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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Keeping in mind OP stated 15 point buys - that isn't going to leave a lot of room for good Wisdom (read: Will save) bonuses if their goons want to hit hard - points are going into other stats.

In a party of 6 goons, only two of which are likely to have decent Will saves (Paladin and Monk) - that could equate to a lot of fun when mid-level Domination spells pop up. Heck, even early game Charm Person spells could wreck some havoc. By end game, and the 7th-9th level spells arrive to target them, man, it's going to get ugly.

They may have to end up fighting themselves AND the bad guys as a result.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'm really thinking the big bad at the end is going to have a field day, if they get that far.

So many low Will saves, and so many fun spells to use against 66% of the party that are vulnerable - though with the right builds, you can mitigate that somewhat (Barbarians can really boost their Will and damage vs spellcasters with the right Rage powers).

Because there are 6 PC's, it might actually be a rather interesting experiment. But they should expect casualties on a more frequent basis, in my opinion.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
nate lange wrote:
Said good stuff...

Exactly - a well build party that plays off of various synergies with each other will do just fine. A poorly coordinated party will likely die and/or be terribly ineffective.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

The front line seems a little bit "glass cannon" but at the same time, depends on a lot on the builds.

A Zen Archer is extremely effective for dealing damage as is a well built Magus. I'm sure there are lots of highly effective monk builds out there too other than just Zen Archer (which I'm more familiar with).

What kind of builds are the cleric and sorcerer planning? A lot of summoned critters can supplant the front lines for HP sponges. If cleric is good at buffing, that increases the durability of your fighter types.

In other words, a few more details would help. But, I would think a group of 5 fairly well balanced PC's with a broad array of skills, etc should do just fine.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Kobold Cleaver wrote:

56. XP costs for some spells. I kinda miss this mechanic. Obviously, xp costs don't work as well for games that don't use xp, but surely there's some sort of "negative level" mechanic that could substitute. It was an interesting balancing factor casters had to deal with. Though it was a pain sometimes.

I was torn on the XP costs - it really helped keep things under control in many ways. If it's costly for players to burn XP doing certain things, and makes them think twice about expending xp, it is equally so for NPC's. Thus, simple application of some verisimilitude to the campaign tended to lower the levels of magic. It also made some items just that much more valuable - because the time AND xp required to make them could really hurt a caster.

The mechanic was a pain, but getting rid of that very personal cost to a PC or NPC really took the gloves off item creation (and other things).

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I immediately changed Simulacrum to require a piece of the creature to be duplicated. Not just a lock or hair or a toenail, but a real piece - like a finger or a toe or some other hunk of flesh and bone.

Otherwise - way too easy to derail something by making a Sim of whatever the heck you need information on...

Also - 1st edition required a whole combination of spells to build a Sim - I think it took more cost and effort that way.

Also loved bouncy lightning bolts (mentioned above).

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

You could open up a free DropBox account and share a specific folder/file, I believe. If you aren't too happy with Google Docs...

cheers and thanks!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Very nicely done. Looking forward to further updates! Thanks!

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Spear - useful like a pole, lets you be armed and poke things with reach if you get unexpected company.


Mirror. Useful vs gaze attacks. Attach to pole, look around corners, etc.

Flint and steel.

Holy water for pesky undead.

Flasks of oil / Alchemist fire. Swarms are NOT your friend!

Bear Traps - cheap 2d6+3 damage for 2 gp. Yes, please! Great way to secure your camp at night...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Heal will negate the Stunned condition. A Contingency coupled with a Heal (doable at 18th level) could provide some protection vs Stun.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I think the OP has to consider what his group finds "fun" and what they do not. While there are times that tracking consumables SHOULD be important, most of the time it's tedious, boring and brings nothing to the table other than extra paperwork.

I mean, if I wanted to play Accountants and Spreadsheets, I'd go to work.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Angry Wiggles wrote:

Animate dead can be terrifying if you can ever get your hands on enough onyx to make it worth the effort.

<snip lots of fun undead shenanigans>

So, going to help out on this one - just make sure your coven has a Winter Hag (or some sort of Hag) so that you get ALL those Coven Spell like abilities. And cast Animate Dead to your hearts content over and over and over and over...


That means - Animate Dead. As a spell like ability. Which means, no focus, no material components, no verbal, no somatic, etc. So, no more worries about costs. Muahahaha. Similarly, works well for that pesky Simulacrum spell if you have a Winter Hag - no more worries about rubies and ice sculptures and what not.

