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My group is about to start Book 6 this week, and I'm making a lot of adjustments to it.

One of the things I'm looking at is the Apocalypse Clock. It seems way too generous for what the PCs actually have to accomplish. I was initially thinking about reducing the time down to 3 days, but now I'm also thinking about removing some of the Turning Back The Clock options as well.

Has anyone had experience with this? Both using the countdown as-is and making adjustments to it?


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Greetings, all!

I'm wondering if the shadow-version of yourself created by Project Image would be detectable by Blindsense or Blindsight?

I'm leaning towards "yes" for this for two reasons:

1) Project Image creates a "quasi-real...version of yourself". I would think that this means there's some shadow-stuff in that square and that Blindsense/sight would detect it.

2) Blindsense says: "Using nonvisual senses, such as acute smell or hearing..." and Project Image says "The projected image looks, sounds, and smells like you...". I'd say if a creature's Blindsense functioned off of smell or hearing, the projected image would give out all those stimuli as well, thus the creature would detect it.

However, I'm not sure at all, and I really want to make a correct call here.

How would you rule it? What's the RAW? What's the RAI?

Thanks, all!

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Greetings, all! A few quick questions. I've always assumed answers to these, but when these came up as vital questions in a previous session, I couldn't produce RAW answers.

1) Does a target know it makes a save?

2) Does a target know whether it succeeds or fails a save? (Assuming the spell in question doesn't have an obvious effect).

3) Does the target know what effect the spell is trying to force on him? For example, does a target of Charm Person who succeeds on his save know that someone was trying to charm him?

Thanks all!

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Greetings, all!

I'm looking for your favorite modules where combat isn't the main focus point. Preferably, modules in APs, whether Paizo, or one of the three Pre-Paizo APs.

Also acceptable are single adventures, or just lone encounters in one of these products.

Thanks in advance!

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Greetings, all!

I am currently running a campaign every other Monday with some interesting rules. I have mentioned them before on these forums (though quite some time ago), as well as elsewhere. The general response was always "What?! They'll be as strong as Gods by the second session!" or words to that effect. I'm happy to report that the result has been far, far from it.

The campaign began on 9/26/2011 with four players. We are approximately halfway through, though one player dropped after the second session.

I nabbed the rules, and the story idea from an online game on 4chan's /tg/ board.

Each character began with the following:
*No equipment
*10 in every ability score
*A single d8 racial hit die, giving them 8HP.
*A single ability: Devour, which allows them to consume a recently dead creature, and take a single ability from that creature.

They are Devourlings.

This is their story.

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I am starting to run a relatively challenging campaign soon. The players will get lots of points to make their characters, and max HP per hit die, etc.

One of my players is going for a Lich down the road. I'm ok with that, and I told him its acceptable as long as it doesn't cause party issues (except those that lead to good roleplaying!), and he accepts all issues that arise because of his transformation (he really can't go in cities anymore, etc).

Now, another player, seeing that I approved the Lich, has demanded I approve the Vampire template for player use. While I have no problem opening options for players, especially in a high-powered campaign such as this, I think this is a horrendous choice for any PC. I warned him in graphic detail all the possible things that could go wrong, his response in each situation was "yeah, I'll have to get a magic item for that." I then warned him I will not be allowing custom magic items, and he replies he would "come up with something."

I am quite concerned for this player. I don't want him to make a bad decision and make his character useless, or unplayable, but that's exactly what he's headed for.

I am homebrewing the campaign and know for certain that there will be plenty of outdoors combats (destroying his character one round after entering), quite a few times the party will need to enter residences uninvited (potentially stopping him from even playing for multiple sessions). In addition, he too will be unable to participate in most city-centered sessions.

What should I do? I have already approved it for use, as I've approved the Lich template and do not want to "play favorites".

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Greetings, all!

I'm going to be running a long campaign soon. I have just classes in the Core/APG/UM/UC allowed right now. I'd like to set up possibilities to open up new classes as the campaign progresses. Example:

The party helps out a high-standing Assassain group? They can now take the Assassain Prestige Class.

Now, the Assassain is already allowed, but you get the idea. I'd also like to open up certain 3.5 base classes this way. The issue I'm having is how a player would go about taking these. The base classes would have to be pretty damn appetizing for a character to sacrifice his single-class progression. The PrCs are similar though not as bad.

I don't want to provide incentive for players to kill their characters off to bring in new ones, but I also want players to reap these rewards.

Any ideas on how I could do this? I realize it's kind of odd, and there may be no good way to do it. My campaign's not hinging on the inclusion of these, but if there's anyone out there who has a solution, they'll be on the Homebrew boards :)

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Hey all, wasn't sure if this should go in Advice or Houserules, as it's asking for advice about a houserule.

My upcoming campaign is designed to blow the old estimate of 3-5 encounters per day out of the water. I just don't think it feels very heroic: "Whew, four fights. I'm so beat! Let's take a rest here."

No, my player's'll be clearing entire dungeons between rests, defeating a whole army with little support and little time to nap, and generally going to Hell and back (maybe even literally) with little time to even catch their breath.

