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War of Honor (Inactive)

Game Master Arcmagik

An epic struggle of blood and honor against the tyrannical Jade Regent. A heavily modified Jade Regent AP campaign set in Tian Xia, primarily around the regions of the Minkai Empire and Forest of Spirits.

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This is the Out of Character discussion thread for "War of Honor". I will be post information sometimes that doesn't quite deserve a story post as well as discussion issues about the game that may arise. I will also post any pertinent information here.

Shortly I will be formally welcoming the six players that were chosen into the campaign. Over the next few days (re: as quickly as possible) be working to reconcile every character background to a single time-frame so we begin the on the same page of the book.

Welcome to the campaign!

Daynen - Mai Seori – Human Samurai (Sword Saint) – Grand Diplomat
Nylissa - Yumi Ken – Human Magus (Kensai) – Warden
Greg Wasson – Taliv – Sylph Ninja – Spymaster
John M Baker – Tampalasan – Human Wizard - Magister
Doomed Hero - Mamoru Onitora – Half-Ogre Samurai (Sword Saint) – General or Assassin
Apocalypso - Makiko - Human Monk (Zen Archer) - Councilor

Just so you can get the campaign saved under your campaigns, please take a moment to post dotting once in the Campaign Thread under your character name. I have to reconcile all the backgrounds towards the start of the campaign then I will open the floodgates.

Male Tian-Sing Human Foresight Wizard 1

Thank you very much for choosing me! I know my background at the monastery is light, so let's see how we can interweave our stories more.

Tampalasan has acted as a librarian for the monastery, and this is the source of his Keeper of the Ancestral Scrolls trait--so he takes this task seriously. In addition, he charts the heavens, checking his math and observations against the calendar. He also uses his knack for pattern recognition and strategy to hopefully become a master Go player. Finally, he has taken on Yamashi, a goat, which he calls his familiar.

Female Plumekith Zen Archer 1 HP 9/9 | AC 17

Thanks so much for selecting me. There were many fantastic character backgrounds, so I know the decision must have been difficult. I'm really looking forward to this game.

Male Sylph Ninja 1


EDIT: Oh, and should my HONOR take a negative modifier for being xijan?


HP 14/14, AC 21, Fort +6, Ref +2, Wil -1, Resolve 3/3

Looking forward to this, thank you DM.

Jumping right into the planning stage;

My character is intended to be the Chewie to someone else's Han. Basically the background is that his Clan has an honor debt to a mortal family. The Oni send a protector to the family to guard the first born of every generation to ensure the furthering of the line.

Would that sort of thing fit into anyone's backstory? Anyone what a grumpy demon-samurai bodyguard?

Looking over some of my character's mechanics, I realized I wasn't quite satisfied. There is a 3rd party archetype called the Shogun that seems to fit a bit better than the Sword Saint. It's more teamwork/bodyguard oriented. What do you think? Would you mind if I used that instead? I understand if you don't want to allow it but I figured there was no harm in asking.


I am going to throw caution to the wind because I like the concept more then the mechanics. I will allow "Shogun" mostly because that will make it less likely for Mamoru Onitora to be stepping on each other's feet in concept (both being Samurai - Sword Saints).

I already have decided who Onitora is sworn too, but I haven't revealed it yet because I was waiting for everyone to weigh in.

Taliv - People are likely to be suspicious of you as a Xijan but if they took the time to get passed your Xijan status then they would see your true honor.

Male Sylph Ninja 1



HP 14/14, AC 21, Fort +6, Ref +2, Wil -1, Resolve 3/3

Thanks. I'll update the sheet later.

female Human Magus 1 (kensai)

I'm all giddy and un-monastic now.

Just from rereading the Adventure Background and everyone's character stories, I know this is going to be awesome.

female human (Tian-Dan) sword saint 1

FIRST PICK, WOOT. Ok, maybe that's an assumption, but there's a certain undeniable elation to seeing your character as the first in a list of selected players. It just tastes like AWESOME. Ready to finalize this little drama and go asian jedi on yo unprepared business!

translation: thanks for the pick, I'm ready to roleplay to the best of my ability.

