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Jodokai's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 962 posts (1,017 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 8 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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Seth Gipson wrote:

A friend just pointed out to me that as per the post above, there cant be any animal companions/familiars/mounts in the Core Campaign, as it doesnt say anything about the Bestiarys...

Similarly, that would work the same for Wild Shape/ the 'Form' spells.

I assume this likely means stuff from Bestiary 1 is legal for those purposes?

I don't have my Core Rulebook handy, but don't Rangers and Druids have a list of animal companions that they can choose from in the CRB? Wildshape will have to open up the bestiary though.

EDIT: Whoops a whole page started before I answered this.

You can add agile to the dagger

Right hence asking if there was more to taking Paladin than just the CHA to saves.

It seems like posters can't win. If they start a new thread, people will tell them to do a search for it. If they search for it, people complain about thread necromancy.

I just noticed this and was wondering, why do you suggest Paladin? Is it mostly for the CHA to saves? If so there's a feat that allows that (the name escapes me), so couldn't you just go that route?

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Avh wrote:
Which leads to what I wrote in my first post : "taking the spellbook of a wizard isn't a very good reason."

While I don't like the way I said it, it is still valid. The end of your sentence needs to say "for me". You cannot say what is or isn't a good reason for someone else's character.

Drogos wrote:
Yeah, I'm betting that's because the druid he's attached to is level 4+.

Crap you're right. I was using Hero Labs to get the stats, but when you look in the book, it is attached to a 4th level Druid. Teach me to use Hero Labs as my only source.

I'm going to be playing in an AP soon, and was looking at the Shaman. It looks neat, but I'm not inspired yet. I'm looking for other people's experience with a Shaman. What did you like, what did you not like? What was your build? Would you have done anything differently?

I don't like to multi-class if I can help it. If the benefits are really good I'll dip a level, maybe two. Lore Oracle in a Paladin build was really worth it to me, as an example.

I've been snarky in this thread, no excuses, I apologize.

My point is really that good characters have the same worries. They kill the evil tyrant, and the evil tyrant has relatives. This doesn't make for a bad game, it can add flavor, and if the GM doesn't like it, he doesn't let it happen.

Anyway to the OP, your GM has a whole house load of plot hooks now, which sounds like what he was after. I hope you let us know how it turns out.

Magical Knack has nothing to do with your animal companion. You animal companion isn't based on your caster level it's based on your Druid level. A ranger has a Druid level of level -3.

If you want to up this you can take the feat Boon Companion.

Drogos wrote:
Iirc, firepelt cougars are identical to the small cat in the CRB.

You don't remember correctly. They have more DEX, and more natural armor.

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Avh wrote:
When you're Evil in a Magical world, you don't want to murder any one without a very good reason, and

Says who? Why do you get to decide what evil means in a game you're not even involved in? I've quoted you, but this statement can apply to a lot of people posting on this thread.

Avh wrote:
obviously, taking the spellbook of a wizard isn't a very good reason.

And now you get to decide what is and isn't a good motivation for everyone's character?

Avh wrote:

Why ?

You can be framed for the murder (via numerous ways, from deducing the murderer with clues, to using spells, such as Speak with the Dead).

And you can just as easily frame someone else for the crime. Leave a Hat of Disguise at the scene of the crime.

Avh wrote:

That means that not only you could have your target's friends as enemies, but you would have to deal with law enforcements (paladins, guards, wizard guilds, ...).

Your target can very well be alive and seek revenge (resurrection, reincarnation, clone, ...), be it directly (as people suggested earlier) or indirectly (help from the planes, hiring adventurers/assassins, ...).

There are no perfect ways to prevent others to find you. Be it by divinations spells or by skills.

I didn't even go to the "16th level wizard with clone" here, just standard things that apply to potentially every single NPC in the game.

Wouldn't evil wizards have the same thing? So what you're essentially saying is adventuring is stupid and we should all make characters that sit around knitting. Glad I'm not in your games.