Spellcasting was easy: set them up with Recharge Magic from here and they're good to go.

Martial characters, with their times/day or rounds/day abilities are a bit tougher. I can't expect a Barbarian to Rage only a few seconds each day, when my spellcasters are throwing spells out continuously. Bards need to be able to Inspire Courage throughout an entire battle. Not just an "encounter", but an actual, army vs. army battle raging for possibly hours.

I'm looking for ideas and advice on how to achieve this. I can't let them be on all the time, but I also can't keep it how it is. The best thing I've thought up is having them burn actions each round to keep the effects up, but that seems... even more limiting than normal.

I turn to you, great Men and Women of the Houserules board for help.

Thanks in advance! :)

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Greetings all,

I'm looking for suggestions for minor boons to give out to my players for various things. Ideally, I'll pick out around three appropriate ones from a list and offer them the option between them.

My players in two of my campaigns (Second Darkness and CotCT) have a fairly long history of MMORPGs. One of them previously mentioned to me that one of the major things they miss playing Pathfinder is the lack of "Achievements", various things you can complete to gain little bonuses.

Testing it out in Second Darkness, I gave them a two-session sidequest between books 2 and 3. Upon completing it, I had them gain a class-appropriate ability: the Two-Handed Fighter gained Quick Draw to quickly switch between his various swords; the Bard got an extra spell known of any level she could cast; and the Druid could add a spell to her spell list from any other spell list.

This worked great, and my players loved it. I'd like to do it more, especially in CotCT where they are slightly underpowered. However, those I gave them for the sidequest are too powerful to be given every few sessions. I'm looking for things along those lines, but less powerful.

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions :)

I'll be throwing any ideas I might have on here as well, to make a large list!

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I, like at least a few others, dislike how little hit points matter in regards to fighting ability, at least until they hit zero. An enemy wizard can sling spells just as powerful whether he's perfectly fine or he's at 1 HP and bloody. A fighter can still swing his sword with the same strength whether he's fresh for a fight or he's had his arms so slashed up they're barely sticking on.

On Wounds/Vigor Systems:

I've seen some Wounds/Vigor-type systems that try to fix this, and was never really sold on the idea. I like hit points as they are, I just wish they had more of an effect.

My Solution:

My solution is this: whenever a character takes a certain amount of damage, they gain a negative level. Thus, a character taking too much damage will result in bigger and bigger penalties to said character.

Also, to avoid some weird negative-level-loop, I'd remove the effect negative levels themselves have on hit points: they no longer drop max and current HP by 5.

And, it just so happens, that dropping max and current HP by 5 is a great way to substitute all the normal negative level effects already in the game: for each negative level an effect would normally give you, lower your max and current hit points by 5 for each negative level you'd normally lose. You'd gain them back whenever you'd normally get rid of that negative level.


  • Total Maximum Hitpoints are calculated as normal, except you also add your entire Constitution score.
  • For each multiple of (MaximumHP)/(NumberOfHitDie) that your damage exceeds, you gain a negative level (excluding the HP effects of negative levels).
  • You die when your Hit Points equal 0 or below. Conveniently, the point at which you hit 0 hit points is also the point at which you have a number of negative levels equal to your number of hit die.
  • To simplify, you have a number of Negative Levels = NumberOfHitDie*(1-CurrentHP/MaximumHP).

Does anybody see any MAJOR issues with this? Any suggestions? Anything I haven't thought of? How do YOU like it?!

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The Problem
The term "The Christmas Tree Effect" (TCTE) refers to what it would look like to view a high-level PC through Detect Magic (or similar): they'd be lit up like a Christmas Tree, many different magical auras from their varied magical items. Typically, the term is used more specifically to call upon the mundane-ity with which high-level PCs treat magic items. And really, if you're going to pop on that +2 INT headband and never mess with it again... why should you care about it, except to upgrade it to a +4 later on?

The Common Solution
I see many recommendations for "low magic" or even E6 campaigns as the best (or only) way to combat TCTE. Unfortunately, this leads to more work for the GMs of the world, as the Pathfinder system is built with certain assumptions in place about the power and resources that PCs have access to.

My, Rather Simple(-Minded?), Solution
Ideally, there is a major distinction between boring "constant" magical items ("Big 6") and fun, interesting magical masterpieces with tons of history and meaning to the character and player. With the normal system, this line is heavily blurred as both kinds of magic items work the same and take the same resource (gold) to access. What I'm thinking of doing is introducing a separate resource to accommodate the "Big 6" bonuses, and any other miscellaneous magical effects that aren't "special" to the player: wands, scrolls, potions, and many wondrous items.

When the PCs defeat an enemy, a portion of that enemy's normal treasure stash is granted to the PCs in the form of Talent Points, where 1TP = 25gp. Notably, any magic items (or effects from their own Talent Points) that a defeated enemy has should be converted to a TP value and given to the PCs as such. These TPs can then be spent at any time to gain the effects of a magic item, under the following rules.

