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OOOO what kind of bug? cricket? meal worm? deadly deadly scorpion?

If too many of those changes disappear, I don't know what I'll end up doing...probably playing Earthdawn 3rd edition...

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Awesome news...that was a great interview...I'm really excited to find out what the final classes are like, I'm hoping the new monk will be the first teaser class we get on the Blogs before the release...

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The Wraith wrote:

The rules for Abundant Step are not very clear.

"Abundant Step (Su): At 12th level or higher, a monk can slip magically between spaces, as if using the spell dimension door. Using this ability is a move action that consumes 2 points from his ki pool. His caster level for this effect is 1/2 his monk level." (page 31)

- Since Dimension Door (the ability on which Abundant Step is based) says that "After using this spell, you can’t take any other actions until your next turn.", does this include Abundant Step as well ?
(I hope not, or the ability to make Abundant Step as a move action i useful only if this is the LAST action you make in the round... useful for fleeing from an enemy, not for approaching it).

- Since Dimension Door allows the caster to bring other creatures with him, does Abundant Step include this feature, too ?
(I think this is a 'personal only' Monk ability, but in either case, this should be specified).

Definitely need some clarification on this. Is it meant to be a get-away ability, or a combat ability...monks are already hamstringed enough without making this a worthless ability.

I believe it should be self-only, move action, act afterwards.

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"don't like it..."

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you can also pay 50% more to change the standard slot, so bracers of resistance instead of a cloak of resistance for more...

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Wow, that sounds like my 2e house-rules, whichis why I stopped playing 2e a few years before 3e came out...

I had a binder full of house rules...luckily with 3,5 I only have a couple pages and charts...

and even less with Pathfinder...

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Watch the furious maelstrom of Scenario #3 on this THREAD

(I'm running Grumble Grog and Elmora...many thanks to Sleepy for running these high level tests.)

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Ah, I see, I assume incorporeal undead are still immune to criticals then.

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Is it legal to take a +0 amulet of mighty fists? you are not allowed to take a +0 holy sword, so why can you get a holy amulet without the +1?

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The pricing is for a single glove of storing, slot hands.

Can you take a second glove of storing? a pair of gloves of storing?

Can you disarm someone and put the item in the glove? Do they get a save?

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Jason, so where will the list be? Thank you!

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primemover003 wrote:
Pathfinder X wrote:

Agreed, great question Wraith, great answer Jason! Thanks.

Now, we just need to know what creatures are actually fully immune to criticals.

I do it with a knowledge check currently, to access the vulnerable point for rogues.

There's no hardline definition in the box, will this be included in the Bestiary or in the Official release?

My guesses are oozes and incorporeal undead...

What about a Shambling mound? A roper? I'd just like a list of stuff that is immune, though with certain things, I prefer the Knowledge check for 2 reasons...1 it makes knowledge skills important, a skill that is overlooked too often. (example: The cleric makes his knowledge religion check and shouts, "Remove the zombie's heads!"). 2. It resolves what are and what AREN't immune to criticals.

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Good to hear Jason!

So how will Errata and updates for PRPG be handled? via web updates? Because after we rget the full version, I'm sure there will still be some tweaks that have to be done.

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We should have an infernal armor also, adamantium infused with evil...give it better DR than adamantium and have it be heavier, the weight of evil.

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Agreed, great question Wraith, great answer Jason! Thanks.

Now, we just need to know what creatures are actually fully immune to criticals.

I do it with a knowledge check currently, to access the vulnerable point for rogues.

There's no hardline definition in the box, will this be included in the Bestiary or in the Official release?

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Ideally, these would be played out by the same group with 3 separate party configurations. Also I hope a lot of people try these scenarios with monks...as they need the most love.

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? New feat: Armored Rider ignore armor penalties for ride checks?

Jason, Fighters are getting brutal, they are already passing Paladins up by a long mile, I just made a 9th level Dwarf sword and axe Fighter for Beta test and he has a 29 AC, which is pretty impressive at 9th level.

The armor problem with movement was a neat idea, but it should just be dropped out of hand, and rolled into encumbrance.

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Jason Bulmahn wrote:

Hmm.. currently, Combat Maneuvers should not be used as part of an AoO (despite any combat maneuver language issues). I made this change for two reasons...

The first was to streamline the turn sequence. AoO's are disruptive enough as they currently stand, but adding in a Combat Maneuver can easily bog things down.

