Agents of Cheliax Abroad

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Expanding Cheliax: Infiltrating, Manipulating, Corrupting, and Subverting for The Empire of Devils

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Expanding Cheliax: Infiltrating, Corrupting, and Subverting for The Empire of Devils



A small, varied group of Chelaxian nationalists – hungry with ambition and talent – are looking for a way to not merely advance their station in Cheliax, but to eventually become great heroes for their Mother Empire, earning not just notice and consideration from, but also respect and authority from, Queen Abrogail Thrune, and perhaps even Asmodeus himself.

Little do they realize, they are about to be joined together by chance or by fate in circumstance to advance not merely their ambitions to become powers in Cheliax, but their dreams of becoming named amongst the great heroes the Empire has ever known.

Can their ambition and talent push them to greatness? Or will they become just another group of promising adventurers who die before their names can be remembered?


This is a PC-driven, almost Sandbox in design, roleplaying campaign of intrigue, guile, subversion, corruption, manipulation, diplomacy, negotiation, intimidation and bribery. Once the PCs succeed in working together in Cheliax, they will be noticed by the Crown and recruited for a mission from House Thrune herself to be Agents of Cheliax abroad.

This mission, which will span years, will take the PCs to a number of nations that Queen Abrogail Thrune, Gorthoklek, and their advisors have deemed ripe for insidious conquest.

With the Chelaxian military might on high alert on her eastern border with Andoran -- and with Absalom and Taldor (among others) constantly looking for weaknesses in Her Infernal Majestrix’s Empire of Devils, the PCs will be charged with keeping as low a profile as possible – yet commanded to succeed nonetheless.

The onus will be on the Players to come up with plans on how to infiltrate, subvert and corrupt individuals of power and influence, as well as commoners and experts, in
Mediogalti Island,
Isger, and
NidalNot including the Uskwood
Using guile, deceit, manipulation and roleplay you will, over a long period of time, convert many individuals and power blocks to service to Hell or Cheliax or Thrune or You, .... and like “Cohorts” and “Followers,” they will turn their city states or nations to serve Cheliax fully.


This campaign takes place after the events of Curse of the Crimson Throne but shortly before Council of Thieves and the two Hell’s APs, Rebels and Vengeance. (Please NO spoilers from those three!)

We will begin at 8th level.
The campaign opens with the PCs coming together to take over – somehow – a new Barony in SW Cheliax. The Baroness is young Stella Spartaco, whose uncle Count Vocaturo Spartaco has placed in authority. Meanwhile the Countess has arranged for her niece, the young Baroness, to marry a young man from House Phandros in Westcrown, Francesco Phandros. If the marriage succeeds the Baroness-Regnant and Baron-Consort will be able to consolidate their hold on the new Barony, and you will have lost your opportunity. But if you can stop the wedding somehow, you can find a way to come to power in the Barony – and even the County.

That is what gets the notice of Queen Abrogail Thrune.
You will advance to 9th level and begin your plans as Agents of Cheliax Abroad.

9th and 10th levels will see you begin to infiltrate your six targets, begin making contacts and initiating your plans. You will likely go back and forth between targets, letting your plans in one area go into motion after being set, while you move on to another target, to return later to the first.

10th and 11th levels will have seen you accomplish infiltration and subversion on a small scale in all six targets and return to make bigger moves – but still “under-the-radar,” so to speak. Nonetheless, bigger goals and more widespread subversion and corruption will be your plans, now with several contacts, “cohorts” and “followers” spreading your plans throughout your targets.

12th and 13th levels will see you become more open in your plans and will see you bring Cheliax to your targets. Now, enough key figures in your targets will support you that they can openly support Cheliax.

I do not know if we will reach 14th level and what will be happening then, once your six targets are openly in service to Cheliax and Hell.

As this is an ‘Evil’ campaign, please note that no PvP will be allowed and that, moreover, PCs must be able to work together as a team -- sharing treasure, considering everyone’s opinion and playing together in common cause.