-Talent Points with a converted cost (1TP=25gp) equal to twice the price of an always on, constant item can be spent to forever henceforth gain that always on, constant effect. If the item can normally be ungraded (+2 Str -> +4 Str), so can this effect, using the same pricing method.
-Talent Points with a converted cost equal to twice the price of an item that has a limited usage that resets at certain periods ("per day" uses, or similar) can be spent to gain that same limited usage with the same reset period forevermore. Using these abilities requires an action equivalent to the action required to activate the original item.
-Talent Points with a converted cost equal to twice the price of an item with a limited number of activations (wands, scrolls, potions) may be spent to gain the inherent ability to activate those effects the same number of times using an equivalent action for activation. (For example, Jim could pay 4TP for the one-time ability to use Cure Light Wounds at CL1 on himself, as per a potion, as a standard action. Alternatively, if Jim has CLW on his spell list, or has a good UMD, he may opt to pay 60TP for 50 uses of CLW as standard actions, that can be applied to others by touch, as per a wand.)
-Talent Points equal to BONUS*BONUS*200 may be paid to gain a +BONUS enhancement bonus on all weapon attacks and damage. This includes natural weapons and unarmed strikes. This does not include melee touch attacks, nor ranged touch attacks/rays. This is limited to a standard enhancement bonus, with a maximum of +5. Weapon magical special abilities can be applied to weapons normally, but without needing a +1 first.
-Talent Points equal to BONUS*BONUS*80 may be paid to gain a +BONUS enhancement bonus to any armor worn (or clothes otherwise, with an effective armor bonus of +0). This is limited to standard enhancement bonuses, with a maximum of +5. Armor magical special abilities can be applied to armor normally, but without needing a +1 first.
-Spending Talent Points can be done at any time and normally takes 10 minutes of meditation. Doubling the TP price reduces the time to instantaneous. In addition, if the item has an activation required, this can be reduced to instantaneous by doubling the TP price. All TP price increases stack with each other. Hence: Jim could be at 5 HP, and hit for 8 points of damage. This would normally take him to -3 HP. If desired, however, he could spend 16TP to instantly gain the effects of a Cure Light Wounds potion. This is calculated as follows: CLW potion is normally 50gp thus costing 4TP normally, he wants to spend his Talent Points instantly thus incurring a price doubling (up to 8TP), and he wants the effect to instantly go off which doubles the price again (16TP).

I'd like to hear people's responses to this, as I've wanted to implement this for quite a while in a future campaign. I think it's fairly balanced against normal Pathfinder, yet solves TCTE as well as shoring up some minor issues I personally have with the system as-is. Just to note, that PCs will still get gold and items (though much less), and can still buy or use magic items as normal. However, due to the inherent scarcity, I'd like to think they'd become much more attached to the few items they do have.

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Hello all,

I've all but run out of creative juice recently... which is unfortunate, as I'm GMing a campaign with a storyline that is created for the most part in my head. The party has just defeated the current "chapter's" boss, and now I need to flesh out the next "chapter". This would be easy, save for one issue: I can't for the life of me think of a cool, unique boss encounter (I usually work backwards from the boss fight to fill in the rest of the "chapter").

All I need from yall are some general, yet interesting ideas for boss encounters. Specifics aren't needed, just the ideas. I can make almost any idea work for this, I just want to make sure to wow my players.

As an example, the boss encounter that they defeated this week is as follows:

The primary BBEG is standing in the ribcage of a massive dragon's skeleton. When the party approaches and starts to attack, he conjures the spirit of the dragon from the bones as an ally.

So, if you could have a boss encounter with essentially no restrictions on your creativity... what would your dream encounter be?

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While browsing through the Kirthfinder documents, I came across the Eldritch Knight ability for Fighters. Essentially, this allows a Fighter/Spellcaster multiclass to count half of his Fighter levels as having "+1 level in spellcasting class".

I'm wondering if it wouldn't be too far out of line to throw this straight into the core rules. Simply: Your effective spellcasting level in a class is Number Of Level In That Class + 1/2 Level In Other Classes. Every two other levels you take, you get a free spellcasting level.

I ran some quick simulations and came up with the tables below. These are the effective spellcasting levels for a multiclass character with two spellcasting classes; the first column is for a Mystic Theurge build, the second is for a build with this rule in place.

Example: At level 6, a Wizard/Cleric MT-build would have three class levels in Wizard and three in Cleric. Since they had not taken the MT PrC yet, that's also their spellcasting levels. With this rule, a level 6 Wizard/Cleric could have 3 levels in Wizard and Cleric as well, giving an effective spellcasting level of 3 + 1.5 = 4 in both.

While this initially seems like a power boost, this actually counteracts the MT's early-level weakness, then balances this out by later levels when an MT is usually a powerhouse.