So - onyx issue put to rest. Time to overrun the world with undead and simulacra.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Adept_Woodwright wrote:
Note also that the winter hag adds simulacrum to the coven list as a spell like ability... So it wouldn't cost a bunch either.

The Mirror Mephit was a catastrophic mistake in 3.0/3.5. It was depressing to see that history repeats itself with the Winter Hag. Seriously, Paizo, how can you miss something like this?

On the flip side - just make a sim of a Winter Hag (you don't need a real one, really, and by RAW you don't even need a piece of a Winter Hag to do it either). It will be much more obedient. Then your coven can proceed to blast out millions more sims.

Anyone want to run a calculation of how long such covens would take to overrun the world with sims of everyone and everything? (Which in turn makes Winter Hags almost a house rules banned critter, much like the Mirror Mephit in mine - "they never existed to begin with and no, I don't care if they are listed as a monster").

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'll just leave this here

(from last January...)


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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

22) Teleportation Fail -> Similar area.

(queue popping in at the HopeKnife Ceremony)

"Hey, we're here for the Swallowtail Festival!! Uh, what happened to the ocean?"

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

20) Seemed like a good place to find an Orc guarding a Chest

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'd suggest that one of the meat shields block the stairs (path of retreat) and fight full defense - get a choke point and hold it. Hopefully his AC will be good enough so that the enemy only lands hits on a 20.

Perhaps pummeling monk or twf ranger can do this.

Zen archer then fires into the melee, doing the damage to slowly knock them down. Heal up the Paladin and switch places as needed - cycle through your meat shields until the enemy is dead, and leave the killing to the Zen Archer.

Have another person get back to the window on the 5th floor and secure a rope for climbing out/down. If they are too daft to bring rope - TPK them - the penalty for stupidity is death.

Does your shaman have any spells/items? Even something as mundane as an Obscuring Mist can make it tough to hit your stairwell blocker. Ditto darkness. Anything that can provide a concealment miss chance to add to the total defense.

I think they might be able to extricate themselves, but it would take a bit of good luck and good management, and I'm sensing that the later may be a bit lacking...(no exit strategy? seriously?).

Good luck.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

13) Murder Hobo convention

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

103. Cook People Hex. Goblins make great Gingerbread cookies - that can neutralize poison, cure disease and even buffs too!

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'm going to put in my 2 cents for...

1) Prestidigitation. For all the reasons mentioned above.
2) Arcane Mark. Besides being handy for that extra attack for the Magus, it has a few other good utility uses.

Arcane Mark - Invisible option. Nice that it has no material component and a permanent duration.

So, I put an invisible mark on a ring or something. Someone gets nosey and is scanning me with a Detect Magic? The Mark on the ring starts to glow - nice warning.

Invisible mark as an alarm/warning - my prisons (just one example) would be riddled with them. Who would try breaking into a prison without having a Detect Magic on? Well, their scanning will trigger visual alerts for the guards that someone (possibly even via scry) is doing some recon. Every business that wants a bit of security might have their stores littered with Arcane Marks as a deterrent to would be thieves who are casing the joint checking for magical traps.

Invisible mark as a trigger - both Programmed Image and Magic Mouth can key off of visual queues. So, Detect Magic triggers the invisible Arcane Mark, whose appearance then triggers a Magic Mouth or Programmed Image. The possibilities from that combo are left to your imagination. Both Magic Mouth and Programmed Image have "permanent until triggered" durations which also fit nicely with the Arcane Mark's permanent duration.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Imbicatus wrote:
Exguardi wrote:

I'm bemused by people mentioning Acid Splash. It bypasses SR, but it's basically impossible to enhance it to the degree that it has any kind of impact. Even sneak attacking with it is fairly pointless, as a poster upthread mentions (damage is hilariously low).

Brimstone component +1 acid damage

Acid Flask focus +1 acid damage
Acid Flask component: Duration +1 round
Crossblooded Sorc: +2 damage

2d3+8 vs touch AC is not bad, and certainly better than a crossbow.

Brimstone component: 5 sp

Acid flask: 10 gp

(plus a 10 gp Acid Flask focus - but that is reusable)

So, the expendables are going to cost you 10.5 gp per shot. You've got yourself up to nice damage, but now, how do we mitigate the cost?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Ancestral Regression (spell). Lasts 24 hrs. Perfect for a Drow mucking around in the upperworld...