The second was that I wanted to curtail the use of Combat Maneuvers as an "Action Denial" strategy. Now, I can understand why players like this strategy (its quite effective if done right), but when turned on the players, the game can quickly become no fun for anyone. Through the use of trip, disarm, and grapple, you can usually completely nullify an opponents planned action, or at least hamper it to the point of being insignificant. I am not 100% sure this is good for the game as a whole....

Of course, these are only my current thoughts on the issue.. I am, as always, open to debate and suggestion. Can anyone give me some actual playtest feedback on how this has affected play?

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer
Paizo Publishing

I'm one for certain maneuvers being used for AoOs, especially trips. disarm doesn't make much sense, but someone running past and being tripped it one of the most obvious maneuvers available...

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Jason Bulmahn wrote:

I have always strongly believed that intelligent encounter design is a lot more than just looking at the numbers. That said, the numbers are there to work as a baseline. This is something I hope to make a bit more clear in the rules.

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer
Paizo Publishing

And Hopefully a few CR tweaks in the Bestiary?

Notably things that have high HP and HUGE dmg being bumped up a little.

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Report Card:

Social Studies (constitution): F-
Economics: F
Foreign Policy: D-
Domestic policy: D-
Environment: D-
History: n/a
Homeland Security: B+ for jack Boots

Comments: Needs to repeat remedial English, speech and ethics courses.
Does not play well with others.

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ruemere wrote:

Last session 2 spellcasters (NPCs, no magic items) eliminated 4 strong melee characters (PCs: Fighter multiclass, Paladin, Fighter straight, Cleric) at the same time tying down two spellcasters (PCs).

Eventually, thanks to party spellcasters interference, 4 melee characters were rescued.

12th level characters (mostly). NPC spellcasters lacked any magic items whatsoever while PCs had somewhat diminished wealth.

When the melee characters finally closed down on enemies, they found out that in order to hit enemies they had to:
- see in the dark
- beat 50% miss chance (Blink)
- beat another 50% miss chance (Displacement)
- beat armor class 27

Of course, when the proverbial something hit the fan, the enemies simply teleported away (Dimension Door, contingency).

Summing it up... 2 spellcasters made more of a difference than 4 melee guys.
The enemies, while tough, lacked killer items.
Solid Fog + Black Tentacles + Cloudkill... + 4 x Stinking Cloud = Bye bye to melee guys.


Now, anyone can argue that the example is campaign specific, lacks details and so on. However, just look at some of the obstacles the melee guys had to overcome and think how cool it would be for melee guys to be able to:
- force their way through Solid Fog
- escape grapples (DC 32, we're switching completely to my CMB system next session - current CMB rules are simply killing melee folk)

And so on.


Blind fighting really helps with 3 of those problems...funny how no one takes it...precise strike as well...

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10 bonus feats is a pretty nice class feature, armor and weapon training is as well...

Fighters are Tabula Rasa...

Use Bo9S if you want fighters with abilities...

Besides Jason is going to have some extra stuff in the final edition for fighters only from what I've understood from the fighter design portion of the boards....

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Check for druid...

Rogue won't work with Barbarian, because the whole concept of 2 favored classes is, 1 melee and 1 caster...

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Knights spent 7 years as squires learning how to move in heavy armor, they had to learn to climb over walls in full plate, and not let the armor weigh them down. To me that is what Armor Proficiency: Heavy is about.

Armor shouldn't cause move penalties just because it's armor. Unless of course you're not proficient in the armor. Then massive penalties should set in, a chain hauberk rests all the weight directly on the shoulders, so if you're not used to it, it will slow you down, and most likely fatigue quickly.

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Well there are no "official" rules per se, it's a Beta test, no official rules until the final product comes out, both rules are up for testing and feedback.

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Yup, in my games CMB will be 12+ not 15+...

Fighter's don't need that much help. IMHO.

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What about casting it on your followers? (Or GMs cast it on enemies)

Most of the players might have the items...but I doubt all the characters will have all of them.

Though I think 6th level is a bit high also...

should add.

Lesser Mass should add +2 (4th) and Greater Mass would add +6 (8th)

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The fighter has built-in +5 armor and weapons under the new system, and anything that enhances those items is above and beyond the current system...

The monk will never be able to touch a 20th level fighter...not gonna happen. (which is why monks need updating.)

