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Pathfinder Paper Minis—Halflings of Golarion PDF

****½ (based on 5 ratings)

Our Price: $5.99

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They may be small, but you'll never want to underestimate a halfling!

This miniatures set contains over 100 miniatures for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! Every base class is represented, along with quite a few prestige classes and common halfling folk. Classes with furry or feathered friends will have companions to choose from, like the riding dog, wolf, boar, dodo, elk—even an axe beak! With this set, you'll never have to worry about finding a perfect miniature for your halfling, but you'll finally have enough miniatures the next time you find yourself in a halfling town!

This set contains the following miniatures:

  • Adept (Small) (2)
  • Alchemist (Small) (2)
  • Alligator
  • Antipaladin (Small) (2)
  • Arcane trickster (Small)
  • Assassin (Small)
  • Axe beak (Large)
  • Badger (Small)
  • Balanced Scale of Abadar (Small)
  • Barbarian (Small) (2)
  • Bard (Small) (2)
  • Battle herald (Small)
  • Bloatmage (Small)
  • Boar
  • Cavalier (Small) (2)
  • Cheetah (Small)
  • Chelaxian house servant (Small)
  • Child (Small) (2)
  • Cleric (Small) (2)
  • Commoner (Small) (2)
  • Cyphermage (Small)
  • Daivrat (Small)
  • Demoniac (Small)
  • Diabolist (Small)
  • Dinosaur, deinonychus
  • Divine scion (Small)
  • Dodo
  • Dragon disciple (Small)
  • Druid (Small) (2)
  • Duelist (Small)
  • Eagle
  • Eidolon (2)
  • Eldritch knight (Small)
  • Elk
  • Fighter (Small) (2)
  • Gunslinger (Small) (2)
  • Halfling opportunist (Small)
  • Harrower (Small)
  • Holy vindicator (Small)
  • Horizon walker (Small)
  • Inquisitor (Small) (2)
  • Inner Sea pirate (Small)
  • Lion blade (Small)
  • Loremaster (Small)
  • Low templar (Small)
  • Magus (Small) (2)
  • Master chymist (Small)
  • Master spy (Small)
  • Monk (Small) (2)
  • Mystic theurge (Small)
  • Nature warden (Small)
  • Noble (Small) (2)
  • Ninja (Small) (2)
  • Oracle (Small) (2)
  • Paladin (Small) (2)
  • Pathfinder chronicler (Small)
  • Pathfinder delver (Small)
  • Pathfinder savant (Small)
  • Pig
  • Pony
  • Rage prophet (Small)
  • Ranger (Small) (2)
  • Red Mantis assassin (Small)
  • Riding dog
  • Rogue (Small) (2)
  • Samurai (Small) (2)
  • Shadowdancer (Small)
  • Slave laborer (Small) (2)
  • Sorcerer (Small) (2)
  • Souldrinker (Small)
  • Stalwart defender (Small)
  • Steel Falcon (Small)
  • Student of war (Small)
  • Summoner (Small) (2)
  • Warrior (Small) (2)
  • Witch (Small) (2)
  • Wizard (Small) (2)
  • Wolf

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****½ (based on 5 ratings)

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Wonderful Halflings!

****( )

This Halfling mini set is everything a Halfling enthusiast could want. Plenty of variety in the main classes as well as useful NPC types. Colour and detailing is good and the posing of each mini is lively and unique.

Great Set!! Lots for variety


Great set of minis, two of every class (male and female) and a bunch of extras. Well worth the price. Plus where else are you going to find the ever elusive Halfling Ninja?? Also they work well on VTT, clear and easy to see. Nice Job!

Fantastic Variety


I love playing halflings and throwing them into the games that I run, but I always bump into the problem of finding appropriate miniatures for them. There are plenty of roguish figures out there for halflings, but finding good-looking halflings for anything else can often be difficult.

Todd Westcot's set here pretty much solved that problem for me. There are plenty of male and female halflings in this set for every class or purpose I could ever think of, and on top of that, he even made sure that their skin-tones were varied from the typical anglo pale that I usually think of halflings in. Anything that gets me to think more diversity into my gaming is a major win.

The only drawback to these is that a few of the minis might only be appropriate for NPCs, as they lack the detail you might want for the perfect PC, but overall, not a single one of these was bad. My praise goes out to the artist, and I can only hope one day to see this set make its way into metal.

Worth the money


This is an excellent set and worth the money.

What you get are 16 pages of Halflings, each with very intricate custom art, covering all of the core classes, base classes, and I think all of the prestige classes and NPC classes as well. There are 2 minis for each class, one male, and one female.

Anyway, I’m very pleased with the level of detail, unique clothing design/style, and color in each and every mini. Great work.

Stylish mini design, expansive variety. Needs a touch more visual clarity.

****( )

**UPDATE** July 23, 2012:
The brightness and saturation of these miniatures have now been adjusted, and the overall visibility of the miniatures is improved. I've changed my rating accordingly. Visually, the art could still benefit from a simpler approach with stronger definition (i.e., thicker lines and fewer of them). These are small-sized creatures; while it's reasonable to assume that they dress as complexly as medium-sized PCs, on the tabletop there's a limit to how much detail can be recognized. That said, I really like the artist's style, and his imaginative costume design. I'd love to see what he does with human characters.

Original Review (July 3, 2012; "Too dark for usage on tabletop"; two stars):
This is my first negative experience with Pathfinder Paper Miniatures. In order for any paper miniature to stand out on the tabletop, it must have a minimum degree of both contrast and brightness. These miniatures are almost without exception dim and drably colored, and when printed are very difficult to identify without close inspection. As I had to have a mini for gameplay, I bought the set, picked the one I wanted, zoomed my Acrobat view way in, and took a screen capture. Then I had to open Photoshop and adjust the image considerably in order to give it the brightness and color it needed, and then resize it again for tabletop usage.

A disappointing purchase, I'm sorry to say. Gift Certificates
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