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Best Open Content

FAQ System

Best and worst classes for beginners ?

Are there any good Great Old Ones?

What do you think makes for a compelling and memorable villain?

Old Player Returning With Questions About New Books

Weakest class in Pathfinder?

What does MAD stand for?

The use of Gunpowder

Dumb ways to Die

Allow Gnoll?

Braggart character - what kind of outlandish claims?

So, I wanted to share an epic Pathfinder Story...

Cayden Cailean and drugs

What PF1 Errata and FAQs Do You Want Addressed Before PF2 Is Launched?

Useful items you can plant in your campaign world

What is your favorite alignment to play?

Items that disappear or become useless.

Multi ClassedVigilante Question

Does anyone have an image of a Snark?

Are we getting more Shifter fixes soon?

I don't understand the appeal of Pathfinder, but I'd like to

Items that disappear or become useless.

Tiefling ( Use large weapons ) / Titan fighter vs Shield Bash

Just Got Pathfinder And I'm Pissed

What are you Playing?

What is your Best Character Backstory in 15 words or less?

Weirdo's Guide to Gestalt

Does Polymorph Any Object Give It A Soul?

Are All Adventure Paths Eventually Collected Into Nice Hardcover Books?

is it possible to recharge items with charges?

making cohort for my bard

A question to Druid adventurers, Why do you adventure?

I commissioned art for my Pathfinder party. It only cost $25 for the marriage license!

Death Slayer PrC and how effective with other channels sources

Alignment and eating humanoids

When players goes stupid.

Help finding a monster

What is your favorite Small sized Race?

Elven branched spear pic?

GM Question: Save or Suck spells / effects against PCs

Using Pathfinder (Kingmaker) to Train Leaders in Uganda

Shield Spell or the spell Shield Arcana:Which is better overall?

A cry for help : Bears deserve more love!

How do sorcerers gain spells from other lists?

Challenge: Highest caster level

How Would You Build a Four Person Fighter Party?

Summoning evil makes you evil?

What to do with an unconscious Tarrasque

Pummeling style into pummeling charge

Who has slain the Jabberwock? Or other CR20+ critters?

Questions About the First World and "Generic" Fey

What to expect from a kineticist player

Need help finding ability

Why has the tarrasque been dormant so long?

One-Player Party

What's your favorite method of stat generation?

Instead of Big 6 or automatic bonus progression, what about just lower CR enemies?

How Organized Play will help your Homebrew

Do you like it when bad things happen to your character?

I Completely Missed This Announcement the "1st" Time Around. Ha!

Best Plot Twist You've Encountered

Downtime Rooms / Teams

A question about dwarfs and wizardry?

Axe Musket Full Attack

How do I get involved with pathfinder via internet based roll playing?

Website Feedback Poll.

Summoner overpowered?

Fun with the Spellstoring enchantment.

Prestige Class Guide


God theme songs

Pathfinder 2.0 is NOT Inevitable

Fantasy Facebook

Social Impact (In Game) of Public Spell Casting

Some Advice with Giving Out XP?

Ultimate Spellbook

So where you're at?

For those that have played games with goblin PCs, did you find that they disrupted the game?

Best Plot Twist You've Encountered

Potion addiction, is it a thing?

Prank War!

Two-Handed Weapon Magus

Mass Combat on Virtual Table Top

Combat casting or blind fight?

Exquisite Corpse Forum Adventure!

Back after jumping to 5e. What have I missed?

Is there any way to directly contact mods?

Question on Dwarven Battle Axe / hammer??

Shaman Spirits?

Artifact Weapon help

Is dimensional agility overkill?

What books for Pathfinder default setting?

Vampire Hunter

Bloodrager vs barbarian part 2:The Achilles heel.

Fan Fiction Questions

Placing Modules, APs, etc, on a Golarion (4XXX AR) timeline

Villain's Anonymous - Failure Night

Any chance for a Pathfinder Spell Compendium or similar products?

I need a Tavern (map) actually

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