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Every time I entertain the fleeting itch to see what 5e is like, I remember who publishes it and just how much that company has damaged it's own RP community over the years. The fate of both Dragon and Dungeon magazine being perfect examples of moves that enrage a fan base.

Then I come to my senses and continue to enjoy Pathfinder. I've never begrudged a single dollar I've sent Paizo's way - on the flip side of that coin, I'm increasing convinced that WotC neither wants or deserves my money, given the way they handle themselves.

There were other ways WotC could have worked with Pathguy instead of the heavy handed approach (assuming, that is, WotC didn't try a carrot instead of a stick to start - I'm not going to pretend we know the whole story here).

They won't win converts to their games by throwing their Legal Dept. in people's faces.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Witch and cleric - yes both full casters. My own personal preference is for full caster types for the 9th level spells, not the gimped 6th caster types. If you're going to be a caster, BE a caster, y'know? Cleric/Oracle/Wizard/Witch/Sorcerer/Arcanist kind of thing.

Witch - you gain a lot of useful clerical spells AND useful wizard spells. With a good patron choice, you can get even more useful wizard OR clerical spells too - up to you.

Witch - less toughness, yes. You aren't a hammer. Why play a hammer with 3 other hammers already present? You have lots of meat shields to help keep you safe. By level 5, and a Fly hex, you can be flying around too.

Witch - can be a good utility healer to supplant your other semi-healer. BUT - given your wide variety of spell choices, less danger of being stuck as a heal-bot. No matter what the campaign, every time I play a cleric I inevitably have to start loading up on healing to keep the hammers happy. A Witch with Endurance Patron will even get Miracle at 17th level - which is an awesome spell, but also some good buffing spells along the way.

Some Witch hexing is just awesome and is icing on the cake for this class.

Hangover Cleric? You'll have to be Neutral (at best) stuck in a party with a Paladin, in order to channel negative, right? And try and explain that to the Paladin too. Sounds like a pain. Also, not a huge fan of tying myself tightly into one particular trick/gimmick. Soon, the GM starts to account for it and, voila!, you'll be a heal bot.

Ultimately, it's also about your own play style. If you don't like the more arcane caster side of things and really want to knock some heads, well, go Synthesist Summoner or something like that.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

You need a Witch. Here's my take:

As everyone mentions, the party has lots of hammers. Healing? Not particularly. A utility caster? You don't have one. So, something with wizard spells would be good. More healing would be good too, but you don't want to be a heal bot. So...


You can do some healing. You can go Hedge Witch if party needs more. But, you aren't just a heal bot. You can hex.

You can do support hexing for your hammers (Fortune, etc). You can do debuff hexing (misfortune, agony, cackling to maintain, etc). Or, you can do Sleep hexing for some save or suck action vs low Wisdom targets. Load up on Extra Hex feat and do a few of these options. Lots of potential variations here to provide some entertainment.

Your spell list - a useful mix of some of the more handy clerical spells, as well as some buffing spells, summoning, blasting (lighting bolt), etc. I think there is a good balance of wizard and clerical spells - and your party is likely going to need some of both. Pick a patron that fits the flavor and adds spells you think you really need - you can get the fireball with the right patron, for example.

So, I think given party composition, you can have fun and shine as a Witch, and play an important and useful role as a full caster.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hello Paizo folks,
Just a thanks for the Christmas Card and the nice offer of a discount code for my next purchase - which expired Feb 1 (shipment with card arrived Feb 4).

Any chance those codes get extended - probably being in Canada delayed the shipment past the "best before" date on the offer?

I had a "gee, that's nice" moment followed milliseconds later by a "well crap, it's expired" moment.

No worries if nothing can be done - but a suggestion that next year, put them in the earlier shipments. Or, if you could expedite shipping the first installment of the Giant series, that would be a nice present too... :-)

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

After spending a few minutes in this thread...

I've seen some ridiculous parsing of rules and abuses of English to justify all sorts of shenanigans, but this thread hits new lows.

Just sayin...

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
FenrisJohanson wrote:

Ok I am the GM so I'll post so I can help clear somethings up, but I'm not spoiling my game.

