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Ury Sevenskulls

Brox RedGloves's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 296 posts (440 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 5 aliases.

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Jiggy wrote:
Under A Bleeding Sun wrote:
Half the time the face is a moron and sats things like "I want to convine him to tell us where the map is." They don't understand doing things in character. In my home games I deal with this by failure, but ultimately I just do a better job recruiting in the first place. I no longer expect rp in society at all, and if I get it its a nice side benefit.

So if the player of the INT 22 wizard fails to act like a genius (say by making a tactical error or needing to write down a name to remember it), is he also a "moron" who "doesn't understand doing things in character"?

Our GM solved this by allowing a certain number of "Logical Extension" rolls from our genius players. They roll a straight Int check and he tells them some valuable info that they would reasonably be able to infer. (Kinda like Sherlock Holmes)

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Finlanderboy wrote:

In a home game I asked everyon to have an orginal in depth story I could incorporate in to the game.

I came back with 3 "I am a drow and the worlds best assassin."

My DM encountered this once. His reply was:

"Awesome! All three assassins are now level 20 and retired. Now roll up a new character!"

No snark, no anger, just really really cheerful response which I thought was hilarious.

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Mysterious Stranger wrote:
What happens when my concept is that I am the best swordsman in the world? Most people who play games are ordinary people, so what is wrong with wanting your character to be something special? Even in real life there are plenty of examples of people who dedicate their lives to one thing at the expense of everything else. A person who is so hung up on getting into medical school that they concentrate all their time on getting good grades, or any professional athlete are both examples of this.

We tried that on our DM once. He replied "Cool! That character is level 20 and has retired. Now roll a new character!"

I use a blend of form and function. I usually have an idea of what I want to play, then start asking myself questions after I make a couple of rolls on the background tables in the Mythic book

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LucasB wrote:

I really think it should be possible to break a monks fists so that he cannon use them .... Currently you cannot until you kill him.

Any thoughts?

uh oh...incoming attacks. I can dodge this...It's just a jump to the left

While you're aiming for his fists, he's flurry kicking you into the ground.

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Nothing beats,
the hobo life;
stabbing people,
with my hobo knife!

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I'm sure Pharasma has no problem with mere mortals treating Her domain as if there were a permanent revolving door installed...

I can just picture it now:

A long line of people who magically blink in and out again.

"NEXT...oh dammit where did he just go..."

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Emmit Svenson wrote:
What if both grapplers were succubi? What if they were under the effects of a Grease spell? We need more details to make a definitive ruling.

If it were two succubi then I would rule that anyone in visual range must save versus Hypnotic Pattern. Luscious gyrating hypnotic patterns....


Thanks to extensive research on the internet I've discovered that, among many, many other things, being grappled and/or pinned can be an act of passion, as can pinning another...erm...creature. It could be suggested by some that such acts are a perversion, only enjoyed by the sick and morally reprehensible. Does the succubus qualify on that score?

For some reason, when you typed that, the first thing I thought of was Commandant Lassard from the Police Academy movies...specifically, the scene where he is standing at the

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Ravingdork wrote:

Kingsguard: You are hereby charged with armed assault against the high lord king via fell magics, and sentenced to death for crimes of high treason against our beloved nation.
Rogue: I'm innocent I tell you! The demon promised me good health! I knew not that it would be stolen from the crown!
Kingsguard: Ah, so you consort with demons as well do you? May the gods have mercy on your soul. I say the axe is too good for you. I saw we burn this one at the stake!

*hauls prisoner away*

"There is no such thing as a plea of innocence in my court. A plea of innocence is guilty of wasting my time. GUILTY!"

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Nepherti wrote:

And the Lady wins herself a prize!

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Xenomorph 27 wrote:
A fellow PC calling himself an alchemist(tengu ninja) killed an NPC in mid speech as he was showing us on a map where to go for our quest. The other members of the group, me (aasimar ocacle) and the other guy (oread druid) were not giving the chance to stop him. The NPC was dead before I could heal him. The player controlling the tengu ninja was drunk and laughing through it all. We told him that was the wrong thing to do. We were conflicted with what to do and everyone took off without waiting for the group. We ended game hiding out in the nearby forest away from town. The GM said there was likely to be a bounty, and trial once we were captured. Seeing that people saw us earlier as newcomers and later, townsfolk viewed us fleeing from town, I'm think I need to turn myself in. Accept whatever small town justice comes my way and roll up another character. I doubt the "alchemist" will get out of this once captured, he's level 1. Knowing some insight about our GM, I think we will all have to roll up new characters. Any thoughts on any of this?