Female Plumekith Zen Archer 1 HP 9/9 | AC 17

This is a kewl-looking group. Lots of flavors of whoop-a$$. I'm noticing we don't have anyone of the healer persuasion tho. Don't think we even had any applicants. Mebbe cuz there aren't any specifically Tian flavored cleric archetypes.

Mebbe we'll need a hireling?

Yeah, the closest thing to a divine character ("Healer") was the Paladin application. I considered it, but ultimately made different choices. There are ways to make up for it (potions/wands), and there will be varies NPCs as well.

I am have some more running to do before I can sit down for the amount of time needed to make posts about everyone's background, but I will be attempting to get that done tonight at some point.

female Human Magus 1 (kensai)

I thought about doing an oracle of a Tian god, but obviously I changed my mind.

Not having one strikes me as sort of fitting the grittiness of the e6 campaign style, so if anyone asks why we don't have a healer, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Male Sylph Ninja 1

I actually tried to get a friend of mine from one of my Pen and Paper games to do a samsaran reincarnated oracle(ancestor) application for this.

He has been looking for an opportunity to play one for some time. But, he just did not want to try the play by post experience. *shrugs*

As for the no "healer" type, I agree that it adds to the down and dirty nature of E6. And if anyone asks, well, um...Taliv will just make up some other story and try to bluff his way past it.

female Human Magus 1 (kensai)

Have attempted to dot Gameplay several times now with no success.
Guessing that I need to be added to the list of players before that can happen?

Male Sylph Ninja 1

@Mai Seori- Well, not that you have just put a something message in the gameplay,they system will let you know if there are new messages there AND you get that nifty dark circle next to the thread.

Dotting is just a way to make a thread easier to spot and let one know there is new stuff to read.

@Mai Seori, Yumi Ken, Mamoru Onitora- IF we end up knowing of each other before gameplay starts, what is the Family name vs Given name?


Male Sylph Ninja 1

@ Mamoru Onitora- As soon as I entered it, I realized it was in your backstory, but at same time got call to unlock doors for crew at work( other keyholder did not show up). And Just missed the time to EDIT out your name *sighs*


I am still going over a bunch of information, and I don't have a lot of time left (due to poor time-management and the fact that my company Holiday party last night turned into an all-nighter instead of a 9er). The two characters that are really giving me problems are Onitora, and the one I have secretly chosen to be the stand-in for the Amatatsu heir. Not much though, I just want to do my research on the Imperial Families of Minkai and need to put the thoughts I have to paper.

Male Sylph Ninja 1
Tampalasan wrote:

Thank you very much for choosing me! I know my background at the monastery is light, so let's see how we can interweave our stories more.

Tampalasan has acted as a librarian for the monastery, and this is the source of his Keeper of the Ancestral Scrolls trait--so he takes this task seriously. In addition, he charts the heavens, checking his math and observations against the calendar. He also uses his knack for pattern recognition and strategy to hopefully become a master Go player. Finally, he has taken on Yamashi, a goat, which he calls his familiar.


I kind of envision that when Taliv is NOT helping Master Shinmei, that Master Urashida has him running kitchen errands. So um, if Tampalasan ever gets hungry or um..he steps in the kitchen to see Taliv scrubbing the floor.

Though I could see Master Shinmei having Taliv go to the librarian to retrieve a scroll or find a reference of some sort.

Taliv has never shown any affection towards the goat. :P


female Human Magus 1 (kensai)

@ Taliv, I incorrectly named Yumi with her given name first. Ken is actually the Minkai word for "huh?" because nobody really knows who her family is.

