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MiniGM's page

17,300 posts. Alias of Vuvu.


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all the remaining orcs were at 2hp or less


I'm going to let this sit. Nathan as I said I would be happy for you to keep playing. I'm not going to prompt for every roll. Inwill try to improve my grasp of this. If that is not enough for you at this point in time I understand. I'm not asking you to change your play, I'm asking you to have patience and trust that I'm not trying to screw you. If you want clarification I'm happy to give it, I would suggest that the way you ask for it strikes me as combative...personally. For example. Sora pointed out that in combat a 7 does not usually mean you get damaged. I thought that it did, had you pointed that out that would have helped me, instead it came off as "you are playing the game wrong". That was. Or useful to me. I will repeat I am trying to learn this because I liked playing it. Often players who are system masters need a like Dm. I understand that and if is not fun for you it's not worth it to help me learn. I can't decide that for you. It will take me this whole module and what I have planned next for me to really get comfortable. If you don't want to wait I understand and you are welcomeo return later. Truly it's your call and no hard feelings on my part.

Sora. That is good feedback and helpful. I can accept that. That is the kind of stuff I need to really be able to understand this system.

Nox is webbed because he is owed a favor and not attacked. I have not forgotten that. Promise I have all that stuff written down to be used.

Since it's over now that he is dead. Nathan almost dropped him with the first attack, but has not rolled high enough since. The last round of combat has killed everyone else, the rolls just made were good enough by far

I feel like the magic has left this particular encounter so I'll just move it along.

And I'm temped to just magic away Nox to the other room so we can just get past this mess. It makes me sad

Folks can roll to loot as they wish. At +2


Ok I'm going to call a pause

Nathan you seem to be taking things personally. I am not out to get you. I am not against your character. In fact I made extra effort to understand how you saw your character working which you seem to take as me not approving.

I have admitted that I am getting used to this system and I will make mistakes. However what I will NOT do is try to screw someone over or any play favorites.

Anyone that thinks that is welcome to withdraw with no hard feelings on my part. Especially if you are "wasting" rolls and I assume time. I am not the best at running games, I am here to have fun, and I must admit I am starting to take your posts as personal and a bit insulting.

Nor is this a mechogodzikla if you return and look at your damage rolls you would see how poorly you have rolled. Also you have a split party AND a dropped character.

So before I continue. Any one who feels like they are not going to enjoy this please let me know so we can leave without hard feelings. I know Mooshy's will not post cause it is a weekend.

I am sorry if anyone is not having fun.


Now would be a good time for unalaq to return from his vacation


Don't forget Darin you are both big and air walking


he asked vinny and he is spell casting. One of my little changes, since a wizard is confused not stupid. This is going poorly


I'm thinking of buyin it


oh you will definitely be taking damage and there will be another penalty but but it won't stop you from hitting him, and I'm happy to let you do that though as you say you will take another hit


Any of you ever seen the Brute class? Looks funny

Nathan Croft wrote:

So, after successfully defying the danger of being attacked, and getting a 7-9 on an attempt to grapple (and possibly tie up) the whipmaster, I take damage (the thing I successfully avoided) and, what? They're still not bound? I don't understand what I gained from one and a half successful rolls. If he's bound, can he effectively use his armor? I may still be at risk for repercussions from the living whip with a hack and slash, but it would be fairly easy to find a joint in his armor, or stab him in his neck from up close if he can't move.

[dice=Thank you sir may I have another]1d8
12 HP as of this post.

[dice=Hack and Slash]2d6+2

Are you grappling or just stabbing?


you are basically fighting a boss here. By yourself. Of course if you only roll 10's you will be fine


You have grappled him. And closed the distance. You closed to grapple range and defied the danger of closing that gap. Then you initiated a grapple with him. You succeeded but didn't get a 10 so you took damage. Had you rolled 2 7-9's you would have been hit twice


The chaos continues in the main room, Sora draws a chain and slams it across the face of the orc who spins right into Kara's spear that pierces its neck, it falls in a heap, then in a moment of oddness she screams Sneak attack! and plunges the spear into the corpse again. Those paying attention notice that the chain flashes for a moment as Sora uses it.

