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Fantastic Variety


I love playing halflings and throwing them into the games that I run, but I always bump into the problem of finding appropriate miniatures for them. There are plenty of roguish figures out there for halflings, but finding good-looking halflings for anything else can often be difficult.

Todd Westcot's set here pretty much solved that problem for me. There are plenty of male and female halflings in this set for every class or purpose I could ever think of, and on top of that, he even made sure that their skin-tones were varied from the typical anglo pale that I usually think of halflings in. Anything that gets me to think more diversity into my gaming is a major win.

The only drawback to these is that a few of the minis might only be appropriate for NPCs, as they lack the detail you might want for the perfect PC, but overall, not a single one of these was bad. My praise goes out to the artist, and I can only hope one day to see this set make its way into metal.

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I read it straight through and loved every bit!


I've always been enamored by halflings, and they're my favorite race to play in almost every setting I've been lucky enough to be stuck in, so I guess you could say I've read quite a bit about them. But despite this, HoG presented a lot of information that kept me interested and engaged from cover to cover. The writing is excellent, and the authors packed so much Golarion flavor into these pint-sizers that everything felt fresh and wonderful (though this may be in part due to my lack of familiarity with Golarion beyond the two novels). Overall, this has been the most enjoyable halfling-related read I've had since The Hobbit.

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This guy is great!


For my players, he's a kind of lovable selfish bully with some inner soft spots (the metaphorical kind--literally he is a big soft spot). Easily the most distinctive mini on the board, he's stolen the spotlight from the main villain in the current module I'm running, which is a bit frustrating for trying to keep the story on track. (I'm a first-time GM and still learning the basics.) Highly recommended, especially if you like NPCs with odd sorts of 'inner beauty.'