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Dracovar's page

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Scavion wrote:
Oh yeah and a Simulacrum template.

Agreed. But since I'm impatient, I went and made one of my own, heavily cribbed from some excellent Simulacra threads on the boards here.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Thanks Erik - I've sent you a PM. Murphy's Law - I got home later in the day and my package arrived! Please cancel the replacement and thanks for the prompt and excellent service!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hi Paizo Customer Service,
I'm starting to think that my shipment - for Part 6 of the Wrath of the Righteous adventure path - has gone missing/astray. It was supposedly shipping on Feb 21 and we are now well past the 7-11 business days for shipping.

Should I wait a bit longer (the shipment is going to Canada) or raise the issue now?

If it has gone astray, what are my next steps/remedy? I have all the order information handy if needed...


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hi James, after searching the Boards I've come up blank on this:

Divine Source from Mythic Adventures. Say a character has 10 character levels, and 10 Mythic tiers, and (s)he has selected Divine Source at 3rd, 6th and 9th tier. By RAW, he can cast 1st through 9th level spells from a number of different domains/sub-domains.

But, what is his caster level? Is it 10 (his HD), is it 10 (his Mythic Tier) is it 20 (double Mythic Tier)?

My players argue for double Mythic Tier, that is, by the time you hit Tier 9, you can cast 9th level spells (and double the Mythic Tier would indicate a 18th level caster, which seems to make sense).

And, what stat would determine the saving throw? Wisdom? Charisma? The character's main stat (Int, or perhaps Strength if it was a fighter)?

thanks in advance if you can help clarify!!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Ninjaxenomorph wrote:
I am planning a Clone Master alchemist who is basically a pimp; he provides permanent simulacrums depending on the clients tastes. Lesser ones are samples.

Try sims of Dopplegangers - they should be able to read your client's minds for their ideal companion, and then provide just what the client well as perusing their thoughts for other tidbits of information that they could report back to you..

Pimp and Spymaster rolled into one...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Upon getting the Core Rulebook, oh so many years ago, one of the very first things I house ruled was that Simulacrum does require a piece of the creature to be copied. Still makes it an immensely useful and abusable spell, but does put the brakes on some game ending things like - hey, lets just sim the end boss monster and find out his evil plans...because why wouldn't you (not considering meta-game considerations like, "whelp, there goes another AP down the drain").

Now, once you require a piece of the creature as a spell component, this can also lead to some reflection on just who/what you want to sim. In my campaign, the best sims are the ones of yourself, or also of creatures not likely to have lots of allies (or infinite numbers of allies - like Outsiders might have). Once word gets out that you are building Solars/Pit Fiends/Efreeti wish machines, you ARE going to get a visit from some appropriate representatives. At a CR level you will not be able to survive. As an object lesson to the next wizard who gets a little too cute with abusing the spell.

If we believe that a sim has some degree of knowledge, etc, you best make sure you "program" it - a Solar without explicit instructions on what he can/cannot do WILL follow your every order. But the second you aren't looking, he's going to find a way to tattle on you to the Upper Planes...and then you'll be getting that aforementioned visit...

But Crafting Sims are a fine use for the spell. And scouts. Magical firepower platforms, sure. But, if you want to maintain some versimilitude to your campaign world, you best think about how the world is going to look once Sim-usage becomes popular. What's good for the PC's is also good for the BBEG, I always say...

Of course, the availability of ruby dust could slow things down. Considering the value/cost, etc. My PC's can't just assume that Bob's Jewelry shop in Backwater Berg is going to have 5000 gp worth of rubies. Unusual material components should NOT be readily available. And if you go nuts with Simulacra, why wouldn't governments clamp down and declare rubies to be a "strategic resource" and proceed to corner the market. And a mine that produces rubies? Talk about a target worth taking (and that would be extremely well protected)! I'm sure there may be other magical means around this, but still.

Where this unfortunately breaks down is when you add the Alchemist into the mix. Their sims are much, much cheaper to build - and only require unnamed reagents. Perhaps you can limit those too, just like ruby dust.

Edit: Of course, Blood Money is the most logical way around the Ruby issue, as has been mentioned. But, that spell came out of the Rise of the Runelords - so, what if the events/AP never happened? Would you make that spell available to your PC's anyways?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Orthos wrote:
Odraude wrote:
To be fair, she is the goddess of paladins. I shouldn't be surprised that the Queen of Paladins is everything that is Lawful Stupid.
I'm just going to link the rant I already did on this wretched, flimsy, and pointless excuse for an excuse.

