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Dark Netwerk's page

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As I mentioned in my post two up from your string (posted as Rhasadilara), I mentioned that things are a bit busy. Putting together a background (for the cohort) takes much more time than posting in the game, and I don't have as much available at the moment.

I'm pretty much getting at what Anton is saying. It's not about overcoming a poor random roll, or how to play the average character. It's about how the story concept you had initially created (and Anton gave some good examples) would have to be changed to fit the rolls, and thus no longer being what was originally conceived.

Perhaps you could grab a drawback or trait that could replicate the impressive ability or weak foible in the concept, but it would still be hard to justify a klutz with a 16 dex or a brainiac with 12 int without changing the story.

OK. I read the post, but with random rolls involved, I like to see what the ability scores could be before putting together a full personality/history (e.g. I'd hate to put forward a character who's as dumb as an ox (or has some other such foible), but where none of the arrays had any low scores; or, conversely, someone who is absolutely brilliant (or with some other such focused stat) but where the arrays are average to low).

Is the first request an absoulte rule or a guideline?

Corsario wrote:
I could tell you, but I am lazy, so you do me a proposal. And yes, the river kingdoms are as far away from Irrisen as you can get without becoming to hot for you to live in.

Hmm. Further thinking into the idea of Noble Born (Irrisen), I think I might swap from being an elf into a Human (Jadwiga) which are the race of humans descended from the Winter Queens. I lose the Dreamspeaker optional racial ability, but get a much 'cooler' and more direct link to the country and it's royalty. I think I'll just flavor the trait like the Qadiran Prince/Princess (alternatively, there is a Jadwiga Scion race trait but it's not going to offer as much all the way over in the River Kingdoms, as well as Intimidate being a class skill already). Added to this the Regional trait, Whitethrone Gourmand for more Irrisen flavor (and likely the eventual reason for her leaving when these exotic and unnerving 'pleasures' crossed the line for her).

Corsario wrote:
Nice, you can do both, and play both! I will allow the Winter Witch Prestige Class. Noble born Trait: What would you say if we change it to Trait: Noble Born (Irrisen)? I like the sound of that, and it opens some paths to us. You can take your time, this won't close before September 30th. So, let your imagination fly, we have time.

Excellent. How does the Noble Born (Irrisen) work? Is it just a name change from the Medvyed, something closer to Prince/Princess, something else? Presumably she would be on the outs from her homeland (since it's fairly evil) and Brevoy/the River kingdoms are far enough away without becoming too warm?

I just had a thought. Since we get the cohort to play at times as a secondary character, I can do both of my ideas.

My main will be an elf Witch (Winter Witch) 5/ Winter Witch 2. Assuming you allow the WW prestige class. Trait: Noble Born (Medvyed) as an adoptee found in the forest in the winter. Made sense to me with the family's association with the Fey.

The Cohort will be a human or half-elf. Maybe fighter of some variety with the Sword Scion (duelling sword) trait. He can be either a bodyguard, consort, etc.

I'll start getting something written up as soon as I can, but I'll be away for a week come Saturday. I may have internet access (via tablet & wifi), but I'm not sure how much time I'll have to focus on this.

Dotting for interest. Have to think which direction I'd like to try. Either an Aldori Swordlord type, or some kind of spellcaster. Maybe a witch.

Or maybe I'll think of something else as I ponder.

How does the "Guns Everywhere" rule interact with the non-gunslinger gun-wielding archetypes (e.g. Holy Gun, Spellslinger, etc.), assuming anything changes at all?

I know Gunslingers swap out Gunsmith for Gun Training @ first, but it looks like the designers may not have considered the other archetypes in such a campaign.

Dotting for interest as I ponder the unponderable.

Here is D'endrrah, Idyllkin Aasimar Oracle of Life.

Coming late to the game. This is an interesting idea.

Here are some basics of my submission with some of the stuff slightly outside of core that might need your approval. Please let me know if those options mentioned above are out of bounds -

Name: D'endrrah
Race: Aasimar (idyllkin {from Blood of Angels})
Class: Oracle of Life w/ Blackened curse {also from Blood of Angels}
1st level feat: Fey Foundling {from Inner Sea World Guide}
Campaign Trait: Scion of Magnimar

D'endrrah was born a daughter to the one of Magnimar's great houses. Her beautiful yet bestial features demonstrated her agathoin bloodline, however. Her mother, horrified that she may be blamed for her daughter's mutation, had her sent out into the wilderness, to allow nature to claim her and allow the mother to claim that she had lost the child.

