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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Homebrew and House Rules

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Topic Posts Last Post
An important note about creating and distributing content for the PACG

Choose Your Own Adventure: How to Make PACG Cards

Has anyone created an adventure path that mixes deck?

My (RPG) Pathfinder society characters as Card Game characters

Revenge of the Wicked - Homebrew AP for WotR (in progress)

Kamikaze Goblin

The Decks of Harrowed Heroes

help making a easter scenario

House Rule for Easier PACG

Organized play adventures without organized play

Cleric-cure powers (which of the two seems is better -- balance wise)

Player's beyond the 6th

"Cure"-type Abilities on Characters

God Callers of Sarkoris - Adventure Path

I want to put loot cards from Rise of the Runelords to Wrath of the Righteous

Xenlos, Halfling Paladin of Sarenrae

Ratfolk "Class Deck": Ninniz

House Rules Power Advice?

Seltyiel Bladebound Role+

kaiju ?????

Homebrew Cleric of Sarenrae

Undead Diviner

Hallifax, Human Rogue

Power advice help

WotR character sheets with feat-o-vision

Interregnum: A Taldor Adventure Path

Elric of Melniboné - Custom Character

Dragons' Social behavior

New Lycanthrope character — seeking feedback

Homebrew Character Dragon Knight --- Seeking Feedback

Custom Character Dragon Knight

Variant WotR AP - Design Discussions

Another Custom Character - The Iconic Vigilante, the Red Raven!

[digital] Scenario completion sheet

Character Tents

Custom Kineticist - Would love some feedback.

Arcaveil – custom magus

Seltyiel - "evil" version

Magus Class Deck Project

Raziya – magus for custom magus class deck

Would like feedback and or improvement on our house rules

Shield of Rannick - Adventure Path

Custom Wizard. Meet Darzec.

Custom Two-Weapon Fighting Slayer

Custom PACG Investigator

Homebrew Class: Chronomancer

Custom Witch Familiars

Custom Monk: Sensei / Ki-Blaster

Custom Character Question (skill bonuses)

question on opinions involving class decks

Flavorful Combos

Empowering the Martials: Differing Feat Progression

The Shaper, Homebrew class, looking for feedback!

Balancing Character Powers - The Rule of 22(ish)

Custom Wizard: Nokk, Gnome Transmutation specialist

Conall, Versatile Bard

Making a new "custom" character

Yumi, Ghostly Bard

Faru - Priest of Calistria

Valánta – custom magus

Seltyiel - "good" version (well, not really "good")

Mikiko - custom monk

Ghoul Rogue

Creating a challenge in RotRL

Kunchen, Custom Oracle

Ron Lundeen and wotr

Help with check to defeat and traits.

A shop appears for your party! :D

Creating Cards on DriveThruCards and not stepping on IP

Art for Custom Cards

Special dragon raid scenarios.

Option to replace Arcane Bond for Wizards

6 custom characters in the works. Looking for balanced ideas.

Special dragon raid scenarios.

Tips and Tricks For Working With Community Use Package: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Card Templates

So Nualia got away...

Catching up with a dead character - Easy fix

Looking for the post the paizo guys put up about custom characters

Looking for ok mage of npc codex character. HELP

Working on a new character - Holy Gunslinger

Making an Archetype

Bloodlust Corsairs - Adventure Path

skulls and shackles AP

How to scale the difficulty of Wrath to more like Rise?

Skull&Shackles: Premium Plunder Die in its "Ultra Premium"-Edition

Plunder island scenarios

Homemade Carrion Crown Adventure Path Release

Carrion Crown Adventure Path

Upgrade your WotR Tokens to Premium

Multi-Classing (Class Decks)

Custom Character - Amrael the Magus

Looking to see if anyone has homebrewed a way to use full pathfinder character sheets ?

Equipping Armor

[House Cards / Character Sheets] Newbie Assistance

Iconic Allies

Allies from Characters (RotR)

Custom character - psychic

Custom Char - Gambler (Ludicrous but balanced...?)

Custom Character - Kilazar the Wizard of Strength

Owner Cards

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