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In-game trolling (the innocent kind)


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I am sorry. It appears anything I say or try to explain is offensive. I will leave you alone now.

Silver Crusade

Gr'Rakt wrote:

That all being said, it's way easier to pull off the prankster character if you're the "designated healer" character. Just use the "hey, all I do is heal, I hafta have my fun somehow" line. :)

If you're thinking of going this route, watch (or watch again) a few episodes of M*A*S*H.

sveden wrote:
Judging by this exchanges in this post I'm going to go ahead and suggest you don't play a prankster character.

Thats good advice!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Here's your initial posting,


I want to play a character based on Minakami Mai (which basically is a troll that likes to provoke reactions from people for her own amusement), but without disrupting the game, obstructing the progress of the story, making the game un-fun to anyone or actively hindering the rest of the PCs. Any ideas on how could I do it? What methods to use? Of course no maliciousness is intended. It would just be a funny quirk of my character.

I'd probably play a caster of some sort, because this concept will need power to be able to get away with his trolling. Good or Neutral aligned (definitely not Evil). I play 3.P.
If anything is unclear, let me know, I'll try to explain more in-dept (although I don't know what more can I say).
Here is a response, that to me seemed like a good one, play it like a kender from dragonlance.

Honestly, talk to the other players. This idea seems similar in play to Dragonlance Kender. They were hilariously fun for the player, but quickly became tedious for the party. If you keep your "pranks" to nonharmful and merely inconveniencing it might go over a little better, especially if its only once or twice a session. Also, if you can make it advance the story, even better. Trying to negotiate with a lord, give the half-orc barbarian pink hair and send him in to negotiate. He might not like it, but it will sure get some people's attention.

You as a player need to create a barrier between the player and the character. It is okay for the character to have this quirk, but not for the player. Try to use your player knowledge to modify when the character does actions.
For example, maybe you see another character trying to talk past a guard and flub his roll. Your character could just happen to use that moment to move some sticks behind him to spell a crude word, or slightly life a bucket that shouldn't be moving.
Just my thoughts, hope they make sense.
After that you jumped to "dick" mode

Hey, if you don't want to contribute to this topic because you assume that I'm going to be a dick (when I actually did say in the OP that I mean no harm, which means that I do think about my actions, heck, I even asked for harmless suggestions) then just don't post. It's that simple.

LankyOgre wrote:
I'm sorry that you find my post not relevant. I feel that we can give you the best advice in the world, with pages and pages of ideas, but if the other players don't respond well, it will not work out. If you have already talked to the other players and they can enjoy this idea, then go for it.
That isn't relevant. you can give me advice. Or not. But I don't ask for or need moral lessons. just trust me when I say that I mean NO harm to anyone.

As for advice, I agree that playing a "troll" type character should be avoided. If you get all steamed up over decent advice you'll probably get pissed at in game dislike of "pranks."

Kydeem de'Morcaine wrote:
I am sorry. It appears anything I say or try to explain is offensive. I will leave you alone now.

You can't be serious. I didn't take it as offensive. What, am I not allowed to make a counter-argument? Or are you (again) taking my words personally? I thought that I aleady explained that I'm not talking about you when I say "you"? :/

@ Debbin
That's nice and stuff but note that there are posts between my and the kender one.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

True, and they all same the same sort of thing, that a kender type be a good start. Then someone throws in a personal opinion about kenders ruining the idea for him and states that he was once a real troll living under a bridge and all. While not on topic, not really worthy of flaming him for it. After that point you've gone into super-defensive mode and turning into a dick.

Let me think: How to troll your fellow PC's without playing like a Kender?

Kender pranking: annoying. distracting. pointless. slows down the game. Spoils plot progression. Reeks of "Pay attention to me. I'm cute!" syndrome.

Prankster pranking: adds levity and humour to a game. Is potentially endearing. Gives the GM opportunities to introduce plot hooks a la "unintended consequences".

Prankster pranking suggestions: Keep a little pad of post-it notes, and pass notes to the GM and other players when the opportunity arises. Liberal use of cantrips is suggested. Be open to GM suggestions of when it would be appropriate and when it would not, AND when it would facilitate some part of the story.

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32

I removed some posts. Flag it and move on, please.
Popcorn posts and the like are not helpful in the least.

Also, it is important to debate and seek advice in good faith. That is, someone isn't being unhelpful or off-topic just because you disagree with them.

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32

I removed a post. What people do in other parts of the internet has no bearing here.

Silver Crusade

There is another method that is actually harmless and works just fine; strange social observations. A character whose sense of humor and social understanding seems random, but clearly knows more than they consistently let on, and knows when it's okay to be ridiculous, can probably get by okay.

An example: The party's Paladin might be depressed over having been framed for a crime, and is currently moping around about it. The 'social-prankster' could tell the Paladin they know he didn't do it; it must have been his evil twin, whose name is the reverse of the Paladin's. He will of course scoff at this idea, and the 'prankster' expects that... so they announce their intent to go find said evil twin and walk off. Perhaps the Paladin will feel compelled to act and ensure this friend doesn't get hurt on some insane errand about obviously nonsensical ideas like evil twins...

