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Quiche Lisp is banned because the only reason to be squeamish around Inquisitors is if you have something to hide. CONFESS SINNER AND LET YOUR SOUL BE PURGED OF DARKNESS!!!!

Scarab Sages

Paizo Superscriber; Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Legends Subscriber; Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

gran is banned for joining the Inquisition just so he could hide his sinful lusts behind a red robe.

Charles Scholz is banned for projecting his own desires, wants and needs upon others.

RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16

The Mad Badger is banned for assuming he knows what the desires, wants, and needs of other are.

MythrilDragon is banned for thinking that Charles is hard to read.

The Vicious Chicken is banned in one gulp for talking like that to a dragon.

Quiche is banned for thinking that a plastic miniature can eat me.

The Vicious Chicken Of Bristol is banned for thinking that a plastic miniature can't eat him.

Harark is banned for eating all the plastic miniatures...including the colossal red dragon.

VC of Bristol is banned for being a tattle tail. Didn't your mother tell you no one likes a snitch.

Burning Straw man is banned for playing with matches. Didn't your mother warn you about that?

Schism is banned for running with scissors. If you fall you could poke your eyes out....sorry

DJ-Bogie is banned for eye-based humor.

gran rey de los Ban deodorant is banned for having no sense of humor.

Puke-face is banned for using words I don't understand.

Gran is banned for not being understanding

DJ-Bogie is banned for...something. I don't know how this works.

gran is banned for memory loss.

Old Doc is banned for not curing Gran...He needs help man!!

Bogie is banned for accusing me for malpractice.

Old Dirty Doc is banned for not paying his insurance

Mark Hoover is banned for not selling him insurance.

Shadow Lodge

Harark is banned for not being the licking kind of toad.

Conman the Bardbarian is banned for smooching lizards.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

gran rey de los everything is banned for being reptophobic

DJEternalDarkness is banned for being hydrophillic.

Gran is banned for using the wrong diagnosis, he's not hydrophillic, look at that head, he's hydrocephallic.

DJ-Bogie is banned for being cephalopodic.

Gran is banned because that's not my foot.

DJ-Bogie is banned because that isn't my foot, either.

Take this foot out of your mouth, Gran Rey de Los Most Diverse Things: you're banned !

Quiche Lisp is banned because that is not my mouth.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

gran rey de los surround sound is banned because that's not my 24 pin connector!

DJEternalDarkness is banned because that is nobody's 24 pin connector. It is clealy a 23.875 pin connector. Don't round up!

Gran Rey is banned for trying to square things up.

Quiche is banned for shape discrimination. Just because your dome is round like me does not mean that everything else has to be.

Sovereign Court

DJ-Bogie is banned for being a spherist. And while I have been away from this thread far too long, karma dictated I must ban DJ-Bogie.

Mxyzptlk is banned because karma is wheel, which in three dimensions is a sphere, making the banning of DJ for spherism quite unkarmic.

Sovereign Court

El Dios De Los Almas Perdidas is banned for thinking karma is restricted by dimension ... and for supporting DJ-Bogie's spherist ways.

Kltpzyxm is banned for encouraging trapezoidian theories.

El Dios is banned for banning my little purple tentacled trapezoidal buddy.

DJ-Bogie is banned because the rhombus is the shape of the future.

Sovereign Court

gran rey de los ____________ is banned for limiting the future to two dimensions.

EDIT: Is it a bad thing that when I read "trapezoidian theories" I immediately thought of General Ackbar saying "It's a trap! ... ezoid"?

Yes, that makes me think of Dr. Zoidberg. You're banned.

DR Konijn is banned for being a crab in rabbit's clothes.

Gran rey de Los Alamos is banned for being a radioactive monkey king.

DJ-Bogie is banned for having had a Geiger counter installed.

Sovereign Court

gran rey de los surround sound is banned because DJ-Bogie installed a Giggity-giggity counter, not a Geiger counter.

Actually I have both. Zylphryx is banned for outing my Giggity counter, it's supposed to be a secret. Of course I'm not sure it mattered, when I tested Gran it flatlined, no reading at all. Gran's got no Giggity.

DJ-Bogie is banned because I spread my Giggity around to all the lovely ladies. I don't let it build up to dangerous levels like you do.

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