Further, please include in your background some detail on YOUR interpretation of Alignment for your PC (explicitly agreeing that others may have a slightly different view of the same Alignment that works for their PC).

Character Generation Guidelines:


8th Level

26 point buy for Ability Scores (show your math)
2 Ability points gained every four levels, to be used however the Player wants (instead of just one)

Max HP every Level

40,000 GP – no single item may cost more than 16,500gp

Select three Traits.
Please list the mechanical effect of the Trait for me, not the name.
Further, since a Trait is half the strength of a Feat, you can make up Traits pretty easily: +2 to one Skill; +1 to two Skills; +2 Initiative; +1 to a Saving Throw; +2 to Concentration checks; +1 Spell Penetration; +1 to attack rolls vs a Type of monster – that kind of stuff. I’m pretty easy here.

Select one extra Feat.
Taken at 8th level.
Feats may be selected from the Core Rulebook and the APG. Feats from additional sources may be allowed – please send me a PM for specific requests. Some few of these others, such as Fey Foundling in the “Inner Sea Guide,” are approved with some Houserule modification.

ALL Races shall instead conform to the “Standard” Ability Score Modifier Quality as defined in the ARG chapter four:
Pick one Physical stat for a +2 / Pick one Mental stat for a +2 / and pick one of the other four stats for a -2.

(This hopefully encourages the Player to select Race based on racial Fluff rather than Crunch: If you want a Catfolk Cleric or a Dwarven Sorcerer, for example, then you can do so without crippling your PC at creation. Further, it makes the Aasimar more balanced, forcing it to take a -2 to one score.).

In the ARG, almost all material from Chapter 1: Core Races, is allowed.
Much of the material from Chapter 2: Featured Races, is allowed. (Prehensile Tail is NOT.)
A tiny bit of the material from Chapter 3: Uncommon Races, is allowed – often with Houserule modification.

Option: You may build a Race using the ARG under the following Houserules:

1) You have 13 points to spend.
2) You may only use “Standard” Traits.
3) You may not have ANY Trait costing four points or more – also, the Spell Resistance, Greater Trait is disallowed.
4) You must still use the “Standard” Ability Score Modifier Quality as mentioned earlier for ALL Races.
5) You must work with the DM on Background and History for the Race, which is ultimately subject for DM approval, revision or refusal. –As a note, I am more likely to accept Races that are defined as a mix-race or a little-known ethnicity: a Nidalese Halfing, a half Dwarf/Gnome,…. What DO you get from an Aasimar parent and a Tiefling parent?....

All Core Classes accepted.
All APG Base Classes (and many APG Archtypes) accepted.
The Magus Base Class in th UM is accepted (You may request other UM material – Feats, Archtypes, Spells, Equipment, etc. via PM.)
The Base Classes in the ACG are accepted. (You may request other ACG material – Feats, Archtypes, Spells, Equipment, etc. via PM.)
The Vigilante in the UI is accepted.
A good rule of Thumb for character creation:
The CORE is okay.
The APG is okay.
Some stuff in the UM is okay.
Some stuff in the ACG is okay.
Some stuff in the ARG is okay.

SKILLS (Housrules):

is more powerful than the book indicates. You can know how injured another PC is with this, and even many monsters to a lesser degree. You can also heal more than just a few pitiful HP with Heal as well.

Knowledge Skills:

Geography, History & Nobility are Combined (making this one Skill closer in strength to the ‘monster’ Skills). This is called “Knowldege: Society.” It includes history, cultures, society, nobility, customs, lands, terrain, people, legends, laws, personalities, traditions.

