Game Day VII, Starfinder Module, Skitter Shot (Level 2 only)


Sign up here if interested. Starts August 13th.
Edit: And I will want Scenario support please.

I'm interested!

Also interested!

By the way this game uses Pregenerated characters, hope everyone is okay with this.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

The module will be free to download before the start date, by the way. No scenario support will be needed for this one. (Not signing up to play, just letting you know this.)

Liberty's Edge

I first posted to GM Paladin's game, but if I don't get into that one I would like to play in this game.

Liberty's Edge

I didn't get in to the other game so I am available to play.

I'll be getting more people soon, when July starts the cap of signing up for three gameday games is lifted for everyone, as I suspect many people are already at the cap of three. I know I am.


I'm interested.

That makes 4, I can take two more. It is July 1st in almost every country now, the cap has been lifted, unless you live in Calafornia, but in that case 25 minutes, sign up now.

I am interested in playing, but all of my characters are level 1. I know in PFS as long as you are within a level or 2 you can play a pregen and credit it towards your other character. If this is the case for SFS I would like to put in for one of the available spots otherwise you can disregard this post.

Yes you can play PikaPool

As Per P.M. I am in.

I believe I'm in? or no?

Yes and Yes, that makes six and the game is full. There are four Pregens and six of you, no pregen may be used more than twice. Pick your characters.

Before it gets snatched up I will put in my interest in playing Quonx. If there is no objections I will create her alias.

I wouldn't mind putting in a request for the Mystic of the group.

I would love to be the Green guy Gazigaz. Envoy sounds cool to me.

Since no one has posed any objections I created Quonx alias.

To make it easier for everyone to make their aliases I stole this link from another Skitter Shot recruitment page. Skittermander pregens This link has the pre-formatted pregens for this game.

I'm not attached to any specific character ... I'll play whatever no one else wants to :)


Jennifer Scott wrote:
I'm not attached to any specific character ... I'll play whatever no one else wants to :)

Same here, though if no one has taken the mechanic, I should start practicing.

Oh... Quonx is the mechanic...I'll play Nako, then.

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