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The Great (Pathfinder) Magnimar!

Game Master Eric Swanson

Shattered Star AP...undertaken by a roving band of misfits...errr scholars...errr...heroes, he he.

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Halfling Summoner 4, HP 25/25, AC 12/t 12/f 11, F 2 /R 3 /W 4, Init +1, PasPer 11, Sp (1st) 3/5 (2nd) 2/2, SMI&II 8/8

"Captain Brast," Yamyra interjects, before their concealed conversant has opportunity to retort. "As I and my companions have rather indelicately indicated, up to now, with very few exceptions, the inhabitants of this...
environment have exhibited little interest or even awareness of the greater world beyond the confines of these walls. Yours is the first 'favor' we have been asked which does not involve violence or degradation to ourselves or others."
Pausing for a moment, she muses, briefly. "Although I am uncertain what that blue fellow wanted..."
"We are several while you seem to be singular. It would be quite indelicate of us not to recognize a very real concern on your part. Might a lesser compromise be made, as a kind of, of...
initial step towards a more mutual regard?"

Grand Lodge

Wishes there was a Sheila Heidmarch avatar... NOT ANYMORE!!!

Lockerbie is silent for a moment as he tries to follow Yamyra's reasoning. Then you hear him reply, "Look, I told you some of the dangers you will run into to show my trust in you. Take it for that at least. I could have let you blunder around here and let you discover that on your own. Have you ever seen green slime devour someone? Not a pretty picture!"

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