Religion and Planes are combined. If it has to do with Cosmology (gods are Outsiders, too) this is the Skill. It includes rituals, customs and dogma of the Outsiders, as well as geography and history of the Planes.) This is called “Knowledge: Cosmology.” It is for monsters that are Outsiders, for all things Inner & Outer Planes, the Astral & Ethereal & Elemental Planes, for Gods, Demon Lords, Arch Devils, to recognize Holy Symbols (& Profane), ecclesiastic dogma, ritual & tradition, religion and cosmology ....(Planes and Religion w/out Undead)

Arcane now also includes knowledge of Undead. Religion no longer does. (This makes Arcane on-par with Cosmology.) It is for monsters that are Dragons, Magical Beasts, Constructs, Undead (other 'Arcane' things that can also be gotten with Spellcraft)

Nature and Dungeoneering are now combined. (I’m still working on ways to make it stronger.) For monsters that are Fey, Monstrous Humanoids, Plant Creatures, Aberrations, Oozes, Vermin (other 'Nature' things can be gotten with Survival)

Local is for PC-playable Class and Race information. Class Features and power levels are included in these rolls. All races that advance “By Class” can be learned about through Knowledge: Local.
Knowledge Local is a Class Skill for every PC Class. All PCs can know about PC Class Features and PC Race Features. (An NPC Expert, Adept, Warrior or Adept, however, may not have Knowledge Local as a Class Skill. For 'monsters' that are based on Class features, and NPCs' 'power levels' (CR interpretation) -- and for Racial features of Humanoid races-- races that advance by Class Level

Engineering is irrelevant and of no use. It is not a Skill.

Other Misc HouseRules:

If you roll a 20, you Crit. It’s as simple as that.

If you Threat on lower than a 20, you still have to Confirm the Crit.
I will NOT allow Threat ranges to go below 18. (So if you have a Scimitar, there’s never any point in getting Keen. And a Longsword with Keen only Threats from18.

Adamantine can only be found in-game, not purchased.

The Elven Curved Blade is an Exotic Weapon – EVEN for Elves (Weapon Familiarity be damned).

Everyone has One Hero Point and these are somewhat stronger than the published version.

The Leadership Feat is not allowed.

Item Creation (except for Scrolls & Potions) Feats are not allowed for this campaign.

We will not be using a grip map for combat.

There is NO "common" language for humans.

Your "common" language will be appropriate to the land from which you come-- Chelaxian in all likelihood. (PCs with backgrounds from places not Cheliax can ask me ('Chelaxian' from Andoran; 'Taldoran' from Absalom & Taldor).

With each Rank in Linguistics you can select an additional Language that must be a 'Human' Language.
(1 Rank for Draconic & Varisian, or 1 Rank for Goblinoid & Osiriani, or perhaps one Rank for Varisian & Osiriani -- Not one Rank for Draconic & Goblinoid)

It takes FOUR Ranks in Linguistics to know Azlanti. It takes FOUR Ranks in Linguistics to know Thassilonian (and four ranks for the other ancient, long dead languages -- only two for Ancient Osiriani).

"Undercommon" is a silent form of Sign Language.

"Rogue's Cant & Innuendo" is an additional choice to the list of Languages on page 251 of the Inner Sea Guide.


And for the areas in this campaign:
Rahadoum = Osiriani (ancient, native languages may still exist in Rahadoum)
Diobel = Taldoran
Nidal = Shadowtongue & Chelaxian
Isger = Chelaxian
Mediogalti = Chelaxian
Sargava = Chelaxian

NPC and world Alignment:

All of the NPCs you meet-- characters, monsters, villains, allies – whomever – and for societies and cultures that have overwhelming Alignment tendencies, Alignment is defined as thus:

Good and Evil are Morality alignments. This has to do with a person’s ethics, moral compass and view of the cosmos.

Lawful and Chaotic are Personality alignments. This has to do with temperament, behavior, personality and how a person reacts to stimuli.

Please don’t tell me (or anyone else) that Chaotic Good means you believe in personal freedom – as if Lawful Good doesn’t believe in freedom. That’s okay for YOUR PC, of course, but don’t try to shovel it on my NPCs or the other Players.

You certainly have the prerogative to define Alignment for your PC as you see fit.

Four PCs have already been chosen for this PbP; we waited until after the holidays to begin. And in that time we may have lost one of the Players.

As such, I am looking for one or two more PCs to join. Gameplay will be well underway when new PCs are introduced. I have planned for that.