1. Gallyck, and the rest of the party are amazing to tabletop with, and they fight like the family/friends they are. So its never a dull moment. They are a bunch of murder hobos most of the time, but they are my murder hobos. And I stand by he's decision. It didn't fully go the way he wanted, that's gaming though. They needed loot, I had been holding back a little, so go for it.

2. Yes. I admit, I made a cookie cutter npc, with no level or stats and basically had him there to sell items. So when I was asked to exchange spells, I said no, because I didn't have them. Truth. Then Gallyck takes me to the side and told me his plan, I thought is was great thing for his character and give me a chance to try some things I'd been wanting to for a while now.

3. Things are set in motion for the party by this wizard. In a fit of laziness again, I just handed him what I had written down for his "spellbook" and it had his level on the sheet of paper, but he would have known how powerful he was very shortly after looking in the spellbook.
So yeah...some of it has been planed, some reactive, but hey, we have a good time. I feel Gallyck was playing to the character and we will post later to let you all know what happens from her.
Thanks for all your crazy posts.

Hooray - GM update.

Glad to hear you have a great group and enjoy DM'ing them. That's huge.

Hope you garner some hilarious options from the thread for Gallyck other than just a high level "ROFLSTOMP" as one person put it.

I hope we hear what happened sometime down the road.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Petty Alchemy wrote:

Somewhere, on another forum:

"Hey guys. So one of my players decided to kill the shopkeeper who is a lvl 16 wizard because he would not share spells. I was completely unprepared, I didn't have stats for him or defenses for his shop. I know, I know, a wizard of that level would be far more prepared but it's in the past now. My question is: What should I do now? There should be consequences, right?"

"Well if you don't want to retcon, just say he had a Clone up. Easy enough, and a common precaution at that level. As for vengeance? Have your wizard research the PC, discover he wants to be a lich, then scry-fry-and-reanimate-as-a-skeleton."

"Splendid, that sounds like just desserts indeed."


Ok, if this is indeed the case - I'm going to go with DM Derpitude. The DM let a 16th level Wizard get tagged and bagged by a low level guy. Sounds like he ret-con'd the Clone response, and is probably going to fry our plucky hero, erm, plucky murder hobo.

Too bad. Someone should direct him to this thread - he might see a lot more potential than just "kill Gallyck".

And who puts a 16th level wizard as a shop keeper? I'd expect back story, or SOMETHING, to justify it - but I'd go out on a limb here and say that is probably missing too.

Now I'm going to have to hunt down that thread...

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Imbicatus wrote:
Gallyck wrote:
Yeah i mean i was totally annoying to all the party members by saving their skins multiple times and the only one with an int score over 10. But continue to call me the worst players ever because i dont play your way.
It doesn't really matter how many times you saved your party when you just put them in the bullseye of a 16th wizard out for revenge. You likely just had them marked for death with you.

I mean, lets be realistic for a sec here - I'd love to hear from Gallyck's DM on this - because frankly, for a 16th level wizard to be totally caught off guard and with such minimal defenses active that a 5-6th level guy can single handedly take him down? Epic DM fail, unless the DM WANTED the player to succeed. DM motivations (and/or a moment of DM Derpitude) play into the whole scenario here.

Think about that. The DM may be using this for potential future plot hooks, adventures, etc, etc.

I, for one, hope that Gallyck will give us an update on what happens next. That will tell us a lot about his DM, too...

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I think Gallyck is getting a bit of a rough ride, heheh.

Elements of murder-hoboism? Sure. But who among us hasn't had that itch and just HAD to scratch it at least once?

Possibility of lots of great adventure hooks, etc, for the DM? You Betcha!

As a DM I'd have a great time with this plot development. Lots of potential fun for the whole team.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Drow don't die groveling. Neither should you.

Your NE. You're a wizard. You're elite. Start acting like it.

The high level guy might decide that's a spark he likes. If he doesn't you're no worse off than all the roads that lead to your grisly demise.

But, think about what happens if he does LIKE the cut of your gib? Power man, he's got some, you can learn and grow and eventually replace him as his student, then his master.

Be the NE wizard I know you can be. You killed a guy way outside your weight-class. That's choice. You have potential.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

You've got another option to try that I don't think was mentioned in previous posts:

Brazen it out.

Mr. 16th Level can find you. He can kill you. He should be able to do it without breaking a sweat. Even with all the advice about escape and evasion, reincarnation, etc.