LV: MT | Non-MT
1: 1/ 0 | 0/ 1
2: 2/ 0 | 1/ 1
3: 3/ 0 | 2/ 2
4: 3/ 1 | 3/ 3
5: 3/ 2 | 3/ 4
6: 3/ 3 | 4/ 4
7: 4/ 4 | 5/ 5
8: 5/ 5 | 6/ 6
9: 6/ 6 | 6/ 7
10: 7/ 7 | 7/ 7
11: 8/ 8 | 8/ 8
12: 9/ 9 | 9/ 9
13: 10/10 | 9/10
14: 11/11 | 10/10
15: 12/12 | 11/11
16: 13/13 | 12/12
17: 14/13 | 12/13
18: 15/13 | 13/13
19: 16/13 | 14/14
20: 17/13 | 15/15



LV: MT | Non-MT
1: 1/ 0 | 1/ 0
2: 2/ 0 | 2/ 1
3: 3/ 0 | 2/ 2
4: 4/ 0 | 3/ 2
5: 4/ 1 | 4/ 3
6: 4/ 2 | 5/ 4
7: 4/ 3 | 5/ 5
8: 4/ 4 | 6/ 5
9: 5/ 5 | 7/ 6
10: 6/ 6 | 8/ 7
11: 7/ 7 | 8/ 8
12: 8/ 8 | 9/ 8
13: 9/ 9 | 10/ 9
14: 10/10 | 11/10
15: 11/11 | 11/11
16: 12/12 | 12/11
17: 13/13 | 13/12
18: 14/14 | 14/13
19: 15/14 | 14/14
20: 16/14 | 15/14

Any feedback would be more than appreciated.

Note: These tables are not exact! I did not check my script thoroughly to find any oddities, but these should give a general idea.

PS: Thanks to the guys/gals behind those Kirthfinder rules. They've provided much inspiration :)

EDIT: Possibly make this a feat? If so, should it apply to all classes, or one class per time taken?

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Hey all,

It seems most players tend to go for optimizing, and a Single-Ability Dependent character is typically the way to go.

However, after playing my 30-Int level 16 Wizard, I've got the desire to make a character that is as MAD as possible, then min/max the Hell out of him!

Here's the relevant info:
*25 point build, no stat below 10 after racials
*Core/APG/UM/UC allowed
*MUST significantly depend on at least 4 stats, bonus for 5, big bonus for all 6!
*Prefer level 1, 6, 11, and 16 to showcase the build's talents across a spectrum of levels

Go for it!

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Hail, good men and women of Messageboards/Homebrew. Lately I've been working on a fairly wide-spread reworking of the rules, in order to make a point-based, classless, and (most importantly) customizable Pathfinder-ish system. As I said there are no classes, PC's for the most part advance through boosting their Ability Scores using a point-based buying mechanic.

Getting to the root of my problem: I want to have spells that can be leveled up. Each PC has an amount of Spell Points determined by his Int score. These Spell Points are spent to learn new spells, or upgrade spells he could already cast. Each spell is learned at Spell Level 1, and can be upgraded up to Spell Level 6. These spell levels should be approximately equal in power to normal Pathfinder spell levels. My main issue is that I'm at a loss for WHAT spells to put in here, and HOW they should progress as they are upgraded...

The Cure line is pretty easy: level 1 is just like Cure Light, level 2 is just like Cure Mod, etc.

However, that's pretty much where it stops being easy. How do you split Dimension Door into six variants from level 1 through 6?

So, my direct questions:
1. What spells/spell effects are essential to playing? That is, what spells or effects really NEED to be represented?
2. Does anyone have any ideas for the various levels of upgrading a specific spell? Or in general?

I hope I explained clearly enough, but if not I'd be happy to go into more detail :)

Thanks in advance, all!

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Hey all, curious about what spell levels you'd put these spells at. All opinions welcome. I'm sure the Greater version will be quite a high level, possibly even 10th.

Seal, Lesser:
Casting Time: 1 standard
Components: V,S,M
Range: Close
Target: One spellcaster
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Will negates, SR yes

Target is unable to cast spells for the duration.

Casting Time: 1 standard
Components: V,S,M
Range: Close
Target: One spellcaster or creature with spell-like abilities
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Will negates, SR yes

Target is unable to cast spells or use spell-like abilities for the duration.

Seal, Greater:
Casting Time: 1 standard
Components: V,S,M
Range: Close
Target: One spellcaster or creature with spell-like abilities or supernatural abilities
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Will negates, SR yes

Target is unable to cast spells, use spell-like abilities, or use supernatural abilities for the duration.

Thanks for all replies!

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Greetings, all :)

Well, I have a Universalist Wizard 6/Pathfinder Savant 7 who has two feat slots open. One is her 13th level feat slot, and one is her 5th level Wizard Bonus feat slot which originally had Extend Spell in it, but was opened up because she never used that feat.

Anyway, here's a quick run-down of her build:

Natalia Leroung
LN Female Human Universalist Wizard 6/Pathfinder Savant 7 of Asmodeus

Greatest Motivation: Find and learn as many spells as possible.

Ability Score:
High Int/Con
Mid Dex/Cha
Dumped Str/Wis

Caster Level: 14th (due to a trait and an Ioun Stone)

Feats in no order:

  • Magical Aptitude
  • Combat Casting
  • Reach Spell
  • Fast Study (Arcane Discovery from UM)
  • Improved Familiar (Imp)
  • Craft Rod
  • Spell Penetration
  • Scribe Scroll
  • Craft Wondrous Items
  • (Open)
  • (Open)

*Not paying attention to AC (it's a 13... not worth bumping up).
*Can cast Dispel Magic and Greater Dispel Magic spontaneously, and I've come to really enjoy this ability.
*Can activate scrolls at her own caster level.
*Can take 10 on Spellcraft, Knowledge(Arcana), UMD.

