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Lawful Good


Tian, Infernal, Draconic, Aklo

Strength 16
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14

About Mamoru Onitora


The Onitora clan have long memories. They remember the debt even if most humans do not.

Mamoru is not his name. It is a title. A description of his purpose, so to speak. Names are powerful things among the Oni clans. One does not simply give out such things, no matter the customs of the human lands. Every generation has it's Mamoru. He is merely the most recent. When the former Mamoru's blades passed to him, he was ready.

His sworn duty is to the throne, to ensure the Eternal Emperor ascends to it, and to protect their reign once they do. He cares little for the politics and the intrigues. The humans are weak and duplicitous, but they are also crafty. He will have to learn to be craftier still if he is to perform his duties with honor.

The Debt:


Near the dawn of the Eternal Empire the Tora Clan of the Oni was swept into a feud with the mortals. Summoned and Bound by the Empire's enemies, the Oni were used as shock troops against the forces of the Empire.

Both sides suffered terribly. This was to be expected. The Oni are masters of destruction. However, they did not expect their might to be matched by the weak mortals. These humans eventually earned the respect of their Oni enemies. On the brink of the Tora's defeat and likely eradication, the Emperor himself brokered a peace between the Tora and the Empire. The Emperor broke the Tora's Binding, freeing them and allowing them to turn against the diabolists that had forced them to serve. The remaining members of the clan were spared so that they could return home, and one member of the Tora clan remained as the protector of the throne and the line of the emperor.

That was the price of defeat. The Onitora would send one warrior to serve the Eternal Empire itself, and during times when the Emperor did not sit on the throne, the chosen Mamoru would seek the True Emperor's ascension.

And so, since that time, there has been an Onitora bodyguard standing behind the throne. The Tora do not like this ancient debt, but the powerful curses and geas that would incur if they were to break their vows ensure their cooperation. Besides that, the Tora are among the most honorable of the Oni, and would sooner die than besmirch the honor of their clan or themselves.

The last Mamoru has fallen and the ancestral blades returned. A new Mamoru has been chosen, or perhaps cursed, by the powers of the ancient pact. The duty and the blades have passed to a new bearer. He is barely more than a youth, still growing into his might and full of zeal.

He will find his charge and fulfill his duty. Woe be it to anyone in his way.


Mamoru is every inch the iconic samurai, save for one thing- He actually is the terrifying creature that many samurai masks try to look like. His steel mask is fashioned to look like a serious-looking human.

Beneath the faceplate his skin is pale blue. His tusks and horns are short, sharp and stark white. His eyes are red and lit from within giving them a faint glow. His hair is bound up in a tight, traditional topknot.

His spear is his primary weapon, but he wears his twin swords proudly. When he places his hands on his ancestral blade it tends to come with a challenge, followed by someone's death.

Nearly eight feet tall, broad shouldered and unnaturally over muscled, Mamoru is none the less quite deft. He moves like a massive predator in combat, but otherwise he is as rigid and controlled as they come.

He is quiet, almost overly polite, stoic, and a bit callous about everything except things that directly relate to his duty.

Male Gestalt Human
Phalanx Fighter 1 / Yojimbo Samurai 1 (Order of the Dragon)




===== Defense =====




+ Fort
+ Ref (
+ Will (



BaB +, CMB +

+ Hooked Lance,

+ Katana,

+ Wakasashi

+ Spiked Gauntlets

=====Traits and Feats=====


Athletic Champion: +1 trait bonus to Diplomacy and Perception. These skills are always class skills.

Helpful: Whenever you successfully perform an aid another action, you grant your ally a +4 bonus instead of the normal +2.

Suicidal (Tiefling): Once per day, as an immediate action, you can make yourself the target of any attack originally directed against a creature occupying an adjacent square.

Extra Traits
Combat Reflexes



4 class, 1 int
5 total

+ Acrobatics
+ Survival
+ Intimidate
+ Knowledge: Nobility
+ Perception

=====Class Abilities=====





  • Katana (50 gp)
  • Wakizashi (35 gp)
  • Hooked Lance (3 gp)

Armor: Lamellar Cuiraiss w/ armor kilt
Head: Helmet
Waist: Belt Pouches
R. Hand:
L. Hand:

Flint and Steel
bed roll
Food and water
armor and clothing repair kit
50' rope


Scar Record