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Customer Service

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February 2016 New Release Shipping Thread

Please cancel my Pathfinder Adventure Path subscription.

Order 3854556

My Christmas order is still on backorder WTF?

Doubled Subscriptions?

Please Cancel Subscriptions

Order # 3840921

Order 3818249

pathfinder advantage not showing up

Suspend subscriptions for January

Order 3828569

Order number 3842018

PACG Wrath of the Righteous - Character Addon - Card missing

Please Cancel my Pathfinder Comics Subscription

Order 3825865

Shipping to Sweden

can't find blood of shadows in downloads

Missing package from Order 3778320

cancel subscription

Order #3842996

Order 3851020

Order 3838618 and AP Subscription

Order 3837685

Order 3742818

Order 3848033

Cancel my Subscription

AP subscription.

Adventure Path Subscription

Pathfinder Society number

Cancel Subscription

Subscription Cancelation

Order 3821742

Missing a ton of cards in Pathfinder card game rise of runelords

Order 3842462

Order 3479061

Order 3797898

Subscription update and changes to order 3846490

Cancel my subcriptions

Cancel subscription

problem with payment info!!

Tried to purchase PaizoCon tix

February Subscriptions Missing

AP Subscription cancellation

Please cancel my AP subscription

Order 3646171

Order 3845558

I asked that you cancel my pathfinder adventure subscription

Paizo Order #3819836

Added item to sidecart twice

Order 3832278 - Bestiary 2 Box Issue

Order 3789232

Cannot purchase Paizocon tix

What I Don't Own (TAB)

Please cancel my AP subscription

Orders 3815687 & 3823126

Please Cancel my AP and Modules Subscription

purchased pdf

Please Cancel my AP and Modules Subscription

Adding address information to my account


Status of Order 3670087?

Order 3776968

Subscription Cancelation

Order 3839203

Order 3839269-confirmation

Cancel my two Pathfinder Iconic Heroes for this month

Unable to place an order

They won't take my money

Please cancel my AP subscription

Order 3790180

Order 3840446 sidecart duplication?

Cancel Subscriptions

Cancel Subscription

Subscription Cancelation

Order 3839981 - Unable to apply holiday16 discount code, or any coupon code

Canceling subscriptions

Orders producing multiple emails.

Order 3836288 - Holiday code input not possible

Appealing a banned account

Second printing availability?

Cancels Subs

AP subscription cancellation

Order 3739969

Can't Place an Order

Please Cancel My AP subscription

Stuck order

Cancel Comic Subscription Please

Please Cancel My AP Subscription

Iconic Heroes 4 Lirianne is missing a hand + pistol

Order 3821628

Order 3826496


Order 3811232

Order 3789332 Missing Items

Order 3763060

Order 3817002

Order 3837340 and Order 3833476

Remove Iconic Heroes Set #4 from sidecart?

Order 3829995

Star Wars Miniatures singles

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