Not sure what else to add...

Anywho, she's plenty powerful already. I'd much prefer to get her some INTERESTING abilities over POWERFUL abilities.

Thanks all! :)

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Ok guys and gals, I have finally got my Bloodspell class worked up as a Sorcerer Archetype (figured that fit best), and have it posted here.

Any feedback would be much appreciated, as well would be any ideas for extra Blood Rites.

It was originally intended to be its own separate class, with separate spell list. I'll end up posting that version at some point, along with other class changes. For now, though, I think this Sorcerer Archetype version is the easiest.

Thanks all :)

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So, I've seen in many of the posts from Subscribers that have Ultimate Magic so far that there are no Oracle Curses...

Ultimate Magic Product Description wrote:
New player character options for all 14 spellcasting Pathfinder RPG base classes, including alchemist discoveries and bombs, specific bard performances, specialized uses for channel energy, expanded druid domains and rules for vermin companions, new inquisitor archetypes, ki tricks, alternative oracle curses and revelations, new sorcerer bloodlines, additional summoner eidolon abilities and eidolon templates, new witch hexes and patrons, wizardly arcane discoveries, and more!

So... what happened to them? That's definitely one area we could use some extra options.


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Yep... here's this :)

I won't start the first encounter until Monday, as I can't promise I'll be around Sunday.

The intro gives the characters a chance to meet up and get to know each other, so I'll have that up later today, as you guys can chat amongst yourselves at your leisure :D

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Korvosa, the Jewel of Varisia, has long sparkled on Varisia’s southern shore. Established 300 years ago by Cheliax at the height of that empire’s expansion, the city now commands its own destiny. A line of Korvosan kings and queens emerged to rule the city, establishing an infamous seat power—the Crimson Throne. Rulers have sat upon the Crimson Throne for more than a century, and the city has flourished. Yet the monarchy always seems on the brink of disaster. The Crimson Throne is not a prize to be won—it is a curse. No monarch of Korvosa has died of old age, and none have produced an heir while ruling. Even though King Eodred II controls Korvosa more fully than any previous monarch, that control remains tenuous, and many secretly count the days until their latest king falls to what they call the Curse of the Crimson Throne.

Devrin Arlos:
A second lease on life, and a powerful ally... you now have the tools you feel you need to take down the man that led you astray: all you need to do is find him. Notoriously proficient in hiding, Lamm will take some time to track down, but today's the day to start.

As you gather your gear, just in case, you find a card lying below your battleaxe. The card's face shows an epic moment as slaves of a nation are freed. The symbol of a hammer hangs in the upper right corner, and the words "The Big Sky" are written on the bottom. You flip the card over to find the words...

Uraisa Ellsworth:
Roshane... You've tried to find her, or at the very least to find a trace, a clue, anything at all. The Guards haven't been helpful at all: "Yeah, yeah, we're all looking for Lamm. Nothing else we can do, ma'am."

You've almost exhausted yourself just today, yet still nothing's come up. Just have a glass of water, then you can take a nap... tomorrow you'll... what's that in your water? A Harrow card? Perhaps this is just the clue you've been searching for... and it's come to you!

Depicting a centaur, carrying all his worldly possessions, the bottom of the card reads "The Wanderer" and a book shows in the top middle. Almost as if the water had its own intentions, the card turns over while floating. Frozen onto the back, oddly enough, are the words...

Acidrica's Elf Cleric:
"Please, Calistria, guide me so that I might strike in revenge against that bastard Lamm!"

You wait a minute or two, maybe repeating it again... softly of course, so as not to let on who you're after. Others in the temple... may be more inclined to rat you out than join you.

You take your leave, bowing to the large holy symbol near the door of the temple... what's this? Has Calistria answered your prayers after all?

A strange card leans against the bottom "blade" of the large symbol. It depicts a cyclops pouring beverage for guests, signifying a refuge for those in need. As other visitors head towards the door (and you), you take the card and continue on your way. Pondering it some steps away, you look at it again, turning it over. Words are burned into the back, with what seems like divine power. They read...


"Hey ya lil' ugly runt!"
"Haha you puny little bug!"

You're quite rudely awakened by two taller human boys in their late teens. It seems you slept in an alleyway again last night. When you don't reply, they begin to kick you, mocking you constantly.

"STOP IT! THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING!" you yell at them. Although taken aback in surprise, this doesn't last long and they start in on your anew.

Knowing you have no other option, you concentrate... "Rex... I need your help... Rex... please help me..."

You open your eyes, hoping to see that wingless wyvern who's saved you before... and yet, there is only a card on the ground, one which was not there before... and the two unconscious bodies of the boys, neither with injuries.

This card... with a picture of two very similar people facing each other, and the words "The Twin" near the bottom, you can see that this is a Harrow card depicting duality. You pick it up, and turn it over. On the back are words, seemingly written in the same glowing magic which lights up your scar when Rex is near. The words read...