ALFRED ENSBRIDGE …. NE Halfling Archaeologist Bard —8
Played by Rostam
(From an inconsequential branch of House Arvanxi and the non-noble Ensbridge family. An ambitious traveling performer in the Longmarch Archuchy ready to gain favor from Arvanxi and rise in Cheliax.)

YAOS HELLBRINGER …. LE Half-Elf Master Summoner —8
Played by Joynt Jezebel
(“The Red Widow” married into House Battori in the capital of Cheliax and is still peripherally part of the great House after her husband’s death. Her Eidolon Red Wing and her Familiar Pale Wing are constant companions.)

MANIUS BATTORI II …. LE Pactborn Inquisitor of Dispator —8
Played by Almagafor
(Directly descended from Pavel, Manius and Elzibeta Battori who supported Abrgail Thrune I during the Chelaxian civil war. House Battori has maintained loyalty to House Thrune to the present day but both its tiny size and profusion of mixed-lineage members keep it from becoming too influential.)

LORD MAGNIUS ARVANXI …. LE Human Investigator —3 / Inquisitor of the HellKnight Godclaw —5
Played by Monkeygod
(Like most in his House, believes and argues that his blood flows straight from the Azlanti Empire and when Aroden walked these lands as a mortal. Is also part of House Gheradescci in Corentyn, through marriage.)

Will post a bit more later, but wanted to let GM know I am still very much interested in this game :)

Interested. Want to make a gunslinger/grand marshal

Still here and ready to play

GM, your presentation is informative and enticing. I have a few questions for you:

1. You describe the campaign as somewhat sandbox while bounding it with published scenarios. I don't have a problem with this, for it gives the players a better idea of the world's status in which they are creating a character. However, it would be good to know to what extent we should check with you before making assumptions about backgrounds. For what it's worth, I've not played the scenarios after CotCT.

2. Are you looking for characters that adhere to the "agent" style or complements to that variety, willing to work for the crown?

3. Perhaps I missed it, but I'm not seeing an explicit "characters must be evil alignment" descriptor. As I understand it, the campaign is evil as a result of the various quests and non-good dispositions they'd promote. I am making this fine point as one of the forward possibilities in my mind at this point is a cultured former barrister who places precedence in civilization over the well-being of others, yet not explicitly at the hatred of them. In Cheliax, that just so happens to be the norm for society, so I believe that would put him closer to LN than LE.

Looking forward to tossing my hat in the ring! This looks very promising.

Yaos Hellbringer contacted me earlier today -- she may not be able to post for another day or so; she's very much still in but wrestling with a couple things in the new year.

Still no word from Manius Battori. (But he has posted one or two posts in other PbPs in the last couple days, after his three week absence from The Boards.)


@ Seth,
I'm glad you're interested; take a look at those niggling little houserules and let me know if you want to go further.

Note that unfortunately, material from the UC, including Gunslinger, is not available. Also, most material from Paths of Prestige is not available, including Grand Marshal.

Perhaps it's a flaw on my side but I despise the notion of guns in my D&D.

Any other things sound like fun?....


@ Krek,
I was a bit uncertain as to how the opening Recruitment would sound, as pretty much all of it is copy/paste from November when I got the four PCs already in the game.

Suffice it to say that this a Sandbox in that I do not have a campaign developed, so to speak, only a concept. You guys come up with how to infiltrate Rahadoum that is actually playable and I'll design it for play.

The players have come up with a couple ideas: Poison the water-hole and then bring Divine magic to clean it; make friends. ....Rile up some Divs in the mountains and come in to slay them and save the day, becoming heroes of Rahadoum. ....Reignite the conflict between Lord Avid of Diobel and Lord Gyr of Absalom. Etc., etc.

If (when) you guys come up with playable stuff, I'll give it to you for play.

I'd been struggling with this campaign design for a few years now.
I just couldn't find a way to make it playable. It's not as though a campaign can be played by the PCs walking into town, rolling a series of Diplomacy and/or Intimidate, and then, The End. ....So I got this idea-- make You come up with the playability, and it seems to be working.