The reason I was being sarcastic was because the OP specifically said he was a selfish NE wizard. Which we both agreed was in character for him.

As far as the rant, did you read the thread before climbing on your horse? If you had you would have realized his party helped him do it. Second Pathfider is not a videogame, if the GM, who is a person, doesn't want you to kill his NPC you don't. It really is that simple.

claudekennilol wrote:
What book is allowing the use of this thing as a pet?

Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition. It's not PFS legal (for obvious reasons), but with a 25 point buy he wasn't playing PFS.

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Imbicatus wrote:
Gallyck wrote:

I fail to see how I was stupid evil but to each their own. I saw an opening to get more spells and I took it. I had elaborate plans as to what i was going to do with the score. My character has a high linguistics check since i wanted to tool around with forgeries. I have his journal so i can duplicate all his writings.
Because you murdered a guy solely to take their stuff with no thought of the possible consequences.

Yeah, only a selfish Neutral Evil person would do something like that...

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Charon's Little Helper wrote:
It was Evil Stupid in the same way that the paladins people like to complain about are Lawful Stupid.

I disagree with this. I think it was perfectly in character. A selfish mage who covets power, and he thought he could get away with it. Seemed like a good plan.

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Here are some of my thoughts after reading most of the first page:

Who says the clone was 16th level? Maybe he was cloned at 3rd level, and left in the shop while the real wizard went out into the world to level up, and just comes back occasionally to update his spell book and make sure everything is okay.

As far as the Wizard being a jerk, yeah sure I risked my life and soul countless times over years of hard work and hard earned money to get everything in that book and earned it with my blood, sweat and tears, but sure I'll let you have it for a few gold pieces, because making you actually earn your power would just make me a jerk o_O It reminds me of everyone thinking the guy asking Americans to eat healthy and exercise so we live longer is a jerk.

I REALLY like the reincarnation idea, but I'm one who loves re-making my characters. It would also give you plot seeds and drive you even more to come back, prove your more powerful now, have there helpless while you casually wipe your bottom with his precious spell book.

notty235 wrote:

So, now I need 13int for combat expertise right?

How can i build a stat? I know that i need to dump cha but what to choose between srt dex & con

I use tiger because of pounce. Is a wolf is better?
Or there's another animal that suit the build?

*tap, tap tap* Is this thing on?

Jodokai wrote:

Unless you're really sold on a Tiger, I would take a look at the firepelt cougar. With it's 24 DEX (26 DEX with Animal Focus). Take Weapon Finesse and Agile Maneuvers, then use the alternate advancement so at 7th level it gets +2 DEX/ +2 CON.

A Firepelt gets an automatic trip attack. Technically you don't need agile maneuvers since weapon finesse allows you to use your DEX for your CMB as per the FAQ.

Why do you need the feat? The racial trait specifically says you can carry objects with it.

zanbato13 wrote:


Additional Traits for Magical Lineage and Wayang Spellhunter?

Also, I plan to make a Tiefling Kensai Bladebound with a Rapier and Fencing Grace. Any advice?

There are roughly 600 guides to this build, just replace Scimitar with Rapier and Dervish Dance with Fencing Grace.

Unless you're really sold on a Tiger, I would take a look at the firepelt cougar. With it's 24 DEX (26 DEX with Animal Focus). Take Weapon Finesse and Agile Maneuvers, then use the alternate advancement so at 7th level it gets +2 DEX/ +2 CON.

A Firepelt gets an automatic trip attack. Technically you don't need agile maneuvers since weapon finesse allows you to use your DEX for your CMB as per the FAQ.

EDIT: Found the FAQ and linked it.

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Hold on, I don't think the OP is saying that DR sucks, I think what he's saying is that DR 1/- isn't that impressive. If that's all you got, ever, that's a crap ability not even worth mentioning. I mean giving rogues DR 1/- ain't gonna be an improvement if ya get my meaning. Now DR 5/- is quite a different story. That has value and meaning. Being able to turn DR 1 into DR 5, doesn't make DR 1 any more powerful.