To be fair, you forgot that I later mentioned my glaring omission of /sarcasm ON and /sarcasm OFF...

Although I do feel a perverse amount of pride in the table flip mode comment in your rant. That was gold.

But, I'm still totally in agreement with you and chuckg (whose newsletter I believe I need to subscribe to...) /GRIN.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Actually, as a GM you can have a lot of fun with this while at the same time letting your player scratch that itch to make extra money.

First, you need to be clear with the player that you won't allow it to unbalance the WBL guidelines. So, what is your business (run by cohort and followers) doing with the money? Reinvesting. Buildings, equipment, wages, etc all need to be attended to. Let this be the PC's eventual retirement plan - running his successful company as an NPC. It might be a satisfying conclusion to an adventuring career, to retire as the head of a influential merchant house, temple, or whatever.

Second, allow a little trinket now and again. Reward creativity and effort. Don't let the bonus overshadow the other players WBL, or perhaps the player might gift something to everyone - keeping all the PC's on an equal footing (and giving them a reason to help support this business endeavour). I like having players really into the game, if this helps for this player, go for it. And the little extra trinkets now and again make up for what I'm going to do to them...

Finally, why do I not mind this kind of thing? Well, cohorts and followers that are being pimped out for work create a vulnerability for the PC. Lots of potential for plot hooks. Lots of targets if a BBEG gets away and wants to extract some revenge. Who knows, maybe the cohort gets tempted to siphon off a bit for himself and the PC finds himself trying to reign in a wayward cohort.

So, I see it as an opportunity for lots of fun and additional challenges to pose to the PC(s). As far as the wealth goes, well, I see that as more of an "endgame" reward. Once their retired, does it really matter if their WBL is somewhat out of whack? Not to me. Because they are no longer adventuring and it ceases to be a consideration.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

That would be the reward that you DON'T take. Take one of the other ones that are infinitely more useful.

That reward is a Stupid Test. Unless there is a glaring/gaping hole in your equipment load out that you can *only fill via this reward*.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

By the end of the AP, it's probably retirement time anyways, so...

Reward him for his endeavours! He's retired after that, so if he's filthy rich, it matters how?


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I honestly think some sort of Energy Conversion (1st tier archmage) is required. Being able to adjust your elemental damage type (like from shocking grasp) on the fly is vital.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Chuckg wrote:
Whoa yeah. Dracovar, my mental apologies for my thoughts of the past hour or so.

My avatar is what it is for a reason, heheh.

I'm more a fan of nuanced Evil and hate the "black moustache twirling, AHAHAHAHA I'M EVIL, stereotypes". So, the LG corrolate of that, what many refer to as Lawful Stupid, grinds my gears too.

What I do like and appreciate is that James himself has been following this thread (at least part way, perhaps longer). His comments, at least how I read between the lines, is that perhaps Paizo realizes it might have goofed this one up. It takes a big person to admit, "ya, that wasn't what we intended, we probably could have done it better". I sense James is that kind of a guy.

You rarely see that from companies, much less their leadership. So, while I do like to stir the pot, I would obviously rewrite this to make Iomedae much more understanding, compassionate, sympathetic and likeable. Doesn't mean that you can't wrap those qualities up in a Fist of Iron. You can have those qualities and still be as tough as nails and unflinching in the face of evil. But writing to that requires a lot of skill, and perhaps more word count than the encounter really allowed for.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Orthos wrote:
Dracovar wrote:
Chuckg wrote:

Iomedae is supposed to be the paladin of paladins --

Just had to snip this part out...

Given how many PC's, DMPC's and NPC Paladins are played as Lawful Stupid asshats (to use another posters phrase), does it not stand to reason that Iomedae should be the Paragon of Lawful Stupid asshats?

So, if seen in this light, Iomedae is acting, as written, exactly as one would expect. She really is the "paladin of paladins".


And this. This really is my problem with the whole thing. This attitude.

Thank GOD my players don't play or treat paladins like this. That little "<smirk>" thrown on the end of that was almost enough to put me into tableflip mode...

Tableflip mode. My work here is done. :-)

Ok, but seriously, I should have prefaced my post with <sarcasm /ON> and then <sarcasm /OFF>. I'm in total agreement with Orthos, Chuckg, and others of similar mindset.