But - remember when he said "you aren't worthy?". Well, when he shows up for the rematch, remind him of those words (hopefully you can utter them before you die) and ask - "I think I'm worthy now, I killed your butt once already. Now, how about we just get past that little inconvenience and work together? I need a mentor, and maybe you need a gopher..."

Maybe Mr.Wiz is looking for a worthy apprentice and this was a test. Maybe killing him means passing that test.

So, be ballsy. Show some attitude. If you're going to die, die on your feet facing it, be that NE honcho you know yourself to be.

Or, it was a Stupid Test and you failed. I think the consequences of this option are pretty obvious to everyone...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'd take a look at a real world analog - Greek City States and why they fought each other in various wars.

The Lelantine war was over fertile farmland. We also have the Messenian wars, the Peloponnesian war, the Corinthian War, etc, etc.

Model your 3 city states after Athens, Sparta and Corinth...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I would think that people taking 1-10 rounds of 6d6 damage is going to achieve your objective.

Even if you are in a building - if building gets destroyed, well, welcome to the funnel cloud and 1-10 rounds of 6d6 damage.

This spell is my "go to" spell for nuking armies, towns, etc...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Mathius wrote:

I think control winds might cover the biggest area of any city killer spells.

Combine with a rod of widen and can cover an area more then half a mile wide. I know that a tornado may not destroy a fortified building but I think that even a town with only stone or brick buildings would be torn up by all the flying debris. To make it worse the wind stays on for and hour and half and you can change the direction repeatedly so that you come at things from all directions.

Without freedom of movement you gonna die.

Put the glyph on chest, make it invisible and have summon carry it in to town (invisibly).

You'd need about two to pretty much wipe out London in the 1300's - and kill the balance of 80,000 people. Arguably, many cities in Golarion could probably be razed by just a single use of Control Winds.

For reference: 281066_.E2.80.93_late_15th_century.29

Includes a nice scale map of London in 1300 - approx. pop around 80k. Compare that to most cities in Golarion for population (and extrapolate how much area such a city would take up, if we use London in 1300 AD as an example), and Control Winds is pretty much THE nuclear option.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Ravingdork wrote:
My transmuter, Haylannar, slew approximately 700 foes in just over 5 minutes at 10th-level.

From the link...

"Once the screams of their dying brethren rang through the army chorus like a chainsaw through a parakeet..."

"Like a chainsaw through a parakeet" - Ravingdork, thou art a wordsmith indeed...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Orfamay Quest wrote:
Mathius wrote:
Given that high level spell casters are thing it seams that armies should be smaller.

Smaller than what? Armies of hundreds of thousands or millions didn't really become a thing until the 20th century in the real world. One of the largest medieval battles, the First Battle of Tannenburg, involved something like 20,000 men on either side. (By contrast, the 1944-5 Battle of the Bulge involved a roughly a million on each side.)

I think the 50,000 - 70,000 Roman dead at the Battle of Cannae would like to have a word with you. Ditto the dead and captured (upwards of 100,000 depending on source) from Caesar's Battle at Alesia.

Ancient battles, and we have LOTS of real world examples, often had very large armies. I'm not even going to get into some of the ancient Chinese historical battles. To say that large armies didn't become a thing until the 20th century is just patently false.

However, from a more Golarion perspective, I think we have to take into account the size of the countries, etc, that could be involved in large scale warfare and their ability to field large armies. I would suggest that the presence of spell casters would radically change the battle field to look a lot more like modern warfare than anything found in our own ancient or medieval Earth military history. You just don't cluster your men together in a Roman-esque formation if you are about to eat a Fireball (or worse).

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

How about a simple Greater Glpyh of Warding with a level 20 Control Winds (to boost up to Tornado wind force instantly)? Let a low level mook infiltrate the army (as just another trooper) with orders to trigger glyph when he gets in a good position (like right in the middle of the army).

Area of Effect: 800 ft radius / 1600 foot diameter @caster level 20.
Everyone in the funnel cloud: 1d10 rounds of being tossed about for 6d6 damage/rnd. Approximate average damage: 30d6 (5 rnds @ 6d6 per round) per person. Added bonus: major destruction of buildings, etc.

Beat that, fireball...

So, yes, a single caster, with the right spells, can pretty much nuke an army (or a town/city) in a single round. You could cast this directly (putting yourself in the eye and then teleporting away via Contingency), or use multiple glyphs, etc.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Regarding Vengeance, not branching into the 2nd book yet, but "weird, odd, threatening stuff".

