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Pathfinder Chronicles: Dragons Revisited (OGL)

****( ) (based on 8 ratings)
Pathfinder Chronicles: Dragons Revisited (OGL)
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Enter the Dragons

Since the beginning, dragons have held a unique place in man’s mythology. Powerful and savage, with fiery breath and massive wings, they rampage across the countryside in search of plunder or rule mighty nations with iron claws. Their fabulous treasure hoards are the stuff of legend, and those few brave warriors who stand against them are assured their place in history—if they survive.

Dragons Revisited puts a new spin on these timeless monsters, reimagining them for the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting while keeping true to their mythological and gaming roots. Within these 64 pages you’ll find in-depth ecologies for the ten most popular dragon types—both the scheming chromatics and the noble metallics—detailing their biology, society, and relations to other creatures. Learn what wonders their lavish lairs contain, and how cunningly they’re guarded. Delve into draconic history within the world of Golarion, and peruse handy sample statistics for each dragon type, ready to be dropped straight into your own adventures along with new feats, advice on using dragons in your campaigns, and other indispensable game materials. Most importantly, discover which dragons look kindly on humanity, and which ones regard all lesser creatures as food. Because getting the two mixed up can be extremely unpleasant.

Fortunately, it’s a mistake you won’t make twice.

By Mike McArtor

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-165-7

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscription.

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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 8 ratings)

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Portuguese BR

****( )

Considerando que o livro não é um livro de mecânica sobre dragões, nem um tratado pseudo-cientifico e nem se prepõe a ser O livro definitivo sobre os dragões de Golarion, o livro é perfeito para o que realmente se propõe: revisar os conceitos sobre os dez principais tipos de dragão. Nessa exata função ele cumpre muito bem seu papel realmente criando uma personalidade funcional, utilizável e divertida para cada uma das raças. O livro é curto e grosso e um tanto apressado, mas o texto é divertido e não se torna massante apesar da repetitividade do que seria 10 monstros iguais. Se for isso mesmo o que você quer, pode comprar tranquilo, mas se forem feats, itens mágicos ou até mesmo a história completa dos dragões em Golarion, procure em outro lugar.

Wow, I feel really bad doing this . . .

**( )( )( )

Honestly, its not a badly written book. Its not a bad looking book. But I'm not sure why you would need it. I'm not sure that the quirks that some dragons pick up (which are kind of fun in the case of black dragons, for example) make up for the status quo of most of the dragons.

There are tons of references to a greater draconic culture, but very few specifics. I'd love to have seen a bit more information on the religions of Apsu and Dahak, but what you actually get is references to the two that assume you have other source material on them.

Still, I'd probably have given this a solid three, if not for the things I think were the negatives in this book. There are places in this book where dragons are referenced as interacting with societies on as casual a level as elves or dwarves. It really makes them seem much less special and intimidating. Finally, the bit that really caused me to have fits with this book had to do with silver dragons. Essentially, silver dragons are the worst parody of every bad paladin stereotype ever.

Honestly, I'm hoping over time the good parts of this book make it into other books, and the rest just kind of fades away.

Putting the Terrible back in the Lizards...

This suppliment really does what I want a suppliment to do; it stimulates my creativity. This is how to make dragons scary again. The example of the white dragon alone shows how to make a monster that will be beyond memorable, and possibly, a TPK.

Check out my full review Dragons Revisited

A middling supplement

***( )( )

I've posted a detailed review on RPG Geek.

The Dragons of Golarion

****( )

Now, admittedly, dragons aren't my favorite D&D critters, so I went in to this with hopes of simply something workable -- and I got pleasantly surprised. Much of this is due to the very new takes on these various dragons. It's hard to say what's best, but certainly the evil-yet-schlolarly greens (and their counterparts, the bronzes) were one of the bigger and better surprises.

It's a good book and it does a fine job of covering some of the most iconic creatures of Dungeons and Dragons.

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