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My new character sheets for Pathfinder

Product Discussion

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The Rogue Driver sheet is downloading as a standard Rogue sheet, rather than an altered Driver sheet.

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I found an error in the Unchained Monk sheet. "Wholeness of Body" is still listed in that progression table, though it's a ki power for Unchained Monks, not a normal class feature like with the core Monk.

Call me dumb, but can anybody explain how the Map Cutouts are supposed to be assembled. Possibly using pictures

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No pictures, but I can try and explain.

1. Cut them out, preferably using a sharp scalpel, but scissors will do. Please don't injure yourself.

If you're using a scalpel, the black marks around the outside are for positioning a ruler or equivalent to make it easier to cut in straight lines.

Also cut little letterbox holes where marked in the middle. Make sure to cut the tab slightly smaller than the letterboxes.

2. Fold it so that the two large sides are vertical, the letterboxes line up, and the base is a flat square (*).

The square with the cross-hatching faces down. The half-square with the cross-hatching and the glue symbol gets covered up by the half-square at the other end with the tab. The tab should fit through the letterboxes.

3. Optionally, unfold it in order to glue the sides together. Put a bit of glue on the half-square marked with the glue symbol, to affix the corresponding half-square over it. A bit of glue on the inside as well can help it hold together.

(*) Actually more like a squircle.

Any chance of the Unchained Monk and Driver Rogue being repaired? And potential Spell Slinger Wizard Archetype being made? :)

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