Amaranth manages to burn the net off of Sora, meanwhile another slave, Himnon wanders in from the opposite direction to see an orc fall, and two others continue to attack the slaves.

You run! The two orcs say as they start to back up

What do you all do?


Nathan tosses the Whipmaster to the bed and moves in to grapple with him, and as he gets close the whip seems to move on its own snapping out and then back as it gashes her back, it feels as if it is striking his naked back 1d8 damage, ignore amor

I am going to make a rug out of your skin he spits in Nathans face

What now?


Nox stands in silence and suddenly something big and horrifying leaps out of the pit, a spider bigger than you can imagine in your nightmares. It sprays you with web -1 on STR or DEX checks ongoing until removed

What do you do?

Mage or wizard is just fine.




its fine, im just getting a grasp of it all and wanted an idea of how you see the class


it wont burn all the way through this round. You have some burning net next to you. probably easier to break out of, and will probably burn through next round, but might also burn you, and ou are still stuck for the moment


20 feet i believe.

Nox en Isk wrote:
I am sorry, but work was hectic today. I just wanted to let you know that I will be unable to make another post post today.

thats fine. there will probably be something for you to react to tomorrow, but nothing more than a single post


that is helpful Sora.

I am going to try to let you guys tell me what your powers are, but I realize in this fight that for my own brain i need to have an idea. Eventually, unless you all die down here, folks will start to know bout you.


he has a magic whip:) HA take that logic! Seriously it really is-one of th few magic items the "module" has in it. If he gets to use it i have an idea how to fluff it.But yes i will appreciate all of it.

Space for a few more if anyone wants to join


Nathan and Sora

We will need to establish some kind of baseline for your movement so I have an idea for future reference.

Nathan just how high can you jump? Are you able to ge too a 10 ft ceiling from standing? Is that a particular challenge? 15? 20?!

Sora when you fly just how far can you go before it is "out of reach" and requires a roll? 10 feet? 15? 20?

I will leave it to you to decide, but I would say keep in mind the comparative power levels of the other heroes in the party. I suggest you use that as a guide, but again you can decide on your own.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Runelords not as versed as mooshy, if you don't reference it, Im probably not going to get it Nathan. I have never DM'd this system before, pretty much exclusively pathfinder so it will take some time for me to get used to it.

In any event you should make another roll if you are going to try to grapple the fella, im reading that as using STR to bat aside any attack that comes your way, as you don't know but I do, that his particular whip has a range of hand, close and reach.


making that a targeted dispel, so it just fails, rather than dispelling his flight or invisibility. Elorin, you just got magically assaulted by Darin. You know what to do.


no idea on elena, people often disappear, its why i was taking up to 8. It is up to Amaranth if she takes your pleading as an order. If she does then you are free if she doesnt you aren't. Goblin spear is just reach, so no piercing..but now i see. helpful if folks put that they have piercing in when you make your attacks. I will mark the damage on my notes, but not retcon the post above,


Back in the killing pit Nox still stands motionless...though he is starting to get a forbidding feeling that by just standing there bad things will happen.


In the death duel room, Nathan leaps up to the wall, then the ceiling and drops on the Whip Master again, but his blade scrapes off the armor, doing nothing, but it does startle the orc enough for it to back up


In the main room the chaos continues, everyone gets netted, Kara shows up out of no where and slams her club into the shoulder of an orc, but it deflects off the armor doing nothing, while Reno tears free of his net, but his hulk like move leaves him open to a gash in the ribs from an orc 1d6 damage, reduced by armor

Amaranth charges across the room, starting to burn the net, but she too gets hit for her troubles as she leaves herself exposed 1d6 damage reduced by armor. As she is hit the orc spits Me knew you cause trouble. Me like pee on you later to put you out.

Meanwhile the last orc is full absorbed with following Sora back down the hall a bit.

What do you all do? This could be going better for our intrepid heroes, but at least you are gaining XP


Your rolls are trying to get you all killed


make your roll Darin.


The eye narrows at Vinny and a rumbling voice says Kill the big one

DC 20 Will or you must do just that Dominate Person Then it moves forward, and in the process Elorin appears again



it is immune...but it is blind so I'm gonna give you the sneak


correct you are asking a LOT so it's a little harder


Reno and Sora talk over each other a bit, and while they do not succeed in pulling them out of the room, they do manage to completely distract everyone from Nathan.