...But that's exactly what the 'prankster' wanted. By a mix of teasing and pretending to be self-endangering through this sort of 'insanity', they got the moping party member to start taking action again. A Good use of Trolling, perhaps?

This has to be used in moderation and with good sense. A character who does that sort of thing when the party is legitimately stumped and needs to think their options through will just be pushing their allies into a poorly thought-out situation. That's not clever or witty, it just makes your character a twit who is dragging the party down. Still, if done wisely this 'bizarre social expectations' can lend the same air one is hoping to achieve with a prankster, without hurting/inconveniencing anyone, and it can be beneficial if played right.

Be invulnerable and necessary or don't do it in any significant sense or you will die depending on the party and no one will stick up for you because you're an irritant.

I'm not quite so sure why there's so much hostility regarding this topic. My group ranges 28-48 in age. We've got all sides of the spectrum in our group; teacher, vendor, web developer, construction worker, art student, and a vagabond of sorts. We all appreciate being able to laugh while gaming. I guess even though we've got a few power gamers amongst us, it still boils down to just hanging out with friends and having a good time. If you're in a group so uptight and without humor that they can't have a good laugh, then I'm very sorry for that. :(

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Card Game, Class Deck Subscriber

Mostly because of players trying to pull it off when they don't know how to be funny, ending up as just annoying.

I see your point, Tri. It's hard for me to imagine that. I guess I'm lucky. My group is a buncha natural born jokesters. :)

Gr'Rakt wrote:
I see your point, Tri. It's hard for me to imagine that. I guess I'm lucky. My group is a buncha natural born jokesters. :)

You can't imagine bad trolling? Wow, you are lucky. Well for some simple examples of how amusing can go wrong there's hampering party members with aoe spells to get the enemy. Stealing important utility equipment as a gag would be another one, just pointing and laughing when your party members get in trouble is a normal reaction in anime/tv but is extremely annoying in game and could lead to people dying. Generally it would be like your best friend pranking you, now for some people this works but I'd punch my ex-friend in the face if he pranked me all the time or on something important.

Wow. People give you advice and you argue with them, getting super-defensive.

I would very much suggest that you NOT play this character. You're either practicing being a troll for the game (and if so, you're doing GREAT!), or you're too defensive to play the character correctly.

On a side note, it's not good form to ask for advice, then bash them for giving you advice, just because you don't like what they say.

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32

I removed some posts. Really people, flag it and move on.

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Okay, I'm going to try to give this a shot.

First, keep your pranks out of combat. Don't waste action economy when it's important. So all of these apply to out of combat situations:

When somebody asks for a potion, first hand them an identical vial filled with water. When asked why you would do that, tell them that you're a firm believer in the placebo effect. Then give them the right potion. The same can apply to wands

Have cantrips on hand that can be used for small pranks. Prestidigitation, dancing lights, mage hand, open/close, and create water all come to mind. You're not wasting resources by casting cantrips, and the effects are typically harmless.

Once you're established as a prankster, every once in a while throw the others off. Do something like hand a blank piece of paper to the DM, then announce that your character makes dinner that night for the party. Stare intently at the others as you ask who all eats it. Then volunteer for first watch. This one is trolling the players rather than the characters, as nothing actually happened in game out of the ordinary, but the other players might be paranoid.

Or maybe you did slip something into their food (note that on the card you give to the DM). Nothing that causes ability score damage, but maybe a very high fiber diet can be annoying while adventuring. The DM should handle the actual results.

Have your character declare one day that they want to be a follower of a particular group that has nothing to do with anything going on, and use prestidigitation to draw the insignia of the group all over the party's gear. Take it all back a while later for a silly reason.

Buy a goat and bring it along as a pet. (To avoid this being tedious, resell it next time you find an NPC farmer or a town) Any animal will work, really.

Basically, anything non-harmful and temporary is good. The point of your pranks is to get laughs from your audience. Your audience is the other players, so keep that in mind. Your pranks would be completely different in the audience was a third party unaffiliated group with no real investment in the victims of your pranks (like the situations in a tv show, for instance)

Brilliant. Please, keep the ideas coming if you have more.
I should add that it will be a PBF game, so there probably will be bigger audience. But I'm not really doing it for other people, just for me. I like the character from the anime and I really want to try such a character. And if it seriously will make someone else laugh, that's a bonus.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I haven't seen the anime, so I have to ask, "What about the character makes you want to emulate her?"

She's kinda like me - quiet and peaceful. But also eccentric, smart and funny (totally not like me).

Grand Lodge

ImperatorK wrote:

Brilliant. Please, keep the ideas coming if you have more.

I should add that it will be a PBF game, so there probably will be bigger audience. But I'm not really doing it for other people, just for me. I like the character from the anime and I really want to try such a character. And if it seriously will make someone else laugh, that's a bonus.

Please please remember to post a link to this PBF.

Sorry, it will be in Polish. But I'll try to post a journal if everything works out.

Grand Lodge

Ah! So is English your second language?

More like third. I learned it in school, but I know it only on an average level. Just enough to communicate basic stuff, but as you can see from this thread, that's apparently not enough and there still are misunderstandings occasionally. :/

Push people off of cliffs and cast feather fall on them as they fall.

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