LG can be nuanced. LG can be flawed. LG should not be monomanical "if you are evil, bonk goes my mace". This AP is about redeeming demons, shifting bad guys from the dark side to the good, etc. It's about exploring those shades of grey and realizing that the exemplars of Good, as characterized by the PC heroes of the AP, can stop and take a moment to really think about the consequences of their actions, that the bad guy may not just be another collection of HP and treasure - that maybe, just maybe, violence doesn't have to be the only solution.

The problem is that Iomedae fell into the sterotypical flaw that so many of us hate the most about how LG is often characterized - unyielding, unhumourous, no flexibility, rigidly bound to action that defies all logic, etc - the quintessential Lawful Stupid in my books.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Chuckg wrote:

Iomedae is supposed to be the paladin of paladins --

Just had to snip this part out...

Given how many PC's, DMPC's and NPC Paladins are played as Lawful Stupid asshats (to use another posters phrase), does it not stand to reason that Iomedae should be the Paragon of Lawful Stupid asshats?

So, if seen in this light, Iomedae is acting, as written, exactly as one would expect. She really is the "paladin of paladins".


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Drock11 wrote:

Plus each time something like this happens it creates one data point in the canon that has to be considered each time a future product happens or even in the games we play. Does this mean somebody like Asmodeus could transport people that might not even worship him to his presence and hurt them when he feels like it or finds them unworthy?

Yikes. Good point. Now lets pick some gods that are really interested in creating some chaos and destruction, now that deific non-interference has gone out the window, and see what happens.

Let see what Book 6 brings - perhaps there will be some dire consequences for Iomedae for breaking the "Generally Accepted Practices for Gods." (though I doubt it). Maybe she will have to sacrifice herself to help close the Worldwound, thus paying the price for her interference. And whomever is her current Herald is gets a promotion.

Because we really don't want the gods snagging adventurers off the Prime whenever they want for whatever purposes, doesn't matter what the alignment or reason. Bad, bad precedent.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Lord Snow wrote:

Other than the "evil" part, we find at offensive that Iomedae would punish any PC, at all, given that the PC didn't chose to come talk with her, is powerless compared to her, and has already proven himself so many times that doubting his integrity is absurd.

This. Lots of This.

We are entering into Book 5. The PC's have been working with Galfrey, Irabeth and other LG folks, whiile advancing the interests and fighting for the 5th Crusade for a while now - so, the Goddess decides NOW is a good time to see if they are committed to the cause? Really? I like to play my divine entities are just a wee bit smarter and wiser than that. Ok, a whole lot smarter and wiser than that. The PC's have the courage to brave the Midnight Isles and negotiate the challenges there (not to mention all the challenges of all the prior books), tell me, oh Goddess, what is better proof of the PC convictions? Their actions to date, or how they answer three questions in the "safety" of your heavenly cathedral? The answer, to any reasonable mortal, seems self evident.

As for the PC's needing Iomedae more than she needs them (post from above), I'd respectfully disagree. The encounter is a test, and one the PC's can fail. Failure would mean - no extra trinkets. Those artifacts will make the adventure path easier, but lacking them does NOT doom the endeavour to failure. The PC's can negotiate the challenges of Book 5 without them. Which means - the PC's don't need her and didn't need this encounter. She needs the PC's. She can help them. She chooses to apply some beat downs if displeased and withhold items that can help ensure success - it's illogical in the extreme, petulant and petty. She'd put the welfare of millions of mortal beings on Golarion in peril by withholding helpful items to heroes already doing their best to battle the Worldwound, just because the heroes fail to answer her loaded questions to her liking. Wow, just wow. Lawful Stupid at it's finest, folks.

There are some pretty excellent rewrites in this thread that can make this encounter go much better, and make Iomedae much more sympathetic to people. This is a rare miss in what is otherwise an excellent AP. The rest of Book 5 is great - but I really dislike the tone it starts with as written.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Tels wrote:
Buri wrote:
That's how I build characters. I like diversity of ability rather than necessarily going after the most optimal combinations.

Yeah, I just got my first Mythic Tier ever in Legacy of Fire. My Monk uses acrobatics and jumps around like crazy all the time. I saw the Seven League Leap ability for the Champion and was like, "MUST HAVE!!!"

** spoiler omitted **

Then I was like... how to optimize...

I'm thinking, Impossible Speed (will net you an eventual +130 to your land speed), Display of Dexterity,...