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I'd be on the list for Pathfinder novels.

Try to get China Mieville to write one ;) Phillip Reeves would be interesting also (Hungry City Chronicles)

The Eberron novels rocked actually. Especially the Keith Baker ones.

Also, will you have any open writing calls for novels?

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Save or Die spells change, hate it, if PFRPG stays with it, it will be house-ruled back in my game.

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In Multiple groups, allowing the GM to roll.

Run the same game with multiple groups, run individual encounters.

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Bagpuss wrote:
Incidentally, I don't care whether or not the solution is full BAB. I just think that there's a problem that needs to be solved.

Jason already said multiple times, NO Full BAB for monks, not gonna happen, I'm sure he just ignores these threads anyway. he fixed one problem from Alpha to Beta, making abundant step a move action.

And obviously I think it needs to be fixed also.

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Kaisoku wrote:

Monk AC is highly dependant on having a good ability score spread. In regular powered games, the Monk has to focus pretty hard to get a decent AC (usually giving up damage from Strength, and such).

When you start tacking on non-core stuff (handwraps and feats), you go beyond what the Pathfinder Monk will be balanced against.

Perhaps it's time to make the Core Monk have handwraps and such as a standard, instead of something a DM has to decide to allow or not.

Or better yet, my monk has no need of handwraps, his hands become magical weapons as he levels.

My monk also starts with Monk's Wisdom at level 1, replacing the need for strength as a MAD score, since atk/dmg is based on Wisdom instead of Strength

The CMB being set at 15 is what really hurts everyone, if you're attacking anything with a CMB score higher than you, you're pretty much screwed with a 20% of less chance to hit, I lowered it in my games to 12+

These changes mean the Monk MAD becomes WIS#1, DEX#2, CON#3, INT#4(for skills only) STR no longer needed at all, have you ever seen some of the true kung fu grandmasters, little old men, good luck touching them.

I reworked my monk into a more simple version, toned down the threat range...here it is.

Monk v2.0
1 Flurry of Blows, Unarmed Strike, Monk training, Monk's Wisdom
2 Monk training
3 Evasion
4 Monk training, Slow fall, Unarmed Strike (+1,19-20)
5 Leap of the Heavens, Monk training
6 Monk training
7 Monk training
8 Unarmed Strike (+2)
9 Improved Evasion, Monk's Stride (10ft)
10 Monk training,
11 Monk training
12 Monk training, Unarmed Strike (+3, 18-20)
13 Monk training
14 Monk training
15 Monk training
16 Monk training, Unarmed Strike (+4), Monk's Stride (15ft)
17 Monk training, Tongue of the Sun & Moon
18 Monk training
19 Empty Body
20 Perfect self, Fall from the Heavens, Unarmed Strike (+5,17-20)

Monk’s Wisdom The monk uses wisdom in place of Str for attacks and Combat Maneuvers.

Monk Training this replaces the monk bonus feats, by adding special monk powers in addition to feats. Ki Powers may also be chosen with Monk Training.

Slow Fall safe distance 5'/level. At level 20 this increases to any distance (fall from the heavens).

Unarmed Strike A monk becomes more deadly as he increases in level. His unarmed attacks gain an enhancement bonus and he becomes more accurate at delivering critical strikes.

Leap of the Heavens - renamed High Jump.

Monk's Stride A monk's ability to move quickly is transferred to his ability to move in combat. At level 9, a monk may make a 10ft step instead of a 5ft step, this increases to 15ft at level 16. In addition a monk has full control of his body, and is allowed to move in any direction during a charge.

Feats: Caught off-guard, Combat Reflexes, Dazzling Display, Deflect Arrows, Dodge, Improved Grapple, Scorpion Style, Stunning Fist, Throw Anything.

Abilities: Spear Hand, Manriki Gusari Training, Tao of the Blade, Monk Spear/Staff training, Quick stand, Trap Sense.

Quick stand: as rogue’s stand up ability

Trap Sense: as rogue.

Manriki Gusari Training:
Add Chain to monk weapons. The monk gains the ability to untangle his chain on a failed trip attack, preventing a counter-trip. The monk may also use the chain to gain a +4 bonus to deflect arrows and to AC as a deflection bonus while in a defensive stance.

Purity of the Body (5th) as current monk ability

Spear Hand - Unarmed strikes are considered piercing weapons, in addition to blunt.