"I know what Gaedren has done to you. He has wronged me as well. I know where he dwells, yet cannot strike at him. Come to my home at 3 Lancet Street at sunset. Others like you will be there. Gaedren must face his fate, and justice must be done."

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Hello all, I'm looking for around 4 players for a PbP Curse of the Crimson Throne game. Would like to start around Monday (4/25/11), but if we can get players together before then, we could take care of some background things as well as the character meeting.

Looking for players to post around once a day.

I typically like to have characters grow in power, rather than start incredibly strong. With that said, I present these character creation criteria:

  • Characters begin at level 1
  • Races and racial options must come from Core/APG. Other character options may come from Core/APG or any Pathfinder sourcebooks, provided I have access to your character option in some way.
  • Ability scores chosen by a 5 point Point Buy, using the chart in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook (or online at the SRD/d20PFSRD).
  • Characters gain an ability point at every level beyond first, provided they do not put it towards the same score as the previous point. (ex: You put your point into INT at 5th level, you can put your 6th level point into anything except INT.)
  • Characters begin with two traits at first level, taken either from the APG or the CotCT Players Guide (freely available online, here at, and will gain more as a result of leveling (haven't decided on specifics quite yet...).
  • Characters start with average gold for their class.
  • Bringing in a new character: one level less than your previous (or the party lowest, if it's a new player), and half the normal Wealth By Level.

I hope that long and specific list doesn't scare anyone away :P

If you're interested, reply with a character concept in a spoiler tag (the PCs can meet and learn about each other a little later :P). The character needs to currently be in or around Korvosa, and needs to have a reason to hate Gaedren Lamm: a local crime lord known for murder, using orphans for pickpockets, and various other deplorable acts. The Curse of the Crimson Throne Player's Guide has ideas, background traits, and more info, and would definitely be a good thing to check out.

Thanks all, let's see those character concepts!

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Hey all, I've whipped up the Ninja class playtest as a PCGen dataset, and I'd be happy to share it with everyone.

(1) Where would be the best place to upload the file?
(2) Any issues I should be aware of before I upload it?

Thanks, I should have the Samurai done pretty quickly as well :)

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Long story short, all my players are starting new characters. They're going to be introduced through a Battle Royale with other parties of characters.

This is where I ask for your help, Paizo community. Give me your party ideas! Anything Core, Bestiary, APG, or Psionics Unleashed is allowed! Looking for an APL for each of about 3 or 4.

Get creative!

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Greetings, Paizo Advice Board Community!

I come today before you, begging again of your aid: I'm looking for build (and spell) suggestions for a caster focusing as much as possible on buffing the other party members.

This will very likely be a multi-use character concept, but I can adapt it when needed once I have it generally down. Thus, I'll pose this restriction upon my request:

*PFS Character Building Rules: 20-point buy, most Paizo things are allowed. No 3rd-party.

However, as my other uses will be in a home game, any 3rd-party suggestions are welcome as well.

I've stumbled around for a bit with a Cleric, and didn't get very far.

Lastly, staying within these restrictions would be beneficial, though not absolutely necessary:

*Staying within Core/APG, as all else I'll have to access through d20pfsrd (great site guys, btw).
*Lack of combat prowess. Going with the Haste-does-more-damage-than-Fireball theory, I'd really prefer to stay away from personal combat except as a last resort.
*Something that can be differentiated from a generic Heavens Oracle, as this may become a backup character for a game with one of those in it.

Other than that, let your imaginations (and advice) run wild!

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Hey there, and good day!

I come to you, the great Paizo Community, in search of "actual translations" for some words in the languages found in-game. I think it would be much more flavorful to be able to tell my players:

"The Horned Devil shouts [something in Infernal]; a curse!" rather than "The Horned Devil shouts a curse at you."

Thanks in advance, guys/gals!

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K(Lo) DC 5:
Father Tobyn and his adopted daughter Nualia both burned in the fire that burned down the church five years ago.

K(Lo) DC 10:
Nualia was an Aasimar woman who was found by Father Tobyn as a child. She was incredibly beautiful, so much so that some Varisians viewed her as blessed by Desna herself. She was inundated with requests over the years ranging from curing rashes by touch to driving out evil spirits with her voice.

After being restrained to smaller buildings for worship, due to the fire in the main church, the residents of Sandpoint have finally constructed a new, even more impressive cathedral.

K(Re) DC 10:
The Swallowtail Festival is a ritual of Desna to consecrate the town's new cathedral

K(Lo) DC 15:
The Swallowtail Festival is a ritual of Desna to consecrate the town's new cathedral. Also, Larz Rovanky, the local tanner, is a notorious workaholic.

It is the first day of Autumn, and it is the morning of the Swallowtail Festival. The ceremony begins promptly with Welcome Speeches by some prominent members of Sandpoint. Mayor Deverin begins quite friendly (friend-i-ly?), even joking that Larz the Tanner made time to come! Next up is Sheriff Hemlock and, in his usual serious tone, he reminds everyone to be safe and to remember those who lost their lives in the fire. Third is Cyrdak Drokkus, who reinvigorates the crowd with his comic retelling of the trials and tribulations required to construct the cathedral; also, of course, self-promoting his production of "The Harpy's Curse" at the Sandpoint Theater. Lastly, Father Zantus thanks everyone for coming and declares the Swallowtail Festival underway!

