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Stylish mini design, expansive variety. Needs a touch more visual clarity.


**UPDATE** July 23, 2012:
The brightness and saturation of these miniatures have now been adjusted, and the overall visibility of the miniatures is improved. I've changed my rating accordingly. Visually, the art could still benefit from a simpler approach with stronger definition (i.e., thicker lines and fewer of them). These are small-sized creatures; while it's reasonable to assume that they dress as complexly as medium-sized PCs, on the tabletop there's a limit to how much detail can be recognized. That said, I really like the artist's style, and his imaginative costume design. I'd love to see what he does with human characters.

Original Review (July 3, 2012; "Too dark for usage on tabletop"; two stars):
This is my first negative experience with Pathfinder Paper Miniatures. In order for any paper miniature to stand out on the tabletop, it must have a minimum degree of both contrast and brightness. These miniatures are almost without exception dim and drably colored, and when printed are very difficult to identify without close inspection. As I had to have a mini for gameplay, I bought the set, picked the one I wanted, zoomed my Acrobat view way in, and took a screen capture. Then I had to open Photoshop and adjust the image considerably in order to give it the brightness and color it needed, and then resize it again for tabletop usage.

A disappointing purchase, I'm sorry to say.

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Gutsy Proportions to Picture of Golarion's Guts


Great color, and a fantastic way to show my players just how much there is to Golarion. My first challenge to them, since we are going through Rise of the Runelords, was "find Sandpoint." It really puts things in perspective when you realize that the entire setting of your escapades thus far fits on the head of a pin, world-wise. And it conveys the promise of many, many more adventures to come, in locales as yet unknown.

Also, I love how huge this thing is. A buddy of mine lent me his printer to print it as one sheet and it is so much more impressive in print. He also laminated it, so we can subject Golarion to even more Earthfall events each session, courtesy of Utz Cheese Balls.

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More, please!


By which I don't mean more Hellknights, of which we now have a printable plethora, but rather more from Mr. Sperry. His paper mini style is my favorite of all the artists who make them. He successfully surfs the boundary between realism and abstraction, such that the minis are immediately recognizable for their specific races/classes without being so detailed as to require close inspection. He draws with a bold pen, ladies and gentlemen, a bold pen indeed.

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Love Ashton Sperry's style


Subject line says it all. His paper minis look great on the table, and they manage to accurately portray the characters/monsters while retaining a pleasing whimsicality. It's fun to use them, basically, and they get the job done with flair.

Now if he'd just finish the Rune Giant before my party reaches the Spires of Xin-Shalast...

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First-time user - loved it


I used this mat for the first time last night. Unfolded it, laid down a couple books on the crease corners for 30 mins or so, and was ready to go. The size is more or less perfect for my dining room table, where I and my four players sit. I went straight for the Sharpie, and this morning I used a dry erase marker to clean it to pristine condition. Then -- maybe best of all -- it's conveniently folded back up and put back into a file folder and onto my bookshelf. Get one!