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The Great (Pathfinder) Magnimar!

Game Master Eric Swanson

Shattered Star AP...undertaken by a roving band of misfits...errr scholars...errr...heroes, he he.

Current Characters

Anafa, Yamyra

Halfling Summoner 4, HP 25/25, AC 12/t 12/f 11, F 2 /R 3 /W 4, Init +1, PasPer 11, Sp (1st) 3/5 (2nd) 0/2, SMI&II 8/8

played by Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal (832 posts)
Raxius Malgorian
Carmina Scarnetti

Female Tiefling (Demonspawn) Sorcerer 4 (Abyssal) PP=11 HP: 33/33 AC 18 (Touch 12, FF 16) Claws 9/9

played by Old Mammoth (476 posts)
Sheila Heidmarch
Grand Lodge DM Eric

Wishes there was a Sheila Heidmarch avatar... NOT ANYMORE!!!

played by Eric Swanson (1,453 posts)
Statue of Tula

Outsider Eidolon (Biped) 4, HP: 21/27, AC 15 /t 11 /f 14, F 4, R 2, W 3, Init +1, PasPer 16, Darkvision 60'

played by Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal (222 posts)
Bahor (Glorio Arkona)
Ganer Jitesh

male Tiefling (Rakshasa Spawn) Oracle 4 Passive Perception 14

played by wolfman1911 (536 posts)
Market Patron
Gared Naught

Male Dwarf Zen Archer Monk 2//Preacher 1, HP: 19/29, AC(wMA) 20 /t 16 /f 18, F 8, R 4, W 9,(+3 vs spells/poison) Init +2, PasPer 20(22 stone), Darkvision 60'

played by Dragonserpent (533 posts)
Jemet Winderbole
Horven Graveltoes

Male Halfling Rogue 4, Passive Perception = 20, AC = 19, T = 15, FF = 15, HP= 26/26

played by Signore di Fortuna (708 posts)

Previous Characters

The Forever Man
Cheliax Eric Swanson

male Human (barely, he he)
(2,280 posts)
Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal

Male Goblin Paladin/1, Father/13
(1,546 posts)

Old Mammoth

(51 posts)
Signore di Fortuna

(485 posts)

(3,992 posts)
Mathus Mordrinacht

(317 posts)
GM Henry Fortuna

played by Signore di Fortuna (9,625 posts)

Previous NPCs


Male Ratfolk Wizard/1{HP 6 | AC 14 | T 14 | FF 11 | CMB -2 | CMD 11 | F +0| R +3| W +3| Init +3 | Per +3}
(57 posts)

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