The lie was not to last, however, as after less than a month, she was found by a band of elves, bearing a mark of the First World along with strangely blackened arms. Aside from her sensitive skin, she was hale and healthy. Using their magicks they determined where she had come from and brought her back to Magnimar and her true family. Confronted with the baby in the elves' arms, her mother confessed to her crime, the guilt having smothered her ever since she sent the baby off.

With the mother repenting, D'endrrah was brought back into the family and raised among them, although the circumstances of her birth and her agathoin heritage kept her from becoming a proper heir to the household. As she grew older, her skin's sensitivity increased, but she also seemed to have gained strange new abilities, bringing energy to heal others, or drawing on the pain of her scorched hands and creating fire.

With the announcement of the charter to establish a colony in the wilds of Varisia, D'endrrah, with the encouragement of her family, signed up, feeling her abilities could be best used in that endeavor.

Ahh, good idea. Assuming the Azmodeans know he is 'the Pale Kiss', the sister can disguise herself as this mysterious individual and do some deeds to counter Azmodean interests. Properly done (and tracks covered, correct evidence left, etc.) and they'll think he's turned against them and he'll become a targer for them (since he certainly knows too much and has allegedly wronged the church). Just be make sure the disguise includes protections from magical means of detection and determining the truth from the evidence left behind.

Problem solved. lities-and-how#147

Pathfinder Design Team wrote:

FAQ updated:

Edit 7/12/13: The design team is aware that the above answer means that certain races can gain access to some spellcaster prestige classes earlier than the default minimum (character level 6). Given that prestige classes are usually a sub-optimal character choice (especially for spellcasters), the design team is allowing this FAQ ruling for prestige classes. If there is in-play evidence that this ruling is creating characters that are too powerful, the design team may revisit whether or not to allow spell-like abilities to count for prestige class requirements.

Mini necro.

This will look strange when a witch using the charm hex has to cackle madly after a few rounds.

Round 1: Witch beckons and speaks soothing words to an opponent who fails the will save.
Round 6: Witch cackles madly and chats with the opponent
Round 7: Witch cackles madly and chats with the opponent

Q: Does cackling interfere with attempts at Dimplomacy (say for those who used the Charm Hex and Cackle to make the hex last at least the minute required to use Dimplomacy)?

The Myrmidarch archetype of the Magus can spellstrike through ranged weapons by 4th. It loses some extra niceties, but it adds utility to the bullets (and you don't lose the touch attack in the first increment so it's a win with added bullet damage).

Add in a level of Gunslinger for deeds, or Spellslinger Wizard for firing spells out of the weapon (sans bullets).

Blackblade is an interesting idea, although it looks like (since there is a bit of debate around it) you might need specific approval for that from the GM.

Huntmaster only grants one level to the Oracle for the purpose of the animal companion but I assume he's using his Aasimar favored class bonus on that particular revelation to bring the thing to level 8. A valid way of getting a high level mount.

- Anyone moving through the web effect has to make a Combat Maneuver check or an Escape Artist check in order to not be grappled by the webbing. Does the fighter and mount have Freedom of Movement or something?

- Web grants cover after 5 ft to the opponent and total cover after 20. You can't charge if you don't have line of sight to the opponent (which total cover would grant)

- The horse needs 3 ranks in Acrobatics for Dragon Style.

- The horse is the bonded companion of the Oracle. Why does it let the human ride it all the time? I believe the intent is for it to be the Oracle's mount, not some other persons. Now I suppose the character and mount could "allow" this but it's effectively giving the class feature to the fighter which is the main problem here.

You were a CN drow praying to the CE Lloth, the goddess of the drow... It's like praying to your mom. You weren't a cleric, so it's not like she'd respond with power, spells, or unspeakable evil. It could have been something you were raised with. A habit you didn't dare stop (on the off chance she was listening to you and smites you), but also didn't really feel.

