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Full Name





Cleric of Gorum, 2nd







Special Abilities

Darkvision, Orc Ferocity


True Chaotic




Pantheon of Many


Orcish, Common


Small jobs

Strength 17
Dexterity 7
Constitution 11
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 17
Charisma 15

About Krek

Skills (ranks equal to character level): Spellcraft, Sense Motive.

Feats: Combat Casting

Domains: Glory, Destruction

Background trait: Unhappy Childhood - Religious

Possessions: Iron (rusty) Greatsword, bedroll, waterskin, flint, clothes, symbols of Gorum.


Krek was abducted from the street right in front of his house when he was five. Becoming a Little Lamm, he was given no freedom at all and little nourishment. Imprisoned in the pitch dark underground in catacombs for about 3 years (he later found), Krek was forced to move objects Lamm demanded. One day, he found a symbol of Gorum in the sewers. He'd only heard of the entropic deity in few tales during his youth, but he remembered him as mighty and glorious. Lamm eventually found the symbol Krek possessed and seized it from him. Irate, Krek snatched the symbol back and ran - or attempted to, anyway; Lamm caught up with him and drug a dagger down his hamstring. Krek could barely walk for weeks.

Instead of giving up on hope, he focused his rage into determination. He convinced himself, illogically, he would escape, and to do so, Krek felt he needed to become stronger. The child began lifting heavier objects, moving them faster, trying to build muscle. It worked to some degree - Lamm noticed the growth in the slave, and he sent him down a passage he'd never been before. On the way to his destination, Krek noticed the tiniest beam of light piercing the gloom around a corner. Immediately, something took over him, and he fled. How he knew what turns to take, he knew not, but it was almost as if an inner voice guided him. He made his way to a grating and yelled for help. Many ignored him before a priest of Abadar came to his aid.

Krek eventually recovered from his injuries, but his fine balance would be forever diminished due to his leg. The priest took pity on him, and the Pantheon became Krek's orphanage of sorts. He told the priest everything, though he looked piercingly at Krek with mention of Gorum's supposed aid. The priest had news too though - after looking for Krek's mother, the human of the parents, the priest learned she had left the city in grief of her lost son. Krek was beside himself with grief - and anger. He pledged himself to the end of Lamm's twisted slavery. His head was the only acceptable revenge, Krek believed. To exact this, he trained his body and mind for years.

Puberty made the young man a powerhouse of strength. Unlike most of his race though, Krek didn't become overly crude. His appetite for food and sex was voracious, but he refused to touch drugs of any kind, keeping himself in top shape to vanquish Lamm one day, should the opportunity arise - he knew it was futile to search for him with little aid or clue. Though his body was muscular and coarse, he was very well-spoken, his immense, deep voice filling a room with echoes and a heart with courage. He took up small jobs moving heavy objects to help people, and he traveled between Old Korvosa and The Pantheon of Many for work and shelter. Though he detested the bureaucratic nature of the city - letting Lamm slip away while quibbling over what uniforms the guards should wear -, Krek held a soft spot for the priesthood of Abadar, where his rescuer still remained. Though most avoided in the Pantheon shunned him for his openly devout worship of Gorum and his half-Orcish appearance, Krek caused no trouble, and he was grudgingly left alone.

Most of the time anyway. Members from an underground cult of Gorum cornered him one day about his faith. Responding with a sound affirmation (and his hand on the hilt of his ever-present greatsword), Krek got on good terms with the group. Most were on the wrong side of the law, but Krek found their company comforting.

As the days wore on, Krek knew his growth spurts had ended. He was in a man's body now. It was time to end the terror of Lamm.