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Best available magic items for clerics


I have recently acquired 500,000 gp and was wondering what the best items I could purchase for my cleric of Sarenrae might be.

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500,000 gp can buy a lot of folding boats.

Sovereign Court

Would help to know what you already have

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what level? 18?

Greater strand of prayer beads
Greater quicken metamagic rod

Wis/Cha +6 Headband if you do not have one yet.

Temple of Sarenrae. Very shiny.

Along with the very important above from Thazar and Marius I would add:

Wands of cure light. After the fight you always want to top off the tank's hit points, (lol, topping off the tank) and still have your own spells for REAL spellcasting.

Scrolls of all the spells you want, but don't want to prepare every day (like Restoration, True Seeing, etc.)

At that cash level you could boost your cleric's stereotypical low speed with Wings of Flying.

Pearls of Power help spellcasting, a battle cleric can always use more energy damage types on his weapon.

Pricey components for pricey spells.

Sometimes you want something large that you wouldn't normally use, like a ship for traveling.

Or as Blueluck implied, maybe a man of the faith would give a lot back to the church. A big new church or even just a major charity work might just make sense from an RP perspective. And if you HAPPEN to receive a special blessing from your god because you did a good thing that's cool too.

Prayer Beads are pretty boss.

4th level(yea it was an oversite by the GM). A tithe was given already. Lastly not many items already owned(only 4th level and all)

That's something the GM is probably going to want to rescind. He kind of broke the game by giving you that much money.

Your best choice is to (mostly) not spend it. Find a level-appropriate item or two and treat yourself. Then stick it in a bank live off the interest.

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necklace of adaptation
cloak of protection + 5
mithril BP +5 or mithril full plate if you have heavy armor
mithril light shield +5
handy haversack or the best bag of holding (depending on your str)
belt of con +6
heck get a mask of the skull

This fearsome-looking mask of ivory, beaten copper, or pale wood is typically fashioned into the likeness of a human skull with a missing lower jaw, allowing the bottom half of the wearer's face to remain visible when the mask is worn.

Once per day, after it has been worn for at least 1 hour, the mask can be loosed to fly from the wearer's face. It travels up to 50 feet away from the wearer and attacks a target assigned to it. The grinning skull mask makes a touch attack against the target based on the wearer's base attack bonus. If the attack succeeds, the target must make a DC 20 Fortitude save or take 130 points of damage, as if affected by a finger of death spell. If the target succeeds on his saving throw, he nevertheless takes 3d6+13 points of damage. After attacking (whether successful or not), the mask flies back to its user. The mask has AC 16, 10 hit points, and hardness 6

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I do agree with Take boat. You probably wont have much fun if you actually equip your charater with that much cash.

I'm sure the GM will level the playing field. Thanks for the suggestions/advice.

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I had a Gm give us a wish at 6th level. We all knew he likes to screw with people on wishes, so my Gnomish Bard wished to be 5'5" as he was tired of always having people look down on him. It was so odd, the GM gave it to me with no catches.

My point is spend the money on stuff that adds fluff, and role playing opportunities rather than magic items to destroy everything. E.g buy a mansion and staff to take care of orphans. Donate to the local king to get into their good graces. Open a bar. Buy a shipping company. Its so odd that your GM might not take a copper piece from you.

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