....Yes, you should be willing to work for Queen Abrogail Thrune to bring the target nations/city states under the Chelaxian banner.

....I guess it's theoretically possible for a PC to be something other than Lawful Evil. Heck, our Halfling Archaeologist Bard, Alfred Ensbridge, is NE. And I guess you could get away with LN, maybe. But a fair assumption is LE. Whatever works.

The campaign sounds real interesting. I'm thinking of making a Lawful Evil Kitsune Flame Oracle that follows the Diabolism Philosophy.

@ Banesama,

Very cool.

The little village of Valsecchi in Gheradescci County (where the campaign begins) is named for and governed by a Kitsune. The village is a community of a few Kitsune, Catfolk and Half-elves, along with a few Humans, who tend several acres of grapevines for vintning. Valsecchi himself is quite ambitious.

Anyhoo, if you don't already have a background in mind, being from the little village of Valsecchi would be ideal. I've designed incredibly little of it and the parts I have designed are purposely left open-ended -- thus you have quite a bit of freedom with background if you want to build a PC there.

Dotting with interest. Looking at making a Lawful Evil Fighter (5) Hellknight Commander of the Wrack (3). The Lvl 3 power will be the one that let's him summon and dismiss his armor as move actions.

This gives him the ability to tank, and the ability to move around in different situations. The biggest problem for heavy armor users is that you can't wear it everywhere, doubly true when being covert. This eliminates the problem. And as for being useful for the party: Fast Learner/Improvisation/Improved Improvisation/Breadth of Experience. Add in armor expert, and he'll eventually have full plate with 0 ACP and no movement penalties. So any skill check will be something he can attempt with a chance of success.

Thinking that he will have been ordered to go, with strict orders to succeed in their missions by any means possible. As loyalty to the order comes first, this will let him fight alongside more chaotic team mates.

So no psychic classes? I was thinking of an Ectoplasmatist spiritualist.

The "Emerald Snake" [Crime boss]

Very interested, would be good to make a PC for this just to see what can be done. I know investigator is ok as a class, would you let in a full level 8 investigator but with the psychic-detective-investigator-archetype if that is ok.

I want to play something very out there if I may GM. I want to play an 8th Level LE Investigator/psychic-detective [Night/dusk Elf].

Her background would be little unknown, and very well hidden, she was in fact trained by the Chelaxian secret service, as its still in part and agent for them. She was sent to uncover a crime syndicate, but instead infiltrated it and took it over. The "Snakes" and now runs it while still doing the bidding of the powers that been. She has gained a reputation for being utterly ruthless and deadly. Few cross her in the underworld and live. She is an elf [Night Elf, /Dusk elf if I cant get RB to work for my idea. She has been around a long time]

I want to give her a street name to be just "Emerald Snake" and give her underworld and black market her area. Where as other PCs have noble family contacts/back ground I would like her to have a organised criminal gang as her starting point. Trafficking, Artifacts, stolen trade goods and high end Slaves.

As a PC she will be highly intelligent and deadly by means of poisons and plots.

Crime and Manipulation will be her areas.

@Aurilous, that concept sounds rather similar to Magnius, who is the group's skill monkey, as well as heavy armor hitter. Though, granted he isn't to focused on the combat aspects, what your proposing is kinda close to what Magnius already brings to the table.

Indeed you are right. I've decided to rebuild the character into something different. Your party is really balanced. So first of all..

Fiendish Heritage: Roll 3 times and pick favorite result:

1d100 ⇒ 81
1d100 ⇒ 49
1d100 ⇒ 68

Chosen Result: "You possess spell resistance equal to 10 + 1/2 your Hit Dice."

This character will be a Tiefling Witch Killer Slayer (5) Hellknight (3)

This is a character who has 3 selling points:
(1) He is a heavy armor wearing, power attacking tank who can summon his armor as a move action
(2) He is good at killing wizards. Magic Resistance, good saves from class features, and he can make it harder for enemy wizards to cast defensively
(3) Decent backup skills, but nothing which can overshadow the party.

