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Austin Morgan's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 746 posts (750 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Liberty's Edge

Hey Kirth, I posted my email right after the last mailing, on page 40, but I didn't get an email today. Checked Spam folder and everything. Any chance of getting a copy?

For the record, email is:


Thanks :)

Liberty's Edge

Hey there! Could I get a copy of this as well? I had always assumed the Google Docs version was being updated. Thanks!


Liberty's Edge

I've played Rise of the Runelords all the way.

I've run the entirety of Legacy Of Fire as GM.

I've run to partway through Second Darkness.

I'm currently running a group through Wrath of the Righteous, on book 3 now. Can't imagine we won't actually finish.

Liberty's Edge

I had a similar situation a few years ago. My Wizard took Greater Dispel Magic (one of my favorite spells) off the... Summoner list? Possibly Bard.

Anywho, I ended up using it more than even my 7th and 8th level spells.

EDIT: Oh, and Greater Teleport (but you already have that) and Dominate Monster (Summoner 6, Wizard 9!!!)

Liberty's Edge

Actually, I'm not done (will be working on it off and on for a bit), but here's the link anyway. Check it out, and it'll be done not too long.

Google Docs, Yo!

Liberty's Edge

Seranov wrote:
But in all seriousness, dropping both domains for a tough construct companion sounds totally fair to me. Might have to throw in a little bit about a good Rabbi's golem is healed by positive energy effects, and an evil Rabbi's golem is healed by negative energy effects, and a neutral Rabbi gets to choose?

Stolen and added.

Also, should be done in just a few. Had a bit of distraction.

Liberty's Edge

One of the domains gives a Cleric an Animal Companion as a Druid of 4 levels lower (or three? Something like that). That's a good place to start for building the golems - the golem of a 1st-level Rabbi who gives up a single domain should be roughly equivalent to the Animal Companion of a 4th- or 5th-level Druid.

Of course that begs the question - what were you thinking of having the Cleric give up for the Rabbi Archetype? Figure that out, and building a golem progression wouldn't be very hard. In fact, I could pretty easily put one up here, if I knew what you wanted them to give up.

Liberty's Edge

Dosgamer wrote:
Is there any way to get simulacrum? Since this is for a home game I can just handwave it but I'd like to know if there's a legit way to get it on her spell list. Thanks!

Does she have to be Human?

If not, then there's an easy way: the Samsaran race has a racial ability that lets them add spells from other spell lists to their own.

Liberty's Edge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Holy crap, nobody has mentioned Rubicon yet.


Liberty's Edge

I don't see it as impossible. I ran Legacy of Fire quite quick. Books 1, 2, 4, and 6 took normal time, but we did 3 and 5 in about 5 hours each. Granted, they didn't hit everything, but they didn't miss anything super-important.

I would have the players at a slightly higher level, maybe one higher than the AP would normally be recommended for, or use high point buy. Also, in addition to pre-levelling, use one of the many Magic-Item-Variants that don't rely on finding said item first. That way, the players can go ahead and work in even magic item statistics.

Bellona wrote:
Does anyone think that Legacy of Fire might qualify (aside from being 3.5 instead of PF)? I haven't read it through yet - it's still sitting on my shelf, looking pretty :) - but it seems straight-forward, and might lend itself to some chopping/hand-waving.

Or yes, this is much better said - Legacy of Fire is incredibly straight forward. Book 4 is the only book where you don't have very clear and defined goals and steps to meet them, right out of the gate.

Liberty's Edge

I ran a campaign not too long ago, the idea of which I nabbed from an online game someone ran in 2010. wrote:

The basic premise: You start out as a generic creature with no voice, no skills, feats, or special abilities whatsoever, and every stat at 10.

Whenever you eat a creature you acquire one of its traits. Permanently. For the purpose of this quest, that means I'll give you a short list to choose from.


Of course, I made a lot of changes converting it for tabletop, but it was a great campaign. Lots of fun, and lasted a surprisingly long time before the PCs' growth became too exponential.

Liberty's Edge

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Friend wrote:

No. Absolutely not.

"Moving out of more than one square threatened by the same opponent in the same round doesn't count as more than one opportunity for that opponent."

Could you provide a link?

Right here. Second to last sentence.

Liberty's Edge

Just a typo. In fact, your Eidolon CANNOT take this feat, as it doesn't have the Eidolon class feature :)

Liberty's Edge

His DR is bypassed by Evil attacks. All non-Evil attacks do 1 point less damage to him than normal.