Zhyen Familiar wrote:

At 6th level, a daivrat can select a zhyen to serve as his familiar, replacing any familiar he already possesses, as if he had the Improved Familiar feat.

You don't have to take the improved familiar, you could stay with your monkey.

Imbicatus wrote:

A hunter works really well regardless of if the rest of the team uses teamwork feats or not. Seeing a hunter & pet in action may inspire a team to take teamwork feats.

Pack Flanking + Outflank + Paired Opportunists is one of the most devastating combos in the game.

Holy cow, that's awesome. Make a Hunter use the Firepelt Cougar from RotRL (they have +14 to DEX). Use the alternate advancement (+2 DEX, +2 CON) Tiger Hunter's Bond (+2 DEX) and add Agile Maneuvers, for the automatic trip attack. Then the baddies provoke when you crit, and when they have to stand up.

LoneKnave wrote:

It may be cheating, but a summoner through Bond Senses, or a Synthesist through fused eidolon has acces to their eidolon's senses.

A Bladebound Magus's Black Blade can communicate with him telepathically, and has senses like a normal creature. I'm not sure exactly how the rules on Ego work, but you could probably even pass control to the blade during fighting.

I came up with something similar, it works really well for the blind archer. A Hunter at 4th level can use his companion's eyes. Not really the right for fluff for a monk, but it's something

Fergie wrote:
Jodokai wrote:
People always hand wave the cost of wizards and then complain about how powerful they are. They only get that way if you hand wave the cost for everything.
That isn't really the case. Wizards are insanely powerful even if they only get the spells they get from leveling up. And accessing and scribing spells really isn't that big an expense. Wizards also get scribe scroll free, and can select 4 more item creation feats as bonus feats. A single blessed book can store 1000 pages with NO material cost. And since the wizard has craft wondrous item, each book only costs 6,250. A 20th level wizard with a few crafting feats is going to have around 1,200,000gp worth of gear, so buying every spell in the core rulebook isn't really going to put a dent in his budget.

How's he learning the spells? Are you giving it to him for free? Then that's a problem. An enemy Wizard's Spell book is just as much loot as a magic sword and should come out of a wizard's share. Or, if you're building at 20th level, it comes out of his WBL, meaning he needs to buy the scroll of that level, and he needs to buy the scroll.

As far as crafting, anyone can craft with Master Craftsman feat, so a fighter can have the same budget.

Imbicatus wrote:

The word can indicates it's optional. The fact that it then references swashbucklers finesse reinforces the fact that other swashbuckler weapons are still finessable. Finally, the level 4 ability reads:


Dervish Dance (Ex)

At 4th level, a whirling dervish can use her Dexterity modifier instead of her Strength modifier on melee damage rolls when using her swashbuckler finesse. She counts as having the Dervish Dance feat for purposes of meeting feat prerequisites.

This would have read a whirling dervish can use her Dexterity modifier instead of her Strength modifier on melee damage rolls when using a scimitar if it was intended to be scimitar only.

"Can" also means ability to. If I say "You can lift a mountain" I'm not saying lifting it is optional, I'm saying you have the ability to do it.

As to "it would say scimitar", things can get wonky if you get specific. There are hundreds of rules that are silly because Paizo got specific, there are now abilities and feats that don't apply to certain classes because they weren't around when the feat or ability was created.

What I said above and the fact that it specifically calls out Sarenre and Dervish Dance feat, leads me to believe that it wasn't intended for anything other than the scimitar. I could be wrong, but in any case, I would expect table variation in PFS.

So you're saying because they included the phrase swashbuckler's finesse it includes all of that ability? You may get a GM to agree with you, but it's pretty obvious that isn't the intention, and since this is PFS, I'd hate to base a character around it.

EDIT: Actually I don't know if this is PFS, I keep getting my threads confused. If it is, I wouldn't try to get away with it, if it isn't, maybe you can convince your GM.

