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Does anyone know if Paizo has any plans to do Pocket editions of Starfinder (and any other hardbound rulebooks that may follow). I am loving the game but the core rulebook feels like it weighs about 3 kilos and as the system grows the books are only going to get heavier. I got to use a mates pocket copies of the Pathfinder Core Rules and Bestiary 1 for a recent game (I borrowed them purely due to the weight factor) and I fell in love with them. I have bad eyes, so I thought I would have trouble reading them, but that wasn't the case. A Starfinder Core Rulebook would be of great use, at least to me.

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I would happily buy at least two of them if they do.

Yes I would buy one!

Silver Crusade

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I'd buy 2!

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They haven't announced any but given the popularity of the Pathfinder pocket editions (and their announced plans to get to every one in that line) I'm confident it will eventuate sooner or later.

It wouldn't surprise me if they wait until the Starfinder Core Book has had an errata/re-edit run (ie until they're ready to produce a nominal "third printing"). I'm sure it will happen eventually though.

Yes i would buy this as well :D

Liberty's Edge

Might help with the binding problem too.

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