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For the Bodyguard portion, instead of Fighter, you could go Order of the Dragon Cavalier. This would help with your aid another and you challenge gives everyone +1 to hit. Add the Daring Champion archetype to get rid of the mount and shore up some of your defensive issues. Cavalier also gets 4 skill points per level so you could make INT 10 your CHA 13 and you'd only lose 1 skill point per level, but you wouldn't be forced to use those skill points in INT skills.

Orfamay Quest wrote:
If pausing is an option. Just because you're not in initiative doesn't mean you're not under some other time pressure. Maybe you're in a race. Maybe you're doing a climbing demonstration as part of a theatrical performance. Maybe for whatever reason it's important to keep moving.

Which would mean you're distracted, and can't take 10 anyway.

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Orfamay Quest wrote:
A smart climber will pause his climb rather than scramble for handholds while looking at the details of a bird's plumage.

Exactly, and since you're not in initiative pausing for a second during your climb to identify a bird is a non-issues and makes perfect sense to allow taking 10 for both.

Wind Of Hope wrote:
Fine. I suppose so. It still would be nice if Paizo released updated tables. Also I feel this makes Pathfinder Unchained kind of pointless at best - a trap purchase at worst.

Really? This is what invalidates the entire book and makes it a "trap"? Wow melodramatic much?

This is a very easy build to simulate Dragonball Z, just have your monk mean mug everyone for 4 play sessions then on the 5th play session throw one punch and have it blocked.

One of my favorite Archetypes for an Elven Wizard is Spellbinder. You lose Arcane Bond, but gain the ability to spontaneously cast a specific spell at each level. What I normally do is memorize utility spells, then have blasting spells as bonded spells. There are also other ways of getting a familiar, which I love. Improved Familiar gets you a Lyrakien Azata, which gets you a familiar that can use wands, has perfect flight, always on Freedom of Movement, always on Detect Magic and Evil, and effectively and always on Tongues spell. Not to mention Energy Resist 10 to cold and fire, immune to electricity, and DR 5 vs Evil.

Augment Summoning isn't a bad choice at all. You're a conjurer, so you'll have conjuration spells, and there are some pretty good ones that increasing the DC isn't a bad idea at all.

As far as Summon Monster, I don't use it in combat as often as say, Fireball, but it is always useful. It's a great utility spell, especially with Summoners Charm extending the duration.

Slashing Grace has been out what, 6 months maybe? And it wasn't that great from the start. I mean seriously are we really upset because a bad feat is still bad?

Dervish Dance has always been a ridiculously good choice, go back a couple of years and you'll see I was saying the same thing then. DEX to hit and Damage is POWERFUL and should be costly, but to see that you have to look at more than just damage. No builds are invalidated by this change, it will just cost more to make the build. There is still Agile that you can out on a weapon or an AoMF. We haven't lost anything we had 6 months ago (or however long ago Slashing Grace came out).

Reduce Animal Potion on a small?

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Michael Hallet wrote:
I would argue that leve 5 is too late to get Slashing Grace. you might as well just pick up the Agile enhancement. I want it by level 3 (when the unchained rogue gets it), or not bother at all.

Right, because gods forbid the Rogue class get something useful, I mean if that happened we couldn't complain about how useless the Rogue is.

This thread practically threw me into fits of laughter. We as forum posters have created a situation where we analyze every letter of every word of every rule just to squeeze the most exploitative interpretation out of them that we can, and then we complain when the developers try to word things to prevent exactly those things.

I think it pretty obvious what was intended with this errata. They don't want you attacking with your off hand. They don't want you shield bashing, unarmed striking, natural attacking, or punching with a greatsword. If we could look at that and leave it at that, we wouldn't get the wonky wording that is being used.

Not that I expect this post to change anything, and will actually come under attack, but meh, I had to say it. Now I'll go back to quietly giggling.

It's not a FAQ it's the errata. Look for the Advanced Class Guide in the store and look at the bottom for a link to the errata.