Already have it mostly worked up on my profile. Still need to add equipment and iron any problems out.


Also for background. I'm thinking of having this character be a Tiefling who was a warrior-slave. He slew a devil while fighting alongside Hellknights. They witnessed this and bought him from his master. Meaning that the order owns him in a very real sense, though he will have great pride and loyalty in his armor for it represents a culmination of everything he has done in his life.

If you like...he could also be from the Godclaw, and was sent with you as reinforcements. So same order, but different motivations and party function.

Heading back home tomorrow. So i hope to work on a character over the weekend

Please check my profile. Isn't finalized yet, but is about there. A mage hunting Hellknight who can alter his appearance at will.

Hello all.

I am still around and able to post. I have a couple of minor adjustments to my character to do, but essentially I have a complete and approved character. You can see on the profile.

Lots of people expressing interest with cool ideas.

Oh well the . Was still fun making the character. Enjoy the campaign everyone!

Aurilos- you may be jumping the gun. There may be one spot open.

There is one spot open.

I was pretty sure that all four of the original Players were coming back and I still wanted one more.

The four original PCs will start asap; one new PC will start a bit into Gameplay.

@ Aurilous,

A Tiefling Slayer/ Hellknight sounds like a cool PC.

Please note,
the Player Companion, Blood of Fiends is not allowed, thus the 'Fiendish Heritage' alternate Trait to replace Darkness once per day, is not allowed.

If there IS good news on that angle it is that I do kinda like many of the alternate traits on that d100 list and, if you send me a PM, having hand-picked a few possibles, I almost certainly will allow one and work with you on selecting it. ....Alas, the ones where you get a bonus to an Ability Score, Spell Resistance, and several of the other ones, will NOT be allowed.

Much more significantly, the book Horror Adventures is not allowed, thus the archetype 'Witch Slayer' is not allowed.

I like the background and I think that he can still be a great anti-arcane-caster combatant, but not a Witch Slayer.

@ Philo Pharynx,

Confirmed, no Psychic stuff allowed, sorry.

@ Johnny Panic,

Psychic Detective is not allowed.

I'm not aware off the top of my head what Night Elf or Dusk Elf are. But even if I don't like from where they're published, or the design for them, you can always use my Houserule guide to create your own Race, see Houserules above.

I think your background is pretty cool and like your past as a crime boss for "The Snakes." In fact it could be a great lead in to get your PC into the group -- Queen Abrogail Thrune and Gorthoklek give you an ultimatum, become a loyal Agent Abroad with the rest of the PCs, doing what you did in Corentyn (or wherever) taking over the syndicate or, you know, Abrogail and Gorthoklek will take a personal interest in your demise. ....That could be a great way to get you into the game.

Is the Johnny Panic the same as in "Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams".
One normally does not encounter Sylvia Plath on roleplaying forums. Maybe DM Ray being a professional teacher of English is rubbing off on us all.

Grand Lodge

Daddy You Bastard!

I'm interested in possibly trying for a character slot. I didn't see unchained rogues on the approved list, does this mean none of them, or would they be okay? Also, are options/archetypes from UC okay? It wasn't mentioned in the general list so I'd want to make sure before picking any.

UC is not allowed.

Unchained is tricksy for me.
I have been allowing Unchained Monk.
I have not been allowing Unchained Rogue or Unchained Barbarian. I honestly can't remember my reasons; it's been a good year since I've looked at Unchained Rogue and I don't have time right now (probably not till Monday -- the weekend is upon me and I will be slammed busy -- TONs of prep for my Saturday Homegame that I haven't begun, and starting a brand new Homegame Sunday).

It's probably the skill unlocks.

No problem, I can do the same basic concept as a serpent blood sorcerer. Time to make a tryhard.

W E Ray wrote:
Daddy You Bastard!

I don't have any children. But I certainly hope that if I did they would not write poems like that about me.

Hmm...I see. Well this sounds like a challenge. Would you allow me to change the race to Half-Elf with the following?