As to pre-game interaction, all of us but Mamoru pretty specifically stated that they had been around the monastery for a while. Since it is a small monastery, and none of us are standard monks, it seems like at least some of us would have to know each other, at least by sight. Mamoru has probably been there a while too.
At the very least, I imagine know you as that stargazing guy, the girl with the bow, the foreigner, the well dressed one and the scary demon. Probably, we would know each other reasonably well. Maybe not best friends, but probably (hopefully) at least friendly.
I can see Yumi bumping into Tampalasan when she is reading scrolls in the library, talking about magic and the like. I can see her sparring with Seori (and maybe Mamoru, if he's been there all along) from time to time, as the other katana wielder in the joint. Taliv and Makiko I don't see any immediate common ground with, but over the course of the years, I expect they'd have talked.

Female Plumekith Zen Archer 1 HP 9/9 | AC 17

Makiko is fairly shy, and more comfortable hunting in the woods than talking to people. She's nervous around Mamoru. She runs into Taliv in the kitchen when she brings in rabbits and deer for dinner. And she probably feels the most fellowship with him as her fellow oddity. (Although Makiko does try to keep her golden feather-hair hidden under a black wig.) Fellowship for her tho is probably saying about 10 words a week.

Re: the healer question, I put it out on the boards to see if anyone could suggest a zen archer/cleric build I would like. Someone suggested Druid-Eagle. At first I was "meh," but when I looked at it further I was totally stoked. There's a lot of synergy with Makiko's heritage and build, and it would buff her ranged abilities. So... when we get there, I will seriously consider taking a level or two in druid.

A player note tho'... I wanna kick butt like everyone else. I'm happy to have a wand and buff everyone after the fighting's over. but if I do this I don't wanna be presumed to be a healbot. I wanna be able to take my full round flurries and hammer stuff. Again, I'll consider it further if and when we get there.

@DM~ Thanks for keeping us posted. I'm psyched about this game, so I was starting to get nervous that it might get dropped.

HP 14/14, AC 21, Fort +6, Ref +2, Wil -1, Resolve 3/3

I'm going to be wherever my charge is, and since it sounds like that person will be one of you I'll also have a reason to be at the monastery.

Male Tian-Sing Human Foresight Wizard 1

I don't expect any of us to be a healbot. We will have the ability to gain healing in one way or another.

I am also willing to teach anyone the game of Go as a pastime or a mental exercise. I'm sure that we'll all know each other, if for no other reason than there being so few people out here.

Male Sylph Ninja 1

Indeed, I suspect Taliv is very intimidated by Mamoru as well. This fellow reads as "DANGER: Do not antagonize".

And, he would be only slightly less intimidated by the driven Yumi. Not that she may have shared her goals, but that it is obvious she has a driving goal and is resolute in her training.

Mai Seori is a curiosity. She spends hours painting words. Followed by sword training. Just ....odd.

Tampalasan, always seems to make time for other folk to play his pebble game. He also seems to be able to discourse on any subject. Taliv would fnd reasons for his chores to keep him near to um...just happen to overhear Tampalasan in conversations. Always something new to learn. However, he really does not like the goat.

EDIT for Tampalasan:
Not that Taliv is picking on the familiar, it is in his backstory. He and animals do not get along. Personally, the player loves the idea of a goat!

Makiko seems to be the easiest to approach. Few words and has never cuffed him. As Taliv also enjoys practicing his skills afterhours, night hunting provides a perfect opportunity. And perhaps she has offered a quiet word of advice before, or a nod in passing as she would venture on her own.

These are initial impressions, as time has come along, I am certain we have become familiar with habits, and as Yumi stated, spoken with each other many times over the years.

Perhaps, there were events that each of us had spent some time together. Taliv would be respectful to everyone in past encounters though his lack of natural discipline would be quite apparent.

Just some thoughts while we wait. :)


Male Sylph Ninja 1

@ DundjinnMasta:
I evidently cannot do simple math or read a skill list.

Adjusted the following character sheet skills.