Check out this link as well as this one.

Liberty's Edge

This sounds absolutely awesome, and I'm totally down for helping in any way I can. I've got a bit of a tech-background, but likely only enough to "know what's going on". Unless something needs to be done in Python... then I'm your guy :)

The only problem I see right off the bat, is that there's very few applications that have much overlap in the specific things they support: a Herolab user may only have access to the Core Rulebook data pack, so exporting their Summoner from PCGen wouldn't work regardless of what format it's in. And vice-versa: trying to import my Magus from Herolab into PCGen wouldn't work since PCGen only supports Core and APG.

Liberty's Edge

The Magic Item Compendium had quite a few examples of this, though if I remember correctly their Augmentation Gems (I think they called them) could fit onto any equipment (i.e. there was no need for "sockets").

I've seen a few different homebrewed ideas ripping off the Materia system from the Final Fantasy games, which is essentially the whole socket/gem deal. I'd Google "Materia D&D" or "Materia Pathfinder" and see what you get.

Liberty's Edge

Evil Genius Prime wrote:

I wasn't sure where to put this thread, so I put here in General Discussion.

So, have you made any new races? If so, post them here, including the RP totals.

I'm working on a Panda Race. No I don't play WoW, but the commercial inspired me. LOL! I should have it up soon.

Check out: this class from French MMO "Dofus". Classes == Races in that game, and it had tons of flavor if I remember correctly :)

Liberty's Edge

Trinite wrote:
I'd also like underwater action, through I really don't expect Paizo to put it in the APs since I know it's not everybody's cup of tea.

One of the Top 4 from the last RPG Superstars proposed an underwater AP. Last time I saw him (when we playtested his scenario), he was mentioning that he had the outline and barebones of the AP laid out, and was filling things in. I might be seeing him later today, I'll ask about it.

Of course, it won't be official Paizo, but hey :)

Liberty's Edge *

wraithstrike wrote:
PFS uses scenarios(made specifically for PFS). Modules are similar to scenarios, but they are not made mostly for PFS, and are long enough that they most likely won't be completed in four hours. An AP is like a collection of module that tells a longer story.


Though... that's an interesting idea...

An Organized Play Adventure Path? (Hint, hint!)

Liberty's Edge

Crimson Jester wrote:
Lord Worcestershire of Perrins wrote:

I don't remember who it was that posted this but I saw on the Rise of the Runelord section of the messageboards someone in their homegame said that Razmir was actually Xanderghul which I thought was rather fitting and awesome and also adopted that in my game.

James I am very excited to see the write up on the Runelords in Shattered Star though. That should be alot of fun. Thanks for the heads up!


If you are going to make that connection he could also be immortal and was once Emperor Xin, who worshiped Lissala, who is now known as the Peacock Spirit.

I mean if we are making connections and all.

... And thus the greatest Big-Bag-Evil-Guy in all Paizo-dom was born!

Liberty's Edge

PhelanArcetus wrote:
A great example is when I was thinking of doing criticals as "your attack exceeds the target's defense by more than X". I'm still doing that... but I had been thinking of making X vary by weapon (similar to how weapons have different threat ranges). But I just can't see a way to do that without constantly having to call out "I hit Defense 25 and crit Defense 19"... for every player and for the GM. So that's got to go. So instead, I'm keeping X constant, and will find other ways to differentiate weapons, to keep the game flowing more smoothly.

Greetings :)

I'm working towards my own system as well, and am using something similar to this. Each 5 by which an attack beats a target's AC nets it a +50% to damage. (I'd have normal damage listed on character sheets AND whatever 50% of that is, so it's easy to add.) To differentiate weapons, rolling in a former threat range gives an effective +2 (or some other +Number) to the effective attack roll.

So, a Fighter with a +9 to hit with a Longsword rolls a nat 19. 19+9=28. But, since a Longsword's crit range is 19-20, he gets a +2: 28+2=30. if his target's AC was 25, he just got 1.5 times damage. I'm not sure how to do critical multiplier, though :(

Liberty's Edge

I have it pre-ordered. Grabbed it from Newegg when they had it on sale for 47.95. I didn't even play the first one, but 48 bucks for a no-subscription, highly-rated MMORPG? Heck. Yes.

Info's been pretty sparse as far as I can tell. Most of it seems to relate it to GW1, which is useless to me, as I didn't play the first one :P

Looking forward to it, though. Especially those bad-ass rabbit-people-things.

