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October 2016 Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Subscription Releases

November 2016 Paizo Monthly Shipping Thread

Off-Schedule Subscription Shipping Options Available Again!

Order 3997091

Sidecart / Subscription issue

Order 4077055

Please cancel order # 4115066

Order # 4087453

Paizo Order #4112425 Shipment

Moving the Sidecar Resulted in Not Getting the Free PDF Offer

Cancel my Subscription

Haven't received order

Order 4079165

Pathfinder Advantage and the CotCT Hardcover PDF

Order 4076339 shipment status

Hollow Mountain Hardcover?

Checking on shipment

October 2016 Pathfinder Comics Release

Why is everything in my sidecart?

Card Guild Scenario added to account but unavailable for download

Cancel Companion, PFS Subscription

Order 4089513 Shipment Status

Order 3906612

Order# 4080318

Cancel subscription

Paizo Order # 4049434 & Paizo Order # 4110864

Current subscription order

Problem with order #4009138

MIssed an AP volume

Order #3901971 Shipment

Order # 4092984

Please cancel Pathfinder Comics subscription

Order 4090331

Pathfinder Battles subscription

Cards missing from Mummy's Mask Base Set - Order#4085253

Order 4099181

"Items Shipping With A Later Shipment"

Strange Aeons 3 shipping date and sundry


Order 4086913

Order #4094831

Subscriptions cancellation

Order 4105565

CC won't go through

Problems with order 4107373

Order 4107581

Order #4100692

Order #4099839

Order #4015393

Order 4073517

Curse of the Crimson Throne Hardcover PDF Not Showing!

Subscription cancellaring request

Missing pages for Plunder & Peril

Please cancel my Pathfinder Comics subscription

Order 4075465

Order 4098852 still pending since 10 / 6

Received two shipments this month...

Order # 4090923

Order 4099238 has been pending for a week

Updating payment method

Print products include pdf download?

Items missing in Subscription order list

Order 4090691

Cancel Subscription

Order 4075629 shipments not completed

Missing cards from Mummy's Mask set

Order 4021093

Not Sure

cancel order Order 4096778

Order 4086827 - "Product(s) not in stock"?

Delete Accounts

Character Pictures

World works games

Order 4076243

Order 4075268 - please check total

October 2016 New Release Thread

Burnt Offerings Missing / Duplicates

Order 4045241

Problem with the Summoner Deck

Order 4074616

Paizo Order #4078213 Shipment

Order #4077189

CotCT Order in Limbo

Order# 4048104

Trying to put together an Order for Miniatures

Order 3906509

Cancel subscription

Order 4076273

Order 4076107

Order 4077387

Order 4033270

Missing PACG Character Add-On Deck (Subscription)

Order 4103077

Bonekeep Part 3 Scenario Access

Order 4096354 - Wrong product

Order 4075075 and paranoia

Order 4080109

Order 4091332 MIA

Order #4077163

Order 4095946

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