Boot the lush. Redact everything that happened as a Patrick Duffy/Bobby Ewing event.

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Weirdo wrote:
asthyril wrote:
note that any wand/staff/item that recreates a spell that is already on your spell list you do not need UMD to use.

This. UMD is for when you want to use a magic item for which you do not meet the normal requirements for use.

For example, Gandalf, a 10th level wizard, wants to use a scroll of Fireball. Gandalf is a wizard of high enough level to cast the spell, so he does not need to make a UMD check (or any other kind of check) to cast the spell. Gandalf can also use wands and staves of Fireball with no problems.

Gandalf's apprentice, a 1st level wizard, can also use wands and staves of Fireball with no problem since these are spell trigger items and don't have a level requirement. However, if the apprentice wants to use a scroll of Fireball, he must make a caster level check (not a UMD check) since he can cast wizard spells but has a lower caster level than the scroll (5, for a typical scroll of Fireball).

Pippin, a rogue, sneaks into Gandalf's workshop and wants to try the wands, scrolls, and staves. Pippin is not a wizard or a member of any class that has Fireball on their spell list. He has to make a UMD check to use any of these items. Since Pippin likes to play with other classes' magic, UMD is very useful for him.

And when Pip fails we get to say:

Throw yourself in the well next time, and rid us of your stupidity!!"

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Booty-lovin' Pirate wrote:

Everyone here, is now dumber for having read your response...

Gambit wrote:
I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.

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The Rot Grub wrote:

This question specifically concerns a monster/NPC using the Full Attack action. Here's the scenario:

You're running a monster that has 3 attacks -- two claws and a bite -- and it's standing within 5 feet of a PC. It carries out the Full Attack action. You adjudicate its attacks, and the first 2 knock the PC down into negative HP. There are no other PCs nearby to attack: do you carry out the third attack, which has a reasonable chance of killing the PC?

I have my own thoughts on this but want to hear what other people think.

So, you claw and do damage. Then you claw, and do damage and the target falls down. Then you nomnomnomnomnomnomnom until you are full. I'd say it's a good day to be that monster.

The GM had an opportunity with my last character, something like this: We were fighting two gricks. We were fighting next to a pool of water that the gricks swam out of to attack us. I was dropped to negative hit points. The DM took pity on me and had the grick turn on the paladin. I called foul. That grick should have grabbed me and swam to the bottom of the pool to eat in peace. Anyone who has ever had a pet knows that food comes first. Winning fights don't matter if you're still hungry or dead at the end. When the opportunity to get away with food presents itself, animal intelligence and instinct take over and that animal will try to make off with the meal.

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Heh heh heh. Wizard talk big. Wizard threaten Brox with turn to toad spell. Wizard not able to read spell no more. Now Brox have his turn. Mebbe wizard give Brox protection golds. Brox take good care of wizard.

See dat cleric over dere? Brox make of gold for you with dat guy. Say curses and tell what do. Mebbe dat guy take away curses. Mebbe dat guy ask for protection golds too. Brox not able to see future. Brox is just pawn of fate.


Well if your GM will not remain consistent I cannot really say. Quite literally anything I offer you is likely not going to be sufficient, because if your GM is willing to break inconsistency and standards to force you into a curse that shouldn't normally work, then I see no reason that your GM would not be willing to simply deny anything else that was tried. If the natural laws of the world are not good enough, why would anything else be?

Ash, this really isn't necessary. Back-handed insults at the GM just because your suggestion was politely refused is no reason to act that way.

@OP: Take it step by step and see what happens. Try the remove curse first. See if it works. If not there has to be something else that will help. Maybe go see an oracle to find out how to lift the curse. Maybe this is a lead-in to another adventure. Or the next leg in your current adventure.