I think if you get a vertical 51 miles up during your jump, we'd be seeing a corpse hitting the ground 102 miles away. Unless you had some magical help to prevent freezing/baking/suffocation on your trip into the mesosphere.

Assuming Golarion's atmosphere is anything like Earth's, of course ;-)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Nice catch, Tels and Ravingdork.

Given that James Jacobs posted a build himself with multiple Path Dabblings (a quick search for "path dabbling" will find it), I consider myself in good company. :-)

However, later posts he backtracked on that and confirmed, Path Dabbling is as you state - you can only do it once.

So, maybe not an "amazing" combo but certainly something worth considering when crafting a mythic build.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Dual Path is a real winner. But don't take Guardian. Take the Trickster because...


This opens up ALL the mythic path abilities to you, I think. I consider Dual Path/Path Dabbling pretty much THE must have feat/ability combo.

In some cases, there is simply no other better route to take than the Trickster because of the power of path dabbling.

Unless I'm misreading/misconstruing something.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I could see some groups easily annoyed by the "attitude" of Iomedae (especially if they aren't followers) and proceed to intentionally tank the last adventure in the series. Not unlike the "less than admirable elves" from Second Darkness. By the time I was finished reading that adventure path, I knew that my players would probably WANT a meteor to hit Kyonin. Frankly, I did. However, my avatar might be giving something away on that...

But, back to the point. Why wouldn't the PC's think:

"Hey, we're pretty epic. To the Abyss with these guys, lets go find another plane where we are more appreciated rather than stay and get smacked around by some goddess who thinks blasting us is somehow 'motivational'...". Leaving Galfrey and Golarion high and dry. Ultimately, not likely if everyone is really playing "Good" to the hilt, but how many groups have a Neutral or two in the mix that might take serious umbrage at Iomedae's attitude?

I'd either rewrite this or eliminate the encounter completely. Arnwyn, Pnakotus and magnuskn all make good points.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Buy a couple of scrolls of Teleportation Circle (on the Summoner spell list as of 16th level - so, maybe a bit of a failure chance, but well within acceptable limits, I'd think).

You can move a lot of people with that spell.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

No problems seeing the links here - they go to Google Docs.

Solid builds, I think, though I do like the Fortune Hex - just because you are guaranteed to boost your group, and via cackle, keep them boosted. Giving fellow PC's two rolls at something/take the best is a good recipe for really clobbering the opposition, in my experience.

I also like to position a witch for some Eldritch Heritage spells to round out the spell list. With an Endurance patron and Improved Eldritch Heritage you can add some really key spells (like Time Stop) to a witch that already has Miracle at 17th (which indirectly gives access to so many spells, it isn't even funny).

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

<Ring, ring, ring>


"Yes, this is the Pharasma Dept. of Resurrections. Do we have the honor of speaking with Lord Ubersauce the Heroic?"


"You are Lord Ubersauce the Heroic, correct?"

"Um, yes, that is I, though technically I was only known as 'Lord Ubersauce'. What is this about? I've been gone 1000 years..."

"About that sir. It appears 'The Coven of 100', using a somewhat odd loophole, have managed to increase the power of one of their casters to the point where the True Resurrection she just cast allowed her to name you as the recipient. Apparently, in the last 1000 years you've earned the honorific of 'the Heroic'."

"Impressive. Well, I suppose I wouldn't mind paying Golarion another visit. I wonder how much things have changed, not to mention, who are these people? My curiousity is piqued. So, what do I do next?"

"We need absolute confirmation, sir. Do you accept the resurrection?"

"Sure, what the hell..."


"I mean 'yes', I accept the Resurrection"

"Excellent, please step into the large lighted doorway that will appear momentarily beside you. And, you may hang up now."

"Well, thank you very much. I'm looking forward to another go at enslaving the planet..."

"Enjoy your stay on Golarion, sir."


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'd go with a witch - healing hexes, obviously. Sleep hex for sure. Use the Hedge Witch template so you can change spells for Cure spells on the fly. Pick up the Scar hex and scar your buddies - you can Cure hex them from range (if this hasn't been errata'd).

Patron - go with one that adds more misc healing (restorations, etc).

Healing is reasonable, though I'd supplant with wands. Fly, Sleep and other hexes are a great add for extra things to do. Add in other spells that give you lots of flexibility as a party utility caster.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Pharmakon wrote:

Hey, everybody. One of my players plays a goblin ninja. We use the Critical Hits Deck and last game session, her character's hand got chopped off!

