Collection of Simple Out of The Box Tweaks (for varied difficulty and strategy)

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These variants adjust the game in minor ways without the addition of any cards, while still adding to the level of difficulty, thematics and strategy.

• 24 Blessings - in the blessing deck +1 for each player, for a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 30 for 6 players

• Blessings - can only add a maximum of (x)d8 to checks. Meaning they can match and add base die up to 2d8

• Critical Hits – If a player takes damage from a combat check exactly equal to their current hand size, they receive -1 to all of their checks for the remainder of the scenario or until a card or power with the “Healing” trait is used on him/her. (Kyra’s first power and the Apothecary location effect qualify as heals)

• Range – Cards with the “…at another location…” text or that can be played with no location restrictions can only be played on the same or adjacent locations. (This does not apply to Blessings or Longbows)

• Longbows - are able to add to checks up two locations away.

• Linear Board – The board is built with some randomization, with the addition of starting “safe” zones where the villains and henchmen are unable to escape to or be placed in. Most of the locations are chosen thematically, and are placed from left to right in 2 rows. You can only move to an adjacent location, unless a location is closed, in which case you can move through it freely. (This variant makes each play-through of any scenario unique and require more tactical strategy)

• Monsters – are dealt from a “themed stack” where they are separated into categories like Human, Goblin, Undead and Other. Scenarios with a town or human theme will have mostly humans with some “others” mixed in. Or scenarios like Thisteltop Delve will be dealt from a deck with all of the goblins mixed with a handful of others and a few humans.

I’ve been playing with these variants after multiple Vanilla play-throughs and find it much more challenging and engaging but still fun and much more thematic.
It is much easier to lose if each player is not paying attention to their positioning, how they will interact with others and how many turns are left. Most scenarios that we win are with someone on the verge of death or with only a few turns left.
I think these are some of the best variants without adversely changing the mechanics or adding new materials.

Please try it out for yourselves or just leave some feedback!

Thanks for sharing these. I will give some of these a try.

For reference, this is the full description and setup of my Linear Board.

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