Liberty's Edge

It's solid. As long as Quick-Draw Shields are allowed in PFS, a PFS DM would be going against RAW to disallow this.

Liberty's Edge

Gregg Helmberger wrote:
frankly kinda bad (Second Darkness)

I still can't figure this one out. I GM'd the 1st-5th chapters, and it was smooth as butter. I actually enjoyed reading the APs themselves (unlike the 1st Curse Of The Crimson Throne chapter which, even though it was a great adventure, read like a textbook), and it was much more fluid than it gets credit for. The "major issue" between the 2nd and 3rd books is easily solved with a little forward thinking by the GM.

Just my 2cp.

Liberty's Edge

Evil Lincoln wrote:
blue_the_wolf wrote:

as long as you trust your playes you should not have any problem with loot/sell/buy.

if it bothers you on a more personal level... as in it just makes te game world less real to you... simply give them fewer but more personalized loot drops.

I definitely trust my players, and the gear doesn't bother me aesthetically... it's just that the process itself ruins my fun during the session. Looting, selling and buying all require time consuming math and it isn't very fun.

Whenever I give out loot, I give the "sell" prices for everything, as long as it's been identified. This makes selling all the loot a simple process of adding up everything in a list, diving it by two, then dividing it by the number of PC's. Much better than having to look everything up, halting the game, just to sell a few unused swords.

Liberty's Edge

Steel_Wind wrote:

I think I've got a PM of the outline of changes (yes, there are quite a number of them) via PM to you all. If I missed anybody - post here or via PM and I'll make sure you get a copy.

I'd love a copy!

Liberty's Edge

Yes, the specific wording of Skill Mastery trumps the general wording of the UMD skill.

Liberty's Edge

Troy Loney wrote:
Can I Call My Guy Drizzt? wrote:

Hi all, it's been quite a while since I posted anything about my campaign website template, and I just wanted to make sure that anyone who might find it useful knows about it.

It's a template for Google Sites, which provides free hosting and a very user-friendly interface. The template already has pages for player characters set up, along with sections like Announcements, Party Loot Log, Dice Roller, Journals, Online RP, Library (for handouts, maps, etc), as well as links to the srd and Paizo forums.

The template complies with all of Paizo's Community Use Guidelines and is a registered project (

Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions, as I'm always looking to update the template and keep it relevant.

The template can be found at

How do you save the player name in the player 1 field? When I typed in the persons name it and save it shows up then when I click on something else it goes back to the default "player 1"

Ditto. I'd like to know this as well.

Liberty's Edge

hellacious huni wrote:
15. AP set in the Mana Wastes and the PC's never find weapons, anywhere. Time for the monk to shine!

Totally stealing this!

Liberty's Edge

I would do a Summoner. Whichever archetype allows you to have lots of summons out at the same time.

Otherwise, the Witch is kinda the go-to for a Witch Doctor.

Liberty's Edge

I always like hearing everyone's opinion on this part of the game. I'll throw this in as well:

I recently started GMing my third campaign. I'm not just known as a non-lethal DM - I actively try not to kill players most of the time. As a result, some of my players tend to be very reckless with their characters. For this new campaign I decided to change things up: characters that die are automatically revived at full health in their home base. "Oh wow, even easier!" my players thought. Little did they realize that I could then feel free to kill characters whenever the need arose. Six or so sessions in, and they are already guarding their characters like a family heirloom.

My point being that death and dying should fit the players just like any other part of the game rules.

Liberty's Edge

portcontrol7 wrote:

Is this right? I don't see any list in the core rulebook that says how many level 0 sorcerer spells per day can be cast (unlike the wizard or cleric limit of 3 at 1st level per day.)

So with my sorcerer I am thinking I have unlimited use of read magic and light for example. Tell me if I have this right, and if so, wow what an ability.

All spellcasters have unlimited-use 0-level spells, Wizards and Clerics included. Read their cantrip or orison class feature.

Liberty's Edge

Jodokai wrote:
Just because it's not mathematically sound, doesn't mean you can't take it and have fun with it. Mechanically speaking the Rage Prophet isn't a great choice, but there are tons of people that take it and love it. Math alone doesn't make a fun game.

First, I want to echo this.

Mathematically, the 1s->2s ability will only ever increase your average damage if you could only hit with a natural 20 with your regular attack. However, the 1s&2s->3s ability will increase your average damage as long as you can hit normally with a 4 or higher (which isn't very often). It breaks even if you can only hit normally with a 5 or higher. Regardless of DR, these statements hold, except when the DR is high enough that the damage is 0 in both cases.

