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How do you imagine the voices of each race in Starfinder ?

Starfinder General Discussion

So I was watching this video( ) in youtube and got me thinking how does each of the races really sounds ?

Shadow Lodge

Humans: like a human.

Lashunta: like a cocky human.

Ysoki: like a skeevy human

Android: like. a. human. who. puts. a. period. after. every. single. word.

Vesk: deep gravelly voice.

Shirren: lots of crackles and skittering sounds intermixed with or replacing words.

Kasatha: like a cliche native with bad grammar portrayed in movies.

The Exchange

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

These are just my thoughts and how I have done the voices in my games,

Human: usual variation.

Ysoki: Jersey accent.

Vesk: Bad Bombastic Russian.

Android: Normal voice but very literal.

Shirren: Excited and upbeat about making ANY decision.

Kasatha: My life for Aiur!

Lashunta: Snippy, arrogant human, or slower more modest depending on type.

Skirmanders: Will definitely sound like a very helpful Stitch! lol

Grand Lodge

Once, an old college roommate of mine portrayed a bug-species as always speaking on the in-breath. So now, I imagine that whenever shirren actually speak out's that way.

As for everybody else, I'd assume the voices aren't that off from a human's. I imagine Contemplatives sound kind of...scratchy, like the voxophones from Bioshock Infinite, and I'd imagine the Haan or other more insectile races to have an odd clicking sound in the back of their throat when they spoke. But the main core...probably the same.

Also, Skittermanders sounding like Stitch is pretty much my go-to. Same with goblins.

Scarab Sages

When I play my android envoy for SFS I speak with a monotone and make a point of stating my emotions for those not versed in the over one dozen emotions a typical android can experience.

Segovax wrote:
When I play my android envoy for SFS I speak with a monotone and make a point of stating my emotions for those not versed in the over one dozen emotions a typical android can experience.

"You kids and your modern upgrades!" Shakes space cane.

"Why, back in my day you had happy face or sad face, and you dealt with it. Didn't matter if you were confused about that swirl inside your brain or angry about you lack of options, you were HAPPY or SAD, dammit! Upface or downface, straight out of the theater books." *grumble, grumble*
(sad face turns to happy face)
"Now where was I? Oh, nice weather here on Verces, isn't it?"

My android has a posh British accent. No, I can't present any in-game reason why that would be.

Ultimately, what it came down to was that I just didn't like the stereotypical "monotone" android voice.

Vesk talk like they just inhaled helium.

It gives them +200 on intimidate.

Shadow Lodge

CactusUnicorn wrote:

Vesk talk like they just inhaled helium.

It gives them +200 on intimidate.

That reminds me of Rex Nihilo, and I absolutely love it.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Maps, Pawns, Roleplaying Game Subscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

I imagine the skittermanders sound very much like the CareBears.

I'm trying to set different accents by planet in my games, though a few races are more populous on them, and their dialects and accents will be associated with those races (Everyone will think of the Veskarian accent as the "vesk accent," for example). I really like the idea of a russian accent here, which could add a whole new level of fun to skittermanders (I'm imagining the "Ruski" accent from the Worms games.

I'm having ysoki hang onto roots from the Dragon Empries. They've still spread out a ton since then and can be found fitting into all sorts of cultures, but large, homogeneous ysoki communities, I'm making going with various asian accents.

I'm going with general american as the "Absalom Accent." Castrovel is going to be south English (though maybe with the stocky variety having estuary accents), and a twangier midwestern accent for Akiton.

I was also thinking of making a pathetic attempt at a welsh accent for the Idari and Kasatha.

Just like there is a recognized "military accent" in the US, I was thinking about doing something similar with very large organizations like Abadarcorp, but I don't know what it would be.

Dark Archive

My female GM does Valley Girl for Shirren. It brings me physical pain talking to the leader of the exo guard.

Humans: like humans, mostly.

Vesk: like Desann from Jedi Outcast, but not nearly as cultured.

Androids: variable. Anything from C-3PO to Data to indistinguishable from a baseline human.

Lashunta: depends: gruff and dwarf-like (but not quite as low-pitched as real dwarves) for the hairy ones, higher pitched and more elf-like (but different, you understand?) for the pretty ones.

Shirren: lots of clicks and buzzes and stuff. Perhaps vaguely similar to a click language, perhaps similar to an organic R2-D2.

Kasatha: I like the suggestion of them sounding Protoss-like. That works.

Ysoki: like Rattrap from Beast Wars.

For reference, I tend to think of dwarves as sounding somewhere between Old Norse, Yiddish, and Scottish, uniformly lower than humans; even their women sing tenor. Elves I tend to think of as sounding somewhere between an Irish or Welsh accent and Greek, and uniformly higher in pitch than humans; even their dudes sing alto.

After giving them another read, I'm imagining the Lashunta with various Indian accents.

While I certainly don't have the skill to *portray* it, I imagine Lashunta generally sounding like Hollywood Exotic European. Which is to say, the kind of vague accent that is *probably* European, or at least influenced by upper class Queen's English, but which you can't quite place where its actually from. And since its Hollywood, it is of course coming out of the mouth of someone incredibly attractive whose foreign-ness is exotic, rather than threatening.

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