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Customer Service

Topic Posts Last Post
September New Release Shipment thread

October 2014 New Release Shipping

November 2014 New Release Shipping Thread

December 2014 New Release Shipping Thread

Store Credit

Cancel my Pathfinder RPG subscription

Order #3227678 still not received.

Order #3288052

Suspect Subscriptions

Just a quick question on shipping options

Order #3294165

Order #3293342 - No tracking information

S&S base set missing a deck

Cancel my subscription

Pending books in sidecart but not shipping?

S&S Character Add-On Cards in Raiders of the Fever Sea Box

Order #3276622 Rise of the Drow hardcover missing pages

Order # 3225702

"Other Items" in checkout

Unauthorized Credit Card Charges

Order #3227414

Cancel my subscriptions.

Order 3174831

Damaged cards.

Class decks still pending

October Subs

Order 3284289

Need to cancel a subscription

Cancel Roleplaying Game Subscription

Emerald Spire Hardcover

Order # 3265050 Water Damage

PACG - Adventure pack 2

Order 3274931

Order 3280221

Cancel PAP Subscription?

Order 3265207

Order 3265334

Order 3285142

Paizo Order #3265271

Subscription Suspension

Seriously, who runs the shipping department!? (Class Add-on Deck)

Order 3287041 and 3284119

Order 3221745

Order #3085334

Reign of Winter Pawns (misprint)

Pathfinder Online Kickstarter Reward

This bites - order 3297361

S&S promo cards

Order 3290512

Order 3160682

Order 3243130

Service getting worse - order 3297871

Order# 3236876 - Missing a card in Raiders of the Fever Sea Adventure Deck

order 3265960

Wounded orc shipping department - order 3297318

Order 3289168 (Broken Item)

Order #3234725

Issue with order 3064293‏

Cancel Tales subscription please

Order 3128888 - please combine shipping

Unsure about status of Adventure Path shipment

Missing some Class Deck cards from Order 3163712

Order 3292498

A couple of order queries - Mainly order number 3222895

Tracking oddities

Order 3282354 - Auth gone from CC , Order 3199693 part cancelled

Order: 3283304

Goblin Squad Membership

Order 3264081

Order #3268068 - Need to make change before it ships

Sara Marie!

Order #3290614

S&S Base Set Short Cards

Change pending order to subscription

Order 3274219

Lost all my character info

Gencon order pickup missing promos

Please cancel Pathfinder Maps subscription

Order 3186190 Sorcerer, Ranger decks

Order 3228630 - Missing Cards

Order 3207002

PaizoCon 2014 Barware

Sidecart Didn't Kick in - Order 3224098 and 3276059

order 685393 not recived yet

Order 3289632

Pathfinder Battles promo miniatures

Order #3292797

Order #3298769

reactivate subscription and such

Order #3283151

Order 3199093 - S&S missing cards, unplayable

Why does the Paizo store do this?

Order #3224391; Missing Promo Card

Shopping cart stuck at billing address

Order 3289971

Can't put things in sidecart

Missing Cards (alot!)

Order # 2844339 Still Pending?

Order 3208300

Order 3280049

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