Liberty's Edge

I would personally go with "Animate Object", and find skeletons to animate that way.

Liberty's Edge

After reading that article I was quite surprised, and very saddened, to see that an edition the designers are touting as "modular" and "able to be played in whatever style you'd like" is going to be so strict with a specific class. Why not develop modular classes?

"THIS group likes doing magic like THIS so they use Module A for casting classes."
"THAT group likes a lot more balance, so they use Module B for spellcasters."

For a product that is supposed to appeal to as many people as possible, they sure are cutting large chunks of their fans already.

(In full disclosure, I'm a Pathfinder fan and always have been. Never played actual D&D, and didn't really expect to get into 5th either.)

Liberty's Edge

Erosthenes wrote:

I have a player who very carefully created a Monk/Summoner. He is nigh on untouchable at his level (3). I do not scrye this forum often (I shall commence now, however); but I wouldst appreciate some help. Any suggestions for killing him? (read that as taking him down a peg or three!) We play PFS together, so my options are somewhat limited. I do not have a problem with him playing it, (he does have fun - that IS the point of the game, after all). However, he walks through mobs like they are not there. If I put something in the encounter he is challenged by, I could end up with a TPK. Suggestions?


Post his build. Monk/Summoner has very little synergy, so there's no reason he should be more powerful than anyone else.

Liberty's Edge

Golden-Esque wrote:
Personally, that's one of the reason why I use the "base magic bonus" system and tied Hexes / Revelations / etc. to it.

Not to derail thread, but could you share your "base magic bonus" system?

Perhaps in email...:

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

They both have their pros and cons, of course.

I typically use something akin to the 5 Room Dungeon when it's only a small section of the current adventure:
-Raid the hideout of the Bad People to find the location of their Big Boss.
-Go find ingredient X, needed for ritual Y which is required to advance the story.

The "classic" style, I use when I want an actual dungeon-crawl adventure. Oddly, I really like throwing at least one "5 Room Dungeon" within a larger dungeon crawl. Usually something akin to a "bonus room", complete with secret door, high difficulty Near-BBEG, and a great reward.

Liberty's Edge

Hate to say it, but you may have to have them drop their stats. This is less of a power-balance issue, and more of a mathematical one: the d20 system is built around generating random numbers up to 19 apart (1 and 20). The farther away bonuses and target numbers get from each other, the less random things actually are.

To put it in perspective: in every campaign there comes a point at which your monsters will either hit the Wizard on anything but a 1, or can only hit the Fighter on a 20. The higher your point buy, the earlier that occurs. Think about that: would it really be fun to always roll your d20 either looking for a 1 or 20, and no numbers in between even matter?

I'd split down the middle: drop the stats a bit, and keep the gestalting.

Of course, I'm a big fan of gestalt, so take that with a grain of salt.

Liberty's Edge

Kydeem de'Morcaine wrote:
Austin Morgan wrote:


Could you expand on why you dislike when a DM gets ideas from other sources? Is it just that he/she runs short sessions and railroads you?

Reason I ask is that I frequently take snippets of ideas from various media, and I want to make sure that doing so isn't compromising any of my players' fun.

As others have said. The problem isn't getting ideas from other sources. The problem is trying to recreate the novel.

Have you ever read a novel and agreed that you would make exactly the same choice as the main character every single time? Can you imagine all 4 people in a party making exactly the same decision as all the main characters in a novel every single time?
Very, very, quickly you are off the original story line. Usually with no obvious way to get back onto it.

Now it is very good to set up the situation environment from a book or movie. Let's say I'm going to set a campaign in a place like Dragera city from the Jhereg novels by Steven Brust. {{Awesome series by the way!}} I'm even going to start them running the 'Organization' in a couple of blocks area for the crime lords. The guy running the neighboring couple of blocks is trying to muscle in on their territory. Neither the guard nor the organization care as long as things don't get too out of hand. This is all great.

But if you expected the party to respond just like Vlad and don't have any anything prepared to handle anything else, everyone will be disappointed.

Cool, that's what I was expecting. I apparently missed the "and wishes to recreate it as a campaign" part of the post I replied to :)

I usually rip a map here and there, maybe a monster concept or two.

Liberty's Edge

Jason S wrote:
Any time a DM gets a brilliant idea from a book, and wishes to recreate that book as a campaign. It gets worse when you don't do exactly what was in the book and throw the campaign completely off the rails. lol. I can't believe how much time we wasted creating PCs that only played one session, not to mention the time it took for him to create a framework for a campaign that only lasted a few sessions.