In this homebrew world of yours, is Lloth the main big bad goddess around? Are the Drow known as major enemies? If the answer is no to either of these, there's a problem. Did the cleric make her knowledge (religion) check to know it was the paraphernalia of Lloth you were using or that even her name equates to a big bad evil goddess?

Regardless, there should be more 'transgressions' before an outright kill of one PC by another should be sanctioned, particularly in a good aligned group (although we can leave alignment out of the discussion since it still smells bad). It's Pathfinder, not Paranoia. Did the murder ('cause that's what it was) of your character occur in the city? Where are the lawful authorities to investigate, catch and prosecute the criminals? Did the Paladin just stand by and watch? Two people just murdered a fellow party member because of a religious preference AFTER having not detected as evil.

Ugh. In any case, I commend you for wanting to try and stick to it, and I hope that whatever the motivations behind the GM's (and the player's) actions are/were, that everything works out in the end. I'm just not that patient, I guess. I don't even see how anyone would have fun playing the OP character in the group, or not even realize the poor dynamic it could cause.

Ignoring all I said before, regarding your new character and party composition, you'll be pretty combat heavy with two paladins and a barbarian. And, it seems, no spellcasters until the uber-cleric gets her spells. Is this a low-magic world or something? You might consider playing a caster of some kind to fill that gap (although it's not necessary, just a thought).

Farmers pray to "more or less" Evil gods. Citizens of great cities pray to evil gods, legally (see Cheliax in Golarion). Should the party go kill them off too? Stand outside the churches to evil gods in the city and smite any who enter? No possible repercussions there. You were a rogue. Roguish gods tend to be Evil. CN isn't necessarily a team friendly alignment, but still it shouldn't matter, unless you were betraying the party (and, at 1st level, it's way too soon for such a swerve to even have germinated from a seedling). And why would an orc barbarian care who your character was praying to?

Wait. So this new OP character is brought in and immediately goes to kill off your character? And the orc character joins her in killing it off? There should be a bit of leeway players give to other players with their characters. Immediately attacking 'because' you're character is a drow doesn't pass the smell test. Did your character do something to provoke? Why did the orc character attack you too?

My initial thought was that perhaps she was brought in temporarily as a high powered NPC that he wanted you guys to think was a typical player character, but with the rest of the information you've shared (and there's probably more information needed for a proper assessment), I've moved away from that idea and am now thinking it's just foolishness.

As for your stonelord. How did you get 20 str?

With just the information provided, "Where do I think you should go with this?" is out the door. Players characters killing other PCs isn't right in my books without a very good reason. At 1st level, I can't see as there would be enough history to make a good enough one.

There's always Rahadoum in Golarion. I guess they're not technically atheists, but they don't like the chains that come with the worship of the gods and have banned religion in their country. No religion in the country means no followers. No followers means the gods have limited capability to do anything there (without their devotion to draw upon).

Just a heads up: I'm going to be away for the Canada Day long weekend and then some. I might be online early tommorrow morning, but after that, I'll be effectively unavailable until Wednesday. I should be near some internet/wifi at times so I will keep my eye on the thread. If I'm chosen and there is posting or conversation required, I will do my utmost to get something up (although it could be a little tardy).

Just a heads up: I'm going to be away for the Canada Day long weekend and then some. I might be online early tommorrow morning, but after that, I'll be effectively unavailable until Wednesday. I should be near some internet/wifi at times so I will keep my eye on the thread. If I'm chosen and there is posting or conversation required, I will do my utmost to get something up (although it could be a little tardy).

Forgot Zord's toad! Bloodgulper has been added, along with some more equipment.

GMMichael wrote:
Ill be discussing that in depth as we go along after choices are made. Can I ask why you chose Air Elementalism? My curiosity ;)

I had the idea, although rather undefined, floating around in my head. I haven't played a Wizard with the intent to stay a Wizard in a while so I was wanting to play one. I have other ideas for Wizards too, but the Air Elementalist concept was most prominent in the moment, so I decided to try it out when given an opportunity. As it happens, the flavour of this campaign seemed to allow for it.

