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Best Open Content

FAQ System

Ideas for torture methods?

Beholder vs Dragon

Ironbeard / Feral Gnasher

Where can i find a set of Dragonkin tokens for an online game

How are you supposed to RP a robot?

Evil gloating

Axe of the Dwarvish Lords

Why do you play?

Book of Lairs

Weird idea: death insurance

Are monster names in the Bestiaries open game content?

Landing on your head.

Help on Wild shape player via Dawnflower anchorite built & related question

It detects as evil? Smite!

Online Character Workshop

We finally did it! Thanks Paizo!

Sheathe strike build

Planning to run Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil

Utopia or Axis?

Ultimate Magus

Ways to fight zombies as a ranger?

Purpose for "Detect clouds"

Vigilante excutioner build

Skinwalker Wereraptor Question

Generic Pathfinder Names [I NEED YOUR HELP!]


Need some help to make this build more fun.

Infinite Holy / Unholy / etc Water: Cold Siccatite weapon core, Water turned into Ice surrounding core, Sharding weapon enhancement.

A plea from a fan of the First Edition to Paizo

Pathfinder good for Powergaming?

Undead Lord Cleric

If you recommend playing a Wizard to a player who wants to play Batman, you have no business making recommendations.

Having children and Pregnancy?

Help with Bard Cohort

I need early game ideas!

Has anybody run a battle between Mogaru (with or without Yarthoon) vs Varklops?

Pathfinder Terminology: Is Magical Energy Called Mana?

Learning Golarion

Ideas for a Cool Short Blue Dragon Cave

New Elementals

GenCon Announcements: Place Your Bets Now

Not selecting alignment at character creation: a story

Can a person have more than one alignment?

Soul Gates

I’m on the autism spectrum. Can somebody explain to me how true dragons with an actual Caster Level have a 10 or higher in Int without having crafting feats?

Why Aren't Rogues / Ninja d10 HP and Full BAB?

Why don't empyreal lords have resurrect

Ways to Gain Improved Evasion

Deities should be statted out, and no, they won’t be beatable, because they’ll have variable statistics.

The Blood War in Pathfinder's Multiverse?

How does spellstudy work for divine casters?

Shamans and undead

Pop Culture Iconics: Filling Out the Roster

Evil Worshiping Good

Pathfinder 1st Edition Continuation Project

Tome of Dissolution vs. Blessed Book

Is there a monster like this?

Poll: Do you like playing Martials or Casters more?

Mage Advice

Conan the Barbarian

It's good to be the GM

In Stethelos, I am waiting.

Brawler Build Challenge!!!! Let's see those master builders out there!

Is this 3rd Party Stuff OP?

Finally, With Feats, Anyone May Heal

When players goes stupid.

What's your favorite method of stat generation?

aether kineticist

Akashic Characters Tread (TM)

Reincarnate Dwarves and Goblins

Did Zon-Kuton create the Kytons?

Pulling someone's necklace off?

Elemental Lords?

Coolest Archetypes / Feats in Planar Adventures

Suggestions for a level 20 character. I am thinking magus.

Serious Question! Do Shabti have belly buttons?

Outsider form spells?

Unorthodox build advice

Whats the hardest official monster?

Please Rate my Magus Handbook.

Introducing D. Ratt, Attorney At Law and his aide.

Whats reasonable for suggestion?

Software "advertising"

Can remove disease cure alcohol / drug addiction?

Fillable PDF Character Sheet with Dynamic Linking for Spells

Bard Masterpiece Question

Is there a list of all damage types?

Adventures Guild Quest Board - Rank F

Any new archetypes?

Mysterious stranger 11th level needs help

Corrosive and corrosive burst ?

Core rule book weight

Marketing -- How to better market Pathfinder

Looking for Pathfinder Class Feature and Spell decks

How would you roleplay a Rakshasa?

+1 Training (Exotic Weapon Proficiency (same as weapon)) Exotic Weapon is an awesome concept.


lipstitch question

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