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SFS #1-05 The First Mandate

Maps and handouts


I will be running the Starfinder Society scenario The First Mandate as part of Play by Post Game Day VII as part of Session 2.

I will be taking players in the order they sign up provided they create a profile within a few days of signing up. If you are using one of the pre-generated characters, there are already BB Code copies you can just cut and paste into your profile.

I generally expect players to check in a few days before the game starts. This gives me time to find a replacement if someone doesn’t show.

Once I have a Google Slide document up, I will ask you to request edit permissions. I do not like allowing open edit permissions.

Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo)

Please count me in! I've been waiting for this one to come up again!

Welcome, Vandor!

Since you already have a good profile for the character, go ahead and dot & delete in Gameplay.

I would like to put my name into the hat. I am new to SFS and I have made 2 characters to play , both are 1st level.
And I am newer to PBP, so what are you talking about: "Once I have a Google Slide document up, I will ask you to request edit permissions. I do not like allowing open edit permissions." ? I am not sure what this is.

@Buckshot Bob

I use Google Slides for all of the maps. In order to be able to move your avatar on the map, you need permission to edit the maps. This basically consists of following the link to the Google Slide, and once there you request edit permission.

Google Slides can run in a web browser. If you use a tablet or smart phone, there may also be an applet you can use. I do many of my posts from my iPad, but for creating the original slides and some other tasks I will use my laptop.

Since you are new to Play by Post, you may want to read some of the various guides that talk about the basics of Play by Post. One that many people find useful is Painlord’s Guide to Play by Post. It will introduce many of the conventions used in Play by Post.

I don’t mind helping people new to the game or Play by Post.

I would encourage you to ask when you have questions. I will do my best to answer them.

Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo)

Hiya GM Bret! I'd like to hop on board for this one as well. I'll plan on using this character, since he's got ties to both factions involved in this scenario. Looking forward to playing with you!


As a first level Technomancer shouldn’t you only have two 1st level spells known and be able to cast 3/day?

Table 4-11 adds to the number of spells per day you can cast, not the number known.


Here is one (Buckshot Bob)


And here is the other one to choose from (Buckshot Bob).
Just need a little to finish. Do you see any issues with either?

Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo)

Ah! You're completely correct about that, Bret. Thanks for catching that! That's all fixed now.


I don’t see any other problems. Go ahead and dot & delete in gameplay.

Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo)

Great! Thanks, Bret! Looking forward to gaming with you.

@Buckshot Bob

On Deloran,
As an Operative(Explorer) you get skill focus in Survival and Culture, not Stealth. You could take Skill Focus in Stealth as one of your regular feats, but your Operative’s Specialization just gives it in the two skills listed under Explorer.

You don’t get Ever vigilant until 5th level.

Armor has everything a space suit has, you may want to dump the space suit in favor of Stationwear, flight suit since that can withstand combat.

Your numbers for the skills don’t look right. To pick three:

Survival 1 rank +3 class +0 Wis +3 Skill Focus = +7 or +11 for Trick Attack
Acrobatics 0 ranks? +4 Dex +1 Operatives Edge = +5
Physical Science can’t be used untrained.

Note that since Operative’s Edge and Skill Focus are both Insight bonuses, they don’t add together— you take the highest one.

On Seven of Eleven,
You don’t have enough skills, you should have 8. This may be part of not being done yet.
You don’t make it clear if your are an Exo-Cortex or Drone mechanic. Since you don’t have any mention of a drone, I would guess Exo-Cortex.

Custom Rig says:
While using this rig, you always count as having the appropriate tool or basic kit for any Computers or Engineering skill check you attempt.

That means you don’t need to buy either of Toolkit- Engineering or Toolkit- Hacking (computer).

On the other hand, you may want to buy trapsmith's tools (provides a +4 bonus to Engineering or Mysticism checks to arm or disarm traps). The Custom Rig wouldn’t give you the +4 bonus.

Let me know if you need any help. I’ve built both an Operative and a Drone Mechanic, plus read through Exo-Cortex a number of times while trying to decide on my mechanic.


I haven't updated her since her last game, but if you still have room for one more? I really liked playing in your Claim to Salvation table in Outpost! :D

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@Elektra Globes,

Welcome back ElectraDawns! I had to look, then realized you had played Navasi.

Sure, go ahead and dot & delete in gameplay. I have confidence you will have it up to date before the game starts.

Is there still room? I haven't done SFS before but I'm level 10 in Dead Suns and I've done Pathfinder (and FATE) PbP before.

Yes, there is still room Commodore_RB.

Since you have experience with Starfinder, do you plan to build your own character or use one of the pregenerated characters?

I'll build-a-bear. Clive Doles, human drone mechanic, reporting for duty. Along with my hover drone, Clive Jr.


Ok, I think they are done now. Thank you for the help.

I think this is the one I would like to play, unless you think that a operative would be more useful.

What else do you need, boss?

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@Clive & Seven,

Go ahead and dot & delete in gameplay.

Since you aren’t that familiar with PbP Buckshot Bob, here is a quick explanation of what that means and why it is done.

Creating a post in gameplay (dotting) and then deleting it will cause the game to show up in your campaigns whichout having each campaign start with what is basically several empty posts. It will also cause the alias you posted with to show up under the campaign name. Having the campaign show up on your campaigns list makes it a lot easier to see when there are new posts.


You might want to buy some equipment. :)


I will contact you later via PM about some of the details on your character.


So far in the group we have:

  • Vandor Draak, human Envoy 2.
  • Chikasa “Chik-Chik”, ysoki Technomancer
  • Elektra Globes, human Envoy
  • Clive Doles, human Mechanic with drone
  • Seven of Eleven, android Mechanic with Exo-Cortex

I believe that is everyone who has applied so far. We still have room for one more.


I would like to join in on this adventure. If there are any questions, suggestions, or reservations please feel free to let me know.

Welcome, Haastaskin!

Please dot & delete the gameplay thread.

That makes six players.

Assuming everyone shows up, we have a full table.

Anyone applying after this will be considered as a backup in case someone else fails to show.

Bret, you may want to post here about your need for a replacement player for this game!

To those reading this -- Bret's a steady GM, and First Mandate is a great game!


Oops, I had already posted in Discussion and various places looking for players. I had neglected to look closer at my own recruitment thread.

Yes, we need a replacement for one of the players that has not responded.


This character is free if the space is still open. Level 2 hacker operative.

Great! Welcome to the adventure Darkrunner-42!

Please dot and delete Gameplay.

I will try to start the game up tonight.

Recruitment done!


Thanks, done!

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