The town square is filled with people! Merchants are everywhere, featuring any product 500gp or less. Also...

Perc or Diplo DC 15:
You see or hear of a strange Merchant of Arcane items. If you choose to go to him, he's in the farthest corner of the square, reaching down to pick up a scroll off the ground. He looks like... this.

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Discussion for DM Austin's Rise of the Runelords campaign.

Currently we have 6 players.

Please post your more detailed characters here first (race, class, general stats, "about me", brief background). Just introducing yourself to the other characters/players really :)

You can have your characters introduce themselves, or you can do it for them and save that part for the actual thread :D

Also, to re-iterate: I'm aiming to get an actual start to the campaign tomorrow, mid-afternoon.

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Ok, so while reading another thread asking for a PbP GM, I was inspired to take the initiative and volunteer to run it. By the time I had read through the entire thread, however, a GM had already been determined.

...but I still felt like running a PbP!

So, I'm attempting to start one up. I'll admit, this is my first time involved with a PbP, but I'm a quick learner and quite interested.

I want to run an AP, as its easier for me to work from (the only work I need to do is customization).

I propose Rise of the Runelords for the following three reasons:
(1) I'm very familiar with the AP
(2) I already have this one, while I'd have to get my hands on any others
and (3) The other thread was running two different APs already, and I don't want to run one they're doing.

I tend to lean towards higher fantasy, so I propose the following, which has worked out quite well for my home group:
(1) 25-point-buy
(2) Ability point every two levels, but cannot select the same Ability Score twice in a row.
(3) Core and APG only (I don't mind working other things in, but I'd prefer to stick with these if at all possible)
(4) Races and Classes definitely Core/APG only.
(5) Two traits from Web Enhancement/APG/really any source as long as you can point me to it.

Of course, all this is negotiable, its all just my preference.

If you're interested, please reply with a character idea of race, class, and brief outline. Ex: "Human Witch, concentrating on debuffing via hexes"

Oh, and please have some time to actually play. I've seen mention of many PbPs going down due to lack of participation. If you need to take some time off, no problem just let us know :)

Thanks, and I hope to get this up and running :D

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Hey all, I was wondering about the general consensus on the following question: Would a monster on the Summon Monster I list, after gaining the Advanced template, be approximately equal to a Summon Monster II monster? How about a Summon Monster III monster?

I'm looking at a way for Summoners to "specialize" in certain monsters, summoning the same monster each time, but it gets stronger as their Summon Monster SLA gets higher in level. Not necessarily restricting this to Summoners either, Conjurers could use this too.

Thanks in advance :)

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Hey guys, quick question:

How balanced would a class be, if it were essentially a Fighter that got DOUBLE Base Attack Bonus, yet only got feats at, say, level 1 and 4 and each 4 levels afterwards?

How about Double BAB and no bonus feats at all?

Thanks all :D

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Analeigh the Barbarian:

CN Human Barbarian 7
Str: 19 Dex: 14 Con: 18
Int/Wis/Cha: 10

Human - Power Attack
1 - Weapon Focus (Greatsword)
3 - Dodge
5 -
7 - Vital Strike

+2 Mithral Breastplate
+1 Shocking Greatsword
Ring of Protection +1

Rage powers:
Quick Reflexes
Strength Surge

Does anyone have any ideas for that 5th level feat slot? How about possible equipment to buy in the near future?

A bit about it: It's my girlfriend's replacement character for her Catfolk Witch. She's refused to buy a Belt of Giant Strength +2 for some reason. The only encounter she's really been in so far, is one where the party was fighting a particularly magical BBEG and Ms. Analeigh here decided to explore the rest of the house... where she found the second BBEG... which she ran from and brought back to the rest of the party... Heh :P

Also, any advice in general for her? I've pretty much told her that raging and whacking things is going to be one of the better things she can do in combat, and I've also urged her to utilize her 1/rage powers as much as possible. However, I'm not used to Barbs at all, so I'm probably not the best authority on her combat tactics :P

Thanks in advance!

PS: Any ideas on traits? She's a Shoanti, so one of those and then one from pretty much anywhere else. Thanks again :)

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Hello all!

I've been in a bit of a quandary lately trying to find a good game to take up my non-tabletop gaming time.

Here are some things I'm looking for:

  • Strategic in nature. I want something that I have to work at and get better at to beat.
  • Something on PC or Mac. I prefer Snow Leopard so I don't have to reboot into Windows 7, but either will work.
  • Time consuming. I want a game I can work on over long periods of time, whether that's all night on some random Tuesday or bit-by-bit over the course of a month.
  • Somewhat modern. It doesn't need top of the line graphics, but I would like it to be, say, from 2000 or so onward.
  • Bonus points: Inventive gameplay. An RTS that isn't "build an army and destroy", or an RPG that isn't "quest, grind, boss, repeat", etc.
  • Bonus points: RPG elements. I like having my past successes grant bonuses or rewards in future plays. It could be "level ups" after completing scenarios in a campaign, or simply a rolling "XP"-type system.