Tao of the Blade - add the following weapons to the list of monk weapons. Scimitar, short sword, long sword, falchion.

Monk Spear/staff Training: Add Long Spear to the list of monk weapons, in addition, you gain a +4 to disarm, trip and deflect arrows attack rolls when using quarterstaff or long spear.

Feats: Gorgon's Fist, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Disarm, Improved Feint, Improved Trip, Mobility
Abilities: Crouching Tiger Paw, Dragon Tail Sweep, Eagle's Claw, Flying Double Kick, Grappling strike, Uncanny Dodge

Crouching Tiger Paw - The target must make a Reflex Save or have its movement restricted to 5' in all modes. (Flying creatures with maneuverability less than perfect may stall and fall and will need to make an appropriate Fly check to stay airborn).(Idea from Squirrelloid’s monk)

Dragon Tail Sweep: A Strong kick to the lower leg. The attack has a chance to knock your opponent prone in addition to damage. The damage from the kick is added to the DC to resist the trip.

Eagle’s Talons – Unarmed attacks considered blunt and slashing. On a critical causes 1 point bleed damage, bleeding stacks until healed.

Flying Double Kick - At the end of a charge, you may make two attacks with double Wis bonus.

Grappling Strike – A monk with this ability may initiate a grapple after a successful unarmed strike.

Uncanny dodge: as Rogue ability

Feats: Improved Critical (not unarmed), Medusa's wrath, Snatch arrows, spring attack. Abilities: Bend like the reeds, Dragon’s Claws, Drunken Rabbit Defense, Iron Broom Sweep, Improved Uncanny Dodge
Bend like the reeds: as rogue’s Defensive roll ability.

Diamond Body (11th) as current monk ability

Diamond Soul(13th) as current monk ability

Dragon's Claws - During a Flurry of Blows, 2 consecutive strikes allow the monk to rend his opponent, causing maximum damage.

Drunken Rabbit Defense - Until the start of his next turn all attacks against him which miss cause the creature who attacked him to become fatigued. Fatigued creatures that become fatigued become exhausted as normal. This must be used as a standard action with full defense (Squirrelloid)

Improved Uncanny Dodge: As Rogue ability

Iron Broom Sweep: The monk is ability to make a trip attack against 3 adjacent opponents.

Strike the unseen:12th level
2 Ki - Imbue unarmed attacks with the ghost touch quality for 1 round/2 monk levels.

14th: Feats: Vital Strike.

Abilities: Crashing Wave Strike

Crashing Wave Strike: This devastating full round action consists of two attacks, if both attacks hit, initiate a trip maneuver with CMB+dmg

18th: Feats: Improved Vital Strike.
Abilities: Timeless Body – as current monk ability

Ki Powers Ki Pool = Monk level + wisdom (sorry 1/2 monk level was too low)

Unless otherwise noted, each ki maneuver is activated as a swift action after dealing damage to a foe with an unarmed strike or monk's weapon and requires 1 ki to activate. The DC for all saves is 10 + 1/2 Character Level + Wis Mod

4th Agility of the Mantis, Coiled Viper Strike, Strength of the Bull, Ring the Bell, Rising Sun Strike, Monkey Breaks the Melon, Strength of the Tiger, Tough as the Rat, Wholeness of Body.

Coiled Viper Strike - The target must make a Fortitude Save or be nauseated until the end of the Monk's next turn.

Monkey Breaks the Melon- If the monk connects and deals damage with 2 or more attacks against one opponent he may activate Monkey Breaks the Melon as a swift action against that opponent at the cost of 1 ki. The opponent must make a fortitude save or be Confused until the end of the Monk's next turn. Creatures immune to criticals are immune to this extra damage.

Ring the Bell - Use a Ki point to make a reach attack as a full round action. This attack has a reach of 10 @ level 6. 20 @10. 30@15 and 40@ 20.

Focused Strike: 1 ki As a Standard action, make a single attack or maneuver at double wisdom bonus.

Rising Sun Strike - The target must make a Reflex Save or be dazed for a number of rounds equal to the Monk's wisdom modifier.

Strength of the Tiger – This allows a monk to use Ki to increase his strength for 1 round/2 monk levels. 1 ki/+2 strength. May gain +4 at level 10, and +6 at level 16.

Agility of the Mantis – This allows a monk to use Ki to increase his dexterity for 1 round/2 monk levels. 1 ki/+2 dexterity. May gain +4 at level 10, and +6 at level 16.