I have an 8th level Swashbuckler in PFS. I took Iron Will and Extra Traits for Indomitable Faith. Other than that Charmed Life is exactly Divine Grace. I have never run out of Charmed Life in any scenario, granted I don't use it for Reflex Saves, but it's never been a problem.

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ElterAgo wrote:

It is very group, campaign, and GM dependant.

In my previous gaming group we had who almost never let me find out very much of what was going to be happening or who I would be fighting. The group never wanted to wait around while I filled an empty slot. Even if I talked them into waiting, the GM would rarely give enough uninterrupted time to do so. The campaign was a constant race against time so very nearly zero time to craft any magic items (I was only able to make a few low level scrolls over several levels). The group would get irritated when I was using game time to change my daily list of spells.
So I almost always had the same list of generally useful spells prepared. But what if I needed 3 fly spells that day? Too bad I only had 1 prepared. So I had the same list of spells each day like a sorc, but I couldn’t spam a spell if that was what I needed a bunch of right then. I struggled through 7 levels with my wizard being mostly fairly ineffectual. Most of the time he was less useful that the poorly built fighter run by the newbie. I retired him and made an oracle. Definitely not extremely optimized, but easily one of the most effective characters in the group (might have been edged out by the paladin, but close). In that campaign, with that group, and that GM – a prepared caster is at an extreme disadvantage. Spontaneous casters are substantially more effective.

The group before that was almost exactly the opposite in all respects. Detailed info was fairly easy to come by, the group had no problem taking time for preparation and detailed plans, and the campaign had plenty of down time for whatever we needed/wanted to do getting ready. So the prepared caster was almost always able to be ready with the very nearly perfect spell for each situation to really significant effect. Could make...

This is the reality of Wizards. The theory is that Wizards are all powerful and can do anything at any time, which just isn't true.

DominusMegadeus wrote:
This is why Runestones are more expensive than pearls of power.

This isn't true. They're more expensive because they allow you to re-cast ANY spell of that level you know, a pearl of power only allows you to recast a specific spell.

Otherwhere wrote:
... but not be abused to continue making Sneak Attacks round after round (i.e., like a form of invisibility).

How is this an abuse? How is the rogue being able to use the only thing he gets to do damage, abused if he actually gets to use it every round? I mean the barbarian gets to do his rage, power attacking two handed swing every round, usually 2 or 3 times a round. Is a Rogue who can do some damage every round really that abusive?

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Milo v3 wrote:
Thing is... isn't the only reason you need concealment so that you're not observed.

I'm going to jump in in the middle of this, these are my impressions of how I think the rules work. I'm not trying to say anyone is right or wrong, this is just my take: Milo v3 - I don't think so. I think even if you have partial concealment you can't stealth if you are observed. You need both not be observed and concealment. I believe that is RAW (again not trying to start an argument, just stating what I think the rules are without much conviction). So I think HiPS only removes one of those conditions. I also believe that RAI is that it's supposed to remove both, with the understanding that the Shadowdancer can manipulate shadows to obscure his movement (again, my take, not trying to convince anyone).

EDIT: If I GM a non-PFS game, I say let the thieves abuse HiPS to their hearts content. Being able to get 1 sneak attack per round makes them just slightly above completely useless.

mplindustries - I'm with ya. I think a lot of the problem stems from players who don't understand what Pathfinder's combat system is supposed to simulate. People assume because the mechanics are one way, that's what's really happening. So since everyone goes in initiative order, that means everyone is just standing in line waiting for their turn to come up, they have their action and go to the end of line again. They don't understand that the character's feet aren't planted in one spot. I mean mark out a 5'x5' square, that's a lot of room for one person to stand in. A round is also 6 seconds, count out 6 seconds and you'll see it's a lot longer than you might believe. Your character doesn't stand there for 5 seconds, take 1 swing and stand there for another 5 seconds. That character is moving the entire 6 seconds, he's bobbing and weaving, feinting and striking throughout the whole round.