Lvl 1: Drow Paragon
Lvl 3 Drow Nobility
Lvl 5: Improved Drow Nobility
Lvl 7: Greater Drow Nobility
Lvl 8 Bonus: Noble Spell Resistance

This gives him MR 11+character level. Also gives him constant detect magic, and at-will dancing lights, deeper darkness, faerie fire, feather fall and levitate. Also gives darkvision but gain light sensitivity.

For class he goes:

Armor Master Fighter (2) Brawler (3) Hellknight Commander (3)

This gives 4 more combat feats from fighter and brawler classes. Improved Shield Bash,combat expertise, unarmed strike (doing d6 damage), Improved Trip/Disarm.


Story changes somewhat. His father was a Drow who was captured when making a surface raid on Cheliax. Rather than be put to death, he was kept for the purposes of breeding. Aurilious is one of his children. He never knew his father or mother, as he was sold before he was even born. Given his prodigious strength and innate magic, he was a prized warrior slave/bodyguard. Sold to the Hellknights after slaying a devil...well, here he is.

As a character he'd be very light on skill points. But he makes up for it with several useful spells that he can cast at-will, magic resistance, tankiness, and the ability to fight (even without armor).

Starting stats to be with 26 points: Str (14) Dex (18) Con (14) Int (12) Wis (12) Cha (12)
Stats with level bonuses: Str (18)

A very defensive character. He focuses on disabling and capturing foes. For the party he isn't a damage dealer, instead he is a disabler. Something which the party doesn't seem to have yet.


Does this work for you? If so I can crunch the numbers and write it up.

Aurilous. Why dont you save yourself a feat and just go Drow?
Im building a Drow Ranger/SD

Seth86 wrote:

Aurilous. Why dont you save yourself a feat and just go Drow?

Im building a Drow Ranger/SD

Good point. I chose half-elf for story purposes, didn't even think of just going drow. The following is my thought process as I work through it:

Both Races:
* Spell Resistance (get it via feat)
* Spell Abilities (get it via feat)
* Elven Immunities
* Keen Senses

+ Poison Use (that's something half elves don't get)
+ Superior Darkvision (that's something half elves don't get)
+ Stats (+2/+2/-2)
+ An extra feat (no feat tax)

Half Elves:
+ Dual Minded (+2 will saves)
+ Multi-talented (+3 skill points)
+ Stats (+2)

Extra Feat vs Dual Minded (that's a wash)
+60 ft dark vision and poison use vs +3 skill points

So purely from a numbers comes down to whether or not +3 skill points is equal to +60ft range to dark vision and poison use. Poison Use is very situational, and frankly, I don't think that this character would be using poison very much. A more stealth oriented character is much more likely to do so. And +60ft darkvision is nice to have...but again it's situational. I can see the extra skill points coming in handy more, given how skill point starved this character would be.

And as I think about it...Will Saves will be a weakness of this character. Even with the +2 from race, I believe that he will only have +5. That's not very much, and even with the Magic Resistance...that's a weakness. A trait pushes that up to +6, which is decent. But Dual Minded can be combined with Iron Will, giving him +8, which will be useful as he gains in levels.

So yeah. Story wise, I think that half-elf works better. Mechanics wise, the feats replace most of the drow bonuses, so a half-elf still comes out about even with the drow.

Anyways, that's my thought process.

I finished the crunch for my character idea (more or less). She's basically a government sanctioned smuggler who gets things that are legal in Cheliax but not so much the places she does business with. Also she has a pet snake!

I went NE for her rather than LE because while she's definitely evil, she looks at rules as more of a 'guideline' than any sort of immutable law, and she has a bit of an impulsive streak when she's thrown off of her usual tempo. Also she is really really obsessed with making a name for herself, in part due to a massive inferiority complex.

Not sure how to make that even more interesting, but it seems like a start.

EDIT: thought of something. She's related to House Henderthane, but not close enough to have any legitimate ties to it. Bastard child of a branch or something like that.

