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Not this one. The other one!

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Wait what? =)

I've had this idea for awhile.

Sometimes I'll be looking at the Recruitment thread, and I'll think "Why can't I just start playing in something right now?"

Well, now you can!

The idea: I have a module that I think I can take approximately infinite people through.

The rules are simple:
1) You can post with any alias. No need to make a new alias because any one will work! Because,
2) Everyone has d6 in their stats. And their attributes. Your Strength is d6. Your Agility is d6. Your Shooting is d6, your lock-picking is d6, your Persuasion is d6.
For any check to do a thing, roll a d6. A 4 or higher means you succeeded! This scales because,
3) I'll require multiple successes to advance the plot.

Indeed, the only two caveats would be:
A) The same alias can't take more than one action in the same round.
1. But the Player can! Want to do another thing? Post with a different alias. ^_^
B) An alias can't post after its been killed. Oh yeah, there are ways to die.

Ummmmm, any questions?

I think I'd like to do the interest check this week, and run the thing next week.

Sounds cool. I've got plenty of backup aliases (chuckles evilly.)

What system is this?

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Hey! Two guys interested! Yes!

Post all you want, Partick Newcarry. This is all about giving back. Even if I never got anything from you.

*teehee* Ah! You've already found out my secret! At it's base, I'm trying to introduce the population at large to Savage Worlds. (This is the SRD/quick start guide, FYI) In theory, everyone is playing characters with d6 in their stats, and a d6 in every skill.
(This will be a big reveal at the end, so, shhhhh. Don't tell anybody. =)

Oh, this is Savage Worlds?

Great! A friend of mine has invited me to play SW but I don't know the basics of the system, so this should be a great introduction for me to the game mechanics.

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Oh absolutely!

I'm of the opinion that SW is the best RPG out there right now, so you could say that I'm putting my proverbial money where my actual mouth is. ^_^

Is this goes well, then it backs up that theory.

Amusingly, I just heard about 'The Westmarches' playstyle from a new acquaintance on the Earthdawn (FASA) forums. I thought for just a moment that this was going to be that.

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Ya, this is an old idea, actually modified from another, diceless story-telling style.

Also, I'm gonna be shocked that Earthdawn is still around.

I'm gonna be double shocked that the old, old, old FASA-style Earthdawn has a forum. (I still have the original book! It's in terrible condition. ^_^)

Modern? Sci-fi? Fantasy? what kind of setting are we looking at?

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*chuckle* See, this is why I did Interest check first. To me, I don't see how this affects anything, but it's a point of interest for you, and that's what's important.

I'll be running a module from the Sci-Fi expansion of of SW. There will be space ships, laser blasts, new and interests Science! and at least once I'm sure someone will calibrate the tachyons, because that fixes everything. ^_^

This sounds exactly like what I need. Guaranteed roleplaying? A chaotic new way of playing? Sign me up! I'm in if you'll have me. Just gotta decide what alias to use...

I will play. We functionally have infinite Aliases on the boards right?

Alright I applied. When's Zayne and Vrog going to show up?

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Yes! =D

Ideally, I'm not "technically" turning anyone away. (I already threw out the "Party size is Infinity" line, so now I gotta stick by it.) Hence, I'm having you whether I want to or not. =p

Yes, ADM, you bring your infinite, add that to everyone else's infinity and that gives us, um, TWO infinities! And two is better than one, so party on!


(Whew. Until you guys I thought this was crashing and burning. Ah well never can tell, right?)

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P.S. In theory, I was thinking we'd not use the Gameplay tab, and just keep everything right here in the Recruitment thread. Since one can jump in and out ad infinitum, we are "technically" always recruiting, so that's not too inaccurate.

Also, then we can keep getting new people until we have everyone! MUHAHAHAHAHA!

ahem. yesssssss.

I have wanted to play Savage worlds for a bit.

I'm new at Pbp, but I'm curious to try.
Seems a nice occasion to do so.

I'm in. :)

Maybe you should at least open gameplay for dot and delete in the actual game. Only posts in Gameplay get the game on your Campaign tab so you can check for updates. Not trying to argue with the DM though. Just a thought. :)

This sounds fun! When does it begin?

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Okay, when I do the Game 4 reelz I'll open up a Gameplay for dot-n--delete purposes. Seems simple enough.

Goddity wrote:
This sounds fun! When does it begin?

My hope was to start soonish. I post Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. But it turns out my Tuesday next week is spoken for, so instead of pushing it off another week, I'll start Thursday.

Sound good?




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Let's get this craziness started.

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