With Korvosa's Acadamae, it seemed like a good place to try a wizard. The Framed: Dropout trait made me think that it would be unlikely that someone who hadn't completed their education would be a traditional wizard. Rather than going witch (I have plans for a Winter Witch in a future game) or sorcerer (which I'm playing in another game), I wanted to stick to the Wizard. The Air Elementalist concept that had been floating in my head seemed to fit the bill.

Having had the basic training, the typical Wizard-like procedures would be too far ingrained to be changed, but the more witchy/hedgy influence could bring him to focus on the Elemental schools. I liked Air (I have a Fire sorcerer, Water/Earth didn't grab me, and the others don't feel setting appropriate). Also, as Air is opposed by Earth, it fit the idea that he would avoid the energy type (acid) that killed his school friend (that he was accused of killing).

Witch-type influences: Air Supremacy is just a weaker version of the Flight Hex. A familiar instead of bonded object (hawk works with Air). There's even an Elements patron (that doesn't seem to have any acid/earth spells, lol) that he could be very loosely tied to (again ingrained Wizard methodology prevents a proper witchy bond).

It seems my work computer's antiquated IE8 has trouible with the site. Luckily it shows up fine on my phone.

A few comments/questions:

- With Ellismus' Profession (librarian) and Craft (something book-related), his job could be at The Bookmaker or Basha's, whichever would be appropriate for an accused alleged murderer (charges dropped!) who was forced to drop out of the acadamy.
- Does it make sense for Ellismus' Air Elementalism to come from someone in the Varisian community (I see the reason he didn't end up as a witch would be because his early training at the Acadamae already ingrained into him a certain style)? Is there such a community in Korvosa? Or would it be better to finish up his training with someone like Phaeton or a similar individual? (EDIT: My preference is with the Varisians)
- Out of curiosity, with the Acadamae and all the magic around, why doesn't Nethys (god of magic) have more presence than just being a part of the Pantheon of the Many?

So I guess depending on the possibilities above, Ellismus' three contacts could be: 1) his old professor/mentor from the Acadamae, 2) his new teacher/mentor afterwards (Varisian witch or some other appropriate person), and 3) someone at his work (Bookmaker or Basha's). His family is off that list since they pretty much disowned him when he dropped out of the Acadamae. They're more of the 'traditionalist' bent and had such high hopes. Now he's cavorting with the filthy Varisians. Of all the nerve.

Updated Zord Manslicer with background.

Dotting for an Inquisitor of Lamashtu: Zord Manslicer with the Goblin Warrior trait.

I put it together before I saw your format thing. I'll modify the bits that currently don't comply and then put together the background.

Ahh, I was mainly following what is mentioned in the Player's Guide on humans.

Most of Korvosa’s citizens are the descendants of the original settlers from Cheliax, although today, only a very small number are Chelish natives. Most of Korvosa’s humans are native-born, and while they don’t share the indigenous Varisian’s swarthy complexion or traditions, they are just as much of Varisia.

It goes on to talk about 'a vocal subset of traditionalists' wanting more Chelish values and are predjudiced against the pure-blood Varisians. Granted from what I see mentioned in the Varisia book, the Acadamae may very likely contain a bulk of those traditionalists. Ellismus, however, is not among them. Perhaps this was why he (and his murdered rival/friend?) were targetted. They could have befriended some of the pure-bloods prior to the incident.

In any case, since Ellismus having to leave the academy to continue his studies in magic, the Varisians could have been a viable source (maybe one of their sorcerer or witch fortune tellers). Perhaps one reason he became an elementalist wizard rather than one following the classic arcane schools (which, I expect, are what's taught at the Acadamae).

Out of curiosity, is there anything further you would like from those of us on the "Completed" list?

I already started to stat a few things out so I guess I can make the roll.
Stat point bonus: 1d6 ⇒ 3
OK. I'll use those to top up WIS and CHA to 12 (from 10 and 11 respectively).

The free skill point will be in Craft... but I still have to decide on which craft. Could be books, calligraphy, illumination or something else sort of related to places/items of knowledge (in that he would have access if he were making copies, or to the people that would hire him). I suppose Profession (librarian) could actually work here too... Ok. I'll do both. One free, one using a regular point.