What I'm getting at, is that in combat I'm okay with doing away from facing. The problem is that people think just because there's no facing, that characters get 360 degree vision.

Yes, it just says "move". As long as you move at least 10' you're golden.

runslikeawelshman wrote:
A shield is a weapon (you can shield bash without penalty as long as you're proficient with shields, after all)

Just to clarify this, just because you are proficient with using a shield for defense, doesn't mean you can bash without penalty. Shield is considered a martial weapon, so a Druid for example, can't shield bash without penalties. Here's the FAQ

LazarX wrote:
Wrath is the kind of campaign where you CAN afford to experiment and not be bound by the limited road of char-op.

Yes very much this. You don't need to worry about Race bonuses, so if you want an Elven Paladin with a greatsword sword you could make that work in Wrath. Mythic levels gives you enough bumps to stats where you could pull this off. Use this AP to play that concept you always wanted to, but didn't think the mechanics would let you pull it off.

Karui Kage - When I initially made my comments on your search engine, I hadn't been there in awhile and the last time I was there was a page of check boxes to scroll though. I do like the the more streamlined version, but it's still not convenient for what I use the sites for. Most of the time I know what I'm looking for, I just need to know if it works the way I think it does. I'm usually typing quickly and a horrible speller, and PFSRD understands me. I do very much dislike the black background, and I would dare say that in the 80's monitors were MUCH different than they are today.

That said, after playing with your search engine some more, I can see some real value in it. My suggestion would be to simply add a google search bar similar to PFSRD's at the top of every page, but keep what you have too. Being able to check what each book has in it, is really an awesome benefit.

EDIT: My other suggestion, I don't like a block of things just separated by commas, I would much rather columns and rows of information. You have that option on your regular search but not the book search for example.

Jenna2784 wrote:
The paladin is going to be a front line, tank build.

Whoops sorry I missed the Paladin in the list.

Advanced firearms on their aren't that much better. The rifle's range increases to 80' and you reduce misfire by one and load times by 1 step. All of that doesn't mean a hill 'o' beans after a few levels. Reloads become free actions, and misfires become 0. The real cause is touch attacks. You've given a full BAB character who can tank STR and max DEX access to touch attacks. Casters are, at most 3/4 BAB and rarely if ever take precise shot, so are usually -4 to -8 to their attacks. Not to mention DEX is not their primary stat.

Something I was thinking about, if you want to start with a minor change, and I'm not sure this will be enough, but it's a place to start. Deadly Aim says it doesn't work with Touch Attacks. Now Paizo has FAQ'ed that away for gunslingers, but remove that FAQ and see what happens. If the gunslinger is in touch range, he can't use Deadly Aim, if he's out of touch range he can. See if that has enough of an effect.

The Ninja is going to need someone to flank with, and you really don't have anyone that can take a hit. You may want to think about a front line fighter.

FAQ wrote:

Ally: Do you count as your own ally?

You count as your own ally unless otherwise stated or if doing so would make no sense or be impossible. Thus, "your allies" almost always means the same as "you and your allies."

Unless it makes no sense. The wording of the teamwork feat clearly indicates that it requires two people who have the feat. Neither dimensional dervish or circling mongoose apply.

Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
DR, DR shuts down Gunslingers fast

Not when they have Clustered Shot

Why not a Druid? In PFS I have a Skill Monkey Druid. Half-Elf Druid, you can go Green Faith Initiate for the bonus to Diplomacy and Sense Motive. You can still drop CHA and use your Half-Elf Skill Focus to bring Diplomacy back up.

I went with the Eagle Domain for the Familiar and Alertness Feat, all of which combines to give an amazing perception. The Hawkeye domain power helps with Ranged Touch Attack.

Then I took a Level of Ranger with Trapper (and Wild Shadow but that isn't that relevant) which gives trap finding. At 5th level you take the Shapeshifting Hunter feat which lets your Druid levels count as Ranger levels for Favored Enemy.