Well, thematically (and you already know the theme) mutilated vermin (rats, etc) sent to various PC's in a wrapped gift box. Things like that left in their beds, tacked up to a post/wall in a public spot to be discovered on their way to their jobs, etc.

Perhaps the person doing the delivering is a small child or NPC the party cares about, who presents the PC with the "present" from someone who paid them a copper or two to deliver it. The NPC also delivers a message from the mysterious gift giver: "to tell you (the PC) that 'I'm next'" (to be clear - the NPC is 'next', not the PC) though they don't actually know what that means...opening the box with the grisly gift of course delivers the full message of what that cryptic verbal message means...

Aldern doesn't actually have to follow through, however, perhaps after party paranoia abates a bit (let them worry and stew over things) then they hear another bit of news - the NPC that delivered the present is missing...(and perhaps has been 'recruited' by Aldern for an appearance in Chapter 2 as something undead...)

Ramp up the paranoia so that the entire town is starting to worry that something unpleasant is on the loose - something that is as equally worrying or more so than Chopper was...and then onto Book 2 you should be more than ready and motivated to put down the latest threat. Especially if you came at them sideways - Aldern might want to hit them where it hurts by targeting everyone/everything in Sandpoint they care about, BEFORE he finishes them off personally - leaving the Drow who so cruelly mutilated him for last.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Bellona wrote:
Katarina_Blackthorne wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

I would certainly call for an alignment change to CE. Permanent mutilation - and no guarantee that he can afford/have access to the extremely high-level spell to fix that issue? Definitely Evil.

If she had just left him tied up in an embarassing situation, or roughed him up a bit, that would have remained in CN territory.

But this result? CE.

And yeah, go with Wrath.

In total agreement - doing this sort of this is totally in character for a Drow - it's cruel and sadistic and most definitely CE. One gets the impression it was pretty much done for the LULZ.

Now the fun part? As DM, setting up Foxglove's retribution. He should get really nasty. Hit targets the PC's care about, put out contracts on their lives, spread nasty rumors, try and set them up to take the fall for some horrible crime. When it's time, then try to take out the PC's himself.

Heck, Foxglove would be wise to plant some info with Shalelu that a Drow is about. That, in and of itself, should bring down some very unpleasant consequences for the Drow in particular and perhaps the party in general. A violent visit from the Winter Council might help clean things up a bit...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Actually, nice necro on the thread! I never saw this and now that I've read it, I have to say, that was very well done, Doug.

Certainly something to potentially use either for Lyrie or as the basis for another job/encounter/etc for a group of PC's.

Consider it "yoinked". :-)

And thank-you!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I think using undead is going to be a double-edged sword - and it can easily come back to bite them (no pun intended).

So, lets say the neighboring kingdom falls, is overrun/riddled with undead under the command of a vampire. Well, maybe the vampire is really liking the concept, and it's time to expand - into YOUR kingdom.

Now, time to think about countering the very strategy they used against their enemy - culminating in trying to kill off the vampire. Subsequent cleanup of all the free willed undead after that should prove to be a challenge, perhaps leading to an adventure to find the magical McGuffin that can turn the tide against waves and waves of undead.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
TheBobJones wrote:
Lastoth wrote:

There are a few certain races and classes which gain the equivalent of a 3rd level spell as an SLA, usually usable once per day. In a ruling that I strongly disagree with, its been decided that those characters gain a backdoor entrance into certain prestige classes without having to meet all of the normal pre-requisites.

Really!?!? Could you point me to that as I'd love to know. Thanks in advance.

BTW - I agree with you 100%.

I found it in the FAQ here:

Back from June of 2013...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I rather like Monk - Zen Archer. Equipped with a comp long bow for STR bonus to damage, of course.

By 3rd level you have Point Blank Master (no opp shots when I shoot a bow, yay). As well as Weapon Focus, Perfect Strike and lots of extra monk goodies via Ki pool at 4th.

I've always felt one of the biggest dangers to a bow wielder was attacks of opportunity against you when something got up close and personal. By level 3, it's a non-issue.

You might even want to consider a 3 level dip into Zen Archer to start and then flip to another class.

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UnArcaneElection wrote:
I wrote:

Okay, now I have to get off my rear and come up with the Qlippoth-Spawn Tiefling character that I have been toying with to try to get into a Wrath of the Righteous campaign . . . .

