Desert Of Fate

Game Master Michael Talley 759

Desert adventure setting, adventuring tempting fate and perhaps helping others with their own.

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Liberty's Edge

Well it wouldn't be a fun adventure without a treasure hoard what with the fast experience table and likely needed gear suited to the level as you guys advance :D

Hmmm not so sure about the elven girl being yours...their some life left in these old mechant bones of mine....Granted..I am a tainted one...grrr

Folds arms and just arches eyebrow at the 'boys talk' around her.

Drat...I think she understands the common tongue O_o

Said tongue is all too common. :P

Wishing every one all the very best. :)

Use of the Dwarven language will do the trick :)

i hope you had as much fun with the Dwarf of steel (post form the gameplay) as i did...

Personally I'm having a blast running this adventure, so already working on expanding the adventure.

so prepare to see alot more of this mysterious fella, I might be too old for adventuring much anymore but I think I might have found a few adventurers to help the world a great deal better.

you mean people that arn't lazy or lecherous?

s-shut up god of the desert >,<


Yes, your character is 'fun' and such. I apologize for this charter's "character" to still be in its nascent and developmental stage. She'll break out of eh shell soon enough. I'm also a little sorry for not having enough time to post as much as every one else.

I will be coming up to a few consecutive days where I;ll be keeping a closer eye on things and respond with more.

No worries normally I don't have time to post this often as I drive a local school bus, but I have some classes that didn't need to be driver this morning. Well best be getting back to the salt mine as they say

Hey don't worry sunset, as long as you read every thing we silly dwarves do, you can respond to us on your own timetable.. Real outside of Desert comes first :)

And the next amount of 'down time' the group gets Sunset will be asking questions about a certain 6' dwarf...Who can't see in the dark. ;)

Much cheers to all.

Well the amount of info will largely depend on you interrogation methods :)

*Sunset quietens down in what IS supposed to be the recruitment thread.*

if any of you 3 are interested in a rise of the runelord PbP we are making a 4 man/woman party =>

and could use a good cleric/oracle

posted as Giltahnis...just about done, just need a little more geqar otherwise good to go :)

Yeah a cleric/oracle would be awesome. Also man, after 8 hyenas, fighting 3 of them just isn't as scary.

Rooo is Utarah finally growing a beard of Steel? (chuckled remembering an image of a ifrit bard running desperate not sooooooo long ago)


Excellent I can get you into the game right away if you want Riggar

Sure I am at work so won't be able to post till off but you can introduce me and you can DMNPC me off need be till then. Up to you :)

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