I may trade in one trait for a +2 on DEX (to bring it to 17), since a higher DEX fits with the Air theme (in my mind). I'm still looking through the traits though to see if there is anything that feels appropriate.

Along the same lines of (Air theme) reasoning, he'll probably have a hawk familiar for the arcane bond.


Race-wise, I suppose he's descended from the original Chelish settlers, but he considers himself Varisian.

DM DoctorEvil wrote:
First point of order: Any one interested in continuing needs to give me a compelling (or random) reason your PC is on the road to Sandpoint, a backwater town on the Varisian coast. You may have included in your background, but please indulge me and list it again.

Dolgrin has been, unsuccessfully, monster hunting in the area. He's returning to Sandpoint to refill his supplies. He's been there a few times for the same reason.

I've been combing the countryside for creatures to bring honor to the family, but have yet to discover one. My grandfather wrestles a dragon into submission, and I've nothing to even compare. I guess I should be happy that the area remains peaceful enough that the people here remain safe and sound. Perhaps I'll search out other areas, should this remain secure. Back to Sandpoint, I suppose. I could use more supplies. (from background)

DM DoctorEvil wrote:
How you see your character progression in terms of multiclassing, feats, foci etc.

Dolgrin meditates on a rock before standing and beginning to go through a practice form. His fists and feet fly, but, even with all the motion, he seems to remain still and stable. The form ends with his knee smashing the rock he was standing on. Perhaps that is what I need to do, he thought now allowing his focus to slide. Even though my grandfather defeated one, the style of the dragon may allow me to improve my ability.

Heading towards the Dragon Style line of feats (at levels 3, 5, & 9). No multiclassing planned. Might snag Elemental Fist at 7.
EDIT: Also thinking about Improved Sunder somewhere in the build which might work nicely with the favored class bonus.

GMMichael wrote:

1. A Character Concept adhering to the Character Creation Rules.

-Concept is Race, Class, Probably Archetypes and party roll you are applying for.

Ellysmus Rayne: Human, Wizard [Air Elementalist school], no archetype, Primary Arcane Caster.

GMMichael wrote:
2. A bare bones back story that we can hone together as a party on why your character is choosing to be an adventurer and why you live in Korvosa and why you would work to save it from itself.

Campaign Trait: Dropout

Ellismus's was born and bred in Korvosa and his facility with language and symbols was discovered at an early age. With his interest in magic, it earned him a scholarship to the Acadamae. There he excelled in his coursework, achieving top ranks in many of his classes. Although it was early in his learning, he was seemingly destined for the highest honors and even thought of as a potential prospect to join the ranks of the professors upon graduation. It was not to be, however, when tragedy struck.

Ellismus's friend and rival at the academy was murdered a victim of sabotage in one of his experiments and partially melted from an acidic explosion. Even more, Ellismus stood accused, some fisherman having witnessed him undermining the protection of certain wards to be used by the deceased. Although Ellismus had only just left a professor friend and mentor on the other side of campus, he was not in the clear. Even when the only witness died (after telling the truth to his mentor) and Ellismus was cleared, the headmaster Toff still forced him to withdraw from the Acadamae "for the good of the school" and to keep its reputation intact.

Although he still had some direction from his old mentor, Ellismus was forced to complete his magical education on his own, ending with him following a more elemental path than what would typically be taught in the school and one that allowed him to avoid the horrifying energy that slew his classmate. He was also left wondering why Gaedrin Lamm had him framed. He knew better than to confront the man now, but perhaps he would figure something out after he had honed his abilities through proper experience.

GMMichael wrote:
3. A Character Goal you would like to see woven into the 'story'

- Find out why the crime lord wanted to frame him for murder. Was it to have him arrested, or merely have him removed from the school? What was the motive behind that? How many others has this man caused to suffer?

- Completely clear his name and thus be fully accepted by the other wizards of the school (aside from his friend and mentor).

GMMichael wrote:
4. A writing sample. please keep this to less then three paragraphs. The sample should take into account the opening paragraph found below.

Ellismus sat alone at the table, sipping his wine. Well that was fun..., he thought recalling the group of Acadamae students noticing him and avoiding him with disdain. I can't even lose myself in the revelry of the parade without 'that' coming back to haunt me.