Nathan creeps across the ceiling, spider like, and use as he is about to drop down he scrapes his blade on the ceiling causing everyone to look up. He drops down quickly plunging his knife into the whip master, though it is slowed by the armor, and shoves him into the smaller room next door and chases into it. The whip master stumbles and turns as Nathan closes the door, though it does not latch.

The whip master stands all the way across the room reach and he snaps the whip at Nathan it wraps around his neck and begins to cut off his air. if you don't avoid take d8 damage ignores armor

One of two remaining orcs in the room throws his net onto Reno, while another throws his onto Sora. The third moves up and attacks Sora, aiming for the still bloody leg, slamming its club against her avoid the nets or take -1 ongoing on anything requiring a Dex or Str check and Sora avoid the attack or take d6 damage

What do you do?


Nox stands in the quiet, and hears...nothing. There is absolutely no sound in this room at all. No movement either.

What do you do?

of course those of you who have not picked a room are welcome to enter



Ok Indiana


ok so to help clear up the weapon action

Sora has the magic, not identified chain
Reno has the Wayfarer and the Shield
Nox has the spikes and his knife

The others, I don't know yet



Recently there was an earthquake, this caused cracks in the floor, and the whipmaster and his guards to be on high alert. Now some of the slaves, some that you recognize have entered the room and are talking to the master, who is apparently interested a beat down. Two of the orcs are hiding nets behind their backs


dunno Nox, that is between you guys


ok there are so many posts we are confused. Reno Sora and Nathan are in the whipmaster room. Nathan has not been seen due to No One Looks Up, but since that only applies to him I have said that Sora was seen. Sora and Reno are blabbing about whatever as a distraction.

Meanwhile Nox is off in the killing pit room, while our other heroes are undecided at the moment.

Our fire lady has just arrived on the other end of the whipmaster room.

In that room there are 3 orcs and the whipmaster

Everyone on the same page?



They were not, until Sora monkeyed around up there. They do not know you are there. No One Looks Up only applies to you, not her.

That said there is nothing on the roof between you and the orcs, with your weird ability to walk on the ceiling you should be bale to just walk out there. It is about 10 feet from the floor to the ceiling inside the room, not sure if you can make that high of a jump or not.


a little early lady last but whelp you are there now!

Sora I guess there are now.but they have noticed you not nathan


Ah now I understand Sora. The short answer is that you can't hover so you can't hang out on the ceiling, at least that is how I read the description of the class...maybe you can hover.... In any event, you can always retreat. He did tell you to do that. So no harm no foul


sorry Sora, I assumed you followed Nathan. The rule is that no one looks up, so I didnt feel the need to reply. But it will be fine...or not :)


Nox creates a portal as the others leave into the whipmasters room that lets him cross the rubble into the Killing pit room

He(?) steps out of the portal onto a slippery ledge. All around the room are thick webs, there is a dark forbidding in the room, the smell of death is everywhere.

What do you do?


ok. Nox let me get what you see up!


also your fold in space is only stable for 1 person but is not dangerous


so where are you trying to get to? Sorry. I don't understand. The glow that was there before the quake is gone, and that said you could never see where it was coming from. Are you trying to make a portal to somewhere in the room with the whipmaster, in the room we started in, or something else completely?


the glow is gone now. Are you going a different direction than those that went to the whipmaster? also what is create shortcut? I don't see that in the class you sent me



No trap, other than they are already armed and armored.

You can see that there are some deep cracks running down the center of the floor, and that two of the orcs is hiding something behind his back

The whipmaster is an incredibly buff orc, he is missing an eye, and the one he has almost glows with a red fire...not really...but you all have started to think that it does, , he has one broken tusk, and as far as orcs go...he is really ugly


The motley crew moves up toward the whipmasters lair, immediately upon entering the well built stone room, with lanterns lit all around. Inside are three orcs, who seem to be wearing some armor some of you recognize...and the whipmaster who stands with his whip, and wearing leather armor covered in spikes and studs

What are you doing meat? Now is not the time. Get back to your task masters. He orders, though his grin suggests that he is hoping you don't listen

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