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YRM wrote:

I personally like players to be both effective in their builds and care about the story.

I will say that the younger players in my group care less about the story and their character motivation than the older players. That may just be my group, or maturity, and not a generational change.

This is where we run into my pet peeve.

The fighter 2 (for the feats dip)/rogue1 (for the stealth/traps/w-e dip)/sorc 1 (for the bloodlines dip)/ cleric of (Fill in the blank with optimized domain) (for whatever domain bonuses dip) with no real background that explains any of it except "Well, one day he just decided to become a rogue/sorcerer/cleric/pick next class with desireable ability". And I *have* seen it. More than once. When questioned about it the player says "Dude, that's my roleplay. That's it. I just decided to."

It doesn't just break ther verisimilitude of the game, I beats it about the head and neck, stabs it in the kindeys a bunch of times, then goes and slaughters its family as well. Then urinates on the whole mess for spite.

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Malleus Maleficarum wrote:

Okay just a quick question on this ability. Pretty much sold me on playing the magus class if it works the way I want. All I want to know is if I can use it with spellstrike. That's all I need. Thanks!

Prerequisite: Magus 6

Benefit: The magus can spend 1 point from her arcane pool as a swift action transforming a single cut of her weapon into a scything wave of energy that tears through her enemies’ ranks. She unleashes magical force in a single sweep of her weapon in a 30-foot cone. Roll damage for her attack as normal except the damage type is changed to force and apply it to all targets in the cone’s area. Her opponents can make Reflex saves (DC 10 + half her magus class level + her Intelligence modifier) for half damage.

Wait Wait Wait....Magi have an ability that lets them channel the artistic genius of Frank Black and the Pixies?


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Midnight_Angel wrote:

And no, if the players show up for, say, Curse of the Crimson Throne with a Tengu Gunslinger, a Kitsune Enchanter, an Albino Merfolk Inquisitor of Dagon and a Drow...


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Jiggy wrote:
Surely there's got to be more than this!

There's always more equipment to be had. And stop calling me Shirley.

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Bandavaar the Brave wrote:

I swear when I was out there it was called a J-Turn. :p

The same as we call a roundabout....a roundabout and American Sat Nav calls it a Circle Turn. Haha!

First, the Player should learn to compromise a little.

Second: "Look kids! Big Ben, and Parliment!"---

2 hrs later: "kids...Big Ben...Parliment..."

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Edward. Yeah...that's kinda how I feel about "dhampirs"

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I love coming to this page and seeing what's going on. Especially when I see stuff like:

OP: I wanna play <pick any> class. I have an idea that the role play will be <fill in the blank!>

Next Poster: You should play <pick a diametrically opposite class> rewritten with a dip in <this random class> and one more in <that random class>

OP: Well, ok I guess...I was thinking of using <this weapon> (slashing) because it fits the roleplay!

Additional Poster: You should totally not use <this weapon> (1h/slashing) when <that weapon> (2h/bludgeoning) is far superior dude!

OP: ...

I half expect to pop in here once and see a guy talking about wanting to play a fighter and get advice that he should really be playing a Martial/Armored/Monk/Wizard with a dip in Bard because he needs the skill bonuses. LOL

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So our GM is running Second Darkness, and after a couple of sessions we get to the part where we're dealing with the guy Saul is in debt to (Lymas Sneed or something like that) and I go sneaking over to that guy's place to see if I can find anything interesting (and find some money. Half-orc gotta get paid yo!)

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time I went over there, so now the slimey git is waiting for me. He's on the first floor in the kitchen with a crossbow. So I come sneaking downstairs but I rolled low. I got spotted and Lymas takes his shot. HA! Barely grazed me (3 points). I barrel around the corner (drawing 1 shortsword while moving) and try to trip him. All he has in his hands is an unloaded x-bow. He swings it at me and misses. His turn he backs up a step and reloads. I move up and swing at him. Miss. He takes a step back and fumbles (dropped weapon) I bullrush him back (MADE IT!) and he slams back into the back wall of the kitchen. He picks himself up off the floor and draws a dagger. I pick up the x-bow.