Could you expand on why you dislike when a DM gets ideas from other sources? Is it just that he/she runs short sessions and railroads you?

Reason I ask is that I frequently take snippets of ideas from various media, and I want to make sure that doing so isn't compromising any of my players' fun.

Liberty's Edge

Just to point out that there is Quick Channel already, though that's as a move and not a swift.

Liberty's Edge

Ability damage does EXACTLY what is outlined in Abraham's link above. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ability drain lowers the actual ability score, and you recalculate everything that depends on that score.

Liberty's Edge

Ferio wrote:
By that you mean a free action to draw a non-weapon? Quick Draw feat should cover that.

Quick Draw covers weapons only.

Quick Draw

Liberty's Edge

Mergy wrote:
Banecrow wrote:
darkwarriorkarg wrote:
Banecrow wrote:
While it is not something you would normally see, it can happen. People are right that being an oracle can be considered a curse. As a side note if the player is some sort of neutral, such as Neutral Evil or Lawful Neutral or Neutral Good etc. they can also take the Versitle Channeling feat (think that is the name). It allows them to channel the other type of energy but as if they were 2 levels lower.
I read that as lawful neutral, true neutral and chaotic neutral only.
You can of course house rule it but by the rules, any neutral character is allowed to take the feat. Have a NG Oracle in my game who is all about the different channeling types who I let take it.

I think you're wrong about this. Yes, neutral good is a neutral alignment, so that would be kosher, except there is the last part of the feat:

Note: This feat only applies to necromancers, neutral clerics who worship neutral deities, or neutral clerics who do not worship a deity—characters who have the channel energy class ability and have to make a choice to channel positive or negative energy at 1st level. Clerics whose alignment or deity makes this choice for them cannot select this feat.
From my reading of this, a neutral good oracle would be able to take this feat, but not a neutral good cleric who worships a neutral deity, because his alignment made the choice for him.

Mergy has the right of it. A NG Cleric has to channel Positive, and thus would be ineligible for the feat.

Liberty's Edge

blue_the_wolf wrote:


now... when making the attack of opportunity on the creature as they attempt to stand. do they have the -4 penalty to AC for being prone or any penalties like flat footed or is it just a normal attack against normal AC?

They still have the -4 penalty to AC, as they are still considered prone. Note, though, that this also means you cannot use a Trip for an AoO on an enemy standing up from prone.

As stated above, Trip is fine to use as an AoO for normal movement.

Liberty's Edge

Komoda wrote:
OK, that took longer than planned. Check out Dragon-Scales for what I use. Here is the into:

This is awesome, by the way. I think you may have missed a page in the guide: it ends in the middle of a sentence in the Experience section.

Liberty's Edge

loaba wrote:
Ronin3058 wrote:

Take a look at the Knife Master rogue archetyp.

Sneak attack improves from d6 to d8 if you wield daggers
This is very interesting, makes daggers worthwhile. You don't get the crit range of the kukri, but the d8 sneak dice is just cool.

Well then, it's a good thing it works for kukris as well!

Knife Master wrote:

A knife master focuses her ability to deal sneak attack damage with daggers and similar weapons to such a degree that she can deal more sneak attack damage with those weapons at the expense of sneak attacks with other weapons. When she makes a sneak attack with a dagger, kerambit, kukri, punching daggers, starknife, or swordbreaker dagger, she uses d8s to roll sneak attack damage instead of d6s. For sneak attacks with all other weapons, she uses d4s instead of d6s.

This ability is identical in all other ways to sneak attack, and supplements that ability.

Liberty's Edge

Salabrian wrote:

To cast a scroll you need:

1. The spell must be of the correct type (arcane or divine).
2. The user must have the spell on her class list.
3. The user must have the requisite ability score.

There's two additional requirements, though both are taken care of by the ability somewhat:

-You must have deciphered the scroll (which is taken care of by the bit about Linguistics in place of Spellcraft).
-Your caster level must be at least equal to the caster level of the scroll (that's why the caster level equal to Cavalier Level-4 is in there).

That last one is the most important. An 8th level Cavalier with this ability, for example, would only be able to use scrolls of caster level 4 or lower (without resorting to UMD, that is).

PS: Found you!

Liberty's Edge

Starbuck_II wrote:

I'm pretty sure that table isn't PFS-legal.

That Table wrote:
The following table is taken from, the definitive 3.5 SRD resource (it was not created or provided by Paizo.)

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