Something else I just remembered is that you can use your CHA to qualify for Combat Expertise feat lines. I wouldn't necessarily recommend using Combat Expertise itself, but Gang-Up, Improved Dirty Trick, aren't bad to have. Yeah Swashbuckler dip is nice.

Imbicatus wrote:
Four levels in Whirling Dervish Swashbuckler will give dex to damage with all swashbucklers finesse weapons, including the light ones. It alters swashbucklers finesse to not allow any weapon in the off-hand though, so you cannot twf with it. (except for unarmed strikes with snake style/boar style/hamatualatsu)

No it allows DEX to damage with a scimitar

Dervish Dance wrote:
At 4th level, a whirling dervish can use her Dexterity modifier instead of her Strength modifier on melee damage rolls when using her swashbuckler finesse. She counts as having the Dervish Dance feat for purposes of meeting feat prerequisites.

Now the part I have bolded is where I think you're getting confused, so let's look at the Dervish's swashbuckler finesse

swashbuckler finesse wrote:

Dervish Finesse (Ex)

A whirling dervish can treat a scimitar as a one-handed piercing melee weapon for the purposes of the swashbuckler's finesse and all feats and class abilities that refer to such a weapon. She must not be carrying a weapon or shield in her off hand to gain this benefit.

This ability alters swashbuckler finesse.

That's all a dervish gets, Scimitar.

Ms. Pleiades wrote:
2. Don't tell me why I want something when I've told you explicitly what I want. These things you mention are all nice, yes, but they come online fairly late for a tetori, particularly by PFS standards (Retirement at level 12), and if you build around accomplishing something, you shouldn't be able to have your tactic completely disrupted by spells that nearly every caster will know or have prepared as their "Oh S***!" button once they're grappled, the time for stopping my character is when they're still at range. It's potentially a small window with the movement speed, but it's still a window.

Yeah dude that's just dumb... I mean it's almost as dumb as asking for advice in a public forum and getting upset when you get it.

avr wrote:
With the wealth expected of a 20th level character this should not be an issue.

I don't care what level you are, 30k is an issue. Especially when we're talking about a Wizard. I would also check out his spell book and made sure he had 9 1st level spells and no more than 4 of any other level unless he spent the money on the scroll and the cost to scribe it.

People always hand wave the cost of wizards and then complain about how powerful they are. They only get that way if you hand wave the cost for everything.

Letric wrote:

Why should I go for 2 Weapons and lose the Buckler? I mean, I know I'm supposed to do damage, but right now at level 5 I'm hitting with a +9.

3 from BAB, 4 from DEX, 1 from MW, 1 from Size. If I go 2WF I'd be at +7/+7, yes, but I'll be losing the buckler.

Do you think eventually at higher level it's worth? I know I can always hit with 1 weapon, but I'm unsure how many feats I'd need to get DEX to damage. Could you please help me with that?

I'm still undecided whether I should go or not for 1 level dip in Swash, what would I gain that I cannot gain with a feat.

I'll have to recheck those feats that give DEX to damage, and isn't a feat worth 16k gold to make Agile both weapons?

I would seriously consider a 4 level dip in Swashbuckler. That alone will get you +4 to precision damage, get an agile weapon and your at a respectable +8, and your BAB is high enough where you can take Piranha Strike.

Right now with a Waka...Little Katana, the only way to get DEX to damage is Agile. No feats will do it, even with a Swashbuckler dip. The easiest way for you to do it with feats is switch to the Rapier, re-train your WF: Little Katana to WF: Rapier and take the Fencing Grace feat. You could re-train your smoke bomb to the combat feat talent and get that now.

If you want to switch weapons but not use the Rapier, you would need a level of Swashbuckler and a one handed slashing weapon that is finessable. Off the top of my head: Aldori Dueling Sword, Saw-tooth Saber, and Whip are the only ones that apply. Two of them need Exotic Weapon Prof. to work, and the third needs Whip Mastery to make it work.