He sighed unhappily and drained the last of his wine. He demurred when the serving girl came over to refill his cup. "Thank you, my dear, but I think that is all the fun I can have for now," he said standing and leaving a generous tip on the table for her. At least my old friend will see me. I have some more ideas about Lamm to bounce off of him. Not that I seem to be getting anywhere with it. I suppose I can count myself as one with the proper authorities in this...

If you're high enough level and have a specific spell in mind, Spell Perfection doubles the bonuses granted from other feats (e.g. Spell Focus, etc.) for that spell (it also allows you to ignore the cost of a Metamagic feat as long as it wouldn't bring the spell past 9th level).

Persistent Spell metamagic makes them have to save twice to avoid the effect.

A one-level dip into Sorcerer (Arcane Bloodline) gives +1 DC to any metamagiced spell (assuming it went up by at least 1 level). There are other bloodlines that add DCs to specific descriptors or circumstances (e.g. Boreal=cold, Deep Earth=being underground, Fey=compulsion, Infernal=charm, Kobold=flat footed opponent, Stormborn=electricity/sonic)

Greater Eldritch Heritage (Arcane) at 17th level, if you have the CHA and the earlier feats, adds +2 DC to spells from a single school that stacks with the Focus feats. Or Improved Eldritch Heritage (Maestro) at 11th level, adds +1 DC to language dependent spells.

If the spell has an elemental descriptor of some sort, Elemental Focus and Greater Elemental Focus will work.

There are plenty of spells you could cast "quickened" before your main spell to give the opponent (if they fail any save related to that spell) a penalty on their saves (Bestow Curse, Mind Fog, etc.).

A Fighter of some flavour with a weapon with the reach and trip property, such as a Guisarme to give you a bit of reach in case the enemy wants to get by you to attack the squishies/ranged types (use a Cestus or Spiked Gauntlet for those nearby). Combat Reflexes and a relatively good Dex for more AoOs along with Stand Still (for those moving past adjacent squares and Combat Expertise/Improved Trip (for those within reach of the polearm) to keep opponents from getting past you. If you go with an archetype, try to pick one that keeps armor training so that you can still have some mobility if you have to go if anyone actually does gets by you.

I suppose you could also look at a Monk with the Flowing Monk archetype with a reach weapon for it's immediate action reposition maneuver, but it doesn't work for allies until 4th and it's an immediate action so it only works once a round.

OK. I've decided upon an Air Elementalist Wizard with the Noble Born (Orlovsky) campaign trait. I see the Eagle's Watch and it seems like a good place for such a wizard to grow up and be trained.

I don't have much time right now, but I'll try to put a submission together by tomorrow.

Well, according to the Player's Guide, there are 11 leadership positions in the kingdom (including King/Queen)...

Dotting. Not sure I'll be able to get something up before the deadline, but I'll give it a try.

I'm in a modified E6 Kingmaker/Crimson Throne mashup at the moment, but it moves at a fairly sedate pace, and I don't know what comes from where and what's custom.

OK. Here is a link to Dolgrin Hammerfist. Let me know if you need something more regarding his crunch or his background.

As for me, I've done PbP games for about a year, all on this site. I've been playing Pathfinder, D&D, etc for many years (with a few years hiatus in the middle). My RotRL experience, as mentioned previously, was a PbP campaign (original edition). It lasted about two rounds into the first encounter before it fell apart.

OK. I think I'll go with a dwarven monk with the Monk of the Sacred Mountain archetype.

I'll stat it up today and hopefully have a complete submission ready by tomorrow.

The Clockwork Shadow wrote:

@Zendross Zil’Doren:

Thank you for your clarification concerning Zendross. I think I have a much better understanding of his motivations now. I only have one question, and it concerns your mother.

1. How far would Zendross to save his mother? Is there anything during his quest that he would consider morally reprehensible? Evil players can be tricky and I am trying to get a handle on how you would roleplay as a LE player. It is important to me that it would not be destructive to the overall progression of the group.

Children and their mothers are generally off limits (mothers with only adult offspring and/or those who are known to be no longer capable of bearing children are fair game). The mothers more so than the children (if he were forced to choose). He would also avoid harming those he had formed an attachment with (the Reynolds, Fielding, eventually the party) unless there was an absolute necessity alongside a sure outcome, or if they turned on him first.