If you want to lose some on Diplomacy, you could go Worldwalker Druid instead of Green Faith Initiate and get Favored Terrain too.

graystone wrote:
Yep, that's what i love about it. looking for a trait? Know it deals with unarmed attacks? Type in unarmed then open the trait results in another tab. it's a big help when you don't know the name or are just looking for stuff that modify a certain thing.

PFSRD does the same thing. Right above the search results there's a bunch of tabs with Feats, Traits, Magic Items etc.

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LazarX wrote:
Good job of pissing on one of the more notable VOLOUNTEER pieces of work from the community. PFSRD is a commercial entreprise, in case you haven't noticed.

Which invalidates none of my opinion.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

PFSRD is AMAZING in that they add the FAQ's and link them, and searching their site is easy, as opposed to Archives of Neyths where doing an actual search will take you longer than just clicking through link. I also don't like the color scheme of Archives, but that's a personal thing.

EDIT: After looking in the actual book, PFSRD is written exactly like it is in the book

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Hama wrote:
None. And I won't be playing any. Maybe I'll try PFO, but that's it.

Not sure PFO is the MMO you want to cut your teeth on. It reminded me a little of the original Everquest when it first came out in that they took everything I despised about EQ and made a game just out of those elements.

There's a FAQ that says confirming a critical hit and getting a critical hit are the same thing. People have applied that to Attacks of Opportunity. I agree though it is an "Ask your GM" thing.

The urge to make a snarky comment and link all the posts that people told me I was crazy for thinking exactly this situation would come about is almost overwhelming, but I'll refrain.

The only change I would make is to remove Touch AC. Make guns work against normal AC. The Gunslinger will still have the advantage over an archer because they use DEX to hit and for damage, so don't have to split the stats and will be MILES better than a crossbow who can add maybe INT damage if they only fire once. I think that will solve the majority of your problems.

Tsutsuku wrote:
Jodokai wrote:
Something else that I've just been taught (I think it was you Markov) is a Bard with Battle Song of the People's Revolt to give your entire party Paired Opportunist.
Thanks for the tip, added that into the guide with credit to you :)

You don't need to actually perform using the skill (or the instrument) to use the Masterpiece. The Dawnflower Dervish Bard mixes well with this allowing you to get DEX to damage and to hit at level 1 and add twice your Inspire Courage to attack and damage if you only use it for yourself, and access to at potential 15-20 crit range weapon helping out with Outflank. Add the Bodyguard feat and any time a party member gets attacked and they all get AoO's, assuming you're using the Battle Song.

I would second (third?) a Paladin. You don't have to go full Oradin, but a 1 level dip to get AC and CMD through CHA wouldn't be that bad.

I like the Warpriest idea too. I don't know anything about Carrion Crown and never played a Warpriest, but it seems like a good mix.

I agree with a lot of people that Ranger or Hunter would really fit the bill (Doesn't have to be Archery, switch hitter or even TWF works).

I feel like I've been pushing this build a lot, but I'm really excited about it. It's a Dawnflower Dervish Bard. Inspire Courage gets double the benefits if he uses it only on himself, DEX to Attack and Damage with a Scimitar at level 1, keeps relevant in a fight, but you take the Bardic Masterpiece Battle Song of the People's Revolt and give everyone in the party Paired Opportunists. Then you can take Bodyguard and give everyone AoO every time anyone but him gets attacked. Or if you think Bodyguard doesn't qualify as an AoO, you're using a scimitar so you'll still have a 15-20 crit range.

If that's more to think about than he wants, a Swashbuckler can be a good time. Keep the CHA up there, to give some nice non-combat skills.

Never mind. It's a home game, if your GM is cool with it have at it.

Something else that I've just been taught (I think it was you Markov) is a Bard with Battle Song of the People's Revolt to give your entire party Paired Opportunist.