Acrobatics from 5 to 7
class skill 3 dex 3 rank 1 (3+3+1=7)

Knowledge Local from 5 to 6
class skll 3 Int 2 rank 1 (3+2+1=6)

Perception from 6 to 5
class skill 3 wis 1 rank 1 (3+1+1=5)

Survival from 6 to 2
wis 1 rank 1 (1+1=2)

Survival was REALLY embarassing, on my notes I had it as a class skill and an att bonus of 2 from an earlier concept. I hope that is the last of the mistakes, but feel free to let me know if you encounter others.


Male Tian-Sing Human Foresight Wizard 1

Question about languages: Is "Common" Tien for us, with the Tian Xia languages being more regularly available?

female Human Magus 1 (kensai)

@ Taliv:

Yumi won't have confided her purpose to anyone (unless it turns out that someone has been a particularly close friend) but, if asked what she's so intent on, will scowl and practice her kenjutsu until she drops from exhaustion.

@ Tampalasan

Yumi may be fiercely protective of your goat, if it reminds her of her childhood. Don't let me find out you just brought it as portable rations!

female human (Tian-Dan) sword saint 1

Seori would probably know everyone fairly well. Even Mamoru would have a hard time intimidating her, at least visibly anyway. She always tries to maintain an air of calm and composure, and is always welcoming of company, be they sparring partners, Go players, or simply someone with an interesting story. Seori works at a tricky balancing act; she divides her time between mastering herself and her talents, and bonding with others to try to bring out the best in them.

I can see her sharing chores just like anyone else in the monastery, though; she's not a spoiled noble. Long as she's not wearing any fine silks or anything, she'd have no qualms about tying up her sleeves and running wet cloth along the planks with all the others.

As for healing? Just having healing skills doesn't mean every action you take is going to be a heal. If it is, then we're playing completely recklessly and you have permission to knock our heads together or something. Healing is a downtime reducer. If it constantly has to save lives, we're getting in over our heads and need to rethink our tactics.

Male Sylph Ninja 1
Yumi Ken wrote:

@ Tampalasan

Yumi may be fiercely protective of your goat, if it reminds her of her childhood. Don't let me find out you just brought it as portable rations!



female Human Magus 1 (kensai)

I don't think anybody's asking for a full time healbot. Especially since archer classes do goofy-high damage. If I'm near to death, it'll probably be more effective for me to just run away and hide behind you, while you finish killing whatever it is.

HP 14/14, AC 21, Fort +6, Ref +2, Wil -1, Resolve 3/3

Mamoru will play Go or Mahjong, or just about any other game. He's not very good at them (yet), but games are one of the few things that make him half way sociable.

Male Sylph Ninja 1

@DundjinnMasta- Late in the game question, but will you be using an xp track, or just telling us when it is appropriate for us to level for the story?

My preference is just telling us, but I do use both methods at table games.

But, you have already seen my math skills...just sayin'. :P


Alright I am going to start with Mamoru Onitora here, considering that he is the most out of place member of the Monastery without his charge; a charge that has yet been revealed also I decided to tie it to his interest in playing Go against Tampalasan. I am writing it up as I post this...

Taliv - I will be using experience so you can chart your path to leveling, but I will keep it tallied in the campaign information section and announce when a level has been reached.

Mamoru Onitora:

I have some idea for the position of Mamoru. Given the likelihood of the Clan being ruled by the elite Ogre Magi (Oni). The way their sendoff brutish, but negligible loses, like your character to fulfill a duty for the clan every generation is strange, and I wanted to expand that a bit.

The first thing I want to expand on is the position of the Mamoru. Each generation has one and they are trained for that position before being sent off when their predecessor can no longer perform those duties. What do you think of the memories of each Mamoru passing into the next Mamoru when previous passes beyond this world (also allows them to know the nature of death, where to retrieve the Mamoru's blades, and what they could be walking into). It will also give me a sort of story machine to reveal historical information if the party misses it! (lol)

Now onto the debt...