Tough as the Rat – This allows a monk to use Ki to increase his CON for 1 round/2 monk levels. 1 ki/+2 CON. May gain +4 at level 10, and +6 at level 16.

Clever as the Monkey – This allows a monk to use Ki to increase his INT for 1 round/2 monk levels. 1 ki/+2 INT. May gain +4 at level 10, and +6 at level 16.

Wise as the Dragon – This allows a monk to use Ki to increase his WIS for 1 round/2 monk levels. 1 ki/+2 WIS. May gain +4 at level 10, and +6 at level 16.

Charming as the XXXXX-This allows a monk to use Ki to increase his CHA for 1 round/2 monk levels. 1 ki/+2 CHA. May gain +4 at level 10, and +6 at level 16.

Wholeness of body: As written, it just becomes an optional choice.

12th: Abundant Step, Crippling Strike, Iron Body,
Fist of the Elements.

Abundant Step: As written, just becomes a Ki ability, and becomes a move action.

Crippling Strike – Use Ki to cause Str or Dex dmg when you connect with an unarmed attack as a swift action. (costs 1 Ki to inflict 1d6 STR or Dex) Fort save to resist.

Fist of the Elements: 12th level
1 Ki - imbue unarmed attacks with an elemental quality (flaming, frost, acid, or shock) for 1 round/2 monk levels.
3 Ki - imbue unarmed attacks with an elemental burst quality (flaming, frost, acid, or shock) for 1 round/2 monk levels.
Iron Body – gain DR5/- for 1 round as a swift action per Ki spent.

15th: Adamantine Body, Deadly Venom Strike, Halves Become Whole, Quivering Palm

Adamantine Body - gain DR 10/- for 1 round as a swift action using 2 Ki.
Deadly Venom Strike – After a successful unarmed attack, as a swift action, may use 2 Ki to inflict d6 CON dmg. Fort save to resist.

Halves Become Whole - The monk receives a second swift action each round, which may only be used to activate Ki maneuvers. The monk may never activate the same Ki maneuver more than once in a given round, but may activate two different ones.

Quivering Palm: As written except it drains the monk of all Ki when he performs it.

All other monk attributes remain the same.
AC from Wisdom
AC Bonus
BAB and HD
Extra movement

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Jason already said there probably wouldn't be one, he had to move on to the next section. Which means the next time we see the monk might be in full release, and it might suck...

I did this monk build during alpha, I got some positive response, it's compatible with 3.5, if you make X, Y and Z choices. It eliminates the (adamantine, lawful and other DR eliminating ki powers) by making the fists magical in and of themselves, thus gaining the new DR eliminating capabilities of magic weapons.

I never got any feedback from Jason, so hopefully by reinvigorating some interest it just might. Or maybe he'll just take some of the ideas.

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DitheringFool wrote:
Pathfinder X wrote:
The bard, I liked the changes you made, I know it had a few more tweaks that needed to be done.
Ummmm...could you link to the thread? My search powers are lacking...

I'm talking about the Beta bard in general, not a Beta Bard 2....though that would be nice.

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please at a minimum, can we have an update to the Monk, to me this is the class that needed the most work, and any changes might still need playtesting, the current one, is far outclassed by every melee combatant and caster...left as is, it will be the new bard.

The bard, I liked the changes you made, I know it had a few more tweaks that needed to be done.

Rogue, golden!, love em.

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Simple Solution...Make longbow exotic. Makes perfect sense.

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The Full plate Helmet would actually be +1 for the Chainmail Coif, and +1 for the helm that goes over it. Each stacking perception penalties.

A maximillian style full helm with just a vision slit would provide maybe +3 Armor, but the Perception penalty would be HUGE. These helms were designed for jousting...not warfare.

But where do you draw the line with piecemeal armor? greaves, pauldrons, gorgets.

Once you start including piecemeal systems you need a hit location chart. Or lots of special rules, gladiators had very specialized forms of armor. Imagine having a massively armored left arm, a full helmet, and light leather over the rest of you, not to mention the short leather skirt.

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Russ Taylor wrote:
Medium armor might actually see some use by medium characters if it slowed you down 5 feet instead of 10 (perhaps not slowing smalls at all). Right now, the only reasons to use it no matter what you do the chain shirt are cost (it's a cheap way to get 1 more point of AC) and barbarian movement. In practice, you only see medium armor on low-level PCs and NPCs who don't know any better, or in its mithral-version-of-heavy-armor form. Changing the net AC of a chain shirt won't fix that problem - the same people will still dump medium the minute they can afford heavy.

