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Customer Service

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April 2017 Monthly Shipping Thread

Ask All Your Starfinder Operational Questions Here

Wizard Class Deck Missing Card

Miniatures problem

whats the last day of may that they charge for the products for subcriptions

Gen Con 50 pickups?

Please cancel subscription

PFS Reporting Error: Gryphcon 2017 – 86152

Order 4299181

Order Number 4295646

Customer Service closed 1:30pm-3:00pm pacific on Friday, April 28

goodman games updates

Order Number 4284014 and 4283396

Transaction declined, all information correct

Can I get the call of Cthulhu dice removed from my side cart?

Order I made on March 29th is still pending...

Paizo Policy on storing PDFs in personal cloud drives?

Please cancel Map subscription

Transaction declined three times, but still charged for all three attempts

Please cancel subscriptions.

Bristlecoat Boon PFS

Cancel Subscription

Please cancel my subscription

Heroes of the Darklands not showing in My Subscriptions.

Order 4255223

Card game subscription

Please cancel my subscription

Deck Of Many Things - Missing A Card

Order 4293124

Please cancel my subscriptions and items in my sidecart

Missing cards

Bestiary 6 never arrived

AP Subscription Question

4278102: #117...has it shipped?

Shopping Cart Checkout

Shipping cost increase?!

Unable to transfer e-Tickets

AP 116 skipped in my subscription

Stuff in my sidecart...

Order 4289318 payment

Time wasting download and file naming

Convenient Cart Coalescence for Seductive, Soonish, Starfinder?

Order 4249993--Shipping question

Please cancel my comics Subscription

Order 4235847

Order #4287784

Paper mini instructions

Moving from Sidecart

Order #4260159

AP Subscription Skipped?

Please cancel comics subscription

PFRPG Subscription Cancellation

Cancel subscriptions

Subscription Question

Bestiary 6 in sidecart: can this be rectified?

Order 4273060

Accidentally Deleted a PFS character

Non-subscription orders

Upcoming Subscription Shipments question

Can't access my campaign threads to post in them.

Order 4272717

Subscription Cancellation

Remove starfinder pawns from sidecart

Missing confirmation email #4286137

Order 4280675 and 4254123

March Order not Shipped yet?? Order #s 4225279 and 4225786

Remove items from sidecart

order 4270547 & 4270540

Order #4250731

Order 4271587

Out of curiousity

Order 4251406 & Order 4238067

New Payment Method

Unable To Order

Remove Core designtation

Subscription Issues

Order # 4182634

order 4270550

Order # 4251803

Issue editing events

order 4253192 shipping

Subscription re-add, payment method question.

double billed question here

Regarding Order #4270427

Please cancel all subscriptions

Paizo Order # 4278757

Adventure Path Subscription skipping a volume

The Inner Sea World Guide help

Cancelling Roleplaing Game Subscription

Order 4277247

Cancel subscription

ive been. wondering. about reprints

Pocket Edition Subscription?

Please remove deep cuts from sidecart

PACG - Inquisitor Class Deck - Missing Card

Order 4258642

AP subscription skipped #116

Order 4249144


Order 4227010 substituition

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