I rarely say this about classes, but Rogues/Ninjas are horrible. They just don't have enough to make them viable. I mean I'm okay with a class that is subpar in combat, as long as they are super at something else. Rogues give up combat and get very little in return.

Shasfowd wrote:
So I run a roll20 campaign that allows players to make max level characters and fight high teir monsters. Needless to say, the tarrasque is in a Gem owned by a wizard. I want this to be a fun experience for everyone, and that is NOT winning in 2 seconds. I'd like to know some spells and any other thing overpowered like Trap the Soul.

My question is: Did you check their wealth by level? Did they spend the 30,000gp on the gem for a 30HD monster?

Letric wrote:

I need to check this very carefully:

Parry-Risposte: I have 16 CHA, so I could virtually use this 3 times, but my size is Small, but you're saying it's still a D20 to avoid an attack for free (almost). Wouldn't be Dodging Panace better for a Small Character?

Dodging Panache is situationally useful. You can't get out of the way of the attack that triggers the dodge, so you suck that one up. The only time it comes in handy is if the bad guy has pounce, or if you 5' step after your full attack.

Letric wrote:
Swash Finesse would get me W Finesse, but I'd still be using Wakizashi, weapon damage is not that important for me.

The problem with using the Wakizashi is that in order to get DEX to damage you'll need to buy agile. That means a +2 Weapon for 8k gold. If you want to dual wield, you're going to suck until you can afford 16k gold in weapons. If you switch to Sawtooth Saber (used by the Mantis Cult Assassins... Assassins - Ninja...?), you can take Slashing Grace which will allow you to add DEX to damage, and Sawtooth Sabers are finessable, and you can dual wield them as if your off hand was a light weapon.

Letric wrote:
Do I get access to ALL Deeds?

All first level Deeds and any ones that are feats you meet prereqs for.

Ms. Pleiades wrote:
Still open to suggestions on a ranged build if anybody has insights into that too.

For ranged, it's really hard to top a Zen Archer. Move fast and shoot them You can still add Qinggong to it. Most of the eclectic abilities of the monk with a bow.

Look into Feather Step Slippers. Relatively cheap (2,000gp) and you ignore difficult terrain.

I would avoid grappling builds, I've only seen one really successful, it was pretty high level, and am pretty sure the guy playing it was using some pretty liberal interpretations of the rules.

My advice would be to go straight monk, add Qinggong for some self buffs and ranged attacks. Early levels you'll feel a little disappointed. You won't have a great AC yet, and you won't come near the damage of the greatsword wielding barbarian, but if you stick with it, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how effective you are.

Melkiador wrote:
I hadn't noticed they banned it. Honestly surprised by that. It's probably because off sized weapons aren't supposed to be "always available", but does anyone have an actual reason?

I don't know the actual reason, but my theory is that the developers seem to think a lot of damage dice, like going from a d6 to a d8 is a big deal.

For 1 level dip in swashbuckler you're getting Parry-Riposte, free weapon finesse, and the ability to get DEX to damage with a finessable 1-handed weapon. 1-dip and 1 feat and a feat re-train and now you're dual wielding 1d6+DEX weapons and +1 BAB.

Not that going to 4th level is bad, at 2nd you get to add CHA to saves 3 times per day, at 3rd level Demoralize as a swift, Kip-up, +3 precision damage, +2 to init, +1 to AC. At 4th level your extra precision damage goes to +4 and you get a bonus feat. All of that will certainly add to your damage.

You should really switch your DEX and STR. DEX is nothing by AC and Init for you, and you can be 120' away and still destroy the bad guys.

If this is a home game, add Gravity Bow to your Efficient Quiver, if you're good guys, add Holy to your Bow to make your Arrows 4d6 against evil, 2d6 against everything else. Bracers of Falcon's Aim gives you 3 feats (Skill Focus: Perception, Weapon Focus, Improved Critical: Bow/Cross bow) for the low, low price of 4,000gp. A ring of Ki Mastery is always handy.