Near the twilight of the Teikoku Shogunate (the empire that predated Minkai) the Onitora Clan launched an invasion against them. The Teikoku family that ruled at that time were among the most militaristic of the five imperial families. Your clan suffered terribly in the war at the hands of the Teikoku generals (though the clan inflicted great damage on the human lands), but the Sugimatu family brokered a peace between your clan and the Teikoku family which spared the remaining members of the clan so that they could return home. Recognizing the benefit of having such powerful creatures under their sway the Teikoku had the son of the Onitora leader bound to them by the Shojinawa family with powerful otherworldly magicks. The Ogre Magi seized control when the clan returned home so the Clan wouldn't fall under the control of the Teikoku dynasty, and sent the son away to fulfill his duties to the Teikoku. It wasn't until after the death of the first one that the seers were plagued with dreams and omens of ill-befalling the Clan if they did not send another to replace him. The position of the Mamoru began...

You are the Mamoru now. You have a debt to repay for your clan to the Teikoku family. You traveled a distance to find your charge in the memories that had passed to your from your predecessor. You traveled quickly retrieving the blades of your position, but it was not fast enough. Your charge had already fled her human caretakers but you were able to track her to the Monastery. Several of the lesser Kami had attempted to bar your passing, but you are the Mamoru; they were easily defeated. A cunning Kitsune had tried to lure you away with her beauty, but the time for fun had passed. You found the Monastery, and caused quite the scene with their human occupants.

The masked monk that lead the Monastery was difficult though. He knew of your coming, but he would not reveal your charge, and outwitted you into a game. If you were able to defeat him in a game of Go then you could have your charge, but if his strategy proved better then the charge would remain hidden from all the world (and the heavens). He defeated you without effort, but you could abandoned your charge, so you were forced to remain. You have several times challenged Samuru having grown tired of waiting, and his answer after defeating you has always been the time will come. You have taken to playing Go against other people in the Monastery so that you can quicken that time, but have found you have little talent with the game.

That turned out much, much longer then I intended (which just means I really liked the concept behind it, congrats! lol). Moving on to the next one...

I definitely see Yumi Ken and Mai Seori spending many hours in the yard to train as both of them have similar drives to hone their skills. I could even imagine a budding friendship or rivalry formed during their hours of training and sparring. I highly suggest the two of you think about that and discuss.

Taliv seeming to be the xijan errand boy would probably have been forced to help Tampalasan organize the library as well. He would have been present during several games between the strange towering 'Oni' and Tampalasan.

Makiko is sort of the enigma of the group. She would have met Taliv several times in the kitchen when she brought in the deer and rabbits from the hunt. She would have seen the strange towering 'Oni' around (how can you miss him), and she would have been party of small hunting parties that included Yumi Ken and Mai Seori during their training (whether they have any aptitude for it doesn't matter).


The following are named NPCs that I got from the backgrounds that I may flesh out.

Kakita Ryuji - Mentor to Mai Seori, and the resident "Master of Arms" for the Monastery. He trains several of the monks in weaponry as well as keeps all the skills of the guards and anyone that wants to train in the yard honed. He does not participate in small talk or idle time; a typical stoic samurai.

Master Urashida (male or female NPC, Taliv?) - Master of the Kitchen, very stern. Does not take non-sense from anyone and has been known to use a spoon like a weapon, reining down blows to the head and shoulders of anybody stupid enough to interfer with the kitchen.

Master Shinmei - One of the senior monks that oversee the Kalamanthis harvest and trade. High skilled combatant as well. Often away on trade in Minkai.

Male Sylph Ninja 1
DundjinnMasta wrote:
Master Urashida (male or female NPC, Taliv?) - Master of the Kitchen, very stern. Does not take non-sense from anyone and has been known to use a spoon like a weapon, reining down blows to the head and shoulders of anybody stupid enough to interfer with the kitchen.