We all thought it was pretty cool. But I would like to give her a way to get her hand back. Or some cool magical replacement. Maybe a magical hand like Corwin from Moorcock's novels. Or maybe even a cool prosthetic claw thing like the bad guy in Enter the Dragon used while fighting Bruce Lee.

I know I could just have them get access to a Regenerate spell. But I was wondering what cool ideas you guys might have. Something that would turn a handicap into something cool an memorable.

Any ideas?

I hear Vecna might have something for you...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Doesn't exactly sound like "lawful" actions, for a monk...Chaotic Evil - you bet.

My original comment still stands. :-)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Execute them all - tell them "The Penalty for Stupidity (and well, murder) is Death". Perhaps the next set of PC's might not slaughter each other over a relatively minor jest.

I'd expect this out of Drow. Except even they aren't THAT stupid.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Good questions! See if you can get a response in the "Ask James Jacobs" thread too. I'd also be interested in any Paizo insights on this one.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Try contacting the Sentry Box here in Calgary (look em up on the internet) - if they have it I'm sure they'd ship it to Regina, no problem.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hi James, I know this has come up prior to the release of Mythic Adventures, but now that the product is out (and silent about it), what are your thoughts about how the Simulacrum Spell would interact with Mythic Tiers? I love the spell, but it sure creates complications (or fun, depending on where at the table you are sitting. Also, I've already house ruled that a piece of the creature is required as a material component).

Would you favor:

1) No interaction - there is no mythic version of Simulacrum and the spell cannot duplicate Mythic Tiers a creature/character might possess.
2) Some interaction - since a Sim is half strength in many regards, the spell gives a simulacra of a mythic tiered creature/character HALF the mythic tiers of the original.
3) Full blown duplication - a simulacra of a mythic tiered target has ALL the mythic tiers of the original.
4) Something else entirely? Like researching a mythic version of the spell (that perhaps requires a piece of the creature, expending points and gives the sim 1/4, 1/2 or full tiers)?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

My magic shops would be very simple affairs - a smiling salesman behind a counter of an otherwise completely empty store. Said salesman is merely an employee - perhaps with ranks in diplomacy (for price negotiation), but otherwise, not particularly remarkable. Perhaps he as a book with a listing of available wares.

People come in, say what they want. If the offsite stock has it available, a price is negotiated. Money is paid upfront and quickly (and magically) sent offsite. A delivery site is arranged and party gets a "Teleport Object" chest at an appointed time with their purchase. Obviously, the Shop has to have a reputation for utter and complete reliability (no stiffing the PC's - there has to be a DM/PC understanding here).

The store itself would never present itself as a decent target for theft. Whereever the actual warehousing/factory resided would be the real target. But it would be guarded with all sorts of spells, Simulacra, goon squads, traps, etc - a total death-trap for any group dumb enough to take a crack at it. This is the DM's hammer - a group goes after a legit shop storehouse gets the gloves off, "you just messed with the wrong guys" treatment with CR's well north of 20 awaiting the PC party.

If a magic shop is setup so that a "snatch and grab" theft could yield anything of value, someone isn't using their Int stat very well.

For variants on the idea - well, there might be some less than honorable types that use Magic Aura to rip people off. Or, the shop is a front for a group of thieves - they use it to identify adventurers that have money (and then rob them).

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Well, lets see - Spectral Hand is for delivering touch attacks from spells. It's incorporal. How is this Incorporal hand picking up and using a weapon? There is nothing I see that suggests the Amulet of Mighty Fists +1 Ghost Touch somehow transfers it's ability to a spell effect from a wand.

Even if each weapon was a +1 Ghost Touch (thus, for example, a ghost could pick up and use) an argument can't be be made for this - it's a total misread of the rules. Not even close to RAW. Because...

Spectral Hand does one thing, and one thing only - it allows the delivery of spells though it that have a range of touch. Nothing else. Anything more is something inferred and not RAW at all.

At least, that would be my two cents.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

My Drow harvest the soles of Halfling feet to make silent, padded footwear. The problem is that they are wasteful and dispose of the remaining parts of the Halflings - some people find wasting Halflings like this offensive.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Search for RavingDork's Character Emporium on the messageboards here - he had tons of great and creative builds that you could try out.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

If someone gets into close quarters combat with you, you're going to get slaughtered by opportunity attacks.

