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FAQ System

search spells by range

What monsters do you hate?

Does anyone do this?

How to train your dragon: Magically aging it?

What do you think makes for a compelling and memorable villain?

If you could make an AP or a Module.

A Healthy Dose of Paranoia

is freedom of movement overpowered?

Option incompatibilities that bug you?

Any chance for a Pathfinder Spell Compendium or similar products?

Anti music monster?

Thoughts on a race builder campaign, Players build up their races instead of level up

What's your opinion on dips?

What Would You Have Wanted in Bestiary 7?

The Balanced Party: Necessary Evil or Outdated Relic?

0-level Adventures

Inner Sea Races — Is It Worthwhile?

Lost Chronicle Sheet

Need to get a third NPC / Cohort Helper for 5th level. Rat-Folk SWAT Team build

What's the most overpowered monster?

Lich or Vampire?

What Are the Rules for Vampire Spawn?

paladin and oracle combo

Just a rather funny way of accomplishing a mission. Had to share.

Minor Miracle?

Public Information

Before we get PF2, Will we get Worldscape sourcebook?

Help with Destroyed City Encounter

A campaign setup you should never use

Brawler / White Haired Witch Advice

5 Tips For Playing Better Summoners

Instantaneous, long range, two way conversation over any distance?

What's Up With Wizard Stat Blocks?


tiefling question

Falling Damage and Falling Objects: Really stupid?

How much of a jerk would I be for this?

Are there any classes that add ability points?

Dustfinder: Tales of Golarion's Trails

Prison management

Worst player / GM at your table?

Tome of Dissolution vs. Blessed Book

d20pfsrd vs Archives of Nethys?

Reroll & take the 2nd vs. Reroll & take the best (or worst) of two: Expected result...

Two weapon fighting help!

Arcane Bond

Special Req Prestige class on creation

PF2, what will be different?

Grendel's Mother

Hiding in plainsight... Undead among us...

necromancy build trouble shooting

Are we getting more Shifter fixes soon?

Your Favorite Alchemical Toys?

The Alchemical Betrayal, A random thought I had

Akashic Characters Tread (TM)

Is there a fallen celestial template?

Looking for a picture of a great beast

Does anyone know of any defensive style feat chains?

Picking Feats

Arm Wrestling at the local tavern

Dragonchess betting game

Was I unjust and out of line?

Where do musetouched come from?

Why don't vampires rot?

What do negative levels feel like?

Australian GST from July 1

Are there any good aligned deities that could tolerate necromancy?

What language are verbal spell components in?

Simulacrum questions

Tactical Withdrawals and Fleeing

Seeking Merch

Lovely, Lively-Looking Lich Yo

Buff witch is buff!

druids they need feats.

Mapmaking tools for Roll 20?

Alchemist fire and fireballs

What class would a terrorist be?

Pathfinder in or near Durant, OK

Can One Overwhelming Character Ruin a Game?

Pummeling style on Unarmed combatants? How necessary is it?

scrying question

Any extractless alchemist archetypes?

101 Solutions to the "Goblin Baby Problem"

Can someone help me fill in the blanks for this magus build?

gods and alignment restrictions

What Drives Your Campaign’s Direction?

Personality and Mental Ability Scores

9th level pony animal companion

Choosing Spell Loss from A Thought Eater?

Wayward Quest: Pathfinder Gameplay Podcast

God theme songs

Lingering Spellstrike

Roc grapple and fly

Real World Physics...

Pathfinder 2.0 is NOT Inevitable

those who bought the preorder 2.0 play test

alchemist quandary

Weirdo's Guide to Gestalt

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