I tell him he's now outta business. I tell him his time is up. He begs for his life and says he can make me rich. I said it's only a matter of time before I find a dagger in my back but I'll entertain a buyout for cash on hand. He says he hasn't got a lot. I say "Oh that's too bad" and push a lantern hanging from a nail (DM: wait...what??). It shatters, spilling lamp oil on the floor. He opens a bureau drawer and tosses me a bag of gold. "I tell him to get his skinny @#$ out of town and toss a second lantern near the fireplace. He bounds past me and out the door. As the flames crawl inexorably up the walls to the second floor, I sneak out the back door a little richer and one less opponent in Riddleport.

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blackbloodtroll wrote:
Is embedding Ioun stones allowed? You could imbed Ioun stones into your familiar.

"Hey Effan, Crido, come help me out here...hold this bird down while I hammer this rock into his skull!"

"Uh-heh, Uh-heh, Uh-heh, good job dere Stolph, you sure hammered dat in reel gud!"

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blackbloodtroll wrote:
You got a Paladin problem?

Nah. Did orc uses "Pally-B-Gone" by Ronco!

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I don know nobody who don like parfaits

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ImperatorK wrote:
This is kinda the point. For him, this is a drastic difference. At my table it would be too. But for you it's so minor as to not even be considered, apparently.
As I said, it's the GMs fault if he can't deal with such a non-issue. I pity anyone who is overwhelmed by this much (which isn't much at all).

Thank god you're not at our table because that kind of attitude would get you voted out of the game.

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Not too bad so far.

Ring of Gaseous Form

This ring grants all the benefits as per the spell, with the power being removed when the ring is removed from the finger. The third time the power is called upon, the curse is activated and the ring becomes as insubstantial as the wearer. The unfortunate character is caught in mist form until a remove curse is cast, whereupon the ring resumes its normal form and can be removed.

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Liz an her cookees make all da half-orcses feel *funny*...not "ha-ha" funny, da uvver one...

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Mercurial wrote:
magnuskn wrote:

Funny how all these builds would solo CR20 monsters in one round.

"So, and then we killed 10 Balors in 12 seconds. I don't know what's the big fuss about them..."

Heh - they've clearly never fought against MY Balor's - the ones who can fly, cast Greater Dispel Magic and Dominate at will, are beyond genius level intelligence and have legions of demons at their command.

...and are large enough to knock the PC's back (reducing the number of attacks from said PC's). We learned that fighting Balors near lava pits is always a fatal mistake...

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blackbloodtroll wrote:
Witches are intelligence based. Dopey witches do not cast spells.

No one said the witch was dopey :D The witch just "claimed" the pig was the smart one.

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Balodek wrote:

I'm always amused when people say they don't play an evil campaign, but their PCs happily run around killing and looting everything. I understand that this book has details on organizations that are truly evil, but a lot of times these things are matters of perspective.

If nothing else then the book should provide a good way for the GM to create villains with depth and characterization. Then your PCs can kill and loot a body with backstory!


11 people marked this as a favorite.

I'd like to hear some of the funny stuff said/done at the game table (in game please) that made the whole table laugh.

When my gaming group had just started, we had this kid (senior in HS getting ready for college) who wanted to play a halfling rogue. Because he was terrible at naming in general, we looked the other way when he named his character "Skeeve" (Robert Aspirin Myth- books, for those who don't know), so we're leveling along, doing our thing, listening and /facepalming to all the goofy stuff Skeeve comes up with.

In the course of adventuring, we meet an old knight. Positively ancient. And a little crazy too. I know my DM, and I figured this was his Don Quixote-type guy, who wanted "one last adventure..". I forget what we were fighting, but the knight does this Majestic Charge™ (like something out of the movie Excalibur) and hits his mark, but in the process is run through by two pikes, killing him instantly. Our DM gave us this moment by moment accounting of the knight's passing, how heroic it was, how serene he looked in the face of death, how he went out as he intended...and Skeeve interrupts by saying: "Dibs on the armor.." The knight hadn't even hit the ground yet.

It may not seems so humorous in type, but I swear to any God you place in front of me, we were in hysterics. I still remember that was the one time I laughed so hard that I cried, my sides were killing me, and I had to leave the room...

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