Drop the Movement reduction entirely. Make movement a function of Encumbrance, not armor type.(Dwarves would move normally at medium Encumbrace. I will be doing this with my game anyway. In addition make the medium level a 5 ft penalty; and heavy a 10ft penalty.

Now if you don't deal with encumbrance rules, by all means KEEP the armor move the same and let people carry whatever they want.

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Indeed! welcomd to the Cult of the Pathfinder!

Let us know what your Beta testing shows?

My group loves Pathfinder. We still have some problems, Monks being foremost.

CMB being the best fix.

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But the discussion is Conversion to Pathfinder...

I would bring the Warblade in line with fighter Hit Dice wise.

The Concetration ---> Martial Lore change sounds like a good idea.

I would leave the recharge mechanic alone, since a Swordsage won't be able to stand against a rogue of equal level without it.

Monks still need to be fixed tho.

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Damionte wrote:
hogarth wrote:
I think psionics are great as-is. The only thing I'd add is an at-will power for psions and wilders, and I'd rewrite a few classes like the soulknife and the metamind.

That's pretty much all I would do as well.

Add a cheap at will to match the at will cantrip capability of the other casters, either by assigning a specific 1st level power to be at will or letting them take one 1st level power to do at will.

I generally use their equivalent of Mage Hand, Empathy Biofeedback or similar first level powers that have the right flavor for whatever character we're talking about.

I'm going to convert the HPs then give each psion class an at will power or 1pp power, as long as they have focus and 1pp in their pool.

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I guess on days that you are actually IN a town, and for days you're in down-time it might be appropriate. And of course the character should be able to make a diplomacy roll to upgrade accomodations, for the lower price.

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Actually I think changing it to Reflex might give it just the boost it needs...rogues and monks should be nearly impossible to hit with a touch attack.

I would save one other mod from reflex would be reduce it by the AC penalty...a heavily armored fighter would be easier to hit even if he did have a decent relfex, that would bring it back down...size and dodge of course would still add to touch AC. (it would also make magic missiles more useful again...for those pesky rogues)

This change would allow for slightly increasing Touch ACs as the characters level.

Edit: It could be based on BASE reflex+dex rather than modified Reflex, as a +5 cloak of resistance would be much more valuable...however...that would be a play test idea. I might change this in my game regardless.

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Haldir wrote:

This would have been a nasty tactic for a creature or npc in my Savage Tide game vs the blackpowder pistol wielder PC fighter, ha ha.

Thou he did get eaten by the pirate zombies below Parrot Island thou.......

Like others, I agree it's a nasty but effective tactic & have no problems with it.

If the party is constantly using it, start adding items that are combustible or treasure that melts or burns due to fire (like scrolls). Maybe send a creature that is immune to fire??


A creature immune to fire, that likes to grapple...while immolated in flame...MWUAHAHAHA

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I say it should be based upon straight Armor Check penatlies, change it to a d20 roll.

layering armor (ex.An armored Kilt) should add an additional -1 Armor check penalty.

Spellcasting is based upon not just the hands moving but intricate movements of the entire body.

Scarab Sages

As I also disagree with Shields adding to touch AC...especially with shocking grasp...

How about Touch AC being based on Reflex save instead of dex and size alone?

What method did you arbitrarily use to increase the touch AC of monsters? That's just wrong IMHO...

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darts. that would be the proper equivalent I think.

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Definitely add the darkwood in there please.

I have always disliked that there is no mithral equivalent or even something CLOSE, for non-metal armors.

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Kamai wrote:
It would make sense to me if the elven weapon was either a bow or a finesse weapon. However, the elven curveblade we have is neither. It is instead a greatsword with a x3 critical and a minor bonus to disarm. I would suggest either making this weapon 19-20/x2 critical and allowing weapon finesse to work with it, because it would make sense that an elf special weapon would be able to create a balance between power and quickness, or scrap this and make a 1h sword that can be used with finesse, so at least one kind of elven ranger can use the special weapon.

I tend to agree, but would make it 1d6 (19-20/x3), since it should be more than a longsword...as a thin weighted blade would cause brutal woulds.

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