I think you need to take a hard look at Dodge -> Mobility -> Deft Shootist fairly early on. Then slid in Point Blank, Precise, Rapid, etc. Also look at the Pistolero archtype, which will be very helpful to the build and concept.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Just how high level are we talking?

Lower level: Overland Flight is nice
Mid level: Teleport, Air Walk (which can get you over those rougher terrain issues)
Higher level: Greater Teleport, Wind Walk (60 MPH, spell lasts an hour/level), Shadow Walk
Uber level: Teleport Circle, couple of Gate spells, Wish, Miracle

Probably lots more out there...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Pretty much says right under the Spell Turning spell what happens - but for reference:

Roll a % - and see the result.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

With the number of LE and Teiflings - how about "The Devils You Know"

(as in the old idiom - The better the devil you know than the devil you don't).

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Also - take a look at the Blood Transcription spell (if it's allowed in what sounds like a rather limiting campaign for a spellcaster).

Basically - if you manage to kill a enemy spellcaster, you can drink a pint of their blood to learn one of their spells for 24 hours (you choose the spell). Which you can then TEACH to your familiar (thus, adding the spell to your list of spells known). Assumes the spell is on the Witch's spell list - you can't add a spell that isn't on that list.

Another end run around these limitations - have more than one PC with a Witch character. Take different spells. Then put the familiars in a room together and let them teach each other. Allowable by RAW.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I think you have a great opportunity here to have a bit of fun with the Mass Combat rules in KM. Give your players a taste of what is to come, and perhaps put a bit of fear into them too.

Centaur military units taking back various hexes from their Kingdom, pushing in their borders - especially if the players haven't bothered to create any troop units (quite possible early on - military units aren't cheap). Watching their work exploring and taking hexes collapse might wise them up. Or perhaps trigger a rethink on their part to make peace. Think 4-5 Centaur units (not big ones, but still) taking hexes off the Kingdom, every month. That is going to hurt in a hurry and trigger major issues within their Kingdom if it starts to add up.

Some of the crack units should have capable command teams - PC's vs Command Team battle to determine if they win/lose a hex.

Remember that centaurs aren't complete idiots - they are mobile, won't bunch up for the fireball, and their bows can outrange a fireball - remember 100 guys firing bows at max range - a 20 always hits. 5d8 damage on average to your party wizard (barring counter-measures, obviously).

Diplomatic surprises! Perhaps the centaurs have a deal with Mivon to the south - or the players get wind of them trying to setup something with Mivon and have to do a deal with Mivon before the centaurs do (to prevent a two front war). Role play time for your Diplomancy PC's.

In my game, the players gave up Skybolt (and the party Zen Archer Monk wanted it sooo badly too). The centaurs negotiated a border for their "lands" and as part of the deal, provided the PC Kingdom with their first modest military unit (upkeep = free, the centaurs "pay" for it) - a 100 centaur strong mobile cav force w/projectile weapons. It came in very handy. The PC's played it well - so I gave them that unit as a reward for some good roleplaying and diplomacy.

You can make this a real tough, interesting issue for their Kingdom if you want.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

First - dot.
Second - many thanks!! I'm going to enjoy reading your work.

Any chance you can provide a zip file of all the characters at some point? Or one big pdf?

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

How to fix the problem - stop resurrecting him when he dies. Maybe one of those demons teleports away with his body - and no one has a True Resurrection up their sleeve.

It's becoming apparent (in this thread) he really doesn't have a good grasp of the class itself, action economy, situational usefulness, the utility and concepts behind using different kinds of spells, etc, etc, etc. He has invested heavily in a "character concept" that doesn't scale well (or work) given the adventure and the primary opponents. It might have been good at earlier levels, but without some serious adjustments, just isn't cutting it now.

Someone take Leadership and grab a NPC spellcaster cohort built to deal with the threats the party is facing - and relegate your friend to playing a meat shield for his next character...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

MythrilDragon does make a good point - keep in mind the intent of where the campaign is heading and where you want it to go next.

Is it retirement/TPK time because killing the King was a stupid move/epic failure of judgement? Is it the next phase of a "Great Escape/The Fugitive" storyline? Or maybe a "Kingdom in Turmoil/Revolution" story where the PC's might figure prominently (if they can escape either the trap OR the prison).

Lots of fun potential, if your group can roll with the punches.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Is the intent to capture or kill? Presumably capture from the tone of your post, though I'd be thinking "Dead or Alive" if they are guilty of regicide, with a heavy emphasis on "DEAD".