DM Ray wrote:

@ Johnny Panic, Psychic Detective is not allowed. **Understood GM, I will make her just Investigator**

I'm not aware off the top of my head what Night Elf or Dusk Elf are. But even if I don't like from where they're published, or the design for them, you can always use my Houserule guide to create your own Race, see Houserules above.

**Humm well with one player napping my Drow like spot, I am now thinking she would be more a Tainted Dhampir with a race builder tweak. Humm I like that idea, she is blood drinker humm. The Ruby Snakes. Ruby for blood, maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh.**

I think your background is pretty cool and like your past as a crime boss for "The Snakes." In fact it could be a great lead in to get your PC into the group -- Queen Abrogail Thrune and Gorthoklek give you an ultimatum, become a loyal Agent Abroad with the rest of the PCs, doing what you did in Corentyn (or wherever) taking over the syndicate or, you know, Abrogail and Gorthoklek will take a personal interest in your demise. ....That could be a great way to get you into the game.

**That is a cool idea, yep I will go with that, I think it would be great fun.**

Yaos wrote:

Is the Johnny Panic the same as in "Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams".

One normally does not encounter Sylvia Plath on roleplaying forums. Maybe DM Ray being a professional teacher of English is rubbing off on us all.

I'm a prof at a university believe it or not, teaching history and business studies, Yes with my Grimmer and spelling. That is down to being very Dyslexic, which I use computers to help me with. Not 100% good but much better than hand writing jumping letters. As for Sylvia Plath. I read her when I was young and this one thing she wrote stuck in my mind and have never left me. It is a best justification for imagination I have ever read.

"What I fear most, I think, is the death of imagination... If I sit still and don't do anything, the world goes on beating like a slack drum, without meaning. We must be moving, working, making dreams to run toward; the poverty of life without dreams is too horrible to imagine."

-- Silvia Plathven [Story - Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams]

GM_Panic: great minds think alike :)

Yep, but I am fine with that, Its lead me to an even better idea,
I vampire blood drinking crime boss, my hope is to get her full vampire.

And now I have a (vvery basic and sketchy) background and personality and whatnot. I can poke at it as necessary, I mostly just went with what seemed interesting.

GM Panic here, here is the core of my Crime boss PC.

GM_Panic wrote:

Yaos wrote:

Is the Johnny Panic the same as in "Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams".

One normally does not encounter Sylvia Plath on roleplaying forums. Maybe DM Ray being a professional teacher of English is rubbing off on us all.

I'm a prof at a university believe it or not, teaching history and business studies, Yes with my Grimmer and spelling. That is down to being very Dyslexic, which I use computers to help me with. Not 100% good but much better than hand writing jumping letters. As for Sylvia Plath. I read her when I was young and this one thing she wrote stuck in my mind and have never left me. It is a best justification for imagination I have ever read.

A dyslexic English professor is different.

I went through a Sylvia Plath phase and read all her poems and "The Bell Jar". I even went to the extent of buying the children's novel "Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams" but I am pretty sure I never got around to reading it. Sounds like that may have been a mistake.


I will be off the Boards for most of this weekend and probably won't post. I am DMing tonight and then helping one of my neophyte Players build a PC for a new campaign starting Sunday. And on Saturday (after ARSENAL destroys Preston in the FA Cup) I am DMing my primary home game.

On Monday (between duties at work) I will get back here fully and get a roll-call of the so-far interested Players and your PC ideas.

Enjoy your weekend!

You too! Roll 20s! (Or uh, don't. If you want your PCs to live.)

Dot to read more later.

Grand Lodge

Yaos wrote:
Is the Johnny Panic the same as in "Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams"?


W E Ray wrote:
Daddy You Bastard!


Yaos wrote:
I don't have any children. But I certainly hope that if I did they would not write poems like that about me.


I don't have children of my own either, but oh god!, if I did I would Love for one to be able to write like that, not bothered at all that I was depicted Nazi-like and such. Are you kidding, to have a kid with genius that incomparable?! Yeah, I'd jump at it. With pride: "That's my girl!"

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