I saw as male, but honestly was written vaguely so did not matter.


female Human Magus 1 (kensai)

I could easily see Yumi becoming friends with Seori over time. At first, she would been intimidated by Seori's samurai status, but having another sword-fighter to play with would quickly trump that. While Yumi is generally shy and reserved, she is quite intelligent and educated.

Female Plumekith Zen Archer 1 HP 9/9 | AC 17

I've added the three "Masters" into Makiko's profile Background, as well as what I've written here.

I gave Makiko a rank in Profession: Geisha to suit her background, which to me indicates she has small abilities in things like: calligraphy, reciting poetry, playing samisen, tea ceremony, and dressing formally. These abilities have no magical or bardic properties. And except for music and poetry, she doesn't really enjoy these things, but she was trained and she can do them if she sets her mind to it. Does that sound ok to you, oh mighty DM?

At times Master Ryuji tried to put Makiko with Mai Seori and Yumi for sword practice. She was strong and nimble enough, but her shyness seemed to carry into the sparring ring. Just as with speech, she never seemed to move forward towards others, always waiting to defend herself instead, with the minimum words or action possible.

It seemed best to simply give Makiko instruction on stance and breathing, how to compensate for wind and distance, and then just send her off to practice the bow by herself.

At times she could be persuaded to practice Go. She is not the most clever player, but still Makiko seems to have good natural instincts for strategy.

Makiko does enjoy reading, fortunately her mother had taught her calligraphy and haiku as part of her failed Geisha instruction. But again, Makiko feels like a caged bird indoors, and prefers to take the scroll up to a rooftop or a tree with her to read in the fresh air.

Master Urashida has not often had cause to wield his spoon at Makiko. She brings in tasty game for the monastery's dinners. Although, she will always shrug and say "I missed" when asked why she didn't bring back the requested pheasant or goose for the table. She can easily snare any fish or four-legged creature, but the feathered ones always seem to elude her. Otherwise she meekly obeys Master Urashida's commands and escapes the kitchen as quickly as possible.

HP 14/14, AC 21, Fort +6, Ref +2, Wil -1, Resolve 3/3

I've added the information to my sheet. I like the hereditary memory thing. Are the memories stored in the swords?

Also, I love the Ogre Magi stuff. Would you consider allowing some method of becoming more ogre-magi-ish as the game progresses? Perhaps instead of treasure rewards or by taking heritage feats or something?

Alright. I am going to be working up an opening post for the game now.

So it begins.

Male Sylph Ninja 1

So, to roll dice... I would do it this way?

oh, and without the misspellings :P

[occ]bluff[/occ] [dyce]1d20+8[/dyce]


EDIT and how would one say they are taking 10 on a skill?

Just OOC type, taking 10 on skill?

All yes.

Male Sylph Ninja 1

Hoo rah!

Thanks. MY FIRST PBP post! yay!

*pats self on back, simultaneously taking another slice of pizza, beaming with pride*

Greg *beaming*

Male Tian-Sing Human Foresight Wizard 1

Welcome to the game!

Female Plumekith Zen Archer 1 HP 9/9 | AC 17

And a fine official first post it was, too. I especially liked, "First Among Duty and Innocence." lol

Male Sylph Ninja 1

So um, is it appropriate to respond? Or should I wait for everyone to take turn? Or just wait till the 'morrow? I guess I should have read up on etiquette. Mom always said, "Greg, You ain't got no couth."


Male Sylph Ninja 1
Makiko wrote:
And a fine official first post it was, too. I especially liked, "First Among Duty and Innocence." lol

I have always been a fan of Keith Laumer's Retief series. The satirical adventures of diplomats in the far future. They all endeavored to master the many regulation vocal intonations and facial positions. (ex: pleasantly disgusted sneer of disapproval to a junior v32(c) )

I will try not to over do it. But, I see many of his social skills as learned and practiced behaviors. :P Hopefully, it was not TOO over the top. And only just cresting over the top.


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