Other than that, it's really pretty straight forward. Rapid Shot and Manyshot don't work with Flurry's so avoid them.

Just so you know you can't really use Slashing Grace. It has to be a 1-handed weapon, and you're using light weapons. So without a house rule you're stuck going Agile.

You could take a level of Swashbuckler, get the Exotic Weapon Prof. for Sawtooth Saber, and ask your GM if he'll let you change Weapon Finesse to Slashing Grace. This would let you TWF with Sawtooth Sabers, and give you a couple of nice CHA based abilities.

Sebastian Hirsch wrote:

Actually sword and shield works with Swashbuckler just fine, it just requires (after level 3 Swashbuckler) that your shield happens to be a buckler.

At this point, I could use any combination of weapons for fighting (even using my greatsword to riposte) and I only need to use the rapier to refill my panache pool.

Amateur swashbuckler gives only 1 of the 3 abilities and my day starts with only point of panache. With planned increases to Charisma and the Extra Panache feat, this really makes a difference. Dering-do and Dodging Panache should prove useful too.

I've played a Swashbuckler to level 7 in PFS, Daring-do and Dodging Panache are rarely worth the Panache. Why get +4 to AC when you can just completely block the attack? And adding 1d6 to your skill roll isn't really worth chancing one of your Panache points on the hopes that you might get a 6.

The only other advice I'd have is to switch your DEX and CON. In my experience, unless you get two stats to AC (Monk, Kensai Magus etc.) your AC will never be high enough to avoid attacks, and you will run out of Panache. You'll appreciate the extra hitpoints.

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c873788 wrote:
If my 6th level ninja acts in the surprise round, he does 1d4 + 6d6 + 14 points of damage with his sling. It's not the tool... it's how you use it.

Usually in the surprise round your ninja would take a move action to load the sling and be done... unless he's a halfling.

I just skimmed the thread, so it may have been mentioned, but Fencing Grace would let you use your DEX for damage with your rapier. You've REALLY skewed your stats to non-combat stats, so don't expect a lot.

You could take a level of Swashbuckler with the Inspired Blade Archetype, and re-train your Weapon Finesse to Fencing Grace. Actually with your INT, that's probably a really good option that you may want to think about.

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Krith wrote:
However, the rules leave this ambiguous in terms of hearing perception vs sight perception.

I don't think the rules are ambiguous. If we switch it around, and say you're blinded instead of the attacker being invisible, the same rules apply. The blinded condition has nothing to do with hearing, and you are still denied your DEX.

Blind Fighting feat represents a character training his other senses well enough to fight when he can't see. If you allow a hear perception check to negate the effects of being blind, that feat becomes a waste.

Unfortunately it's for PFS so no custom rings.

Mystic_Snowfang wrote:

Splendid Security

It's 3 magic items in one
Protection, SR AND Save bonuses

While that is an amazing ring, 180k is a bit expensive.

Gisher wrote:
deuxhero wrote:
Sustenance. An 6 extra hours every day is artifact level, but for 2500 GP?
I've always loved this ring. But now that the ACG is out, I'd rather get Restful armor and a Sustaining Spoon so I can free up that precious ring slot.

And with that extra ring slot you put what in it?

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Jodokai wrote:
How about an Animal Companion with a 13 CHA taking Battle Cry
I don't find that one silly at all. A howling wolf on your side is a definite moral booster.

Yeah the Wolf CHA is only 6 I think? They'd never get it. Velociraptor is 14, they could use it 2/day. With a +4 headband 4/day.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Wow this is really a mess. They should go back to the Sacred Weapon = Full BAB, or drop it all together. This sometimes you do, sometimes you don't, sometimes it's only half way is crazy. If I understand everything correctly, you don't actually have full BAB so at 4th Level if you had Power Attack, you'd be -2 to hit +4 to damage so your total BAB would be +1 (3-2)... What a mess.

How about an Animal Companion with a 13 CHA taking Battle Cry... Get extra magic item slot so they can have a Headband of Alluring Charisma.

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