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Customer Service

Topic Posts Last Post
3 books, 1 envelope

Adventure Game Subscription and Sidecart

Any Carrion Crown products?

Bad customer service - cancel Order 3316318

Brazil Taxing my Orders (Order 3322046)

Can you please cancel my Pathfinder Roleplaying Game subscription?

Can't Access My Account

Cancel Order 3182991

Combining orders #3306967 and #3331998, local pick up

December 2014 New Release Shipping Thread

Does the 15% subscriber discount not apply to PFS scenario PDFs?

Figure's Box missing, order 3099026

Gamemastery Rise of the Runelords Item Cards?

Great Golem Sale Status Update

The Great Shipping Delay Sale....

Has November AP gone out yet? Mine still says pending.


How should I combine a new order with a pending order?

Hurray! - I can subscribe again

I'd like to cancel order # 3219197

Is there a Pathfinder Miniatures Index?

Mispackaged Burnt Offerings in Runelords Base Set (Pathfinder Card Game)

Missing 3 Cards in Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Skull & Shackles Base Set

my Visas are not accepted

No Subscription Order

November 2014 New Release Shipping Thread

Order "complete" and shipped, but payment not taken from account.

Order #'s: 3321866 & 3304604

Order #2919478

Order #3264927

Order #3329694

Order #3359835

Order 2096160

Order 2694573

Order 3112461

Order 3169919 ordered October 11th

Order 3169919 ordered October 11th

Order 3178692

Order 3181988

Order 3224090

Order 3230851

order 3234402 status still pending?

Order 3234630 Pending

Order 3277680

Order 3280977 - Still Pending since 9 / 16

Order 3294328 - Still pending

Order 3295136

Order 3304828

Order 3311736

Order 3313774

Order 3316112 and 632805

order 3318526

Order 3321250 - Shipping question

Order 3321250 - Sidecart items canceled

Order 3323472 - move items to sidecart please!

Order 3324561: Shipping status?

Order 3328605

Order 3331278

Order 3335925

Order 3336193

Order 3340035 and 3304404

Order 3341619

Order 3342842

Order 3348958 Shipping Charges

Order 3350044

Order 3355505

Order 3359722

Order 3359795

Order 3359819

Order 3363829, don't want it to delay my subs.

Order 3364132

Order 3367320

Order 3371628: what does payment expiration mean?

Order 3374084 - Shipping Question

Order Issues

Order Number 3363211

Paizo Order # 3359058

Paizo Order # 3359333

Paizo Order #3295289 Shipment

Paizo Order 3323152

Paizo Order 3324760 Pending

Pathfinder Ranged Toolbox Player Companion PDF?

Payment method

pdfs won't print from order3378434

Please cancel my cards subscription

Please cancel my Cards Subscription

Please cancel my maps subscription

Please cancel order #3073054

Please cancel order 3349310

Please cancel these subscriptions

Please Combine & Update Shipping on Orders 3312606 & 3340066

Please unsuspend subscriptions

Possible to Combine Orders 3358648 and 2578633

Question on Order 3253342 and Sidecart

Reactivate subscriptions

Skull & Shackles PACG Base Set Missing One Card

Split shipments

Strange Shipping Calculations

Suspended shipment 3363575

Where is my order?

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