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Customer Service

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May 2016 New Release Shipping and PaizoCon Pickup Thread

Backordered Beginner Box Information

Order # 3902448

please cancel my adventure card game class deck subscription

Subscription Cancelation

mythic form of the dragon. Is this a typo

PFS number problems

Shattered Star: Shards of Sin Miss Print

Order 3945504

Cancel Pending Order

Order # 3925814 - Missing Item

Missing card from Hook mountain adventure deck 3

Order 3859687

Cant add billing address

Pending Order

Holding shipments till a certain time of the month

Please cancel my subscriptions

Shipping for Humble Bundle Pathfinder Beginner Box

Package had incorrect order / Paizocon volunteer schedule mix-up

Pathfinder Advantage

April 2016 New Release Shipping Thread

Order #3937328

Confused about the status of Paizo Order # 3925226 did it ship or not?

please cancel physical item on Order 3873327

Re-activating Adventure Path Subscription and Pathfinder Battles subscription

Cancel comics sub

Subscription Renewal

Book not received. (Order 3926958)

unable to place order but bank history shows I have already paid

Oracle and Alchemist character sheets requested

cancelling pre-order.

Order 3903026

Question On Humble Bundle Downloads

Amended April subscription order looks a little wonky

PDF information

Book shipping missing

AP subscription starting issue

Order 3938327

Order 3914324

Cancellation of Pawns Subscription

Order 3844838

Order 3868038

Order # 3912734

Order 3873096

Wrong item received, Order # 3906892

Removal of 3rd party material from My Downloads

Waiting for backordered product?

Order 3927278

Order 3855856

Order 3918411

Cancel campaign setting subscription

Pathfinder comics subscription mishap

Report a Problem with a scenario

Order 3917862

Cancel Adventure Path Sub


Order 2273244

Please cancel my maps subscription.

Beginners box

Mother Myrtle Avatar?

Order 3933946

Unable to view my own PFS Sessions

Pathfinder publications by release date?

Order 3898122 - Arrived with opened envelope

Books availability in French ?

Time has come

Cancel My Card Game Subscription

My humble bundle still hasn't been shipped.

Wrath of Righteous ACG deck 1

PDF Download

Order #3863058 missing

Why don't you provide tracking for USPS international shipping?

My Subscriptions

Order 3925957

Order # 3871882

Humble Bundle Order In Stock?

Order #3904267

Order 3927893

Order 3896335

PaizoCon 2016 ticket return

Using Names of Places from Pathfinder in a Store Name

Cannot place an order

Please cancel my RPG subscription

more witch talents problems?

Order 3928821 Payment Declined

Comic Book Deluxe Subscription

Cancel Adventure Path Subscription

Order# 3897408

Order 3927464 with Order 3921876

Please add order #3627336 Pathfinder Map Pack Road System

Order 3928143 payment declined.

Order 3925110

Order 3905568 Containing a duplicated item

Order 3927432 contains duplicate items

Order contains duplicate items

Order 3907923

Player Companion missing pages: John Falcon Order 2127479


Cancel Order 3910497

Hell's Rebels Pawn Collection Misalgined Sheet

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