Abraham spalding wrote:

Are you aware of what the term "exception that proves the rule" means?

because if you are and you are aware of this FAQ then you would realize that the lance is an exception from the norm, and by being an exception actually proves the rule as it normally is.

And please note the "... and so on" -- they didn't not provide an exclusive list, merely some examples.

And in all those cases they are talking about damage, not being able to apply abilities that only apply to one type of weapon to another weapon just because you're holding it differently. You can't use a lance with Swashbuckler abilities just because you can use it one-handed while charging.

Kalindlara wrote:
The character is already "illegal" by RAW anyway. Otherwhere could just ask his GM. ^_^

If you are talking about the stacking of archetypes, this is a perfectly valid build by RAW according to the FAQ because it is exactly like the Bard example that is allowed.

Abraham spalding wrote:

How you wiel it is what the weapon is. So if you don't have exotic weapon proficiency you can't use a bastard sword one handed at all (as per the FAQ), and you can't use a large bastard sword either (also as per the FAQ). However if you have EWP(bastard sword) the bastard sword is a one handed weapon for you, you can do those to previous things and you can take feats for the bastard sword that only work with one handed weapons because it is a one handed weapon for you.

Every FAQ about weapons supports this position and furthers it, including a true exception that proves the rule case the FAQ about...

Actually the FAQ about the lance proves exactly the opposite. It does damage as a two-handed weapon even though you are wielding it 1 handed. That proves it doesn't matter how you hold it. The bastard sword is not the same because it specifically tells you it changes. There is no such wording in the scarf description.

Protoman wrote:
Jodokai wrote:
Wings of Air. At will flight at level 4.
Level 6. The "spell level" is 4.

Ah you're right it is level 6. That's a little better, but still pretty boss.

dragonhunterq wrote:

What exactly do you say is the different action that provokes? Because I just see one action - the critical hit (or the unarmed strike). This isn't a situation analogous to 'tripping' and 'falling prone'.

Lets simplify it and go through it with the unarmed strike:
unarmed strike (the action) against Jill provokes an AoO from Jill.
Paired opportunists says 'the action' also provokes an AoO from Jack.
Paired opportunists says you cannot gain more than one AoO for a given action and both have now provoked an AoO from 'the action'.

There is no opportunity to chain AoOs because of the limitation built into paired opportunists.

And that's how I see it, but I can also see the argument presented like this:

Unarmed Strike on Jill provokes from Jill.
Since it provokes from Jill, Jack gets an AoO

Wow it just hit me. Now I get it, I'm changing the wording to make it work the "bad way". If we look at how Paired Opportunist is actually worded, Jill's AoO isn't what gives Jack his AoO, it's the creature's action, not Jill's action. Phew, that makes more sense.

Piranha Strike can't be used with a Rapier, it has to be a light weapon, unless you're going to Effortless Lace the Rapier of course.

Scott Wilhelm wrote:
Jodokai wrote:

Now let's look at Paired Opportunist. Let's say we have Jack and Jill they have 18 DEX, Combat Reflexes, and Paired Opportunist.

Jack attack's and gets a Critical hit.

I'm confused. What is the AoO trigger in this case? You were talking about Greater Trip and Vicious Stomp. Now you are talking about Critical Hits? Does Jack have Tripping Strike?

Please clarify.

I added the feat outflank and didn't specify, it doesn't matter really, say the bad guy tried to unarmed punch A. The other stuff is just there for the FAQ

Dragonhunterq- And I would agree with you, but if you read the FAQ they are different actions that provoke.

Dr. I'm not sure that qualifies as "a very specific way". It requires I feat each.

Wings of Air. At will flight at level 4.

Aloysius34 wrote:

The scarf is a two-handed weapon... except it is not one for the kapenia dancer.

a bladed scarf dancer can wield a bladed scarf as a one-handed melee weapon.
Thus, slashing grace does work for them.

