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Customer Service

Topic Posts Last Post
March 2017 Monthly Shipping Thread

February 2017 Comics New Release Thread

February 2017: Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscription Releases

February 2017 Monthly Shipping Thread

Please Cancel Subscription

Again problems with my Society subscription

Cancelling subscriptions for a while

Please delete my account

PDF invoice for order #4148273

Order 4187224

please cancel subscription

Printing Error in Adventure Path Subscription

RBC Virtual Visa Debit Card

Pathfinder Battles—Rise of the Runelords: Wraith

Order 4161289

Please cancel subscription

Order 4176750 Status

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner Box

Invalid Email

Order #4213813

Order 4202432

Paizo Order #4183634

Order 4222614

Strange Aeons is over- please cancel my AP subscription.

Please Cancel Subscription

Order 4185449

Canceling Subscriptions

Cancel Pathfinder Battles subscription

Rainy Day discount stacking

Cancel Adventure Path Subscription

Pre-orders defaulting to separate "ship it" orders

Order 4212197

Please Cancel Adventure Path Subscription

Please cancel subscription

Problem with Orders #4111690 and Paizo Order #4136218

Please Cancel Subscription

Order 4214057

Cancel my Adventure Path subscription

Order 4013055

Cancel subscription

Cancel Adventure Path Subscription

Obtaining Permission to Print Maps from Adventure Paths

Cancel subscriptions

Cancel AP subscription

When Will the Advanced Class Guide Be In Stock Again?

Paizo Order 4094985

Order 4214249

Cancel Subscription

Order 4169300

Cancel Player Companion Subscription

when ordering older stuff do you get the pdf to it?

Cancelling Adventure Path Subscription

Cancel Adventure Path Subscription

Adventure Path Subscription Cancellation

I purchased something..

Where's the street cred?

Cancel Campaign Setting subscription

Please mark orphaned campaign thread as inactive

Pathfinder Comic Subscription

Order 4201988

Cancel AP Sub

Shattered Star Pawns Misprint

Cancel AP Subs.

Adventure Path Subscription

Campaign Deactivation

Adventure Path Subscription

AP Subscription

Cancel AP subscription

Order 4201312

AP Cancellation

question about gift cirfiticges,

AP Subscription Cancellation

Why has my Strange Aeons 5of6 still not shipped? Also PFB sub cancellation request

Upcoming double shipment of II 1 + 2 in early March for my AP subscription

subscription cancellation.

Order 4172173

Order 4185536

Please Cancel my Pathfinder Subscription

Order 4217671

Bestiary 3 repeated / missing pages

order 4219776

Cancel my AP Subscription Please

RE Order 4212141, "Payment method declined"

Subscription cancellation and question about order

Cancel Adventure Path Subscription

No sign of November order

Please cancel ALL subscriptions.

Please cancel my pathfinder adventure path subscription

Please cancel my AP subscription

Subscription cancellation

Why is shipping so expensive??

I for one, welcome our new Hobgoblin Overlords!

Order 4222739

Cancel Subscriptions

Cancel Subscription Pathfinder Adventure Path

Cancel subscription

Problem with order 4217952

Cancel AP Subscription

Order# 4186151 PACG Mummy's Mask damaged card

Cancel subscription.

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