So - to capture: A salvo of surprise round Power Word: Stuns. Stun lock the lot of them. Then some Anti-Magic fields, salvos of high DC sleep poisons? Just brainstorming a bit as I write. Definitely focus on the NO SAVE spells/attacks. Have spellcasters on Counterspell overwatch duty to shutdown anyone who does try to get a spell off. Use spells to shutdown teleportation, plane shifting, etc - otherwise, any high level party who gets crippled during a surprise phase might be tempted to bail first and regroup.

However, while party composition is useful for a start - LEVEL of the intended targets might help dictate strategy, as well as levels of the Anti-Adventurer Task Force (though I understand if you keep this under wraps in case PC's are reading).

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Hire a 15th level Alchemist with Greater Alchemical Simulacrum (make sure he can speak Aklo, so he can program his creations with some basic instructions). Build a reasonably nice army of 15 HD Tarrasques. Heck, they only cost 1500 gp per unit - a bargain for sure! Turn them loose against the real one.

While you are at it, take that handy Mirror of Life Trapping mentioned earlier, populate it with the maximum number of Sim-Tarrasques and THEN drop it on a target city (Good city, Evil city, Neutral city - whatever flavor floats your boat). Enjoy the chaos.

You might want to look into assassinating any and all high level Alchemists after word gets out and before they destroy the world. Or, make sure that the word gets out so they DO destroy the world.

FYI - I house rule that sims require a piece of the creature to be duplicated. Doesn't necessarily slow down the derp, but it helps a bit.

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Have a party in Kingmaker - no clerics, bards or pallys. NPC Witch w/Hedge Witch, along with potions and healing items, is generally holding up ok (8th-9th level now in the campaign). Using all the healing hexes + scar, to do small amounts of healing at range. NPC also has Reach Spell and can do up a few heavier healing spells at range too. Had a couple of deaths so far, three chapters in, but I think only one might have been due to lack of power healing. NPC does a lot of converting spells into healing spells, it seems. Then hexing, when opportunity presents itself.

The group is kicking around purchase of a Staff of Healing - add that into the mix and they'll be fine, I think.

Lack of a cleric hasn't hurt them, yet. I think it might, as the campaign progresses, though.

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The group I DM is in the 30's when they hit Varnhold Vanishing. They were at two cities (and planning a third). Post Varnhold they were close to 50 hexes.

Thing is, without giving too much away, your kingdom is going to need a certain level of economic output in order to effectively field military units (consumption costs are high). If your economy can't afford to field units, after a certain point you are going to get into some degree of difficulty.

Think about your economy. Think about fielding units to defend your realm and how you'll be paying for them. If your economy is lagging, you need to be a bit more aggressive. Also, there are set levels for what qualifies as a "Kingdom" (80+ hexes, if I recall) - perhaps in the eyes of other River Nations your realm isn't even on the radar until you get to a certain size.

Sometimes you just have to power through a year or two of "Kingdom building" between books. If that is kind of boring, try and do that out of game session.

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Book of the River Nations, by Jon Brazer Enterprises (and available here at the Paizo site).

All the fun Kingdom building stuff from Kingmaker and some extras. I'm DM'ing the adventure path and I picked up this pdf - it was great to have all the info in one spot (and have some nice extra crunch too). It also means you won't need to mess through the KM pdf's and possibly spoil your fun.

Disclaimer - I'm in no way affiliated w/Jon Brazer Enterprises. I just really liked this product they put out.


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35% and counting already - I'd start writing those new levels now guys!

Because, you'll be owing me one of those...heheh.

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Also, to specifically answer your questions:

1) Is such a theft possible? Depends entirely on the GM. Any NPC who isn't a complete buffoon should protect such an item with significant defenses against theft/destruction. Think, Fort Knox.

2) I haven't ready any canonical works about Absalom and what might guard a Cornucopia. Others might have and could provide more insight. However, following some basic logic from #1 above, I'd say YES, it is heavily guarded. Why on earth wouldn't one be?

3) I recall reading that Cornucopia's can change hands either openly, or through trickery, theft, etc. The Grand Council just waits to see who shows up with one to claim the seat and may just acknowledge the "mysterious man" (who won't be so mysterious after this) as the new owner and member of the Grand Council. Pretty much falls into the hands of the GM as to how he would have the Council react.

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