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April 2015 New Release Shipping Thread

Order 3377206

Order 3489572

Please Cancel My PACG subscription

Subscription cancellation

Melee Tactics Toolbox bad printing

Subscription cancellations

Orders 3504724, 3505978, and 3507023

Order 3334140

Order 3468579

Card Declined then 3 charges!?!?

Order 3344285

Order #2646004

Order Reduction for Pathfinder ACG

Order 3307604

Order over 100$, wont combine shipping and wont take 10$ off shipping.

Missing RotR Errata Deck Card

Order 3509134 and the Definition of addiction

Please Cancel Subscription

Order 3438151

Order 3427076

Missing / Incorrect Cards from Drivethrucards

Cancel Subscritption

Adding an item to my sidecart

order 3497698

Order 3498713 - Wrong Item Shipped

Problem with Strategy Guide

Missing Card - From Hell's Heart: Danse Magaav

Pathfinder Society Number Not Correct

Feedback on Packing

Order 3272290 - Maybe missing items?

Order 3458262 Never Arrived

Order #3509547

Please cancel my Pathfinder Adventure Cards Subscription

Sidecart has not generated an Order # - Concerned about low volume items

missing blessing of the gods from drivethrucards

question about pathfinder acg subscription

Order 3467599

Please Cancel

Please cancel...

Cancel suubscription

Order 3458794

Order 3422527

Unable to start 8 subscriptions.

Checking status on a order

Order 3476888

Cancel All Please


Order 3498940

Order 3475015 & 3354885

Order 3471303

Pathfinder Society, can I move a character to a new account?

Can't check out

Order #3458072

Order # 3482010 (seems to be taking a long time)

Cancel my Subscription

Side Cart

Order 3493661

Order 3325264 in sidecart limbo

Cancel subscription

Cancel Pathfinder Tales Subscription

Order 3414920

Pathfinder Origins #2 issue

Strategy Guide

Order incorrect

Order 3394753 still pending and Order 3495437 still in side cart

Paizo Order #3458770 Shipment‏

Order #3496674 Missing items

Unable to place order

Order 3421433 still pending?

Order #3468051

Cancel Iconic Heroes Set 1 from Sidecart

Just added AP subscription

Order 3483671 - I got Adventure Pack 3 with Adv Pack 4 contents.

Order #3495118

Order 3254490 Mistake

Cancelling subscriptions

Order 3451276 and Sidecart

Order 3493465

Missing Blessing of Geryon from PACG S&S Adventure Deck 6

Order issue

Order #3480701 and #3474026

Melee Tactics - Availability?

Subscription change request

Cancel My Pathfinder Miniatures Subscription

March subscription order 3461994 appears to have not yet shipped

March 2015 New Release Shipping Thread

Skull & Shackles Minis Available?

Paizo Orders #3490399 and #3490400‏

Shipping Order 3344031

Account Closing

Missing PFS character

Order 3481425

subscription change

Remove Subscription

Problem with Paizo Order # 3482741

Cancel my Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscription

Follow up on order 3475665

Order 3454465

Order 3319708

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