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October 2017 New Releases & Subscription Shipping Thread

September 2017 Comics New Release Thread

September 2017 Monthly Shipping Thread

Invalid Pathfinder Society ID# and Confirmation Code?

Starfinding binding failure, Amazon, and me

Cancel My PACG Class Deck Subscription

Email not going through?

Order number 4386157

Trying to add Pathfinder Adventure Path subscription

Starfinder Core Rulebook spine issues and ink blotch

Missing Ironfang Invasion part 6

Mummy's Mask AP 1: The Half-Dead City Fantasy Grounds Synchronization

Order 4485487

Cancel my PF Player Companion subscription

Starfinder CRB binding issue

Replacement-books also damaged

Order 4390675 (Binding Issue)

Small problem with my latest order

Cancel my Starfinder Subscription

Help I did not receive the first installment to the space adventure

Starfinder Condition Cards

Starfinder Binding... X2

Subscription Order 4427238 still shows as pending

Starfinder Subscription Cancellation

Damaged Ultimate Combat Book

Still awaiting an email response

Starfinder Core Rulebook spine issues.

Order 4481409

Subscription cancellation

Starfinder Core Rulebook binding

Delete my account please

Starfinder Core Rulebook Issues

Order 4427235

Order # 4390320

NPC Codex Box

Ruins of Azlant: Module 122

Subscription Cancellations

September subscription order still pending

Order 4344994

Order 4430200


Paizo Order #4466155

Please suspend these subscriptions

Starfinder binding issue

Order 4405207

September subscription?

Please cancel these subscriptions

Starfinder Superscriber and Paizo Advantage

Paizo Order # 4468205

Unable to post in Gameplay thread

Vanishing Gameplay thread.

Order # 4465514

remove sidecart item

Order 4311622 - reserved on credit card again, still pending?

StarFinder falling apart after a single use

Please Cancel My Starfinder Subscriptions

Subscription cancellation

Starfinder binding issue Order 4400355 and 4436996

Starfinder CRB binding failure - TWICE

Cancel Sub

Starfinder Core Rule Book Binding Issue

Order 4443522 - Stuck in Pending?

Problem with order 4380983

Mummy's Mask ACG missing cards

Lost my subscription discount

Order problems

Shipping notice anomaly

Cancel Battles Subscription

book binding failing

CRB binding and loose pages

Close Account?

Please Cancel Starfinder Accessory Subscription

Can't "place order"


Starfinder ap, issue 1

Missing Item from Orders

Please cancel Starfinder Roleplaying Game subscription.

Urgent - 4467795 Requests

PDF map

Side-Cart Items

Cannot complete online orders

Starfinder CRB Binding issue (again)

Another Starfinder binding question

Pending Order??

September order didn't spawn. Also, need to cancel subscriptions.

adding to my purchase

SF CRB Binding

Starfinder PDF download...

Starfinder book binding

Order 4413222

Completing my order

Subscribing to Starfinder AP - "Unable to ship"

Please cancel my subscriptions

Binding and tears

Deleting my account and cancelling preorders / subscriptions

Order 4483120 : new payment method worked or not ?

Order #3130442 problem

Starfinder AP 1 Opt In and Superscriber Question

Binding issue


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