There's probably more, but I'll narrow things down from here.

Oh, and I suppose I need to mention my distaste for "Master of Orion"-type games. I'm not completely sure why I dislike them, but I guess it's on account of them using menus to run the entire game. But, if you have a good one, yet it's "MoO-ish", go ahead and suggest it; I may end up quite surprised!

Thanks in advance :D

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Hey all, quick question:

Does Still/Silent/both Spell-ing a spell increase the Spellcraft DC to identify?

It would make sense, if someone is not moving and not speaking, that their opponents may not even realize that he is casting. Even if they do realize he's casting, shouldn't it be harder to recognize what spell it is?

"Hey, that Wizard is moving his hands... looks like Ray of Enfeeblement!"

"Nah, Ray of Enfeeblement has a Vocal component, too. If he was casting that he'd have to..." *BZZZT*

Here's the quote from d20pfsrd on the Spellcraft skill:

d20pfsrd wrote:
Identify Spell Being Cast: Identifying a spell as it is being cast requires no action, but you must be able to clearly see the spell as it is being cast, and this incurs the same penalties as a Perception skill check due to distance, poor conditions, and other factors.

Bolding mine.

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Hello all,

Just looking for a feat that would do the same thing as Zen Archery, but with Charisma instead.

Not sure if it exists out there somewhere or not, but I figured I'd ask.

Thanks in advance :)

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Hello, and thanks for clicking on this thread.

I'm semi-new to spellcasting and wondering if there is any item (or ability, feat, spell, etc...) that would allow me to cast a "Range: Touch" spell as a ranged (touch) spell?

I ask because I'm a Summoner in our Rise of the Runelords homegame, and one of the major detriments for me is trying to buff my Eidolon when combat begins. I don't want him staying back with me for the first few rounds, or the combat will be halfway through when he finally jumps in; however, I also don't want to just throw him in without buffs as he'll be less useful and easier to kill.

So, I'm looking for some way to stay back a little, and let my Eidolon run into combat while still casting buffs on him, most of which are "Range: Touch" spells.

Thanks in advance!

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1) When casting a Summon Monster spell, and using it to summon monsters from a lower spell list, can you select where each monster appears (within your range, of course)?

2) If you summon a monster so it appears next to an enemy, does it provoke attacks of opportunity?

3) Some summoned creatures have no languages listed. This was an issue in our previous session: I had summoned a few creatures but either they had no languages listed or I didn't speak them. I've seen here and there that summoned creatures get Common for free, but I can't find a source for that. So, how is this handled? If a creature has no languages, I can't tell it to do this or that.

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As far as monsters with Natural Attacks go, are they assumed to have the Imp. Unarmed Strike feat? At least in terms of requirements for other feats?

Asking because I'd like my Eidolon to take Improved Grapple...

Thanks in advance!

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Hey guys, my Summoner 3 in my home game leveled up last week, and I decided to take a level of Fighter to grab the weapon and armor proficiencies and the good fortitude save. My Summoner usually uses a Composite Longbow while his Eidolon and the other party members trash our enemies up close.

What would be a good combat feat to take? I'm used to playing a fighter(archer), but I don't know what feat to take when I'm only getting a few combat ones.

Thanks in advance!

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Core Rulebook (p.549) wrote:

Item Requires Specific Class or Alignment: Even more restrictive than requiring a skill, this limitation cuts the price by 30 percent

I was wondering if you could combine these for a greater discount:

  • Class:Wizard - 30 percent off
  • Class:Wizard AND Evil - ??
  • Class:Wizard AND Evil AND Lawful - ????

On a lesser note, could multiple skills be required? Or a skill and a class?

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Hey, this came up during our session tonight:

A Druid cast Summon Nature's Ally I at max range, and then wanted the summoned creature to move farther, out of the "range" of the spell. He argued that the spell is to pull the creature from somewhere else (another plane perhaps?) and thus that occurred within max range. Our DM used the rules for creating a spell effect which extends beyond the max range of the spell temporarily, and ruled it couldn't move out of the caster's range this session, but we would look for an official Pathfinders ruling on this.

So... yeah, what the official stance on this?

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Hello, I rarely post here, and haven't posted a build before. I've played computer/console RPGs for quite a few years, but I've just started with PFRPG and tabletops in general. I would post this in the general PFRPG section, but the Level 12 max seems significant (I play in PFS).

Anyways, here's my current build:

Halfling Ranger(2)
Str 12
Dex 18
Con 13
Int 10
Wis 12

(Note: this may be a little off, don't have my character sheet in front of me.)

Point-Blank Shot
Precise Shot

MW Composite Longbow +1

Various utility skills that most of my fellow players lack.

My question is, considering that I DO supply a good few of my party's needed skills, could someone give me a pros/cons list of a Fighter vs a Ranger, both Archer-type builds?

I've been thinking of going to Fighter as I think I would be better in combat that way, but I would lack some skills... Any opinions on this?

Thanks in advance :)