Addendum: The families of those involved in his mother's abduction and century of entrapment are fair game. To the last.

Oh, lol, so there is. I guess the image threw me. And I was thinking of a "Charming young man with a lute and a divine voice.", lol. I don't see to many of those these days with all the archetypes.

Ok. Maybe I'll think of something else and save "The Scarlet Minstrel" for another game, lol.

I saw the Eager Performer trait which twigged an idea that's been mulling around in my head for a Bard. It's a fluff rather than crunch idea, so sticking to the core should work fine (although I suppose the Court Bard archetype would fit too, I'll put it together without that to see how he looks).

I can see how the seven sin magic paths don't fall very easily into the psionic disciplines. My only thought on this would be to have the sin practitiouners focus on a particular descriptor (like, Fear=Necromancy=Gluttony) but that's quite labor intensive. You could also try (maybe just for ones that don't have an associated discipline) and fit the theme of the sin alongside a particular class (I don't know the Psi classes that well but maybe Aegis=Abjurer=Envy, Dread=Necromancer=Gluttony, etc.)

Interesting concept nonetheless.

Dotting. Been in a ROTL campaign that didn't last past the first encounter. It was a witch, so I won't be submitting that.

Question: Do you allow non core options, such as subdomains, subschools, archetypes, etc.? If so, are the setting books (ISWG), etc. allowed?

You'd have to start looking into the different classes, if you want to stay Drow and see within the darkness.

- Oracle of the Dark Tapestry has Pierce the Veil which is useless for a Drow until 11th level when you get the ability to see in even magical darkness.
- A 9th level Synthesist could use the 3-pt evolution See in Darkness
- A 20th level Shadow Bloodline sorcerer gets the same (or can see through a specific power's deeper darkness at 15th). Same with the Infernal Bloodline (20th level)
- A 9th level Hellknight (prestige) wearing hellknight armor.

There could be others.

Otherwise the Blindfighting tree is the way to go. Or just stay out of your own darkness.

I see the mention under "psionic classes" that there are high elf monks with unusual fighting techniques. Would I be shooting myself in the foot if I were to go with a high elf Dread/Monk multi (looking at Broken Dreams Style feats), since it's under the double whammy of being Psionic and not being human (or aasimar/tiefling)?

I could just as easily make it an aasimar (and the stats, in a way, would be better) but the setting seems to tie psionic monks and the high elves fairly well.

Of course I could also just go in a completely different direction to make it easier on myself...

Dotting for interest. I'll take some time to peruse the Player's Guide before I decide on a character.

Forget the Fighter levels. Oracle 5 with Armor Mastery will give you the reduced ACP that the Fighter gets at 3.

One of the Metal Mystery Oracle revelations gives you proficiency in all martial weapons as well as heavy armor.

The Barbarian speed, however, only works while in Medium, Light, or no armor.

An Oracle of the Fire Mystery has Cinder Dance as a revelation. You get 10' bonus to your base speed and then Nimble Moves (at 5th) and Acrobatic Steps (at 10th).

An Oracle of the Metal Mystery has Dance of Blades as a revelation. Again 10' bonus movement and later bonuses to attack and such, all while wielding a metal weapon.

A Sorcerer with Elemental Bloodline (Fire) at 15th level, or anyone with Greater Eldritch Heritage (Elemental: Fire) at 17th level, gains a +30 bonus to movement.

Bump. Thoughts? Opinions?

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Or rather be sure the summoner has that RP conversation with his new Imp (since the Pally will have smote the last one back to Hell), and also have it stay in one of it's Beast forms ("Yeah, like, I saw you didn't like my old Imp friend, so I decided to stick with a basic bird, right?").

I'm assuming the summoner player is the one playing the Imp too. The paladin's smiting reaction should teach him to be a tad more subtle.

Also, Imps are Devils. They tend to be a bit more insidious. Frankly, an imp that taunts a paladin is a failure and deserves to be sent back to Hell for just punishments. An Imp that can weasel it's way into the Paladin's trust and ultimately make him fall, with a side order of sold soul, deserves a promotion.

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