and how he didn't respond to the world's sounds. She saw this and asked the spirits what to do. They told her to leave Dagori at an alter to the Salamander.

He was left there overnight, to see what would happen. During the night, a young copper dragon who was exploring his newly claimed territory found the alter and the child. Feeling sorry for the child he took it in. The dragon raised Dagori from a pup and taught him how to speak even though he was deaf.
Then when Dagori became of age, he began showing powers of divine origin. The dragon recognized this and began to teach Dagori what he could. Soon Dagori was visited in his dreams by a being of fire and was told he was important to it. He was told to go out, travel, and find his destiny. Dagori felt the being ment well, and he was filled with joy, for it was the first time he had ever actually "heard" a voice.

Leaving the copper dragon was worrying, but Dagori was resolute in his mind. So he left his adopted father and traveled the land, using guidance from his spirit guardian to hone his powers

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Here is my submission: Silverlake, the graceful.

Character Sheet:
Silverlake Halfmoon
Male elf fighter (eldritch guardian/martial master/mutation warrior) 1
CG Medium humanoid (elf)
Init: +4; Senses: low-light vision; Perception +5
AC 19, touch 14, flat-footed 15 (+4 armor, +4 Dex, +1 shield)
hp 13 (1d10+3)
Fort +4, Ref +4, Will -1
Speed: 30 ft.
Melee: rapier +5 (1d6/18/20) or
. . . . elven branched spear +4 (1d8/×3)
Ranged: chakram (30-ft) +5 (1d8/×2)
Spell-like abilities (CL 1st): 1/day-comprehend languages, detect magic, detect poison, and read magic
Str 10, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 8, Cha 16
Base Atk: +1; CMB: +5; CMD: 15
Feats: weapon finesse
Traits: mathematical prodigy and undead crusader
Skills: Knowledge (arcana) +8, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +7, Knowledge (religion) +8, Perception +5, UMD +7; Racial modifiers: +2 in Perception; Armor Check Penalty: -3
Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic, Sylvan and Osirani.
SQ: familiar
Combat Gear: acid (10 gp); Other Gear: buckler (1 gp), chain shirt (100 gp), chakram x4 (4 gp), elven branched spear (20 gp), fighter’s kit (9 gp), mule (8 gp), rapier (20 gp) and 3 gp.
Special Abilities
Envoy: gain the following spell-like abilities once per day: comprehend languages, detect magic, detect poison, and read magic. The caster level for these effects is equal to the elf’s level.
Elven Immunities: Elves are immune to magic sleep effects and gain a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells and effects.
Familiar (Ex): at 1st level, an eldritch guardian gains a familiar, treating his fighter level as his effective wizard level for the purpose of this ability.
Keen Senses: Elves receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.
Mathematical Prodigy: gain a +1 bonus on Knowledge(arcana) and Knowledge (engineering) checks, and Knowledge (arcana) is a class skill for you.
Undead Crusader: gain a +1 trait bonus on damage rolls against undead creatures and a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (religion) checks, and that skill is a class skill for you.

Silverlake is a forlorn who raise in Osirion. He discovered some innate magical powers when he attracted Pinchy, a hedgehog who becomes his loyal companion. The elf's abilities were beyond that magic, he know how to fight with the weapon of his people, a mix of warrior and mage flows in its soul. He practiced mixed martial arts by himself, with weapons and hands. Silverlake was just starting his training to become an apprentice of wizard, when his master was killed by a group of undeads, in obscure circumstances. Until today, he doesn't know how his master could fall, he had so much incredible powers... The fact is that he starts to study by himself not only the martial ways, but the mystic ways too, when he and Pinchy find other people who is looking for some adventure...

PS.: have to do the familiar's sheet...

And here is my application for this campaign. Leid can get along with Good-aligned individuals, though she will be working on showing that this kind of behavior only leads to bad things in the long run.

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Braydir, I noticed a few errors on your sheet. For instance, you have an 18 point buy right now, and you included Stability bonuses to your CMD even though you took the alternative racial trait Rockstepper.

I noticed this because I'm submitting a dwarf druid and decided to use your profile as a template.

Umarmen, I'm just going to bluntly tell you that any worshipper of Zon-Kuthon is not going to be selected. I am only going to select PCs who are of good alignment or of neutral alignment but almost good (and fit in with a party where all the others are good), not a PC who is neutral but almost evil.

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I'm going to say where I want Dagori to go and plans for RP.

Because he is deaf, most of his dialogue will be distorted or as gestures. He'll mostly be an offensive healer. He'll use his spells mostly for healing, but will throw an attack spell out when he can spare it. He has good knowledge, but probably won't use much of it for out of combat. He has a spear and shield, but will be mostly defensive in combat.

Socially, he is not very adept. Although he is kind, he doesn't react to things very well. He often misunderstands things and makes mistakes.

He will be motivated by a "spirit" that appears in his dreams. The spirit is a molelvolent being who grants Dagori his powers. It is there simply to replace the god that he would gain power from otherwise.

Here's Alayi Ah'Mheed. She is a Ifrit Swashbuckler. I am currently updating her stats. I am looking to her being chaotic neutral former slave. Not much is different in her current build, but will see about updating it for your pbp.

