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Customer Service

Topic Posts Last Post
August New Release Shipment thread

Duplicate cards in ACG set

Legendary games Mythic aberrations print order 3216952

Tales and Pawns Cancellation

Order Numbers 3212997 and 3192087

Order 3216612

Cancel subscriptions for maps and pawns

Cancel Order 3209048

customer service emails

So confused... I'm getting duplicate everything?

I can't place an order

order 685393 not recived yet

Can't place a subscription order

Order 3247147

Is this bad form?

Order 3223322 - People of the Stars issue

Order 3204660

Order 3267152

Order 3210715

"Missing" promo cards, or will ship next month?

Binding coming loose on Wrath of the Righteous soft cover

pause my subscription

Product List??

Order number 3228205 and 3134545

subscription cancellation

no rush but wanted to confirm some details for my order

Cancelling two subscriptions

Order 3250652

Order 3218512

Losing patience

Order 3225452

Combining of orders (PACG subscribe & class decks)

Order 3229450

Choosing shipping methods - no rush..

Order #3148661

Store Credit Showing up.

Order 3255197

PACG - Class deck order

Subscription Cancellation

Can't view and download my purchased Advanced Class Guide in "My Downloads"

Subscription cancellation request

Skull & Shackles shipped despite cancelation request (Please look inside)

Can't complete purchase

Order 552135

Order 3195655 - Store Credit Issue

Paizo Order #3225032 problem

order 3195756

Order 3252490 Do you guys not check your email?

Adventure Card Game Subscription Cancellation - Pending Order 3224433

Orders #3205638 and #3207091

Priority Mail Service

2014 / 2015 catalog

Please cancel my Skull & Shackles Subscription

Order 3228480

Thanks Erik

Order #3229498

Order still "pending"

Order #3054924

Combining orders 3262081 and 3264160

Lion-Os shirt

Paizo Order #3206710 Shipment‏

Truly Unprofessional

please cancel all my subscriptions

Unreceived Order

Order 3198546

Subscription change

Order 3219997

Order 3228572

Paizo Order # 3223932

Order #3214036

PACG Subscription Issue

Order 3198919

Issue with order 3064293‏

Order 3207002

Is PAX Prime pickup an option?

Order 3190221

Please Cancel All of My Subscriptions and Any Pending Orders

Order 3226010

Order 3228265

Order 3208494

Shipping Status on Order #3226789

Delayed respons

"Product(s) not in stock " AFTER I placed order?

Cannot access shopping cart

Order 3230532

Email me an update on my PACG subscription please.

I can't find the future release schedule

Order 3207080 and 320781

Subscription Status

Help with order and problem with email. Order 3231409

Order 3208278 & sidecart

Order 3228611

Subscription cancellation

Order 3175453

Order 3184424

Downloads disappeared?

Order 3227135

Order 3225031

Unable to change my email

Order 3224092

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