And finally, after MAJOR IRL interruptions, I put together the character background (crunch coming later, of course, if he actually gets into a campaign . . .).

Dracovar wrote:
UnArcaneElection wrote:

So, what happens when a goddess loses her faith?

In my campaign, Iomedae will fall. {. . .}

"The Penalty for Stupidity is Death". A good rule for PC's, just as good for the Gods. And Iomedae really knocked the "Lawful Stupid" ball clean outta the park here. {. . .}

So, does this mean you'll soon be writing the future Adventure Path Fall of the Righteous? Put my vote in for that . . . :-)

Fall of the Righteous - great idea! I think I'd bring Nocticula into the mix...

Nocticula: Hey Sweetie, why the sad face?
Iomedae: I just got demoted. Seems you can't just smack around your own people and call yourself a LG Goddess anymore. Saranae really blind-sided me and snagged my followers, smug, self-righteous, ^%$#$@ that she is.
Nocticula: You had the right idea, just wrong alignment. I should know, I fell too, a long, long time ago.
Iomedae: Really?
Nocticula: Yup. Fell hardcore. So, I just rolled with it. Took things to their logically evil and entertaining conclusions. It was liberating, in a way. And now you can take my place!
Iomedae: Wut?
Nocticula: Seriously, I've got my eye on some portfolios and pretty much pulled some cool strings lately to finagle myself some Godhood. You had an indirect hand in that, by the way, so thanks! As a reward, I offer you my old Abyssal realm to rule in my place.
Iomedae: But, but, you're EVIL.
Noticula: So are you, frankly. Shut up and deal. Get it out of your system. Have some real laughs, you're way to serious. A couple millennia from now, you'll be ready to get back into the Goddess game, trust me.
Iomedae: Fine, I accept, but only because I'm really going to punish the living daylights out of your followers, you know. I still despise chaos and evil.
Nocticula: I did the same thing. How do you think I got the reputation I have? Punish away, sweetie, it's pretty much expected.

(This is all, of course, just a random musing on my part.)

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Invisible wizard flies over to ship, lands on it, triggers a Feather Token - Anchor. Ship comes to a sudden halt.

Invisible wizard flies up a couple of hundred feet and unfurls his Treasure Stitched cloth, containing a 9x9x9 piece of granite.

Massive bomb weighing many, many tons crashes down onto the now stationary ship, blasting it's way through the decks, etc, breaks the back of the ship and down she goes.

Cheap, effective and only needs a 5th level wizard type (who has been equipped appropriately) to deliver the bomb.

Even the decks of WW2 battleships were vulnerable to plunging fire...

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First, I'd start to ask a few questions about the structure of the city itself - from there, it might become more apparent how to create a believable criminal organization.

1. Who/what is the government? Group of merchants? Local lord who is no longer swearing fealty to the old King? Cabal of wizards? You get the idea.

2. Determining the type and quality of government can then lead to what the local guard and military look like. If this city has been left to fend for itself, it is essentially a city-state. So, who is doing the policing and who is doing the military protection?

3. Is there a alignment tendency to the city? CN or LG or ??. That should also have an impact on what criminals arise from the shadows.

4. The laws (or lack thereof). IS a drug trade illegal? What about slavery? Now that the city is free of the King, perhaps there is some loosening of the law(s). Or the reverse, the people in power (see point 1) are actively getting more authoritarian and many activities, once legal, are no longer. Your original post sort of suggests the city might be LG (if gladiatorial games and drugs are illegal) but should that be the case?

So, set the stage for the city itself and I think the kind of criminals that might arise within it becomes a bit easier to create, and thus, be more believable.

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Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Cao Phen wrote:
Guards and Wards spell seems to fit decently.
That only helps for a limited area and only if the enemy gets into the city. I'm more interested in destroying an army at range before they breech the walls.

Have someone trigger a Level 20 control winds spell device in the center of the army = F5 tornado. Or, if only lower level casters are available, then 2-4 Control Winds devices, one after the other to keep increasing the wind effect until Tornado is reached.

Of course, retaliation against the city might be similar in effect.

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33 thousand pounds is about 15 thousand kilograms. Just sayin...

So, time for Rusting Grasp to blow a hole in it and empty it out? Or a stone shape under one or two legs to tip it over using it's own weight?

Of course, there's always the question of where the water is going to go...

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