I do have a couple questions about the beginning gold amount. Is it by average by class, or by a set amount? And what about background skills? What is your opinion of them, and are they allowed?

Below is just a quick write up of Alayi's background and motivation.

Background: As I said she's a former slave of Katheer. Bought by her late master to be taught to become an assistant to him. When he died, he had no family, he left the business to Alayi. She sold it to fund her freedom and to travel around, and learn how to take care of herself.

After a while, Alayi finds herself in Osirion and hears about the opening of the Necropolis in Wati. She decides to go there to see about joining a group to earn some gold so she doesn't fall into debt and possibly becoming a slave again.

Personality: Alayi is happy go lucky girl who has a decent head on her shoulders. She doesn't want conflict, but will defend herself if needed. Wants to have fun, but knows she needs a means to support it. And her opinion of slavery, is that it is better to be a slave then be a begger living in poverty. She has bought a slave before and freed her and gave the person some gold to get by on.

Alignment: She is chaotic neutral, but leaning towards good. She doesn't care for laws, but will not go out of her way to break them. She also won't stop to help someone who attacked her, or her allies, even if that person is bleeding out. If she notices someone that needs help, that isn't a threat, she might just decide to help them.

Deity: She does not have one at this time. She feels that people should decide what they want to do. If they want to follow a god, so be it. As long as they don't try to cram their belief down her throat, or try to sacrifice her, or harm her.

Edit: I just finished updating her stats on her profile. I hope everything is to your liking. Aside the chaotic neutral of course. I can change her alignment to chaotic good if that helps, but I believe her personality still puts her in the former.

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Here is my aasimar paladin of Anubis, Khere. If anything is out of place, let me know and I'll fix him ASAP!

All of the required info is in his profile, but I'll post a summary of it here.

Background: A native of Wati, Khere was saved by the power of Anubis, but was tasked to serve as a paladin as penance for trying to loot a shrine to the Guardian of Tombs in order to save his mother.

Personality: A kindhearted, although hardheaded, paladin of Anubis, Khere is curious about archaeology and hopes to learn more about how archaeologists fit into his faith.

Alignment: Lawful Good (Please note he is NOT Lawful Stupid!). He doesn't like tomb robbers, but he'll make an exception to archaeologists as they don't seem to be (for the most part) motivated by greed.

Deity: Anubis. He is grateful for the god to give him a second chance and for giving him a purpose in his life. He strives to follow the Code of Anubis's Holy Guardians:

*Death is as sacred as life, and is to be respected. Without death, there can be no life.
*I shall never desecrate the corpses of the fallen. The vessels of others are to be respected. The abominations of the Urgathoa and Set, however must be destroyed.
*The resting places of the departed must be respected. Those who defile these resting places must be punished, unless they have done all that they can to respect the dead.
*The schemes of Set must be halted at all costs, for he seeks to corrupt the souls of the dead.
*Protect the living from the wrath of the undead.
*I shall never raise the undead, I will never kill a child, I will never eat the blood, body, or bone of my fellow man for that is the path of damnation.

I hope this code is okay.

This is D-Kal with my desert druid submission.

One of the Pahmet, Treggor's proud family has guarded the secrets of the pharaohs for generations. With the opening of the necropolis, he was sent by his tribe to explore the mysteries buried within, and to help discern which mysteries should remain buried forever.

Treggor himself, being one of the sand dwarves, is durable and quick, and not easily fooled. He trains in the scimitar, the traditional weapon of his people, and knows the magic of the land well. There are few so well-attuned to the sands of Osirion as Treggor's tribe, and he himself is no exception.

The Pahmet are xenophobic and superstitious by nature, with an inherent distrust of outsiders and many magic-users. They have a reverence for the entombed dead and pass down cautionary tales of the mummy's curse and the consequences of disturbing the dead. They are a simple people with little regard for gold or power, but with a great respect for their land and history.

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Khere, are you following a more specific paladin code, like some of the codes for specific major deities in Inner Sea Gods? If this is something you're interested in for this character, I would definately encourage you to pursue it. You might check Shelyn's code, with its emphasis on artwork, and Pharasma's code as written up here for inspiration if you want to do this.

Alayi, starting gold is average for your class. I'm not planning to include background skills, but if there's something that really adds to your character, we could discuss a custom trait or something like that.

Dagori, I'm concerned about the spirit involved being 'malevolent.' I think that might push your character more toward evil than really fits here.

SirPeter, Malik, Shadewhite, Deza, on a quick glance, the character looks fine.

Lucia, the character is a little evil-leaning for what I'm going after here.

Toban, I need a little justification of the alignment from you.

Not sure. But I did look that paladin of Pharasma code over and I like it since it fits with my character's concept! Thank you!

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Oops, I ment bolevolent. My stupid auto correct on my tablet sucks

The spirit is of kind heart, a good being

Sovereign Court

I'd like to mention that Dagori and shadewhite are both me, I'm applying with two separate characters. And shadewhite is also applied for another champain right now.

Right. Just updated her without the background skills. She is going to get the feat Dervish Dance at third level, and having the extra skill points helps when she only receives at max, 5 per level.

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