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How are your FLGSs doing with the release?

Fat Ogre, my 'home' store had 10 copies. I bought the last of them for a friend about 4pm.

I'm not sure about the other 'big' locals; Nan's, Third Planet and Midnight Comics.

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my locals, there are 3 not including Barnes and Noble or Borders. All 3 have sold out in a day.

Compleat Strategist in Alexandria, VA had 18 copies. As of 5pm the first day, there were 3 left. When you consider that the pdf is being sold for $10 on the website, and that Amazon is selling the hardback book for 37% off, this outpouring of support and enthusiasm is staggering.

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My FLGS had several copies on the shelf where they display new releases yesterday, but I'm not sure how many are still there. My dad and I were both able to get one, though (his having been set aside beforehand).

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Really cool to see such great sales at the local stores....

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Up here in Ottawa, Ontario we received the book at a few gaming stores. One had 6 out on their shelf on Wednesday evening at $60 CAN...

My FLGS received their shipment at noon today: 16 copies of which 12 were already reserved (2 for me) -- I went back right after work and half of the 16 were already sold (@ $55 CAN). That's eight of 16 sold between 1 and 5pm on a work day!

My FLGS received 8 copies yesterday. I went in last night about 10:30pm and bought one of the last two copies they had left. They refused to put any "on hold" so it was all first come, first served.

I also called my local Border's and Barnes & Noble as a back-up in case I couldn't buy it at my FLGS, and both stores told me that the Pathfinder core rulebook "was not published yet."

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DiceHouse had ordered 10 with 9 pre-ordered. Now all sold out ;-(

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FLGS #1 Received 1 (mine) of 3 - sold out
FLGS #2 Received 2 of 3 - sold out
FLGS #3 Didn't order any - had no idea what I was talking about
FLGS #4 Didn't order any - had no idea what I was talking about
FLGS #5 sold out
And Dice House that Joel mentioned

I hope the restock happens sooner than later.

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