Being able to wield it differently doesn't change the type of weapon it is. I mean by that logic I could take Weapon Versatility and use slashing grace with a club.

This came up in another thread, and it has me wondering. This FAQ seems to open the flood gates and I'm hoping someone can help me close them:

FAQ wrote:

The Greater Trip feat allows you to take an attack of opportunity against a foe that you trip. The Vicious Stomp feat allows you to take an attack of opportunity against a foe that falls prone adjacent to you. If you have both these feats and trip a foe, do you get to make two attacks of opportunity (assuming that you can)?

Yes, the two triggering acts are similar here but they are different. One occurs when you trip a foe. The other occurs when a foe falls prone. It requires a large number of feats to accomplish, but you can really pile on the attacks with this combination.

Now let's look at Paired Opportunist. Let's say we have Jack and Jill they have 18 DEX, Combat Reflexes, and Paired Opportunist.

Jack attack's and gets a Critical hit.
Jill is adjacent so gets an AoO #1.
Jack gets AoO #1 based on Jill's AoO #1
Jill gets AoO #2 based on Jacks #1
Jack gets #2...etc.

After reading the FAQ, what stops people from doing that mess above?

Gregory Connolly wrote:

I haven't encountered any.

One AoO is triggered by the opponents attack roll and the other is triggered by the characters parry roll. It is entirely possible to fail to parry but still get an AoO from Panther Claw. It is the same kind of rules parsing that gets two AoOs from Greater Trip and Vicious Stomp. Any of the previously listed feats should trigger Paired Opportunists just fine.

EDIT: Note that Opportune Parry and Riposte is a deed and should not trigger Paired Opportunists as far as I know.

The deed says it uses an AoO, so some say that means it is an AoO some say it's just paid for with AoO

If you think about your Kata Master, let's say you have two characters with Combat Reflexes and Paired Opportunist. Monster provokes from Character A, so A takes his AoO. Character B is adjacent so takes his AoO based on character A's first AoO. Can Character A take another AoO based off of B's AoO? If so then B could take another based off of A's second AoO since it's a different action, and back and forth until they ran out of AoO.

The FAQ about Vicious Stomp does support your position, but how do you (and by "you" I mean any GM who finds themselves in the situation) rationalize allowing that, but disallowing the mess in the above paragraph?

Gregory Connolly wrote:
The second is a Kata Master monk who uses panther style. He can move to the flank drawing an AoO, parry the attack, panther parry for one AoO, riposte for another and then make a standard attack from the flank when it all goes right. This is from level one.

I would expect table variation on the Kata Master. You're essentially getting two AoO for the same action. I realize there may be some debate on whether parry is actually an AoO, but people are using it for things like Paired Opportunist. If the GM allows that, they may disallow what you're doing.

If you read it, if you have an ability that's listed like:

Magus Arcana: A Magus gets arcana.
Wand Wielder A magus can wield a wand

If it alters the italicized portion, then you'er fine, for example adding to it or taking away from it. If it alters the bold portion then you can't combine them, for example if it said that all Arcana must be cast while standing on your head. That effects the class ability not the subcategories.

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Scott Wilhelm wrote:
What I've been thinking of doing is take Paired Opportunist via a level in Cavalier and Snake Fang via 3 levels in MOMS Monk. If anyone attacked me and missed, then everyone gets an Attack of Opportunity. If anyone attacked the person I was Bodyguarding, then everybody would get an Attack of Opportunity.

To make this work everyone else would have to take Paired Opportunist too. There are a couple of ways around this, Cavalier, or bard with Bardic Masterpiece Battle song of the People's Revolt.

The other issue is that there is some debate on whether Bodyguard is an actual Attack of Opportunity or just uses them to pay for the aid action.

Aloysius34 wrote:
Get slashing grace, so that you can add your Dex to damage, and dump STR to 10.

I don't think slashing grace will work since the scarf (I am assuming he'll be using a scarf) is a two-handed weapon.

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